Tom Stormy Trio feat. Rhythm Sophie - Rockabilly Rhythm (Official video)


  1. cc steamer

    cc steamer7 일 전


  2. Telly Onthewall

    Telly Onthewall9 일 전


  3. thesoulman573

    thesoulman57312 일 전

    The bassist legitimately looks so pissed/upset. Like at least crack a smile lol!

  4. RodShop

    RodShop14 일 전

    Cool jam, and I like her voice, but this video has too many cuts back and forth. Just leave it on one camera for a while.

  5. Atakan Gunay

    Atakan Gunay20 일 전

    She is looks like Fatma Turgut

  6. Michael Hamilton

    Michael Hamilton21 일 전

    Great music, but the band looks like they would all rather be somewhere else. They don't seem to be enjoying their own music.

  7. RG The Next Generation

    RG The Next Generation개월 전

    I love her look and voice

  8. David Scott

    David Scott개월 전

    Cool cats😘🐱

  9. Дмитрий Бессуднов

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  10. Aleks Schtirlitz

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  11. Alyna Michelle Forgus The Hedgehog

    Alyna Michelle Forgus The Hedgehog2 개월 전

    Good song to have a bar fight

  12. repinful

    repinful2 개월 전

    kibaszott jo zene!!!!

  13. Алексей Викторович

    Алексей Викторович2 개월 전

    Сиськи норм


    WOODGHOST VR3 개월 전

    I Love this Voice and the Sound .. Great !!!!

  15. John Bautista

    John Bautista3 개월 전

    No entiendo lo que dice pero que bonita es.❤❤❤

  16. Camila Fernanda Letelier Letelier

    Camila Fernanda Letelier Letelier3 개월 전

    Si y no olvides su voz

  17. いせりあきら

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  18. Peggy Warneking

    Peggy Warneking3 개월 전

    Nothing special.80 s neo

  19. Francesco Alcozer

    Francesco Alcozer3 개월 전

    Subscription ...! *ROCKABILLY GUITAR* in the style of *Vince Gordon*

  20. Francesco Alcozer

    Francesco Alcozer3 개월 전

    But what a beautiful rockabilly band that is truly exceptional, with a singing girl who is a blast. Great musicians and beautiful music. Congratulations and many beautiful greetings. *ROCKABILLY* Gibson Guitar in the style of *Elvis Presley*

  21. POF415

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  22. 須藤t

    須藤t3 개월 전


  23. Ulfhednar

    Ulfhednar3 개월 전

    I was gonna troll but found out she’s from Hungry so I won’t. Hail Victor Orbin!!🤚🏻kick all those rodents out ‘cause they got the grossest snouts 🤮🤮

  24. Francesco Alcozer

    Francesco Alcozer3 개월 전

    Röviden, ha helyesen értem, ez egy magyar rockabilly együttes. Ez egy amerikai dal, amelyet magyar lányok énekelnek. Üdvözlet. *GUITAR CHILD* Guild Guitar cover by *Duane Eddy* featuring *The European Singers* (Talált név)

  25. Ignoble.

    Ignoble.4 개월 전

    They looks sad. T.T

  26. Hanson Agusnar

    Hanson Agusnar4 개월 전


  27. Moisés R. Petrearce

    Moisés R. Petrearce4 개월 전

    Why those guys look so angry? 🤔

  28. kurunta

    kurunta4 개월 전

    Great! Why 605 Dislikes?

  29. RIGÓ Nándor

    RIGÓ Nándor4 개월 전

    Szuper! Örülök, hogy megtaláltam Őket. Ehhez a USA Rockabilly Radio-t kellett hallgatnom. A világhír Mo-ra kerülővel érkezik.

  30. Terto Magalhaes

    Terto Magalhaes4 개월 전

  31. igor dernov

    igor dernov4 개월 전

    Гораздо приятнее воспринимается,чем паскудный "репп"

  32. Olosnah Crafts and More

    Olosnah Crafts and More4 개월 전

    Awesome! #ono

  33. Belfast Mike

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  34. sal 92s

    sal 92s5 개월 전

    What this genre called?

  35. sal 92s

    sal 92s4 개월 전

    @Aqeel Asif cool

  36. Aqeel Asif

    Aqeel Asif4 개월 전

    I think its supposed to be boogie boogie, rock n roll


    FUZZMAN5 개월 전


  38. Dan Bernstein

    Dan Bernstein5 개월 전


  39. Pao Montemayor

    Pao Montemayor6 개월 전

    OMG girl you ROCK!!!! 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  40. David Dave

    David Dave6 개월 전

    Everybody try play "Social of Society - Go Go Rockabilly" on youtube

  41. Danijel Ambrozić

    Danijel Ambrozić6 개월 전

    Same face and voice like Imelda May, I thought she was her.

  42. Fan Michael

    Fan Michael6 개월 전

    Good good good!!!!!!

  43. Graeme Smellie

    Graeme Smellie6 개월 전


  44. The Barretts

    The Barretts6 개월 전

    Hey! Let's start a cliche plastic rockabilly by the numbers band?

  45. コングキング

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  46. Herbel Marquez

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  47. Eric Villet

    Eric Villet7 개월 전

  48. Daniel

    Daniel7 개월 전

    Sexy girl !!!! Good music

  49. Marketing Property

    Marketing Property7 개월 전

    I love you rhythym shopiee

  50. 54youcyan

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  51. Campbell Koschei

    Campbell Koschei7 개월 전

    Decent band with an untalented fucking loser cunt on vocals..this is shit

  52. Campbell Koschei

    Campbell Koschei7 개월 전

    weird looking big eared kurva

  53. あした

    あした7 개월 전


  54. Roy Marks

    Roy Marks8 개월 전

    Think that the song in particular is good, and there is not it …


    PHARRAOH8 개월 전

    awesome sound and most beautiful woman alive!

  56. LGND Chaos

    LGND Chaos8 개월 전


  57. Rama Wibawa

    Rama Wibawa8 개월 전

    Rockabilly style baby this song oh my god shitt.. fantastic damn

  58. Melanie Taube

    Melanie Taube8 개월 전

    No, he is just starving.


    O FENÔMENO8 개월 전

    2019 ?

  60. ZooMBiTE

    ZooMBiTE8 개월 전

    Да вы супер ребята дай вам Бог

  61. William Richards

    William Richards9 개월 전

    Best dam music in the world the rest is bullshit

  62. albert speer

    albert speer9 개월 전

    Such a cutie😍😍😍😍😍😍

  63. Emmanuel Amador

    Emmanuel Amador9 개월 전

    She's super hott