Toast's Supercharger is WAY BIGGER Than We Thought!! FREAKIN AMERICA BROTHERS!!!


  1. Benny T

    Benny T13 시간 전

    The spiral blades in that supercharger looks so cool. That things huge!

  2. Jasmine Waaka Aaron Jackson

    Jasmine Waaka Aaron Jackson6 일 전

    Hey Cleetus, any chance you could introduce us to your team?? always see them in the background but don't know their names hahaha

  3. Wave F Chan

    Wave F Chan11 일 전

    Thats Sick... Hope you have the right cam in there.. Or I'll be impossible to tune.. And won't be able to drive

  4. kaylor87

    kaylor8711 일 전

    With a small amount of fab work, those three intake ports could easily spell out "BOG". In lowercase, "bog" is three circles in a row. Add a bar on the left to make the first one a 'b' and the third one a tail to make a 'g', hell yeah brother.

  5. Edward Brosz

    Edward Brosz12 일 전

    go big or go HOME!!!

  6. B Povish

    B Povish14 일 전

    Wheelies? That thing has SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much weight now in the front end it's not likely, lol

  7. Joe Nels

    Joe Nels19 일 전


  8. Land and Lore Photograph Off Road Adventures

    Land and Lore Photograph Off Road Adventures20 일 전

    Oh wow... I wonder if I could bolt that thing onto my WJs 4.7... then watch the heads fly right off... Think I better go to the summernats just to see this thing in action, I just hope you do not melt it while here.

  9. Simon Van City

    Simon Van City23 일 전

    That stuff is not cheap! Maybe should get a blade for the shop? I can send you one of mine if you ran outta cash...

  10. BLUE MACAW 1

    BLUE MACAW 123 일 전

    Put that monster on your baby leroY and its going to burn those corvette tiers lol

  11. Agustin Granados

    Agustin Granados24 일 전

    Who’s colorado is the one in the back 🔥🔥

  12. josh kiser

    josh kiser24 일 전

    Its stroker race baby!

  13. T RopE

    T RopE24 일 전

    Holy, I did not even know a10 71 existed

  14. James Cangelsoi

    James Cangelsoi24 일 전

    Damnn it son! I cant wait to build my 8.1 with a blower and scoop like this! Maybe an 8-71 or 6-71

  15. Neihana Cross

    Neihana Cross25 일 전

    I hate superchargers but that 1070 is nice

  16. Travis FS

    Travis FS25 일 전

    This thing is actually gonna make 1200hp on 2psi of boost.

  17. Michael Janssen

    Michael Janssen25 일 전


  18. Mike Yurchison

    Mike Yurchison26 일 전

    @3:10 -actually, "the difference between this and this" is going to be big, not small. Just sayin' lol

  19. Harry Hagan

    Harry Hagan26 일 전

    That camaro is gonna be so bad ass

  20. alan jude

    alan jude26 일 전


  21. austin thomas

    austin thomas26 일 전

    The link doesn’t work for the blower shop

  22. Renegade Motorsports

    Renegade Motorsports26 일 전

    "Learn to swim, see you down in Australia Bay"

  23. okow tina

    okow tina26 일 전

    Cletus I'm telling you right now at least 1850 buff horses that's roughly 875 wombats

  24. twill454

    twill45426 일 전

    I got fuel in my armpits

  25. Rangerscott

    Rangerscott27 일 전

    Holy shit. Ya'll got enough Mtn Dew?

  26. okow tina

    okow tina26 일 전

    Cleetus - please note! its not AUSSS-TRAIL-IA.. its OZ-TRAL-YA mate!! or STRAL-YA for short. See you down here!!!!

  27. Mayobanex Almonte

    Mayobanex Almonte27 일 전

    They said come to Australia we said hell yeah brother tee shirt

  28. Jeremiah Hyman

    Jeremiah Hyman27 일 전

    Leaving in the morning for Cleetus and Cars! Cant wait to see you guys

  29. The blue Streak

    The blue Streak27 일 전

    The way to butter the toast is putting a huge supercharger on it and with eggs and bacon and some orange juice

  30. Garrett

    Garrett27 일 전

    12:03 perfect

  31. lee carter

    lee carter27 일 전


  32. Josh B

    Josh B27 일 전

    the blower shop link doesn't work.

  33. Almstlegal Garage

    Almstlegal Garage28 일 전

    You need methanol and mechanical injection. That’s what all the big guys over here in oz.

  34. Harrison Cheesman

    Harrison Cheesman28 일 전

    As an Aussie I can say now that's certainly not a very big hat compared to the real deal skiiid cars hahah. C'mon gotta go full send. Also if this was truely Australian skid car it would be full show speck ahah

  35. Mike Fish

    Mike Fish28 일 전

    How much did it cost to ship the car to Australia? Should of had our military bring it over in a C-5 Galaxy, the American way.

  36. ratcamaro

    ratcamaro28 일 전

    Enderle Big and Ugly injector hat.

  37. Matt

    Matt28 일 전

    Drag race with Toast and B is for Builds Huracan

  38. Austin Dever

    Austin Dever28 일 전

    My birthday is on the 24th

  39. Rarewitit

    Rarewitit28 일 전

    Very nice build , my first car was a 91 z28 , can’t wait to see how this car comes out



    Cleetus - please note! its not AUSSS-TRAIL-IA.. its OZ-TRAL-YA mate!! or STRAL-YA for short. See you down here!!!!

  41. matt daniels

    matt daniels28 일 전

    How do you like that blue print motor .thinking about ordering the 350 376hp for my pickup .heard good things but no real reputable reviews other than their web page.

  42. Trap God

    Trap God28 일 전

    E90? Put this thing on m5 and it'll stay cooler.

  43. Miguel Rios

    Miguel Rios28 일 전


  44. n9nebraker

    n9nebraker28 일 전

    Makes the engine look small asf lol

  45. tenshi7angel

    tenshi7angel28 일 전

    Must be great to start up the old Godzilla every time you turn the key. Smile on your face every time. ;)

  46. anastyb

    anastyb28 일 전

    Oh yeah congrats on trying to fire the engine 180 degrees out

  47. anastyb

    anastyb28 일 전

    Look up Blown Mafia and lookup Ugly Sister in AU if you want to see seriously blown.

  48. Jared THISDELLE

    Jared THISDELLE28 일 전

    Because I have big balls ....four eyed beast ....

  49. Jared THISDELLE

    Jared THISDELLE28 일 전


  50. Zachary Harper

    Zachary Harper28 일 전

    You should go back to doing the time lapses of y’all working on the cars.

  51. MogasFox3

    MogasFox328 일 전

    So fuckin rad

  52. Juan Gomez

    Juan Gomez28 일 전

    Someday I'll have my iroc like this

  53. GP

    GP28 일 전

    10:37 no intake gaskets?

  54. justice40th

    justice40th28 일 전

    Red throttle plate : U, White throttle plate : S, Blue throttle plate : A

  55. The MultiChannel 87

    The MultiChannel 8728 일 전


  56. clnfreak one

    clnfreak one28 일 전

    Those flaps need to say “hell Ye brother” on them


    JUICYJUICE28 일 전

    This has to be the most American channel ever.


    PENNY WISE28 일 전

    Cleet tits is a dip sht

  59. The Jerm

    The Jerm28 일 전

    That’s cool and all but the Colorado in the back ground looking mean

  60. Jeff Froment

    Jeff Froment28 일 전

    Man that engine looks awesome. You already know it's gonna bog deep.

  61. Jeremy Hill

    Jeremy Hill28 일 전

    You need to do more supercharger builds also please color the middle valve on the scoop white & the right one blue & have the word U.S.A across on the valves on the scoop 👌