This Animated Titanic Movie Is Horrendous


  1. Danny Gonzalez

    Danny Gonzalez개월 전

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  2. German Aguilar

    German Aguilar2 일 전

    Raid shadow legends is probably gonna sponsor WWIII

  3. GeoNugget

    GeoNugget2 일 전

    Mexican mice

  4. Doodley Chan

    Doodley Chan2 일 전

    I low key thought this was an ad

  5. I have small pp

    I have small pp2 일 전

    You were the chosen one, you were supposed to destroy raid shadow legends not join them!

  6. Crab Crabcrab

    Crab Crabcrab2 일 전

    Danny Gonzalez danny... NO

  7. Cseakilla Gaming

    Cseakilla Gaming7 시간 전

    What the hell she just say? 8:21

  8. christofferaav

    christofferaav10 시간 전

    This video just cracks me up every time

  9. Gemma DeFeo

    Gemma DeFeo11 시간 전

    I went to watch this movie and got through 11 minutes and couldn’t do it anymore 😂

  10. Mariela Young

    Mariela Young13 시간 전

    This is the funniest s**t I’ve seen in MY LIFE!!!!

  11. Olive For you!

    Olive For you!14 시간 전

    Animated titanic movie You mean... *Book of Alantic*

  12. Aubryella Otero

    Aubryella Otero17 시간 전

    All aboard the Titanic! It’s party time!! 🙌🏽🎉

  13. Erin Grove

    Erin Grove18 시간 전

    Can you do a terrible movie oscars?

  14. 《 Pikachu 》

    《 Pikachu 》19 시간 전

    He's having an affair with his Nanny- that's the vibes I get from him

  15. Vortex

    Vortex21 시간 전

    raid is trash

  16. emily

    emily21 시간 전

    They're ripping of Anastasia as well

  17. A

    A22 시간 전

    So after listening to it again again and again I think I finally figured out what she was saying at 5:38 and I think it’s “hurry up, don’t lay about” .-. Not sure tho

  18. kat

    kat23 시간 전

    as someone who was really into youtube poop in 2007-2010 the "party time" scene is burned into my memory for eternity i. think

  19. Abbey Wallet

    Abbey Wallet일 전

    When I saw this thumbnail I got a huge wave of deja vu, 4 years ago jontron did the same video. Love them both but fuck does this movie scare me.

  20. PuppetQueen

    PuppetQueen일 전

    The voices, the voices are triggering something within me

  21. Juan D'Marco

    Juan D'Marco일 전

    This movie is weird

  22. Felipe Bonfiglio

    Felipe Bonfiglio일 전

    *JonTron is not featured here...*

  23. POCKETcoffe. EXE

    POCKETcoffe. EXE일 전

    Sponsor from Raid shadow legends huh? Well see you when you stop beinng trash

  24. Cherise Viljoen

    Cherise Viljoen일 전

    This is has to be my favorite Danny video

  25. Hurricane 23

    Hurricane 23일 전

    14:36-14:53 is my favorite scene

  26. Uggo Box

    Uggo Box일 전


  27. Ethan Corrington

    Ethan Corrington일 전

    12:30 literally sounds like it could be a scene in hot rod

  28. Uggo Box

    Uggo Box일 전

    I need to get a collection of rip off movies

  29. Darth Maul

    Darth Maul일 전

    What happened to the kid???

  30. Ericka Y. Edwards

    Ericka Y. Edwards일 전

    I was looking this up because my husband and I wanna watch it. Apparently there’s two American versions a recut and edited one with a different plot and one that’s word for word one from the original Italian edition. I have to see both

  31. Darth Maul

    Darth Maul일 전

    Ericka Y. Edwards lol

  32. owen w.

    owen w.일 전

    watching this video in the lowest quality possible makes the movie clips look like zelda CDI

  33. Darth Maul

    Darth Maul일 전

    owen w. Never mention those abominations ever again

  34. G Y

    G Y일 전

    Is it just me or did Danny sound like Pink Guy here 6:04

  35. Bridget Eastman - Class of 2025

    Bridget Eastman - Class of 2025일 전

    This movie ripa off the Titanic, Cinderella and like being honest the rapping dog is like a rip off of every like cereal mascot

  36. Star Secret

    Star Secret일 전

    5:58 - 6:11 Your welcome

  37. Star Secret

    Star Secret20 시간 전

    @S.L. The KOreporter Addict no problem 👌

  38. S.L. The YouTube Addict

    S.L. The YouTube Addict20 시간 전


  39. sugarachoo

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  40. Alexei Smirnoff

    Alexei Smirnoff일 전

    Any person: *Exists* Raid shadow legends: *It's free real estate*

  41. Gabby Dost

    Gabby Dost일 전

    *William: will I see you tonight? *angelica: waves and just stares at him

  42. Gabby Dost

    Gabby Dost일 전

    Can I just say it’s kinda weird how his lips are orange :/

  43. PeopleWithWifi

    PeopleWithWifi일 전

    Wait, when he says geese does he mean goose?

  44. Shadow Hunter

    Shadow Hunter2 일 전

    5:03 idk if its just me but i got cruella de vil vibes so eh probs just me but ok but everyone seems to refrence a disney character heck even the animals ;-

  45. Nick UwU

    Nick UwU2 일 전

    Me:Every where I go I see his face Raid Shadow Legends: ._.

  46. Marie

    Marie2 일 전

    I want Danny to watch the OTHER horrible animated titanic movie

  47. Karen Karen

    Karen Karen2 일 전

    dude idk if it's bc i'm high but when that fuckin dude came out and waddled in all delayed I froze and now there's tears streaming down my face I'm laughing so hard

  48. Brad Williams

    Brad Williams2 일 전

    Where’s that obligatory Raid: Shadow Legends comment? Is that me now?

  49. Michael Holtz

    Michael Holtz2 일 전

    13:59 He walked back like a bad boy who's girl was just touched

  50. LizA.H.

    LizA.H.2 일 전

    Uh they stole the main girrl from ummm Anastasia, the evil stepmom and one of the daughters are literal copies of the ones from Cinderella, the animals are copies from MULTIPLE Disney films, they stole a ton of crap!!!

  51. Mapleicious

    Mapleicious2 일 전

  52. Tara Young

    Tara Young2 일 전

    Heyo! This one's a bit long, but it's funny the entire time. There's a special place in my heart for terribly animated movies you know. That reminds me, don't let me weasel my way out of showing you Shrek Retold. This KOreporterr is actually one of my favourites and Fun Fact: he used to do Vine. He's the Road Work Ahead guy!!!

  53. Sofia Evangelista

    Sofia Evangelista2 일 전

    The nostalgia critic is in the corner laughing

  54. Zombeastsqurl

    Zombeastsqurl2 일 전

    U should check out the other titanic animated movies.

  55. Mare Crawford

    Mare Crawford2 일 전

    I’m CRYING at you mimicking the guy losing his balance, and that strange sound you make to go alone with it 😂😂😂😂 PLS SEND HELP

  56. Madi Carl

    Madi Carl2 일 전


  57. Depressed pita bread Studios

    Depressed pita bread Studios2 일 전

    *A E I O U*

  58. Nooby Animated

    Nooby Animated2 일 전

    13:27 to 14:02 killed me 8 times

  59. doo doo water tozier

    doo doo water tozier2 일 전

    12:32 - 12:42 is lesbians on the first date 😔

  60. aka Braydon

    aka Braydon2 일 전

    Raid Shadow Legends is taking over the world

  61. Zizzy Pop

    Zizzy Pop2 일 전

    Danny, this one had my sister and I laughing so hard. Definitely one of my new favorite videos of yours!

  62. Li Jiayang

    Li Jiayang2 일 전

    Danny was infected by the raid shadow legend virus...

  63. T-RexXD225

    T-RexXD2252 일 전

    What makes this movie even worse is the insensitivity to the topic of the Titanic smh

  64. Legendary Blazit

    Legendary Blazit2 일 전

    Danny: let’s talk about our sponsor Rai- Me: no not you too don’t do it

  65. Ryan Akwar

    Ryan Akwar2 일 전

    We been on tour Senor (voice cracks) and we can’t wait to go home and (voice cracks) muchachos!

  66. luiza bell

    luiza bell2 일 전


  67. Lovely Browngeek

    Lovely Browngeek2 일 전

    Your a meme on iPhone

  68. yo yo yo my name is joe

    yo yo yo my name is joe2 일 전

    * 6:03 happens * me: wait the train is leaving without me!!

  69. Rizvan Germikhanov

    Rizvan Germikhanov2 일 전