1. Dayu Liu

    Dayu Liu41 분 전

    I want to lay down on a pet pig's belly so hard

  2. crocodile3043

    crocodile304317 시간 전

    Is it safe to have that pig around those 2 poofs?

  3. R L

    R L일 전


  4. William Hahn

    William Hahn2 일 전

    Like you guys are heroes for your vision but I’m also a meat eater and while I think the way we treat animals should be revolutionized I don’t think putting all animals threatened into a sanctuary is the answer. I don’t know what a good answer would be.

  5. Adrian Motley

    Adrian Motley4 일 전

    Esther is funny

  6. issamemariheaux

    issamemariheaux5 일 전

    Do people who eat pork get triggered by certain people eating dog meat?

  7. Crink Skull

    Crink Skull5 일 전

    I adopted a mini pig because of Esther and quit eating pork. She's so amazing and I love following you all on Facebook. Give her a big kiss for me.

  8. Alex Bondarchuk

    Alex Bondarchuk6 일 전

    Just wanted to thank the two gentlemen in this video for taking Esther into their lives and for bringing awareness out onto the public's eyes. To say that owning a pig is a huge responsibility is a complete understatement, I know this first hand since I'm a proud owner of a 200lb+ julianna pot belly pig....as massive of an undertaking owning a pig is I wouldn't change it for the world! Having this experience has educated me about pigs and how unbelievably intelligent and loving they are!

  9. Glinkling Smearnops

    Glinkling Smearnops7 일 전

    Ham, ham, bacon!

  10. Vatin Petaneelanon

    Vatin Petaneelanon7 일 전

    Go vegan guys

  11. Alyona Valo

    Alyona Valo8 일 전

    Nice stew!

  12. Austin Nenne

    Austin Nenne9 일 전

    She looks like she would be a good pork chop

  13. Obed Kanglom

    Obed Kanglom9 일 전

    Where does she poop?

  14. Tascha K

    Tascha K9 일 전

    I really love this painted pig picture on the wall! They could make merch and get money like that. If they send it to Europe, I would buy it.

  15. savagex466

    savagex46610 일 전

    Sell your pigs to some whole some farmers that why they get harvested proper bang thats it no need to scar crap out of em by lazzy butchers well not even a butcher nothing wrong with havesting just do it proper

  16. Creepy Closet

    Creepy Closet10 일 전

    My personal moral dilemma is that I do like to eat pork, chicken, beef but I'm also a big animal lover that recognizes that those creatures, especially pigs are very intelligent and have dog like personalities. I wouldn't demean someone for also eating meat but we definitely gotta change the way these animals are treated right before they are slaughtered. Also hopefully one day artificial lab grown meat that tastes the same as actual meat can replace these other animals so they dont have to bred exclusively for food

  17. Depopa

    Depopa10 일 전

    just eat it ??

  18. 제니

    제니10 일 전


  19. Aldo

    Aldo11 일 전

    Umm first off I would of gave the person who sold it to me would of had been bitched out.. secondly, oh helllllll no I'm not having no ,600 lb pig in my house my ex mother inlaw wasn't allowed in for the same reason!!

  20. Arthur Thaete

    Arthur Thaete12 일 전

    Can you even house train a pig

  21. birina lehkar

    birina lehkar14 일 전

    U guys did a wonderful job ... Lots of love from India

  22. Froggy Frog

    Froggy Frog15 일 전

    You two are so great you are taking care of that big piggy sooooo cute 😻

  23. isabella Bella

    isabella Bella15 일 전

    I been telling people for years,, but they just go,, njaah a life without bacon... i have seen them being killed, and the way we do it. i needed to, if i could know everything about it, and still eat it,, then I could be as cruel as i wanted to .. but just to close your eyes, for evil. is stupidity,

  24. Barano

    Barano15 일 전

    The smell? 🤢🤮

  25. Archet 65

    Archet 6516 일 전

    I hate the way these pigs are treated in modern farms , but she is not a pet and pigs like her are nit pets . You can only keep her as a pet if you have a large house and land

  26. tunapaw

    tunapaw16 일 전

    sweet pea!!!!

  27. Tes Tes

    Tes Tes17 일 전

    Dude accidentally ordered technoblade

  28. Otacool

    Otacool20 일 전

    I cried, I refuse to eat pork from now on

  29. Eva Haubenwaller

    Eva Haubenwaller23 일 전

    Hope my minipig wont come out that big

  30. Kristi Lopez

    Kristi Lopez23 일 전

    Awe. I love her. I'm getting a "mini pig" soon so hopefully mine doesnt get this big if she does i will lay in her bed instead,of minw with her lol

  31. Sparrow Hawk

    Sparrow Hawk24 일 전

    Fuck you buzzfeed. this deception to show us this gore was not necessary.

  32. cyber

    cyber25 일 전


  33. Chris H

    Chris H25 일 전

    It's super cool that y'all kept her. ♥

  34. Kevin Lyons

    Kevin Lyons26 일 전

    Awwww playing just like doggy

  35. amiuzzz Yo

    amiuzzz Yo27 일 전

    Pigs are sweetest,smartest and kindest animals

  36. John

    John27 일 전

    What does the regular size look like? A hippo?

  37. Belle Marfori

    Belle Marfori28 일 전

    I don't eat pork because my father raised us not to eat it. 😊

  38. Carl Stanley

    Carl Stanley개월 전

    I'm glad I'm pescaterian, pigs are actually very cute, hate the way people slaughter and kill them though, they don't deserve it. Hope something can be done to try help these animals, good on these two guys.

  39. Alfredo's Huatulco

    Alfredo's Huatulco개월 전

    I love you both for dong this!

  40. E S

    E S개월 전

    I bought pork sausages today.... awkward. Now I wish I hadn’t

  41. Taran966

    Taran966개월 전

    Wow, sad how something that knows how to open dogs and is a loyal pet is constantly slaughtered brutally and splatted on plates. 😥 this is why I don’t eat pork often, may even stop completely

  42. laura holt

    laura holt개월 전

    Thankyou for looking after this beautiful pig 💗❤❤

  43. Daniel Schmidt

    Daniel Schmidt개월 전

    It’s so cool that the both of u kept her!

  44. Madde Swe

    Madde Swe개월 전

    Pigs are so darn cute! 😍😍😍

  45. J Lei

    J Lei개월 전

    I have the same problem. 😂😂😂 My brother gave me his cat and i thought he was already fully grown. The mothafucker keeps growing and is huge. 😂😂😂 the vet told me hes a huge healthy baby though.

  46. h i

    h i개월 전

    I'm balling my fucking eyes out I feel so sorry for eating meat...so SO upset my heart hurts. Today is the first day i've been vegan and I hope I have the strength to stay vegan for life.

  47. dungoist

    dungoist개월 전

    They gay?

  48. itsahellofaname

    itsahellofaname개월 전

    To everyone who says they're throwing away their pork, I'll take it. Thanks in advance.

  49. Caitlyn Pease

    Caitlyn Pease개월 전

    My heart is so happy after watching this

  50. eK xTrify

    eK xTrify개월 전


  51. frmendez21

    frmendez21개월 전

    Great now I gotta throw away my bacon

  52. Re nato

    Re nato개월 전

    hahaha finish it.

  53. A Callaghan

    A Callaghan개월 전


  54. TnT Productions

    TnT Productions개월 전

    You actually have no impact at all. You saved 1 pig . Millions has been killed this week.

  55. TnT Productions

    TnT Productions개월 전

    @Brandon Jennings i rather be realistic than in your imaginary world.

  56. Brandon Jennings

    Brandon Jennings개월 전

    Jesus christ, just look at the good side of things okay.

  57. Happyglitter 238

    Happyglitter 238개월 전

    I love Esther!!!!! 💖💖

  58. CM99501

    CM99501개월 전

    I mean, its sad, but i still eat pork.

  59. A Half Assed Username

    A Half Assed Username개월 전

    1:30 OK, big mommas home and she's ready to eat.

  60. Rick Shafer

    Rick Shafer개월 전

    Hah, GAYYY

  61. Tea

    Tea개월 전

    Today i saw my neighbors cut up cook and eat a pig

  62. Alma Martinez

    Alma Martinez개월 전

    Many slaughterhouses are problematic, but videos like these really like to peddle the bad ones as the industry standard in order to make the viewer feel guilty. Moreover there’s just so much farm equipment that these people love to take out of context. Having a sow lay down in one specific position is important so that she doesn’t roll around and crush her piglets. I’m just saying, nobody who has an actual understanding of farming is vegan.

  63. SavageChewBaka

    SavageChewBaka개월 전

    All these people stop eating meat lol I am still gonna eat some bacon