The Young (Black) Turks Demand Reparations!


  1. Johnny Vance

    Johnny Vance4 시간 전

    These fucking clowns get paid to be racists.

  2. Achilles94

    Achilles944 일 전

    so if were going pay reparations for blacks....should Chinese should pay Japanese for Nanking Massacre?? should Muslims pay repartions for white people during the Ottoman empire slavery?? should white people pay for Native Inidians?? does Africa should reparations for selling slaves??....of what if your family doesnt have any slaves?? should Spain should pay reparations to South America?? Does Germany have to pay reparations for the jews??.......none of us were alive during slavery, and yes it does suck knowing America had slavery during a time, and it was a national disgrace, and we all wish it never happen, and im sure there is more dark days in America there is no other country that comes close to treating people from other countries betters, and America was born into a world that had slavery since beginging of time....and make is only around 300 years old where you have countires that longer than america still doing slave Trade bt America was one of the first countries to end slavery...

  3. Hobo4sail

    Hobo4sail10 일 전

    Every black American alive today benefited from slavery. Trust me, you have it way better being a black person in America than a black person in Africa.

  4. Kelly Kittyantlers

    Kelly Kittyantlers10 일 전

    And what if I found out that my ancestors had nothing to do with slavery and in fact *your* ancestors owed *mine* a mountain of money? Hey ... hey wait, where are you going?

  5. npc 920263

    npc 92026313 일 전

    bix nood...

  6. KroniKJUMANJI

    KroniKJUMANJI13 일 전

    get over your colour or is that all you have to define yourself

  7. S K

    S K16 일 전


  8. Jonathan Froger

    Jonathan Froger17 일 전

    6:45 "I think, just to echo what you're saying..." Aaaaaand....there ya have it - it's how echo chambers are maintained.

  9. Mike Evans

    Mike Evans개월 전

    The new deal was wrong and fucked middle class

  10. Mike Evans

    Mike Evans개월 전

    Blocking Obama had nothing to do with race and everything to do with Obama being a piece of shit Marxist with fascistic tendencies.

  11. Drk RE

    Drk RE개월 전

    It's impossible for black people to succeed in america now, that's what these struggling black people are clearly telling us...oh wait...

  12. Yorky Gonzalez

    Yorky Gonzalez개월 전

    Did the germans pay reparation for the Jewish community?

  13. The Darkness

    The Darkness개월 전

    Young Turks are retarded.

  14. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden개월 전

    Stop asking for something we will never give u. Ever.

  15. Bigg Phillips

    Bigg Phillips개월 전

    My great grandfather died fighting for black freedom so i should get paid. Pay up black people

  16. waltermh111

    waltermh111개월 전

    For any foreigner who doesnt understand, we have already transferred billions in money and given education to black people, more than enough reparations, and that never ends. I am not surprised if the total is up to the trillions. They then complain about housing issues with predatory lending? It happened to all races. And what about the Chinese who couldnt even become citizens until the 60s I believe. Yet look where the Chinese are now because they dont act like victims and get billions in aid. Look at the Japanese despite what happened to them. Look at the Jews, despite most coming here with nothing less than 100 years ago and still being discriminated against. Even the Irish were largely discriminated against and came with nothing less than 100 years ago, and still built up a strong community. The left makes you poor and your own current actions make you poor. Most Americans dont even have generational wealth sadly, and I sure didnt. The only reason me and my siblings got anything is because of what our dad worked for. He worked hard and started collecting silver coins which were affordable to anybody. He worked hard and helped build his own house, including a shop where he repaired things himself. He bought an old cadillac for a low price to have one. We barely inherited the house but got the mortgage along with it. He got a life insurance plan which any black person is open to getting, and he worked a typical middle wage job which is open to any black person. If blacks want some generational wealth, start earning it. The internet has a wealth of information and its free in every library. Stop making excuses and start educating yourself.

  17. Robert Miles

    Robert Miles개월 전

    i fuckin love the classic 80s tmnt theme song

  18. frank reml

    frank reml개월 전

    People of color are so hung up on color they can't think straight

  19. Chris Money

    Chris Money개월 전

    I enjoy this channel and agree with everything said in this video, but I still have to maintain that The Man Behind "Bearing" is too intelligent to be bringing legitimacy to the false dichotomy of "conservative vs. liberals".

  20. Chris Money

    Chris Money개월 전

    Anyone with an IQ greater than about 100 should be able to plainly see that this is an illusion meant to divide and conquer. The government needs the constant push and pull of both sides of the Spectrum in order to progress their primary agendas for the world. If you call yourself a liberal or a conservative You Are Forever part of the problem. Although granted Liberals are far more delusional and psychotic.

  21. The Gonz

    The Gonz개월 전

    Young Retards

  22. TheTrickshot77

    TheTrickshot77개월 전

    They want us to start paying for slavery? How much is it for one?

  23. Arthur Ayers

    Arthur Ayers개월 전

    When you finally come to the conclusion that all they're trying to do is say fuck you and force feed you shit, then it makes sense. They're not worried about right or wrong, it's only fuck you. That's all I hear from them, nothing factual, nothing with reason, only fuck you. Slander and insults. And that's why I quit caring about what they say. Lions don't lose sleep over the concerns of sheep.

  24. J0ECRAWF15H

    J0ECRAWF15H개월 전

    gladly watched this twice for Bearing, lol

  25. Mike Evans

    Mike Evans개월 전

    African Americans do better in the United States anywhere else in the world including Africa. They should spank Sage that their ancestors paid in blood and servitude for them to have the privilege of living in the greatest civilization mankind has ever known

  26. Mike Evans

    Mike Evans개월 전

    Fuck obama we were against him because he is a fucking communist not because he is black

  27. unapologeticwhiteman Winner

    unapologeticwhiteman Winner개월 전

    I'll guaranty to you everyone of these victims makes more than me and lives in far nicer homes than I do. drives far nicer cars than I do. its like I've said many times. show me a black person and 90 cases out of one hundred they have a,ready supply of race cards.

  28. unapologeticwhiteman Winner

    unapologeticwhiteman Winner개월 전

    with blacks just like feminist. there will never be an end to their demands. there will always be some imaginary wrong being done to them. there is never any pleasing them.

  29. VIQAN

    VIQAN2 개월 전

    5:20 "it pretty much shed my dress...."

  30. lordvishnu

    lordvishnu2 개월 전

    I'm not paying anyone shit. Everyone suffered throughout history. GET OVER IT.

  31. PHeMoX

    PHeMoX2 개월 전

    Actually her 103 year old grandfather did not experience slavery either.

  32. Walter De wit

    Walter De wit2 개월 전

    The Young Turks. Turkish Ottoman Colonial Empire shipped more black slaves to the east in 500 years than the whites ever did in 200 years. So they pay first.

  33. Aaron Frick

    Aaron Frick2 개월 전

    there were slave owners who were black

  34. Aaron Frick

    Aaron Frick2 개월 전

    my ancestors fought for the Union during the Civil War, and probably helped to free some of their ancestors

  35. Bill Murray from The Man Who Knew Too Little

    Bill Murray from The Man Who Knew Too Little2 개월 전

    Black people act like they're tough and had it hard etc. Calling themselves "apex predators", but all they do is cry because there aren't plasters the same colour as their skin or that there aren't enough black super heroes, and they want people to just hand them money based on something their great great great grandparents MAY have gone through. Professional victims and experienced racists.

  36. Arthur92

    Arthur922 개월 전

    Cause throwing more money at black people will solve all their problems lmao

  37. flyback 2me

    flyback 2me2 개월 전

    So... Wouldn't Africans owe Africans reparations??? Africans SOLD their own people after all. And wouldn't the Arabs, who still own & buy slaves today, owe reparations? Africans wanting more free shit. Guilting whitey out of our accomplishments. Weak little peasants.

  38. Mark B

    Mark B2 개월 전

    Shouldn't she be demanding those reparations from the democRATS? That was the political party that demanded and fought for slavery in the first place. Come on lady, THINK!

  39. Dustin Moore

    Dustin Moore2 개월 전

    No money for the blacks haha

  40. Mark Daniel

    Mark Daniel2 개월 전

    Brokeback hussein said "fu, I I have a pen"

  41. fifty years

    fifty years2 개월 전

    Nobody forced negroes to live in projects, they could leave anytime.

  42. KitsChannel

    KitsChannel3 개월 전

    "Gibs money racist"-Black Young Turks 2019

  43. lordlossize GG

    lordlossize GG3 개월 전

    i wish they did block everything he tried to do, that way they may have been able to block those drone strikes he did. oh wait im not allowed to bring that up.

  44. Shawn Hughes

    Shawn Hughes3 개월 전

    WE HAD A BLACK PRESIDENT!!!! he only mentioned reparations one time. And he was dead against it!!!!! Like fuck! If he didn't do it , it will never ever happen

  45. Themistocle stratège

    Themistocle stratège3 개월 전

    As a guy of russian origin I demand reparation from the mongols for all the bloodshed that they did to my people

  46. Nathaniel Cushman

    Nathaniel Cushman3 개월 전

    6:35 that is exactly what we have been asking, and waiting for an awnser relevant for now.

  47. Tim Smith

    Tim Smith3 개월 전

    The young turds segment of the young turks

  48. cody raugh

    cody raugh3 개월 전

    I'll keep posting this anywhere where the reparations topic crops up. My family owned slaves, it's on my grandmother's side. My grandmother who hasn't had a job in 30+ years. Should her husband whose family moved to America right before World War 1 be forced to pay? Should he sue for defamation of his good name? Should my dad divorce my mom to avoid paying reparations? Should my Brothers and I never be marrigable because of a ancestor in a region of the nation ive never been to, who was a member of a political party i NEVER supported, did? Or should black people and everyone pay for these, or should we force asians and Hispanics to pay? You greedy lazy bastards. Grow up, just because the Democrats stopped pretending to care about you doesn't mean you're owed something.

  49. dodo jesus

    dodo jesus3 개월 전

    Here's a nice question, does germany deserve reparations for the treaty of Versailles and if it does, do the people who Paid the reparaitons for their loss after they Paid reparations, guess how it goes durther

  50. Kureme

    Kureme3 개월 전

    You live in the greatest country un the world and not some shithole in Africa. There's your reparations.

  51. Phil Tanics

    Phil Tanics3 개월 전

    People like this are why people became racist in the first place. How can you colored people let retards like this represent you? I mean really its making me angry and probally the least racist person ever.

  52. Phil Tanics

    Phil Tanics3 개월 전

    "Racist" Has become the greatest word ever to manipulate the weak minded, small dicked soyboys of this world to conform to whatever whim the controllers demand as they strip our God given rights and destroy our society form the inside out.

  53. Naming THEM

    Naming THEM3 개월 전

    Gibs me yo monies! White boi!

  54. D Logan

    D Logan3 개월 전

    Dude, that fucking thumbnail killed me!!! How many of those who are going to recieve reparations have ever been slaves?....I'll wait.....*chirp chirp chirp*....yeah thought so! Crocodiles want reptile reperations for the meteor that wiped out their dinosaur ancestors, when is that bill gonna be passed?!

  55. Riley Robertson

    Riley Robertson3 개월 전

    Wouldve been nice if I got a full ride to college for free using the minority scholarships present at nearly every single college. Oh wait I'm white, so I dont get that. Instead I have to pay for college and collect debt even if I get excellent grades every year. Fuck off with this bullshit.

  56. Uncle Boonga

    Uncle Boonga3 개월 전


  57. Patrick Flé

    Patrick Flé3 개월 전

    There are no black turks

  58. Justin Ethnostate

    Justin Ethnostate3 개월 전

    Give every black person in America $1 million, and watch their already astronomical crime rates skyrocket straight through the atmosphere and into space

  59. Justin Ethnostate

    Justin Ethnostate3 개월 전

    Republicans wanted to work with Obongo, but Obongo wouldn’t even return their calls

  60. redhead sticky

    redhead sticky3 개월 전

    Reparations= yeah you got plenty. EBT, WIC

  61. Riley Robertson

    Riley Robertson3 개월 전

    Minority exclusive full ride college scholarships. Dont forget that one!

  62. Levy Thompson

    Levy Thompson3 개월 전

    entitled rich .5 white kids talking shit and demanding money from 70%of the the population, for reasons they never felt? Give me a fuuuukin break. The new deal put y'all back in chains.. democrats!!