The Young (Black) Turks Demand Reparations!


  1. Lienda Balla

    Lienda Balla9 시간 전

    "Why not have a crack at African Slavery?" Yeah. Really. Why not have a crack at how and from where pubic lice evolved? Someone obviously screwed a primate.

  2. Cole Dedhand

    Cole Dedhand15 시간 전

    I dismiss your existence. Your incessant whining makes me care even less every day. You want me (who never owned a slave) to pay you (who never were a slave) because somebody who I might be distantly related to150 years ago owned somebody who you might be distantly related to. Phuk off.

  3. K. Dog

    K. Dog23 시간 전

    I think it would be just about impossible to go through the past and find who deserves what who was mistreated the most and then force people to pay it. That's why I believe the only thing we can do now is just make sure nothing like that happens again slavery in America and make sure everybody is equal under the law.

  4. K. Dog

    K. Dog일 전

    The treatment of Obama? I don't know what they are referring to but from the news I see they treated at least in the news Obama a lot better than our current president

  5. ScottyFox

    ScottyFox일 전

    Crack gangs shoot everyone without prejudice.

  6. Lee Victor

    Lee Victor일 전


  7. athomicritics

    athomicritics2 일 전

    as belgian im gonna ask peoples from the following countries to pay up for the different invasions : France Netherlands Germany Spain Italy

  8. Bigg Phillips

    Bigg Phillips2 일 전

    The current government went to war to free the slaves from the south. White people gave their lives to free them so how to they owe reparations. Giving their lives wasn't enough?

  9. Cat A

    Cat A3 일 전

    Reparations for what? I wasn't born yet and neither were my parents or grandparents. It says nothing in my family tree about any of my ancestors owning slaves. Zilch. So go fk yourselves, Turkeys.

  10. Nathan Weber

    Nathan Weber3 일 전

    2 points: Democrat new deal segregated housing, and after brown v board, all legal and institutional racism WAS ended. Individual people might have discriminated after, but no force was keeping you down. All problems here are directly the result of democratic policy

  11. Matthew Jager

    Matthew Jager5 일 전

    Two of my ancestors fighting and one DYING in the Civil War is reparations enough.

  12. basketofpuppys

    basketofpuppys6 일 전

    it was also white people that stopped slavery and freed the slaves

  13. Dylan472 Stillalive

    Dylan472 Stillalive6 일 전

    Why don’t we give reparations to all black people who take a dna test and are 100% and born in the us. This shit is stupid, it’s been two hundreds years and black people have way more benefits then Mexicans, native Americans, whites and Asians. People like that irritates me. These people are have enough to dress well I shop at goodwill.

  14. killzone12

    killzone126 일 전

    Black people today dont deserve reparations

  15. Michael Boone

    Michael Boone6 일 전

    God who pays for these gu... Oh! Suros.

  16. TVtwarn

    TVtwarn6 일 전

    David west trying to sound intelligent was the best part of this whole mess

  17. Liz V

    Liz V6 일 전

    Could the focus on slavery maybe step out of the past and into the present, and put more attention and energy towards helping victims (who are alive today!), of human trafficking please.

  18. P12ooF

    P12ooF7 일 전

    So other people are responsible for your legacy? Suck a dick.

  19. MirroringTruth

    MirroringTruth7 일 전

    I live in Michigan....Michigan never had slaves....So why would anyone in these states that never allowed slavery pay?

  20. alissa barella

    alissa barella7 일 전

    My ancestors were Italian and German. Now, if the Jewish people can prove they did horrible things and want reparations, we can talk. But saying that white people need to pay reparations to black people is bullshit, especially since there's a lot of white people in the US whose family has only been here a couple of generations and therefore didn't have a damn thing to do with slavery.

  21. Tracy Pauling

    Tracy Pauling8 일 전

    still hanging on to the race card has everyone had enough of white guilt

  22. Kev Ro

    Kev Ro8 일 전

    5 generations ago I have a grandfather who had his leg blown off during the civil war, he lost his farm and livelihood. Died poor. Where's my, and the other 200+ descendants of his, reparations?

  23. N H

    N H8 일 전

    And yet, every issue they have has been due to Democrats' policies...🤔

  24. TheDanhenk

    TheDanhenk8 일 전

    If they want reparations, then let's get them a one way ticket back to where ever they think their from.

  25. G . i . t . M .

    G . i . t . M .9 일 전

    Thangs was bad one time so now yall crackas owe us kangs tha money yall stoled from us

  26. SMEGY 89

    SMEGY 8910 일 전

    then can we demand reparations for the Ottoman empire and them destroying much of Europe and in fact more of the world than the British Empire ever did and longer.

  27. Black lives Dont matter

    Black lives Dont matter10 일 전

    Awww poor people o should get money for something that never effected me

  28. mrsquishyboots

    mrsquishyboots10 일 전

    What about Chinese slaves forced to sell 9 billion a year in hair weaves?

  29. MicTheAutisticOni

    MicTheAutisticOni10 일 전

    This shouldn't even be a conversation to be taken seriously! I don't want money because of shit that didn't happen to me. The only racist people I've met are other black people. You know like my birth mother.

  30. CromeDomeOmega

    CromeDomeOmega11 일 전

    Had me going for a minute at work bearing... Thought u were sponsering tnmt

  31. Destro7000

    Destro700011 일 전

    Ahem. What is.....'The Black Community'?

  32. SMEGY 89

    SMEGY 8910 일 전

    ummm we'll have to get back to you on that one

  33. Scott Sherrington

    Scott Sherrington11 일 전

    Sorry Bearing, I couldn't watch the whole video, these entitled fucks bullshit makes me sick! I think we need to coin a term maybe Reverse Racusm; a condition where people create a narrative of non existent racial bias against them, to leverage a political or other cause.

  34. morton christie

    morton christie12 일 전

    Hey if you don't like it you can always move your ass back to Africa.

  35. Justa Bill

    Justa Bill12 일 전

    "They could not own property ownership".. Someone needs to brush up on their oratory skills.

  36. Jess Zilla

    Jess Zilla12 일 전

    Reparations are ridiculous. They just want free stuff.

  37. Rajesh Jin

    Rajesh Jin12 일 전

    Well as an Indian I want the Queen of England to pay us back in reperations everything the British stole from us.

  38. Acid Pain

    Acid Pain13 일 전

    What about Mix kids who look white? Are they supposed to pay based on their genetics or the appearance of their skin?

  39. FenexDragonis

    FenexDragonis13 일 전

    Ultimately it's the same argument as always from the low educated side of the black community.. "Give us free shit cuz were black" Why not get a job and contribute to society... oh wait getting a job and conforming to society's expectations is not the "black thing to do" It's really sad how the low income and/or low educated black population (especially in America) refuses to conform to the expectations society expects from all people (regardless of race) then play the victim card claiming they are being discriminated against.. News flash, when you act like a wart on societies ass, and people treat you as such, it's not discrimination, it's you asking to be treated like that. It's sad they are like a bunch of wild animals.. one of their friends goes and gets an education and makes something of himself.. suddenly all his old friends are turning on him because now because he's "siding with the white man" I feel sorry for the respectable, educated black population in the world who's life's are made more difficult due to stereotypes perpetuated by the lesser people of their race

  40. Derek Hughes

    Derek Hughes13 일 전

    Old dude: *says something truthful and rational* Young Turks: *can you believe the fuckin nerve*

  41. Enclave Soldier

    Enclave Soldier13 일 전

    I demand reparations in blood from the Chinese communist menace!

  42. Mike B

    Mike B13 일 전

    Well if you pay reparations to blacks for slavery, don't forget to pay whites for ending it. What do I mean? Well you forced slave owners by force of arms to release their 'farm equipment'. Thus costs were incurred to either pay for labor or buy tools or other forms of technology. These costs would not have been paid otherwise. I am sure these led to some whites losing their farms/plantations as they could not absorb the costs. Second, as soon as you attach value to the work slaves did, you need to compensate the former slave owner for depreciation on his slaves. As they got older, they were less productive. The older your tractor gets, you get to claim depreciation. Finally, since the direct descendants of slaves are technically obsolete farm equipment, social programs that keep them alive need to be ended and tax money refunded to whites. Why? No farmer with a broken tractor 'pays' to keep it in his field. It gets parked and rusts away, gets sold for scrap, or is simply tossed in the local garbage dump. So why am I paying welfare to care for obsolete farm equipment???

  43. ItsBob WeHadABoy

    ItsBob WeHadABoy13 일 전

    republicans freed slaves in the south with civil war, republicans abolished slavery with the 13th amendment, republicans gave women the right to vote, republicans passed civil rights laws... basically republicans have passed every meaningful peace of legislation towards minorities and women, but they are the bad guys?

  44. ItsBob WeHadABoy

    ItsBob WeHadABoy13 일 전

    how about the fact that slaves were originally used to work to pay off there debt of coming to America and then freed, but the first person to realize that rather than free them it was better to keep them enslaved was a black slave owner in America...

  45. Raven Echo

    Raven Echo14 일 전

    So the argument isn't "ancestral sin" or whatever nonsense ( OP obviously knows that policy based upon specific reparations or w/e would be poor choice ). What can be done is to eliminate the barriers to entry on the supply side of the labor force. IE and I can prove mathematically, that highly skilled will be dis incentivized from pursuing higher ed and that economic status is largely inherited. If one believes in inherited wealth, it really only connecting one or two ideas to believe in inherited poverty. Its economics not rocket science.

  46. Raven Echo

    Raven Echo14 일 전

    It's a sound analysis followed by a terrible prescriptive policy. What needs to be done is, at this point, is a tiered deduction program for free education: anything below 75k per household- free 150k 50%, 275k 100%. Pro-rate it for in between those tiers. Set some policy for it to hit percentiles within some margin of error then update when its off. Easy peasy, and no one can argue the merits of the argument, and future discrimination will help be limited to one or 2 generations

  47. KonZ ZonK

    KonZ ZonK14 일 전

    You know what helps with leaving your kids educated and wealthy? Intact family structures and hard work. Most people dont live off 500$ someone got left woth 200 years ago. All that state money from back then went into infrastructure and such, which everbody benefits off.

  48. Hmbleman13

    Hmbleman1314 일 전

    Someone should let this panel know that Chicago has been run by Rich Liberal Democrats for a very long time.

  49. craig davidson

    craig davidson14 일 전

    Dear Italy can you pay-up for the roman invasion of England. ......

  50. simonsayso7

    simonsayso715 일 전

    How long did the housing trade scandal go on for? I don't think the ramifications are as severe as is given voice here. Seems to be the go to anyways

  51. k windsock

    k windsock15 일 전

    If you come from mixed parentage, does one parent have to pay reparations to the other ? and the offspring of mixed parentage have to give money from the right hand to the left ?

  52. Tommaso Votino

    Tommaso Votino15 일 전

    What a load of crap u fucked up idiots use need a good smack in the mouth this type of blacks r shyt faces.