The World’s Worst Liar (“The Usual Suspects” Parody) - Key & Peele


  1. Prashant D

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  2. Chhavi Pareek

    Chhavi Pareek2 시간 전

    "Do not say POSTER and CAT." "CATPOSTER"

  3. BadWalmartCustomerService.Com

    BadWalmartCustomerService.Com19 시간 전

    I'm changing my name to Hangman Justincats Poster.

  4. W͓̽i͓̽n͓̽t͓̽e͓̽r͓̽ ͓̽ F͓̽a͓̽l͓̽l͓̽s͓̽

    W͓̽i͓̽n͓̽t͓̽e͓̽r͓̽ ͓̽ F͓̽a͓̽l͓̽l͓̽s͓̽21 시간 전

    Baldy man

  5. The Englishman

    The Englishman23 시간 전

    Top 10 anime plot twists of all time

  6. Ian Auck

    Ian Auck23 시간 전

    You hang in ther. ZING!

  7. JoeyBadAzz

    JoeyBadAzz2 일 전

    Their acting makes me uncomfortable but they're so good 😂

  8. wyatt Rickard

    wyatt Rickard2 일 전

    The guys name is carter Finley like NC states stadium

  9. The GameRoom

    The GameRoom2 일 전

    He does a good Kevin Spacy impression

  10. Edges & Hairstyles

    Edges & Hairstyles2 일 전

    March 14th is my b-day by the way 😊

  11. VoiceOfMichael

    VoiceOfMichael2 일 전

    am i having a stroke or did i see this years ago

  12. Marina Ashley

    Marina Ashley일 전

    They re-upload their old videos a lot

  13. jj perdiue

    jj perdiue3 일 전

    march 15 from julius caesar

  14. Mateo Lucero

    Mateo Lucero3 일 전

    His name was BALDY-TALL MAN, ANGRY-coupe! Hahahaha

  15. Nikodim Zafirovski

    Nikodim Zafirovski3 일 전

    Commenting on every video I see part 798

  16. Logan Craig

    Logan Craig4 일 전

    Biggest plot twist of the decade

  17. kilroy540 -_-

    kilroy540 -_-4 일 전

    Cat poster

  18. Nn Dd

    Nn Dd4 일 전

    The Paw and Poster

  19. H Begum

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  20. theoneguyoverthere

    theoneguyoverthere5 일 전

    Dude, spoilers for Usual Suspects!!

  21. Tarun L

    Tarun L5 일 전

    Keysor suze

  22. The Principled Hypocrite B

    The Principled Hypocrite B5 일 전

    *ran it with the guy called HUNG IN THURRR* 🤣🤣🤣

  23. Sergei Asheshov

    Sergei Asheshov5 일 전

    He sounds like Kevin Spacey in se7en

  24. Santana Rivera

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  25. ifi

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  26. Yayeet Picklechin

    Yayeet Picklechin5 일 전

    1:29 it talks about Logan Paul

  27. —Spanisha—

    —Spanisha—5 일 전

    Would’ve been a lot funnier if he was actually telling the truth

  28. Randy Tyler

    Randy Tyler5 일 전

    This was fantastic

  29. Simon Wilson

    Simon Wilson5 일 전

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  30. Thepellican420

    Thepellican4206 일 전

    Hangman Justincat

  31. erak

    erak6 일 전

    Who was expecting 'Well played' poster behind him in the last second?

  32. Michael Gabriel Cruz

    Michael Gabriel Cruz6 일 전

    0:56 Peele's look lmaoooo

  33. Pegasus

    Pegasus6 일 전

    These guys are brilliant.

  34. mabsahmed786

    mabsahmed7866 일 전

    Kaiser Soze

  35. Duckymomo 372

    Duckymomo 3726 일 전

    1:33 that’s just Logan Paul but asain

  36. Hunter Stanworth

    Hunter Stanworth6 일 전

    I think this is a rerun

  37. Benjamin Marks

    Benjamin Marks6 일 전

    This is so well done

  38. Rutnilda Carrasquillo

    Rutnilda Carrasquillo7 일 전

    This is exactly what my sister does all the time XD

  39. エリザベスエンドレス

    エリザベスエンドレス7 일 전

    The detective is so intelligent

  40. Fire Rabbit

    Fire Rabbit7 일 전

    Cat Poster!

  41. Darkdrago 12

    Darkdrago 127 일 전

    That twist at the end though