The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix


  1. Anh Tien Quang Nguyen

    Anh Tien Quang Nguyen9 시간 전

    Geralt only has one sword? What the fk? What happens to One for human, Other for monsters?

  2. Redpill Warrior

    Redpill Warrior10 시간 전

    S H I T ! its a SHAME!

  3. IB01

    IB0110 시간 전

    He better say " what do you want now you piece of filth " " damn you're ugly " and " place of power, gotta be "

  4. Jordz

    Jordz10 시간 전

    I refuse to watch this if Geralt and yen don’t use her beloved unicorn

  5. Nordeles

    Nordeles14 시간 전

    The most important thing is the unicorn.

  6. Oliver Talajka

    Oliver Talajka14 시간 전

    He protec HE attac But most importantly HE wants his Ciri bac

  7. TheCrimsonFuckr

    TheCrimsonFuckr13 시간 전

    Ciri isn't even born here

  8. Always_lonely Until_Death

    Always_lonely Until_Death14 시간 전

    They could of made ten I bit more pretty

  9. Tensor

    Tensor15 시간 전

    looks like theyve fucked it no? theres a high chance theyve fucked it.

  10. Chris

    Chris15 시간 전

    just hear me out... henry looks great, the voice is impossible to recreate you can’t dub voice over an entire series, jenefer is mieh... the actor doesent match her at all, not just the skin color but the overall power feel, but! none of this matters if she embraces the role, ciri... i mean... she’ll grow! and while the timeline seems off it’s because they follow the books not the games so that we have a different story and not a witcher 3 live action trailer, i have my hopes up! please netflix don’t fuck this up

  11. satanius Thauron

    satanius Thauron16 시간 전

    Wtf netflix

  12. Fanil Hajiahmetov

    Fanil Hajiahmetov16 시간 전

    this inadequate tolerance will ruin our civilization =(

  13. Doc Valiant

    Doc Valiant17 시간 전

    I wish Henry can catch a brake. Use the silver against the producers my dude.

  14. João Cête

    João Cête17 시간 전

    I've never read the books, does he only have one sword there unlike the games?

  15. Gilgamesh891

    Gilgamesh89117 시간 전

    They're making Elves BLACK. And its very obvious why. This is directly injecting OUR modern day politics into the Witcher Universe. . People keep saying, "Oh BuT ThE WITchEr Is PoLItICal"........ Yeah, it has ITS OWN politics. What they are doing is removing the "politics" of the Witcher world, and replacing them with our own modern politics. Why do you think these SJW's picked a story based off European Mythology? A story with an extremely masculine lead who's a playboy? These people HATE The Witcher, THAT is why they picked it. They hate it and want to destroy/corrupt it. They are NOT Witcher fans.

  16. ERRORxavier

    ERRORxavier18 시간 전

    *a Netflix original* I thought this was based off a video game but wait ITS A ILLEGAL TO SAY YOU OWNED IT

  17. ERRORxavier

    ERRORxavier18 시간 전

    *a Netflix original* I thought this was based off a video game but wait ITS A ILLEGAL TO SAY YOU OWNED IT

  18. Денис Я.Р.Т.

    Денис Я.Р.Т.18 시간 전

    Hissrich! Burn in Hell for what you do with our beloved Saga!

  19. Gergő Borbély

    Gergő Borbély19 시간 전

    Looks like Vesemir trained him in the School of Gains

  20. ViciousProphet

    ViciousProphet20 시간 전

    Notice Superman didn't speak too often. I feel like we're gonna get a Gelded Geralt and not the grizzled badass we deserve.

  21. Welcler Castro

    Welcler Castro20 시간 전

    Sempre me interessei Por The Witcher, principalmente na época do witcher 3 com todo aquele hype pelo jogo sem muito bom aparentemente. Agora pretendo conhecer os jogos e zerar todos antes que a série seja lançada. Wicher 1 já foi....faltam 2.

  22. Akos M.

    Akos M.20 시간 전

    Netflix Triss looks nothing like the CDPR Triss, but her voice is spot on


    UGANDA SCOUT14 시간 전

    Hey genius, this is not CDPR witcher live action show. It's the books

  24. Cedar Hewes

    Cedar Hewes21 시간 전

    In a world where there is only one stock sword sound effect

  25. World Record

    World Record21 시간 전

    Хотите миллион все очень просто, ложим на эту карту 4276300028374430 1руб, я думаю эта сумма не для кого не будет большой, как Набирается меллион он разыгрывается среди переводов. При переводе указывать комментарий в виде номера телефона.

  26. Денис Я.Р.Т.

    Денис Я.Р.Т.14 시간 전

    Хуй тебе в жопу, пёрнешь ли ты?

  27. Maxim Efremov

    Maxim Efremov15 시간 전

    Иди нахер, пиздабол

  28. Catalin 1911

    Catalin 191121 시간 전

    whomever made this must have taken too much soy decoction

  29. Yze Lucero

    Yze Lucero21 시간 전

    If I get even a hint of social justice bs in this I m gonna call it a parody and forget netflix even exists .

  30. Luka Majstorović

    Luka Majstorović21 시간 전

    Slavic folklore. Black people. Pick one.

  31. Luka Majstorović

    Luka Majstorović16 시간 전

    @A JaK jinns are demons. Demons are present in every folklore. That was pretty pathetic, bro.

  32. A JaK

    A JaK17 시간 전

    Slavic folklore Jinn Pick one.

  33. Ornat

    Ornat22 시간 전

    Y is geralt fabio

  34. Fascismo 1488

    Fascismo 148822 시간 전

    Poland is White!!!

  35. Shartrais

    Shartrais22 시간 전

    If they make this good, it can be the next GoT.

  36. Marcin Wkurwiony

    Marcin Wkurwiony23 시간 전

    why is so many black ppl in this ?

  37. Neil Madhood

    Neil Madhood23 시간 전

    Oh fuck I was recovering from the damages GOT done over the last few years and now I gotta deal with this!!

  38. Mateusz Ppp

    Mateusz Ppp23 시간 전

    naah, i'm reading the books instead of this crap, cya

  39. Женя Прийма

    Женя Прийма23 시간 전

    Заебись.Славянское фентези,ага.Славянским духом так и прет.Особенно чернокожие дриады Брокилона,которые почему-то сделались амазонками.Надо было Идриса Эльбу на роль Геральта брать,вообще заебись было бы.

  40. Женя Прийма

    Женя Прийма18 시간 전

    @Денис Я.Р.Т. Ага.А Йеннифер пользуется духами не с сиренью и крыжовником а с кари и куркумой.

  41. Денис Я.Р.Т.

    Денис Я.Р.Т.18 시간 전

    А Трисс у Геральта Плотву украдёт... ))

  42. m844521

    m844521일 전

    wiedzmin mowil po polsku... zaraza

  43. Son Goku

    Son Goku일 전

    Oh man why does it have to suck...:(

  44. Samir Ajlouni

    Samir Ajlouni일 전

    Were is Jennifer? not this Jennifer what I'm talking about.

  45. J S

    J S일 전

    Bad acting, bad voice acting, bad music... based on trailer this movie is gonna be pile of sh*t... "...Goes play Witcher"

  46. Gagani Cheema

    Gagani Cheema일 전

    What it's reasling date

  47. rocketdock11

    rocketdock11일 전

    Can't say I am impressed. Looks like some Withcer-light for public usage. Every witcher game intro was a lot more effective and deep than this. Also why Geralt have so much emotions expressed?

  48. Ashley King

    Ashley King일 전

    I hope the intimate scenes are as explicit as the game. 😜

  49. Ashley King

    Ashley King일 전

    Yen and unicorn. Even Deadpool loves a unicorn 😂

  50. Aghtar

    Aghtar일 전

    I wonder many times Geralt is gonna die of a 3 foot fall..

  51. ClassicAdden

    ClassicAdden19 시간 전

    Press space as you land and he will roll. Can jump from higher like that.

  52. Bukelos

    Bukelos일 전

    Why i have this feeling, that Geralt would be the least important of the three main characters with a total of three sentences spoken and the least amount of time spent on set? Given the confirmation of much larger focus on Yen's past, i bet that Geralt's most important role will be to act as a world-famous ultimate clickbait for the male audiences. Before them insanely superstrong women can take over, you know, standard stuff. :D

  53. Bukelos

    Bukelos21 시간 전

    @Marwan Joundi Yes Sensei

  54. Marwan Joundi

    Marwan Joundi22 시간 전

    @Bukelos what do you want me to say? Clearly you didn't manage to communicate properly what you wanted to say, next time, elaborate better.

  55. Bukelos

    Bukelos22 시간 전

    @Marwan Joundi Thanks man, appreciate it. It's interesting to see that you canť even comprehend the thing i wrote. It is just too late for you i am afraid. 😔

  56. Marwan Joundi

    Marwan Joundi일 전

    I've been on youtube for a long time, and this is probably one the stupidest comments i've ever read

  57. Corthmic

    Corthmic일 전

    The fact that most people here come from the games and not the books really proves the author wrong when he says video games cannot properly tell stories and are not art. Kinda puts a smile on my face knowing that the game completely overshadowed the old dicks books. Not saying he's a bad author, but his ego and the way he treats fans is unbearable.

  58. Assad has his own nazbol gang now

    Assad has his own nazbol gang now일 전

    It has a woman and a person of color so that must mean it's political. Checkmate liberals.

  59. Yury Shablovsky

    Yury Shablovsky일 전

    Yes. When the Americans shoot a series about the Slavs, something similar comes out. Saint Andrzej, Geralt bodybuilder!

  60. FriendlyCrooc

    FriendlyCrooc일 전

    Slavic people are not even WHITE and they have nothing to do with your white American culture. If you want to be respectful to people and their cultures the way you Netflix folks are usually trying and failing miserably than you could at least cast some Slavic actors since this is a Polish story based on Polish culture. Liberal America is a funny place. You gather all those Caucasians from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, blame them for slavery, North American colonialism and tell them that they have some sort of "white privilege" and they should sit down and be quiet. You're making a lot of friends around the world.

  61. Net Quantity

    Net Quantity일 전

    @The Crow of Yharnam Slavic people, Jewish people, Hellenic, Persians, Middle Eastern people, North Africans, Sami people, Turkic people, those are not white people. They are Caucasians but they are not WHITE.

  62. Net Quantity

    Net Quantity일 전

    @The Crow of Yharnam No such thing as white skin. You mean they have a Caucasian appearance but white people are the people of the WEST. The Germanic and the Anglican people gave themselves the name "white race".

  63. The Crow of Yharnam

    The Crow of Yharnam일 전

    Their skin is white therefore THEY'RE WHITE.

  64. fandresena ramanampanoharana

    fandresena ramanampanoharana일 전

    Thank you netflix!

  65. Денис Я.Р.Т.

    Денис Я.Р.Т.14 시간 전

    Fuck you Netflix +++

  66. The Crow of Yharnam

    The Crow of Yharnam일 전

    *Fuck you Netflix!

  67. Mikey Tee

    Mikey Tee일 전

    Netflix will somehow make it political and anti white...

  68. StageLined

    StageLined일 전

    When this trailer first came out, it did not wow me. It doesn't look bad the trailer is just an average trailer. But I gotta admit, it's growing on me. Hope the show itself is good

  69. Tim Fields

    Tim Fields일 전


  70. Furkan Tv

    Furkan Tv일 전

    Pls dont make this please i give u everything but dont make this universe a shit. Later than this serie everyone which dont know the games and books will say 'i cant believe that u r loving this shit' (sry for bad english)

  71. Gaetano Crimaldi

    Gaetano Crimaldi일 전

    Where the fuck is my Triss

  72. Paradise Eve

    Paradise Eve일 전


  73. LEX MA

    LEX MA일 전

    This should be a Slavic dark fantasy and a marvel from netflix with a superman in the lead role(((

  74. Piterixos

    Piterixos일 전

    I read the books multiple times but it still left me confused xD




  76. Wild Shadow

    Wild Shadow일 전

    Wolves asleep amidst the trees Bats all a swaying in the breeze But one soul lies anxious wide awake Fearing all manner of ghouls, hags and wraiths For your dolly Polly sleep has flown Don't dare let her tremble alone For the Witcher, heartless, cold Paid in coin of gold He comes, he'll go Leave naught behind But heartache and woe Deep, deep woe Birds are silent for the night Cows turned in as daylight dies But one soul lies anxious wide awake Fearing all manner of ghouls, hags and wraiths My dear dolly Polly shut your eyes Lie still, lie silent, utter no cries As the Witcher, brave and bold Paid in coin of gold He'll chop and slice you Cut and dice you Eat you up whole Eat you whole...

  77. okey mmeje

    okey mmeje일 전

    Chaos is not the most dangerous thing in this world. Chaos is a ladder

  78. Andrew Hertz

    Andrew Hertz일 전

    Нельзя просто так взять, и снять нормальный сериал по любимой миллионами книге, за деньги, за профессионализм, или прямо на глазах наших произошло сопряжение сфер, и монстры повылазили из червоточин и хотят уебать этот и так, уебанный мир????

  79. Erkan Kemal

    Erkan Kemal일 전

    Witcher needs beard. And where is the Griffin and leshen.

  80. ARTEM P

    ARTEM P일 전


  81. Misanthropy

    Misanthropy일 전

    Honestly wind's really not fucking howling at all. This looks like shit.

  82. Artūrs Paizo

    Artūrs Paizo일 전

    Can't seem to find any negative comments so what's with the dislikes?

  83. Спортк Глодиатор

    Спортк Глодиатор일 전

    Что за нахуй откуда негры в13 веке ? Рижесёр ты далбоёб и неучь который проёбывал урок истории 👏👏👏

  84. let's be honest

    let's be honest일 전

    Diversity sucks

  85. Kkdf Dkkck

    Kkdf Dkkck일 전

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  86. Rockett Pow

    Rockett Pow일 전

    God I hope this trailer's tone isn't accurate to how the series is cause it's a lot more light hearted most of the time. Needed at least one joke.

  87. Πανος Γκικας

    Πανος Γκικας일 전

    Damn,the new Witcher update looking hella lit.

  88. Grim Rock

    Grim Rock일 전

    Феменистки сосите хуй просто!!! Блять так испортить сериал который вы даже вряд ли будете смотреть, зато смете портить просмотр остальным своим толерантным говном! Просто идите нахуй, нахуй!!🤬🤬😡

  89. Ciri

    Ciri일 전

    0:45 ahahhahah. This Triss. Young Triss Merigold with blue eyes and amazingly beautiful brown-red hair

  90. Robert Plant

    Robert Plant일 전

    The gamer's need to put on there big boy pants and get over it.

  91. Malcolm DuBose

    Malcolm DuBose일 전

    All of this casting is sus man.

  92. James Groccia

    James Groccia일 전

    This guy is not meaty or gruff enough to play Geralt.

  93. Lin Meyer

    Lin Meyer22 시간 전

    Bro he's like Geralt on roids tf are you talking about

  94. Ulfhedinn Norsk

    Ulfhedinn Norsk일 전

    Wow! Didn’t realize Eastern European folklore utilized affirmative action 😳. So woke and diverse, unlike those books 😒

  95. A JaK

    A JaK일 전

    @Ulfhedinn Norsk and celtic and middle eastern and central american. I mean arguably theres more celtic than slavic folklore in the books

  96. Ulfhedinn Norsk

    Ulfhedinn Norsk일 전

    A JaK Correct. Andrei (who is Polish) added some characters but overall, his stories are based on Eastern European, Baltic and some Scandinavian mythology.

  97. A JaK

    A JaK일 전

    I didn't realize eastern European folklore included jinn or Arthurian ledgends its almost like the book took things from many cultures to make the story.

  98. James Groccia

    James Groccia일 전

    This guy does

  99. Eko Mojo

    Eko Mojo일 전


  100. Liliowalili

    Liliowalili일 전

    Mm Wiedźmin to dzieło Polaka

  101. Tiago L

    Tiago L일 전

    Look a nordish folk where only have white people in games , they need found diversity ... black people , of course , like allways ... nothing more give me surprise when i see Valkyria Norse Myth black in MCU Lol

  102. Jose Ghosn

    Jose Ghosn일 전

    Netflix should take note that 99% of the viewers are gamers who played one of the best video game ever created, those are some massive shoes to fill thus should be taken very very seriously. And so far, it's not looking good lol

  103. Cogito

    Cogito일 전

    Where's my boy Roach?

  104. Muhmmad Raheel khan

    Muhmmad Raheel khan일 전

    When it ll release?