The Wise Men of Instagram


  1. Diana GRM

    Diana GRM시간 전

    I’m on a Cody Ko binge after Jake Paul tried to do who knows what with that video lmao

  2. GoodBoi

    GoodBoi8 시간 전

    Is this a cyberbully video?!?!?!

  3. Maeri Ssi

    Maeri Ssi10 시간 전

    Thank you Jake Paul for enabling me to discover Cody Ko

  4. joel franco

    joel franco11 시간 전

    Swallow the red pill lmao mgtow prob thumbs downed 😂😂

  5. Audible Pranks

    Audible Pranks11 시간 전

    Bro y r u such a dick head

  6. Elle bissy

    Elle bissy11 시간 전

    Shush child

  7. Audible Pranks

    Audible Pranks11 시간 전

    Let him follow his dreams

  8. Keith THE LEGEND

    Keith THE LEGEND12 시간 전

    0:35 toilet-trees

  9. Yves Saint Laurent

    Yves Saint Laurent12 시간 전

    Jake failed miserably to try and cancel Cody but only made me subscribe to him instead lmaooo

  10. Tatum Soward

    Tatum Soward12 시간 전

    Anyone else getting lowkey misogynistic vibes from the instagram account?

  11. Kaiden H

    Kaiden H14 시간 전

    Get some help

  12. Jonathan l

    Jonathan l16 시간 전

    Isn’t this the guy who coward to Jake Paul?!

  13. Elle bissy

    Elle bissy11 시간 전

    No, he’s the guy who made a fool out of Jake Paul when he tried to expose him.

  14. ey im gay

    ey im gay16 시간 전

    Pretty sure the owner of the account is an incel

  15. Anna T

    Anna T17 시간 전

    Cody: makes a video about toxic masculinity Jake Paul: look at all this hatred... urgh he’s such a cyber bully 😂😂😂 Jake Paul tried it

  16. Karla Flores

    Karla Flores18 시간 전

    it’s hilarious that all these kids are here from jakes video, basically doing what jake called u out for 😂 ur the funniest tho dude can’t wait for the That’s Cringe with noel soon 😂 😂

  17. Brittany Albis

    Brittany Albis21 시간 전


  18. Devonte Hardimon

    Devonte Hardimon21 시간 전

    Prankinvasion joke: "one bro's sister is another bro's sister... and I'll kiss her too"

  19. Kimi de Vera

    Kimi de Vera22 시간 전

    dick head

  20. Ryan

    Ryan16 시간 전

    woah kimi, easy on the cyber bullying

  21. Kimi de Vera

    Kimi de Vera22 시간 전

    and cringe phedophile shit channel on youtube

  22. Jaymi

    Jaymi20 시간 전

    Kimi de Vera’re struggling???

  23. aaminah

    aaminah21 시간 전

    Hmm you sound like a mr.struggle

  24. Kimi de Vera

    Kimi de Vera22 시간 전

    stop judging peoples vids u moron

  25. Mo

    Mo23 시간 전

    Thank you very much Jake Paul for introducing me to this amazing channel through his cringe video (and thanks to imAlex who introduced me to Jake's video)

  26. Iambrenden Lewis

    Iambrenden Lewis일 전

    *cough* *cough* off brand idubbz

  27. J-Bird

    J-Bird일 전

    Haha morning breath

  28. Jeannette S

    Jeannette S일 전

    I’m here cuz of Jake Paul and idk why 🤣 a

  29. Layla Thomas

    Layla Thomas일 전

    Y are cringe u can't talk about anyone yr not funny ur disappointing

  30. DangerSmoog

    DangerSmoog19 시간 전

    You got him!

  31. CaptainCorey600

    CaptainCorey600일 전

    You are are a fucking bully

  32. DangerSmoog

    DangerSmoog19 시간 전

    I personally hope the principal suspends him.

  33. Tash (PEPT)

    Tash (PEPT)일 전

    You suck

  34. Kieran Crawford

    Kieran Crawford일 전

    Stop cyber bullying Cody no one likes you your gay so stop fucking bullying

  35. DangerSmoog

    DangerSmoog19 시간 전

    "Stop cuber bullying" "no one likes you, you're gay" LOL imagine being this confused XD

  36. RescoRBLX

    RescoRBLX일 전

    4:03 LMAO

  37. Elizabeth Meeks

    Elizabeth Meeks일 전

    i hate jake paul.

  38. k vloger p gamer 101

    k vloger p gamer 101일 전

    Cody ok is an idiot

  39. Leslie Barrios

    Leslie Barrios일 전

    I’m just here to give you a message So you can go around hating on people but you’ll never make anything out of your life if you’re just sitting there and talking about people and making them feel hurt but you know what you’ll be sitting there and be a piece of shit who’s know one .One day you’ll realize how many people you’ve hurt 😔

  40. Explosho

    Explosho15 시간 전

    And one day you’ll realize what the word immaturity means, until then, keep up your “positivity” spreading self. And tell your parents you love them. They need to hear that.

  41. Recovery Lifestyle

    Recovery Lifestyle일 전

    Don't fuck with the Paul's you bitch

  42. Ian Breesawitz

    Ian Breesawitz일 전

    You are so mean

  43. Privilege A

    Privilege A일 전

    Why is Jake Paul coming after you 😂🤣🤣

  44. Gianna Rufo

    Gianna Rufo일 전

    I saw u we’re in jake Paul’s vid cause your being a cyber bully on YT cause your talking shit about ppl and your being so mean and yes sometimes it can be funny but your being so mean and u have young kids watching u and it can incourge ppl to be like u that is just disgusting. U should do something better instead of cyber bullying YT. And u shoulder make fun of them for stupid shit. SO STOP and get a good job and not be a cyber bully.

  45. DangerSmoog

    DangerSmoog19 시간 전

    He's raking in millions of views and hundreds of thousands of dollars. And Jake is a fucking pussy who went from "BEING A SAVAGE MAVERICK" to pretending he cares about issues (which he's WAY guilty of) to yank his fans around by their incredibly undeveloped emotions and impulses.

  46. The Giraffe King

    The Giraffe King일 전

    This technically is his good job. He make a steady paycheck from it and he can make a living off of it. You are just a fat retard who actually gets overly sensitive over the internet. Those who really take their lives over the internet are literal weak bitches who can’t handle life. It’s the internet, stfu and go to sleep

  47. Leticia De Dios

    Leticia De Dios일 전

    Cyber bully bitch

  48. Jbmal list

    Jbmal list일 전

    Boi Kody ko stop syber bulling buy chin guy

  49. Tik tok funny videos

    Tik tok funny videos일 전

    You not funney cody You make no sense YOU get some help

  50. lil clarence

    lil clarence일 전

    Why you got to be mean

  51. lil clarence

    lil clarence일 전

    You suck

  52. lil clarence

    lil clarence일 전

    What a dick head

  53. lil clarence

    lil clarence일 전

    You fucking suck

  54. lil clarence

    lil clarence일 전

    Jake paul is right. You are a cyber bully

  55. lil clarence

    lil clarence일 전

    Yo you are a asshole

  56. some two

    some two일 전

    You are funny and you should know that! You are going to make it. No. You know what? You made it.

  57. Jessica Lopez

    Jessica Lopez2 일 전

    My new favorite youtuber

  58. Suki Steele

    Suki Steele3 일 전

    God damn didnt need to flex on us so hard with that hotel room jeez




  60. yeeting yeeetts

    yeeting yeeetts3 일 전

    I like the mallgrabing on the wall

  61. ankur singh

    ankur singh3 일 전

    he looks so much as atozy

  62. Bud Spunjah

    Bud Spunjah4 일 전

    i need the guitar song

  63. canvas11xD

    canvas11xD5 일 전

    I’ve challenged a quote from pages like these. Let’s just say the admin did not like it.

  64. Marcena Stephens

    Marcena Stephens5 일 전

    Gramps living it up

  65. Mohammad Naqvi

    Mohammad Naqvi5 일 전

    this account is definitely run by some random Indian guy

  66. Lovely Elsanna

    Lovely Elsanna6 일 전

    I put my shirt on last cause I dont wanna get anything on it before I leave...

  67. Malak A

    Malak A6 일 전

    Ok but did anybody else notice how his eyes changed color at 1:26 ?

  68. Rogerina Darling

    Rogerina Darling7 일 전

    7:12 *roger taylor has entered the chat*

  69. Helena lit

    Helena lit7 일 전

    can you make a video on James Charles

  70. Ronika sassy

    Ronika sassy7 일 전

    4:31 I think that the guy in the picture IS the guy she’s texting

  71. I like turtles And Bts :3

    I like turtles And Bts :37 일 전

    Who else came from Danny’s video and is a greg?😁

  72. Lane Crescent

    Lane Crescent8 일 전

    You should have the same number of subs as PewDiePie.

  73. clout sebbs

    clout sebbs8 일 전

    *staycation* *woohoo*

  74. Not Today

    Not Today9 일 전

    he's saying you gotta find a caring husband. its 2019, just be gay.

  75. catherine canceco

    catherine canceco9 일 전

    I can hear all the feminists going off at that last one

  76. Val TheExcelsior

    Val TheExcelsior9 일 전

    Wise & sad men...Thanks for the laughs!!!

  77. 123 Shh

    123 Shh9 일 전

    This video kinda bored me which is a disappointment bc I love Cody’s videos

  78. Mr. Raccoon

    Mr. Raccoon9 일 전

    I like to skate board and one of the pictures in the left is making me mad because he is mall grabbing (mall grabbing is when you hold a skateboard by the truck/the metal part of the skateboard)

  79. Leo Garcia-Cuesta

    Leo Garcia-Cuesta9 일 전

    Yo I'm leo. Quaalude?

  80. Anna S.

    Anna S.11 일 전

    8:08 I feel like this is the moment he just described earlier..right befor he snaps

  81. Tyler Frank

    Tyler Frank11 일 전

    This is literally “just girly things” but for men

  82. zUp 9

    zUp 911 일 전

    The ironic thing about the Wolf of Wall Street thing is that the most iconic scene in that movie is literally about how profitable it is to understand people and their emotions.

  83. Eilish O brien

    Eilish O brien11 일 전

    *Roger Taylor has joined the chat*

  84. Hannah Fontine

    Hannah Fontine11 일 전

    So weak at the muther fuckin "man batter" like whattt fr stud ~muffins~ over there

  85. Roshni Jaiswal

    Roshni Jaiswal12 일 전

    But i really text slow My bf is always after me asking me who else r u texting thts so annoying🤕

  86. JerryBuurrr

    JerryBuurrr12 일 전

    you gotta make a shirt with a "Women suck Date your car" graphic because I would actually buy it fast as hell

  87. A Human?

    A Human?12 일 전

    3:31 actually Michel Scott is the best boss

  88. jasleen

    jasleen12 일 전

  89. kate fletcher

    kate fletcher12 일 전

    imagine being this dude’s ex and finding out all these posts r about u

  90. Jordan Carter

    Jordan Carter13 일 전

    Just here to remind everyone to respect women... and man batter

  91. just perpetually bothered

    just perpetually bothered13 일 전

    *The Depressed Emotionally Stunted Materialistic Men of Instagram*

  92. Stephanie Inzunza

    Stephanie Inzunza13 일 전


  93. Ella Erickson

    Ella Erickson13 일 전

    It is inspiring be single 😂

  94. Bella T

    Bella T14 일 전

    4am: wha u doin

  95. Jebush

    Jebush14 일 전

    6:17 Itachi in a nutshell

  96. roo

    roo14 일 전

    s t a y c a t i o n

  97. Ultear Milkovich

    Ultear Milkovich15 일 전

    Those dislikes are the followers of fokking wise mens in the instagram 😑

  98. Josefine Meyer

    Josefine Meyer15 일 전

    Steakation? YESSS

  99. xholiisterchicko

    xholiisterchicko15 일 전

    Funniest video I’ve seen in awhile. 10/10

  100. search/local HTX YouTube

    search/local HTX YouTube16 일 전

    "Who hurt you, man?!" Your genuine mirth is contagious 😂

  101. sena

    sena16 일 전

    why does he look like light yagami from the netflix death note adaptation

  102. Sawyer Harris

    Sawyer Harris16 일 전

    BRUH HE MADE A CHIP N DALE REFERENCE, Cody that’s enough, no more dadness

  103. Hunter Dumont

    Hunter Dumont16 일 전

    I didn’t understand the bear pun

  104. zen

    zen16 일 전

    I tried to like the video but realized I just did lol

  105. Kimbyrleigha

    Kimbyrleigha16 일 전

    In a relationship: emotions tortured! Lol

  106. Hkgkjyg

    Hkgkjyg16 일 전

    If you really respected’d dump her🤷🏽‍♀️

  107. Teddolf !!!

    Teddolf !!!17 일 전

    beard make man batter make up make woman better

  108. Shannon Maldonado

    Shannon Maldonado17 일 전

    Im sorry grandpa i havent visited in a few months. I missed you, let’s catch up

  109. Jestami

    Jestami17 일 전

    do a video on gary vee's instagram.

  110. Danielle Faith

    Danielle Faith17 일 전

    You should see ashley nocera Cody

  111. Random Bubble

    Random Bubble17 일 전

    0:37 hahaha but it happened to my bathroom (???), instead, it came out from the shower drain ha, roaches and crap came out ewwww

  112. Mosie M

    Mosie M17 일 전

    they turned their account private 😭