The Wise Men of Instagram


  1. Blair Kephart

    Blair Kephart6 시간 전

    "saved the child from the building over there" gives me john mulaney vibes ("I didn't do anything bc I was on the bench over there")

  2. Booker DeWitt

    Booker DeWitt13 시간 전

    MAN BATTER *giggidy*

  3. Give me death

    Give me death17 시간 전

    Saved this child from that BuRnInG BuIlDinG oVeR ThErE

  4. Kaylen Burns

    Kaylen Burns일 전


  5. Samantha Taylor

    Samantha Taylor3 일 전

    "Fuck women, im dating bears from now on" Yea Probably been said before 😂

  6. Batsaint98

    Batsaint983 일 전

    Am I the only one paying attention to the mall grab picture on the right in the background

  7. Mr_KACHOW

    Mr_KACHOW4 일 전

    Honestly the shit story is the best thing I’ve heard all day I’ve been laughing for minutes

  8. BASS boss

    BASS boss4 일 전

    You were right to think this dude got dumped by some girl

  9. Big Tuna

    Big Tuna4 일 전

    *vibes dude summer vibes*

  10. Arnab Ghosh

    Arnab Ghosh4 일 전

    Lesson of the video: Respekt Wahmen

  11. Shianne Gaw

    Shianne Gaw4 일 전


  12. Chiefman16

    Chiefman164 일 전

    Man Batter is the next evolution of Baby Powder

  13. FitzKing

    FitzKing4 일 전


  14. Phelps Brothers

    Phelps Brothers5 일 전

    I’m at duke university rn

  15. Anika Diewald

    Anika Diewald5 일 전

    Yo I think you're funny as fuck but the fucking "I hope you're beary happy" joke is one of the few jokes of yours that actually made me laugh out loud

  16. Ronit.

    Ronit.5 일 전

    7:05 car enthusiast in a nutshell(also me)

  17. Noah Junqs

    Noah Junqs5 일 전

    That pic with the mall grab tho 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  18. Kat Renzo

    Kat Renzo5 일 전

    God Cody looks like my ex and it concerns me oop

  19. Cecilio Benavidez

    Cecilio Benavidez6 일 전

    that mall grab in the background tho.....

  20. Fallon Stoddart

    Fallon Stoddart6 일 전

    I can’t stop laughing omg

  21. Mr & Mrs Lee

    Mr & Mrs Lee6 일 전

    But do you wanna fuck?

  22. I’m at the wrong party

    I’m at the wrong party6 일 전

    are poop trees just people 🤯

  23. Cameron Carter

    Cameron Carter6 일 전


  24. Brad Churchey

    Brad Churchey6 일 전

    Cody is going through a mid life crisis

  25. Kayla Catoe

    Kayla Catoe6 일 전

    That's been happening but it's funny so eskittit

  26. Sofia Quinones

    Sofia Quinones6 일 전

    These insta posts kind of remind me of the Chlamydia posters in that episode of Parks and Rec: "Chlamydia affects 100% of Jan Coopers - brought to you by the Pawnee Health Department" XD (It's from the episode titled "The Fight")

  27. Shillings

    Shillings4 일 전

    Shinzou wo sasageyo!

  28. Josh Innov8

    Josh Innov87 일 전

    How did he just make a lung infection sound less than poop trees. Like I’m confused now, what’s worse?

  29. Long Gone

    Long Gone7 일 전

    He should have posted the search dinosaur part in the million subs vid. I think he's saying search dinosaur as in a search engine, not actually searching for a dinosaur. Since searching dinosaur is so easy, that's what they mean by its easy to have a caring wife.

  30. The Odd Ninja

    The Odd Ninja7 일 전

    rElAtIOnSHiT yeah I can see that through the hot guy sitting alone on a basketball court.

  31. sodium vlogs

    sodium vlogs7 일 전

    Ha lol that happens to me I stayed in a hotel for three months

  32. Shane Woodward

    Shane Woodward8 일 전

    What was that song at the beginning of the video

  33. Emmanuelthe1 Z

    Emmanuelthe1 Z10 일 전

    Why is there a picture of someone mall grabbing in the back round

  34. Gregarious Gonzalez

    Gregarious Gonzalez11 일 전

    You know who would relate to these? Ryan from The Office.

  35. Rave of The Crabs

    Rave of The Crabs12 일 전

    How the hell does this video have any dislikes?

  36. Spencer Moss-De Castro

    Spencer Moss-De Castro12 일 전

    the point of Wolf of Wall Street is to show rich guys in dumb 80s suits getting high on crack. It is not meant to be taken as fact because that’s fucking BORING more boobs please

  37. Jack Griffin

    Jack Griffin12 일 전

    I’m trying to take a shit but I can’t cos I keep laughing

  38. Tropical Breezi

    Tropical Breezi12 일 전

    9:29 has me fucking dying. what the fuck is that quote who the fuck came up with that 😂😂😂😂 and the picture bro what

  39. Carol

    Carol13 일 전

    “a bunch of my shit got destroyed” uh...... the toilet just broke, cody

  40. Taylor Grace

    Taylor Grace13 일 전

    i literally love you so much and you make me laugh so much. thanks

  41. Jaco Pieterse

    Jaco Pieterse13 일 전

    "Fuck women! I'm dating bears from now on." Me coming out to my mom


    COOLGUYPAUL 11613 일 전

    Dude I couldn’t stop laughing at this vid

  43. Eli Hockett

    Eli Hockett14 일 전

    M A L L G R A B

  44. Max Townsend

    Max Townsend15 일 전

    Why is that guy mall gripping that board in the painting

  45. Gideon Jaape

    Gideon Jaape15 일 전

    That account is amazing if it would actually be sarcastic

  46. SubscribeItWontHURT

    SubscribeItWontHURT16 일 전

    We all know that Instagram is full of dumbass

  47. Wesley Danuser

    Wesley Danuser16 일 전


  48. Katy P

    Katy P17 일 전

    I think I might be in love with Cody Ko.

  49. AK SRT6.7

    AK SRT6.718 일 전

    Why do I feel like this insta account is ran by a Mr. Struggle...

  50. CR Stunts

    CR Stunts19 일 전

    Ha change in scenery has a dude mall grabbing like if u skate

  51. SkateNate Warehouse

    SkateNate Warehouse19 일 전

    Anyone realize the filthy mall grabber in the back


    X XSELFISH19 일 전

    How could you even stay in that hotel? Just knowing that there's a picture on the wall of a person mall grabbing?!!