The Weird Side Of Amazon


  1. Ian

    Ian27 초 전

    *CowChop wants to know your location*

  2. Goober Greatest

    Goober Greatest분 전

    damn danny number 1 on trending

  3. Itisyagirlkawaiipotato

    Itisyagirlkawaiipotato2 분 전

    Tis is #1 on trending ;-; wow.

  4. Neffie

    Neffie3 분 전

    Tiffany Fitzhenry has some interesting content...

  5. Mayonnaise Boy

    Mayonnaise Boy4 분 전

    daddy saddle ? miranda sings has entered the chat

  6. Aeternalis Armentarius

    Aeternalis Armentarius4 분 전

    My wife is from South Korea... Early in our dating days....I was clapping her cheeks and I said... Who is your daddy? After 3 or 4 times she looks over her a typical asian accent.... Says with madness in her eyes.... I aint a horsey and my daddy in korea what he got to do with this"... Bwhahahahah ...I lost laughed for 10 minutes....almost cost me my future the joke is who is your American Daddy when I smack dat sweet asian ass......ohhhhh yyyeeeeeahhhh

  7. Aeternalis Armentarius

    Aeternalis Armentarius3 분 전

    Edit.... I was slapping her ass when i asked who is your daddy... That is why she said the thing about a

  8. Seb

    Seb5 분 전

    Amazon’s logo looks like an erect penis. Have fun trying to unsee it.

  9. Gaya

    Gaya6 분 전

    'pony up daddy'... I feel like this would be better for a different kind of daddy...

  10. MellamoSteve

    MellamoSteve6 분 전

    I though you were going to talk about how amazon warehouse are slowly becoming like sweatshops with a wall with the face of the lord and savior Jeff

  11. Mohamed Hafiz

    Mohamed Hafiz7 분 전 nobody

  12. Matt Wilts

    Matt Wilts8 분 전

    After this whole video I have made the decision that if you and Laura have a kid you MUST buy a Daddle Saddle... AND ENJOY IT!

  13. Isaac Gompper

    Isaac Gompper8 분 전

    Thumbnail had me thinking this was a Cowchop video.

  14. ZuTu

    ZuTu9 분 전

    Giddy Up Daddy??? *I'M SOLD*

  15. Edho Kuddah

    Edho Kuddah10 분 전

    what frightens me the most about the intro is that the lighting position was changed once you said whatsup greg

  16. Brooklyn Lopez

    Brooklyn Lopez12 분 전

    Turned notifications on :3

  17. Brooklyn Lopez

    Brooklyn Lopez12 분 전

    Turned notifications on :3

  18. Shad Toth

    Shad Toth12 분 전

    Notifications on

  19. CocoTV

    CocoTV12 분 전

    Pony up daddy - meme of the year 2019

  20. Meme Overlord

    Meme Overlord13 분 전

    I turned on notifications... three years ago, when i subscribed.

  21. Haydut

    Haydut13 분 전

    Söyle dostum ben seni korurum . kim seni bu kadar yakışıklı olmaya zorladı????

  22. Dread Mage

    Dread Mage14 분 전

    ok but I love how people were pretending to be celebrities on the app, that's hilarious

  23. Duda Morais

    Duda Morais14 분 전

    9:58 Why does the only happy dad looks Photoshopped?

  24. Blake McDaniel

    Blake McDaniel14 분 전

    So the weird side of Amazon includes 1 item? 😒

  25. mistymoonmaid

    mistymoonmaid15 분 전

    congrats for #1 on trending. greg is truly number one

  26. Jorge Morales

    Jorge Morales15 분 전

    I have a very dirty mind 🙃

  27. The GalaxyCat

    The GalaxyCat15 분 전

    7:16 why do I have a dirty mind

  28. SteviiLove

    SteviiLove15 분 전

    On a side note; the dad's head at 10:14 is photoshopped on. Gotta wonder how miserable the dad looked to have face replaced 😂 Also, who thought it was appropriate to tell kids to ride their dads because I'm pretty sure that's a kink

  29. Sarah Street

    Sarah Street16 분 전


  30. Ashley Ferguson

    Ashley Ferguson17 분 전

    The Christmas soldier in the background....

  31. Vince Lestrade

    Vince Lestrade17 분 전

    Holy s-it, #1 on Trending? Congrats Danny Boi.

  32. Blou Bear

    Blou Bear18 분 전

    "Pony up bitch"

  33. Nefluf Love

    Nefluf Love19 분 전

    “Taking your daddy’s out for a walk”

  34. The Medicated Artist

    The Medicated Artist19 분 전

    10:15 it looks like his face was photoshopped onto the body

  35. Anonymous Golf club

    Anonymous Golf club20 분 전

    Haw yee lemme ride you daddy!

  36. Not Caramel Donuts

    Not Caramel Donuts20 분 전

    The fastest growing ARRRRMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!!!!! #1 on trending congrats 🎉🎈🎊🍾

  37. freya watson

    freya watson21 분 전

    my dad has left the chat... oh wait

  38. Amanda Lomônaco

    Amanda Lomônaco21 분 전

    why am i not surprised that jeremy renner's favorite food is beef jerky and trail mix

  39. Jo Spicer

    Jo Spicer21 분 전

    Congratulations on being #1 on trending

  40. SteviiLove

    SteviiLove21 분 전

    I guess Jeremy Renner and I have something in common; we both bit our children 😂 Honestly, wish I was joking! My son was a toddler and was trying to wake me up. While I was dreaming about food, he kept shoving his hand in my face and I went to take a bite of the dream food only to bite something real and hear a yelp; I literally bit my son's hand. I'll never forget how mad he was at me, he wouldn't speak to me for the rest of the day and tried tattling to my mom when she stopped by 😂

  41. adeena

    adeena22 분 전

    "you can ride your daddy, mommy, and uncle! just strap em to the harness and ride away!" alabamian kids: *take my money*

  42. juSt ur AvErage hOe 2.0

    juSt ur AvErage hOe 2.022 분 전

    the reviews...

  43. Haven Beats

    Haven Beats22 분 전

    Danny: Jesus man how long are the kids riding their dads for?! *FBI OPEN UP*

  44. Jeremy

    Jeremy23 분 전

    ight imma head out.

  45. Victoria Pagan

    Victoria Pagan23 분 전


  46. My World

    My World23 분 전 Funniest video ever!

  47. Meh

    Meh24 분 전

    Dont you hate it when youtube moves the cokments to the top

  48. Joseph Billing

    Joseph Billing27 분 전


  49. Nefluf Love

    Nefluf Love27 분 전

    Jeremy, you know you haven’t been fired from the MCU, right?

  50. Nastia

    Nastia27 분 전


  51. La Boeg

    La Boeg28 분 전

    9:56 pretty sure that's been photoshopped

  52. Haley H.

    Haley H.31 분 전

    #1 on trending?!

  53. Kelly Niebla

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    notifications have been on for years!😌🤟

  55. Noor Fatima Is Stupid

    Noor Fatima Is Stupid32 분 전

    #1 on Trending boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii



    Why is Jeremy Renner always making the "I'm going to sexually assault you" face?

  57. Sir Skutty

    Sir Skutty33 분 전

    I swear if Danny doesn’t make a “Pony Up Daddy” song...

  58. FadedDesigns

    FadedDesigns33 분 전

    Shake that thing all night, then ride that thing like a bike

  59. Evaz z

    Evaz z34 분 전

    Notifications on👌😃🥑I'm TRULY Greg!! 😃😃😃

  60. BoxBees

    BoxBees34 분 전

    This video got weird...

  61. chaouki karim

    chaouki karim34 분 전

    heyy if you want to watch more memes .