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  1. Goodbye Everybody

    Goodbye Everybody3 시간 전

    W h a t

  2. Viral Spiral

    Viral Spiral3 시간 전

    Throw it back and pony up Jeremy daddy. Got dayum.

  3. Nibbasaurus Rex

    Nibbasaurus Rex3 시간 전

    #1 on trending

  4. Seok Jin

    Seok Jin3 시간 전

    That "Only for uncle" review on the dad saddle was a miranda sings reference

  5. Caleb Brook

    Caleb Brook3 시간 전

    I love the intro😂 so suspenseful

  6. Monk Killedababy

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  7. The Mack

    The Mack3 시간 전

    HI EVERYONE, I help someone’s help my Instagram got hacked @10k , can y’all get me too 10k ASAP!!! @the_mack_on_yt

  8. ML studios

    ML studios3 시간 전

    Turned on notifications :)

  9. DeadlyLazer

    DeadlyLazer3 시간 전

    #1 on trending damn danny..

  10. Caroline

    Caroline3 시간 전

    I'm proud at how many daddy jokes he held back. This was genuinely funny and it didn't rely on sex jokes as a crutch for humor. 10/10.

  11. Dan Man

    Dan Man3 시간 전

    Impossible!!! NUMBER 1 ON TRENDING

  12. Mango

    Mango3 시간 전

    gona buy these prodcuts no cause i wanna be fukcing miserable, and dress up like a horse!!! I would recommend, 5 star. Call 1-800-DADDLE now!

  13. Michael Mujadin

    Michael Mujadin3 시간 전

    i'm confused with what's wrong with making money in the most minimal way other than just promoting yourself in like brand. Also that dad is just self medicated to explain his super smile!

  14. Atlas

    Atlas3 시간 전

    Congrats on #1 on trending and no im gonna ?&% santa and my name is Nick so im I gonna bleep myself

  15. whyipaybillz

    whyipaybillz3 시간 전

    6:59 "god dammit suzy this isnt what i meant by riding me"

  16. Microsoft Rover

    Microsoft Rover3 시간 전

    #1 on trending?!

  17. Abby Mae

    Abby Mae3 시간 전

    omg you’re number one on trending!!! congrats 🎉 *\(^o^)/*

  18. Beq Meq

    Beq Meq3 시간 전

    Troll: "Yes I am Jeremy Renner" Jeremy Renner: "damn gotta throw the whole app away"

  19. Unrepentant Conquistador

    Unrepentant Conquistador3 시간 전

    Does this kid ever age? I still think he's 16.

  20. Mango

    Mango3 시간 전

    half of this video is danny wondering if he ruined Jeremy Renner's life...

  21. Cleonna Hocquard-Dalliessi

    Cleonna Hocquard-Dalliessi3 시간 전

    notifications onnnn :p

  22. Read

    Read3 시간 전

    Well, cheaper than a pony.

  23. Nico 921

    Nico 9213 시간 전

    the open mouthed dad is photoshopped on-the lighting is different on his face than anywhere else. was that dad so visibly distraught that they were like “oh shit we gotta fix this”?

  24. Jack McClendon

    Jack McClendon3 시간 전

    This is just cringe

  25. QuackMcboss

    QuackMcboss3 시간 전

    Number 1 on trending btw

  26. Methodic Vending Machine

    Methodic Vending Machine3 시간 전

    #1 trending! Let’s go Greg

  27. Raven Miller

    Raven Miller3 시간 전

    A saddle for your dad so you can ride him around lmao

  28. Farm Life TV

    Farm Life TV3 시간 전

    Wow! What this Amazon doing? Why this is Amazon doing this? Haha and we talk about Jeremy Renner too ok also sorry this video is so dark and looks like an apology video or something we just moved and you don't know how to use my house yet

  29. Sontiyana

    Sontiyana3 시간 전

    Our boy is #1 on the trending page LET’S GOOOOOO

  30. Elle Sidian

    Elle Sidian3 시간 전

    My guy....your the Jeremy Renner of KOreporter 😂 love your videos

  31. Henry Campanis

    Henry Campanis3 시간 전

    Lol yeah, what does the guy who played hawkeye need with a bow and arrows? What a freak.

  32. May Lina

    May Lina3 시간 전

    just realized that I am a Little Stinky Greg living in a Kurtis Town

  33. Ebony Pyper

    Ebony Pyper3 시간 전

    Jeremy Renner- 🤓😎🤯 danny- 😎🧐🤪

  34. roadie. fam

    roadie. fam3 시간 전

    Your song at the end fits so well with the video tho😂

  35. Kairo Schmitz

    Kairo Schmitz4 시간 전

    He bit his daughter WHAT NO THE HECC?! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT

  36. The Belt Twins

    The Belt Twins4 시간 전

    We love amazon!

  37. Mylana Wijayanti

    Mylana Wijayanti4 시간 전

    O-o 1st trending 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

  38. Gorilla Man85

    Gorilla Man854 시간 전

    6:18 mate he played hawk eye the superhero with a bow and arrow

  39. Ari Vukosa

    Ari Vukosa4 시간 전

    why are we in a different room

  40. Waki Kat

    Waki Kat4 시간 전


  41. Lexi probably needs a nap

    Lexi probably needs a nap4 시간 전

    One day when I've overcome great adversities beyond all compare and triumphed over my enemies, my children will ask: "Mother, what was the very worst thing to happen to you?" and I will gaze out the window as tears mist my eyes and bleakly respond, "The day I found out that I share a birthday with Jeremy Renner."

  42. ZiranaCain

    ZiranaCain4 시간 전

    You can basically pick any sentence where Danny says "daddy" in this video out of context and it will be... special

  43. Grace Cohen

    Grace Cohen4 시간 전

    um why were my ads for this video psychic answers and pest control ??

  44. Bryan O'Kelley Cox

    Bryan O'Kelley Cox4 시간 전

    “It’s not that hard to grab onto your dad” - Danny Gonzalez

  45. Magdalen Moore

    Magdalen Moore4 시간 전

    Congratulations on being the newest comment at 7:05 PM AUS! :)

  46. Jaz Caz

    Jaz Caz4 시간 전

    Wow number 1 on trending. Good job big boy

  47. Chibi-usa Chan

    Chibi-usa Chan4 시간 전

    Good job Danny!! You’re #1 on the trending page!! Love you!

  48. Heide Carrion

    Heide Carrion4 시간 전

    Jeremy Renner is so UGLY!

  49. Tanner Sebastian

    Tanner Sebastian4 시간 전

    Danny into pony play confirmed

  50. MVP SGTV

    MVP SGTV4 시간 전

    7:28 - 7:35 “Pornhub Community song plays”

  51. Maintenance Made Simple

    Maintenance Made Simple4 시간 전

    Great Video!

  52. weeb stablook

    weeb stablook4 시간 전

    I want a leg reveal

  53. Sydney McCarney

    Sydney McCarney4 시간 전

    when danny is number 1 on trending

  54. Anna Prah

    Anna Prah4 시간 전

    number 1 on trending hell yea

  55. sienna watson

    sienna watson4 시간 전

    Omg so I looked it up and no joke it actually comes up with a link to your T-shirt and says Greg

  56. ctbadcop15

    ctbadcop154 시간 전

    I have no idea who Jeremy Renner is but I can say this with 100% certainty. Epstein didn’t kill himself. But he did use the daddle saddle hundreds of times

  57. Jules F.

    Jules F.4 시간 전

    I was only half watching when I heard Danny say something about a nutcracker hat... I am disappointed that it is a baseball cap with the nutcracker on it, but I was a fool for assuming he was selling the tall nutcracker hats... Good video.

  58. Hotspot

    Hotspot4 시간 전

    I thought Danny just moved last year? He moved again? lol I was kind of getting used to that other room.

  59. Sarah T

    Sarah T4 시간 전

    We put the sad in saddle

  60. Dunkin Donutz

    Dunkin Donutz4 시간 전

    Does anybody remember How to make a good first impression It’ll take you way back •-•

  61. max eff

    max eff4 시간 전

    9:57 yeah I think that's photoshop dude