The Weird Side Of Amazon


  1. zeradordeyoutube

    zeradordeyoutube2 시간 전

    On the interview for Tag on the Build Series channel he barely laughs. It's really weird. He's fucked in the head.

  2. Jessica Thompson

    Jessica Thompson6 시간 전

    There is nothing I love more than the first 15 seconds of this video

  3. A Healthier Macaulay Culkin

    A Healthier Macaulay Culkin7 시간 전

    Notifications on, daddy.

  4. Micky Leinbachy

    Micky Leinbachy8 시간 전

    Jeremy: I’m going to bite your ear Daughter: Shut up horse.

  5. a person that has no life

    a person that has no life9 시간 전

    7:32 *im gonna ride you around for hours*

  6. Shrek I am the real shrek no click bait

    Shrek I am the real shrek no click bait9 시간 전

    My little pony? Nah. *My little daddy*

  7. Shrek I am the real shrek no click bait

    Shrek I am the real shrek no click bait9 시간 전

    **horse girls have entered the chat**

  8. Panic! At the twenty one chemical romances

    Panic! At the twenty one chemical romances9 시간 전


  9. MakeThisPlaceIgnite

    MakeThisPlaceIgnite12 시간 전

    This shouldn’t be a commonly requested activity by your kids.

  10. Joseph X

    Joseph X13 시간 전

    Can't keep from feeling too much sexual tension every time he said "Daddy"

  11. Zaha Honeyboo

    Zaha Honeyboo16 시간 전

    Pony up Danny and be a horse

  12. Not Dominix99

    Not Dominix9917 시간 전

    11:44 KILLED ME

  13. Karoq Life

    Karoq Life18 시간 전

    I have no idea why KOreporter recommended your channel but I’ve been watching your content and you are hilarious Danny 😂😂....I’ve now subscribed and turn on notifications am I now Greg? 😂

  14. Alena Vikernes666

    Alena Vikernes666일 전

    Ah, yes Casey Anthony the celebrity.

  15. MR. FADE

    MR. FADE일 전

    Hey danny i rode your dad last night

  16. Meep

    Meep일 전

    I started singing the theme song by accident and my dad was like wtf

  17. Clauce Micro

    Clauce Micro일 전

    Jeremy Renner is a crafty actor. However, he doesn’t sell any books or acting lessons, even theater tickets on his store. It’s weird.

  18. Cody Ko’s Chode

    Cody Ko’s Chode일 전

    THROW IT BACKF DHDH II’m crying laughing

  19. thereis that man again

    thereis that man again일 전

    everytime you say something about the ponydaddy shit, i sound like a dentist drill, or a vacuum cleaner, or windex, or a dying pig.

  20. Sierra_grace_026

    Sierra_grace_026일 전

    Anyone know how many times Danny said Jeremy Renee

  21. CL0UD5

    CL0UD52 일 전

    “Pony up Daddy, you owe me the ride of my life.” - Daniel

  22. rcsitant lia

    rcsitant lia2 일 전

    I can’t imagine Danny having a kid and he goes to pony up daddy mode 😂

  23. peter stevens

    peter stevens2 일 전

    ok but the intro wh,,

  24. I27T I84

    I27T I842 일 전

    I love that he still swears in his videos

  25. noantsinmypants

    noantsinmypants2 일 전

    I SUBSCRIBED!!!!!! IM GREG!!!!!! (I've been Greg for like a year but still!!!)

  26. Phire Python

    Phire Python2 일 전

    Did you seriously ask why Jeremy Renner needs a bow and arrow.

  27. Bella Grace

    Bella Grace2 일 전

    The only one where the dad is happy about being used as a horse slave it looks like the head is edited on to a different persons body

  28. Erin Taylor

    Erin Taylor2 일 전

    What happened to this opening? It actually terrified me and I miss it

  29. Tim Hook

    Tim Hook2 일 전

    Imma make one of thse saddles and name it the Daddle Me.

  30. YouKnowHimAsMatt

    YouKnowHimAsMatt2 일 전

    Or... Human Daderpillar. Ye, how's that visual?

  31. RW B

    RW B2 일 전


  32. xx12GalaxyGamer21xx

    xx12GalaxyGamer21xx2 일 전

    Dang it, I thought it would work with my mom. My dad went to get some milk, so I’ll wait for him to come back to show him it! :D

  33. the wacky dude

    the wacky dude2 일 전

    Jeremy deadass looks like my workshop teacher

  34. Jos7h

    Jos7h2 일 전

    Daddy is not a real word anymore

  35. Noga .H

    Noga .H3 일 전

    Notifications GREG!

  36. Tara McMahon

    Tara McMahon3 일 전

    I wonder if Jeremy renner has the tach products on his celebrity store that would be very ironic

  37. Pritom Kaneria

    Pritom Kaneria3 일 전

    the intro is on another level

  38. brian fitzgerald

    brian fitzgerald3 일 전

    Love the new set ,idk how new it is but, danny funny asf as usual, the daddle has me crying😂

  39. Yeou Miin

    Yeou Miin3 일 전

    If I ever have a kid I'll make him call their dad bro or something, I can't hear daddy in an innocent way ._.

  40. JuicyGamer Lol

    JuicyGamer Lol3 일 전

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