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  1. Croupier Bookie

    Croupier Bookie2 시간 전

    Whats up with his neck at 19:19 when hes doing the comercial bit, its like he has a really bad filter on it or something.

  2. no u

    no u2 시간 전

    how is this video dirty but pure at the same time-

  3. Matthew Lucas

    Matthew Lucas2 시간 전

    What’s wrong with promoting products and getting the word out? We don’t all want to put our entire lives on KOreporter

  4. Shane Mullins

    Shane Mullins2 시간 전

    The happy face dad looks like they photoshopped or swapped the head. It looks oddly off... haha

  5. Yourbuddyfroggy

    Yourbuddyfroggy2 시간 전

    I only disliked because I was the 666 like

  6. No Limits

    No Limits2 시간 전

    9:14 - 9:55

  7. Hadley Alva

    Hadley Alva2 시간 전

    Jeremy Renner: i’m gonna make the Daddle Saddle *yEaH tHiS iS bIg BrAiN tImE*

  8. YourBoyBurrito

    YourBoyBurrito2 시간 전

    It's a DADDLE

  9. Niknok Herzog

    Niknok Herzog2 시간 전

    i am Greg and love Danny’s channel, but maybe don’t make sexual jokes when you’re talking about a children’s product 😕

  10. Anni

    Anni2 시간 전


  11. caitlin b

    caitlin b2 시간 전

    number one on trending😳😳

  12. Ella H.

    Ella H.2 시간 전

    Notifications on!

  13. Oreos In the morning

    Oreos In the morning2 시간 전

    But did he let you be him for hollowed?

  14. Chloe Cecilia

    Chloe Cecilia2 시간 전

    number one on trending BABYYYY

  15. Lobster :]

    Lobster :]2 시간 전

    So...i should wake up in two and a half hours and im dying but im still here im waiting to i can sleep for 90 mins cause apparently it works i mean i saw the options of: 1. 90 mins to sleep 2. 20-30mins powernap 3. No sleep So idk if those work so yeahhh

  16. HiMyNamesDanielle

    HiMyNamesDanielle2 시간 전

    #1 on trending bro

  17. Kate Draws

    Kate Draws2 시간 전

    Watch the daddle saddle creators take the fake add and edit it and use it

  18. A

    A2 시간 전

    I'm offended sir! My dad is a rocking horse. He was just going up to the attic for a second; that was 24 years ago today. I still look for him every spring.

  19. Seth Herlinger

    Seth Herlinger2 시간 전

    Do Wish next. It's 1000% stranger

  20. Brimadawna

    Brimadawna2 시간 전

    #1 on tending. Dude people love amazon.

  21. Athena Green

    Athena Green2 시간 전

    Got that #1 trending, my boi moving up in the world.

  22. Nick Protonotarios

    Nick Protonotarios2 시간 전

    Amazing waste of 15 minutes

  23. Alex

    Alex2 시간 전

    Danny: #1 on trending *Everyone liked that*

  24. varvin Karun

    varvin Karun2 시간 전

    Congratulations bro , your number 1 on Trending! 😁

  25. Gremanations

    Gremanations2 시간 전

    congrats on #1 trending!

  26. Joan Mary Mathews

    Joan Mary Mathews2 시간 전

    Notifications On!!! Truly Greg!

  27. Lily Perlinski

    Lily Perlinski2 시간 전

    Who was here before troom troom?

  28. The cat with a fricking JUUL.

    The cat with a fricking JUUL.2 시간 전

    I saw ur tiktok when you where singing with your freind

  29. SpookyLoosor R

    SpookyLoosor R2 시간 전

    The cat with a fricking JUUL. B E S T M E M E C H A N N E L

  30. Blair Waldorf-Bass

    Blair Waldorf-Bass2 시간 전

    Number one on trending who is he??? He’s famous now

  31. SpookyLoosor R

    SpookyLoosor R2 시간 전

    Blair Waldorf-Bass B E S T M E M E C H A N N E L

  32. Yaqueline Martinez

    Yaqueline Martinez2 시간 전

    I subscribed and turned on the notification bell on. Am I truly Greg now?

  33. SpookyLoosor R

    SpookyLoosor R2 시간 전

    Yaqueline Martinez B E S T M E M E C H A N N E L

  34. Rey the Raygun

    Rey the Raygun2 시간 전

    Heeeeey! #1 on trending!!! My boy!

  35. SpookyLoosor R

    SpookyLoosor R2 시간 전

    Rey the Raygun B E S T M E M E C H A N N E L

  36. Carson Blake

    Carson Blake2 시간 전

    “Hop on a dinosaur to take a trip through time” AS A GIANT METEOR STREAKS THROUGH THE SKY HELL BENT ON MASS EXTINCTION

  37. Katheryn McDowell

    Katheryn McDowell2 시간 전

    It’s finals week so I ordered ur hoodie in a 3XL and now I’m extremely broke, thank you, danny

  38. SpookyLoosor R

    SpookyLoosor R2 시간 전

    Katheryn McDowell B E S T M E M E C H A N N E L

  39. joshdunsforhands

    joshdunsforhands2 시간 전

    danny this video is racist take it down

  40. SpookyLoosor R

    SpookyLoosor R2 시간 전

    joshdunsforhands B E S T M E M E C H A N N E L

  41. Sarah

    Sarah2 시간 전

    they photoshopped a happy person for the daddle

  42. SpookyLoosor R

    SpookyLoosor R2 시간 전

    Sarah B E S T M E M E C H A N N E L

  43. MonTeA

    MonTeA2 시간 전

    Wow I love Jemery Renner he is so brave and smart. I hope his family is okay. He may be trying to secretly murder them and is trying to make money in a sus way but he has a good heart go easy on him 😔

  44. SpookyLoosor R

    SpookyLoosor R2 시간 전

    MonTeA B E S T M E M E C H A N N E L

  45. 100_subs No_vids

    100_subs No_vids2 시간 전

    Congrats on getting first on the trending page

  46. Yayan 972

    Yayan 9722 시간 전

  47. SpookyLoosor R

    SpookyLoosor R2 시간 전

    Yayan 972 B E S T M E M E C H A N N E L

  48. Toxic Dude

    Toxic Dude2 시간 전

    WOW! This is on 1# trending dude! Congrats!

  49. XDigdug45X

    XDigdug45X2 시간 전

    Danny i loved the video....but you have a hair on the side of your right cheek....i cant stop focusing on it

  50. iLove Stats

    iLove Stats2 시간 전

    Hit like if you don’t like

  51. Lizzie A

    Lizzie A2 시간 전

    Omg #1 on trending 👌

  52. Arjet Suka

    Arjet Suka2 시간 전


  53. TheLakesideplaya

    TheLakesideplaya2 시간 전

    Why is this crap trending?

  54. Kaia Skeete

    Kaia Skeete2 시간 전

    #1 on trending

  55. Arjet Suka

    Arjet Suka2 시간 전

  56. Q Tip

    Q Tip2 시간 전

    #1 trending wth

  57. Wesley Tilghman

    Wesley Tilghman2 시간 전

    #1 on trending baby!

  58. charlene sanchez

    charlene sanchez2 시간 전

    yall let's get nicki minaj megatron to 100 million before 2020!!🤩💅🏼🥰🥰

  59. Arjet Suka

    Arjet Suka2 시간 전

  60. Stephen Ford

    Stephen Ford2 시간 전

    This video seems like it's going to talk about more products but then Danny just rants about pony up daddy for 7 minutes

  61. King Otaku

    King Otaku2 시간 전

    Danny how tf did you get this on trending

  62. Belia Starreveld

    Belia Starreveld2 시간 전

    notifications on

  63. Zsvef

    Zsvef2 시간 전

    1st on trending nice

  64. Victoria Quintero

    Victoria Quintero2 시간 전

    Now no one needs proof Greg is the fastest-growing channel on the internet... #1 on TRENDING, THAT you cannot question...

  65. Victoria Quintero

    Victoria Quintero2 시간 전


  66. George Moncayo

    George Moncayo2 시간 전

    Jesus said "So it will be at the end of the age, the angels will come forth and take out the wicked from among the righteous, and will throw them into the furnace of fire, in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth." Matthew 13:49-50. Jesus also said "You are my friends if you do what I command you." John 15:14. Jesus taught that the only way to be saved is to choose him as your Lord and Master, repent and believe that he died for the sins of his people on the cross see John 14:6.

  67. Shadow Banisher

    Shadow Banisher2 시간 전

    You are dusgusting. How much did Bezos pay you to avoid all mention of the "Daddy's Little Slut" clothing line? What coincidental timing!

  68. Allison Lemon

    Allison Lemon2 시간 전


  69. Snackington

    Snackington2 시간 전

    Nice job Greg! We got on trending for Daddy!

  70. Jody Zhuo

    Jody Zhuo2 시간 전

    danny ur #1 on trending i-

  71. Erica L

    Erica L2 시간 전

    10:21 The dad looks like half Brendon Urie and Brian Dechart.

  72. Tony Stank

    Tony Stank2 시간 전

    Cow Chop already did this buddy

  73. I don't wanna go Mr. Stark

    I don't wanna go Mr. Stark2 시간 전

    “So how much do u wanna talk about Jeremy” Danny: *yes*