The Try Guys Play Giant Jenga Truth Or Dare


  1. Angela Colon

    Angela Colon7 시간 전

    Bummer I missed them in Boston:( Come back Try Guys

  2. Moniah Allen

    Moniah Allen11 시간 전

    What an enchanted world they live in

  3. Abby Lai

    Abby Lai15 시간 전

    keith said 🖕🤓🖕 and i felt that

  4. Melissah Rion

    Melissah Rion23 시간 전

    hi i love your vids i could watch them all day can you do a vid were you try and make a teddy bear

  5. A_ JustThis

    A_ JustThis일 전

    Asian of chaos😂

  6. Nevaeh Cox

    Nevaeh Cox일 전

    Was it just me or did it seem like Keith was high or drunk he just randomly had massive energy boosts ?! 🤯🥰😂

  7. oneshot 14

    oneshot 142 일 전

    That’s one guy doing the handstand is fucking high as shit

  8. Drae Brenden

    Drae Brenden2 일 전

    I wanna know how Keith broke a chandelier with a chicken tender😂😂😂😂

  9. little Gen

    little Gen3 일 전

    at first i though "try guys game time"was" try guys gay time" XD and i oop (its 2019 BTW)

  10. asi muronga

    asi muronga3 일 전

    Zach says he loves Milwaukee. That's where Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 boys. I like researching serial killers

  11. supitz Kat

    supitz Kat3 일 전

    14:40 watch Keith....your welcome ahah

  12. PopPow

    PopPow3 일 전

    Weird fetish but ok

  13. ItsLittleMe:D

    ItsLittleMe:D3 일 전

    wibble wobble that’s gonna topple

  14. Just an Introvert

    Just an Introvert4 일 전

    Can you try Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts (like the game in The Late Late Show with James Corden)? 😮🤔🤔

  15. Lizz White

    Lizz White5 일 전

    The “Oh mY WiFe” sent me! 😂

  16. Bronwen Alvah

    Bronwen Alvah5 일 전

    How are they in their 30s?

  17. Dragunfruit

    Dragunfruit5 일 전

    i love you guys so much 💜💜



    why are you four weirdly great at jenga?



    7:35 EUGENE'S FACE

  20. Muskan Bansal

    Muskan Bansal6 일 전

    You don't need a model when you have Eugene

  21. Mu Jun Tan

    Mu Jun Tan6 일 전

    I'm in singapore

  22. Ian Sallum BR

    Ian Sallum BR7 일 전


  23. Vera S

    Vera S7 일 전

    Noone: Inkness: ahh yes, my time to shine

  24. Vera S

    Vera S6 일 전

    @incness omg hell yes gurl

  25. incness

    incness6 일 전

    Living the dream 🤩

  26. Kawther Al-taie

    Kawther Al-taie8 일 전

    This is the most self promo VID that they've ever MADE!!

  27. milky way 🌌

    milky way 🌌8 일 전

    2:19 wow I live in boston

  28. -Maiden -

    -Maiden -9 일 전

    Zach fails the accent one

  29. Emily Phetteplace

    Emily Phetteplace9 일 전

    Milwaukee is 3 hours from me!

  30. Maya UwU

    Maya UwU9 일 전

    ew keiths banana smells like his foot odor

  31. The Cringy Storyteller

    The Cringy Storyteller9 일 전

    what about England :(

  32. Joey Tai

    Joey Tai9 일 전

    Am i the only one here from singapore but sad cuz i cant buy the tickets?

  33. FamilyGathersHere

    FamilyGathersHere10 일 전

    And Now Becky has a Foot Fetish wow Keith

  34. FamilyGathersHere

    FamilyGathersHere10 일 전

    So can we say Keith has see The Good Place since he said "Oh Shirt "

  35. Jourdan B

    Jourdan B10 일 전

    I think Eugene contoured his nose lol 😊 I wish that they made that gross food taste test video? (that they did not do)

  36. 111doggy111 gaming

    111doggy111 gaming10 일 전

    eugene would give up coffee and tea because if he gives up his dogs then he wont have a meal

  37. 62 Productions

    62 Productions10 일 전

    I wish u kould have a tour in Norway

  38. On Chen

    On Chen11 일 전

    I wish they did tour in Japan 😢

  39. Izzle Bodizzle

    Izzle Bodizzle11 일 전

    He stoped talking in the accent

  40. khin theint

    khin theint11 일 전

    How about Myanmar

  41. Kathleen Birrell

    Kathleen Birrell12 일 전

    I was at your Sydney tour stop :D

  42. Christie Yang

    Christie Yang12 일 전

    please come to taiwan thank you

  43. Claire Yu

    Claire Yu13 일 전


  44. Music Allies

    Music Allies13 일 전

    I’m not supposed to be awake rn and “ *take a whiff BIG BOIII* “ is making me lose my absolute shit

  45. madison nguyen

    madison nguyen13 일 전

    Just imagine inkness watching this in a dark room just writing all the truths they’ve said for info

  46. incness

    incness6 일 전

    Yup. I'm gonna send Zach to space.

  47. DishaDharmraj

    DishaDharmraj13 일 전

    Keith sounds a lot like like a frat boy in this video

  48. the lemon basket

    the lemon basket14 일 전

    “I’m going to the moon b*tch”

  49. the best chef

    the best chef14 일 전


  50. Havah Right

    Havah Right14 일 전

    Anyone else gonna talk about how good they are at jenga

  51. Yogesh Nigam

    Yogesh Nigam15 일 전

    Why don't YoU gUyS cOmE tO iNdiA?!?!? You guys have a major fan following from india.

  52. I’m Elmo

    I’m Elmo15 일 전

    Has anyone else notice that Eugene always says “Try Guys *Gay* Time” ..

  53. Kaylin Altman

    Kaylin Altman6 일 전

    literally thought i was the only one

  54. Rae Davis

    Rae Davis15 일 전

    Is this just looking at the banner like I want to eat it so either that or is just like High

  55. Thomas Knowles

    Thomas Knowles15 일 전

    6:45 Fun Fact: Most Korean people don't have the genotype for armpit odor! The University of Bristol research suggested only 0.006 percent of the Korean population have the ABCC11 gene, a major culprit behind the odor problem.

  56. Bailey M

    Bailey M16 일 전

    Ned's moonwalking made my dog jump up and start barking at the window. Thanks Ned.

  57. Moon Stone

    Moon Stone16 일 전

    Is Keith on something?

  58. Stephanie The Pig

    Stephanie The Pig16 일 전

    I love how hype Keith is throughout the entire length of this video 😂

  59. noneofyourbusiness

    noneofyourbusiness16 일 전

    I feel like they were all drunk in this video, there’s so much chaotic energy

  60. Radhika Trivedi

    Radhika Trivedi17 일 전

    You and me both Zac.

  61. Charity Murray

    Charity Murray17 일 전

    Keith: "BE CAREFUL I'M HUGE!" I need that on a shirt, stat.

  62. Charity Murray

    Charity Murray17 일 전

    Zach: "How much poking is too much poking?"

  63. Danni Yoder

    Danni Yoder17 일 전

    Lmao "I found Milwaukee quite charming" I think we are thinking of different cities Zach

  64. ace fan love

    ace fan love17 일 전

    Every time that say tggt I lookey think they say try guys gay time 😭🙇🏾