The Try Guys Make Sushi Rolls


  1. Kathlene Rodriguez

    Kathlene Rodriguez2 시간 전

    The crackhead energy in this video made my day

  2. Athalia Rivera

    Athalia Rivera4 시간 전

    6:36 I love how ned used a transformer quote 🤣😂😂

  3. andrae campos

    andrae campos7 시간 전

    I'm aznman ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

  4. Lokesh Hirani

    Lokesh Hirani16 시간 전

    bro its level 3

  5. SakuraMochi

    SakuraMochi22 시간 전

    getting hit with the rice paddle is the reason why I use a spoon to serve rice

  6. Mae Valiquette

    Mae Valiquette일 전

    As a sushi chef I love this video

  7. RecklessVector

    RecklessVector일 전

    Hi, I’m a Level 1 Chef! Hi, I’m a Level 2 Chef! My name is Frank and I’ve been a professional Chef for XX years!

  8. Kucumber

    Kucumber일 전

    Fricken Eugene is fricken amazing at everything including losing

  9. Wholesome Hufflepuff

    Wholesome Hufflepuff일 전


  10. rahma awesome

    rahma awesome일 전

    who else watching while eating sushi lol

  11. chancelino deng pecoraro

    chancelino deng pecoraro일 전

    Sadly the spanking is true

  12. יהושע שטרן

    יהושע שטרן일 전

    1:15 Holy shit it's Frank from 4 level foods

  13. M Hlib

    M Hlib2 일 전

    tamago is literally just "egg" in japanese. tamagoyaki is the egg shaped like the one he's cutting

  14. Renata

    Renata2 일 전

    I love the dynamic between Ned and Eugene

  15. Josie Ravenscroft

    Josie Ravenscroft2 일 전

    Zachs heaven as well as my heaven

  16. teendeera not a teen i swear

    teendeera not a teen i swear2 일 전

    Eugene You probably think he'll win Ok guys yall racist but yall right so im racist so

  17. Tardis Blue

    Tardis Blue2 일 전

    I..... Want sushi now

  18. MAMA MO

    MAMA MO2 일 전

    Ned and Eugene are pretty high

  19. Cibrinila's Happy

    Cibrinila's Happy3 일 전

    I have Trypophobia and this video was killing me.

  20. Joy Says

    Joy Says3 일 전

    Ned looks so tired

  21. Sarah Caramel

    Sarah Caramel3 일 전

    what is the american problem with escolar even the japanese serve it and in europe there is a warning in the menues of restaurants that you shouldnt eat so much of it you know what you shouldnt eat at a sushi place?! fuckin jalapenos and spicy tuna mayonaise american bullshit

  22. Rob Random 2

    Rob Random 23 일 전

    Asian people are lucky because Romain people are hit by wood planks.

  23. Wolfania

    Wolfania3 일 전

    17:58 This makes me so happy 😄😄😄😄 (I feel bad for Ned. I thought his looked the best, and he was so adventurous with it)

  24. Olivia Doka

    Olivia Doka3 일 전

    15:02-15:04 is Ned still going through puberty?

  25. gouri

    gouri3 일 전

    2:05 YES.

  26. Tendernuggett 360

    Tendernuggett 3603 일 전

    Omg Zach watches Inside Edition

  27. Koony

    Koony3 일 전

    3:12 *fake smiles*

  28. Mikayla M.

    Mikayla M.3 일 전

    I love to see Eugene laugh. He’s usually so controlled and it’s nice to see past that

  29. jacp671

    jacp6713 일 전

    Everybody else: I LOVE SUSHI Keith: I WANNA MAKE SUSHI

  30. Jaila Primm

    Jaila Primm3 일 전

    I love when ned and eugene is together. They are the ying and yang to each other

  31. The Random Channel

    The Random Channel4 일 전

    It’s frank from bon appitet

  32. KayVvibes

    KayVvibes4 일 전


  33. Hamish Pitkethley

    Hamish Pitkethley4 일 전

    15:02 = Madin middle school

  34. Davesh Nath

    Davesh Nath4 일 전

    Eugene so true so true also my cousin is named Eugena

  35. Hermione Granger

    Hermione Granger4 일 전

    Eat the menu- Keith Candid Competition- Zach Rank King-Eugene Try DIY- Ned They’ve all got their own own mini series in the Chanel.

  36. Cutest Demon

    Cutest Demon4 일 전

    everyone: TO KEITH! Eugene: tO K- CTHUHLU

  37. buns.

    buns.5 일 전

    ive been saying salmon wrong. samon.

  38. Soviet Russia

    Soviet Russia5 일 전

    Ned and Eugene: We get to be Zach and Keith this time Fools around and eat their sushi Zach and Keith: Bakahahdjsihdsvuakbdj

  39. Mia Lewis-Vazquez

    Mia Lewis-Vazquez5 일 전

    When Zach started talking about escular my aquarium volunteer side almost popped off. I have an entire speech about Oceana and it's work to stop people from giving you the different fish you were asking for. I know about escular.

  40. its breakfest Its breakfast

    its breakfest Its breakfast5 일 전

    I fucking hat you ugene how ever you spell your name my used the spatula on me and my asian brother

  41. Rotuxary

    Rotuxary5 일 전

    Hey it’s frank who grows his own wheat and raises his own cows and makes his own pickles from the 3 level of chef videos

  42. Pig - Mouse

    Pig - Mouse6 일 전


  43. Gloria

    Gloria6 일 전

    6:04 Did Eugene just call

  44. Malik Juma

    Malik Juma6 일 전


  45. Liv Day

    Liv Day6 일 전

    I’m Australian and at my dads house we have mr sting the wooden spoon

  46. JinThe Cuber

    JinThe Cuber6 일 전

    Hi eugene my mom heard that and just remembered that i did something and she hasnt punished me yet so can you never mention that again

  47. Ellie I

    Ellie I6 일 전

    Tamago means egg in Japanese, NOT SWEET EGG ROLL. Sweet egg roll is tamagoyaki. 😂

  48. Bisexual Emu

    Bisexual Emu6 일 전

    What drugs is everyone on here????

  49. Wiwa Child

    Wiwa Child6 일 전

    the nutcracker music in the background is hilarious

  50. gong lin

    gong lin6 일 전

    so true Eugene. And they also use yardsticks and rulers

  51. ItzAlice

    ItzAlice6 일 전

    AYEEEEE FRANK!!!!!He made that seaweed tho right?

  52. Taurus Rin

    Taurus Rin7 일 전

    If kieth is good at eating he is also good at cooking

  53. Talyn hensen

    Talyn hensen7 일 전

    Eugene: you know what this is also used for? Chef frank: what? Eugene: spanking your Asian children Chef frank: oh boy Ever Asia child out there: SAME

  54. Talyn hensen

    Talyn hensen7 일 전

    Literally both me and my sister agreed

  55. Kaylynn Maddox

    Kaylynn Maddox7 일 전

    This video makes me want sushi

  56. Ruby Jane

    Ruby Jane7 일 전

    why are they dabbing in 2019 come on guys this isn’t the content i came here for

  57. Kiera Diaz

    Kiera Diaz7 일 전

    i want sushi

  58. ArtMeStudios

    ArtMeStudios8 일 전

    Ako ay Pilipino🇵🇭 I am Filipino🇵🇭

  59. Olivia Wong

    Olivia Wong8 일 전

    2:10 yes we will 😂

  60. Miso Soup productions

    Miso Soup productions8 일 전

    Eugene: *wins* YAY! Eugene: *loses* YAY!

  61. Samantha Chin

    Samantha Chin8 일 전

    One of my favourite videos, but always makes me hungry... I want sushi now