The Try Guys Draw Their Favorite YouTubers


  1. Itzel Medina

    Itzel Medina2 시간 전


  2. Jaimo Wamo

    Jaimo Wamo5 시간 전

    Zack: is it simplynailogical Cristine: I fEeL LiKE a SeNtImEnTaL SoCk

  3. iel.jam

    iel.jam6 시간 전

    "I don't know how to draw this" *nails the drawing and got everybody shouting out answers* -Ned, 2019

  4. hali

    hali12 시간 전

    just dance!

  5. SwissLotus

    SwissLotus14 시간 전

    2:40 "It's how.. KOreporter is a distraction from the real issues of global warming and how we should all be paying attention but instead we watch hours and hours of mind-numbing distraction." ... are you okay zach?

  6. Ky Queen

    Ky Queen23 시간 전

    The fact that Eugene can draw like what Field is he not talented in

  7. Ky Queen

    Ky Queen23 시간 전

    I saw mr. beast

  8. pmp

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  9. lokis soy milk

    lokis soy milk일 전

    try guys: kurshgesgagt me: * laughs in german *

  10. That Lame Drawing Channel

    That Lame Drawing Channel일 전

    Keith drew a hand with purple nails and I already knew he was drawing Simplynailogical She is also one of my favorite youtubers, iT’s NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe

  11. Athinliu Newmei

    Athinliu Newmei일 전

    Eugene can really draw , he can literally do anything Love for Eugene 😍

  12. Amari Stokes

    Amari Stokes2 일 전

    Why does Eugene have to be good at everything 🙄😂

  13. Melody Jiang

    Melody Jiang2 일 전

    12:21 the way ned draws the second square just in time to the music makes me so happy

  14. Janhvi Rochwani

    Janhvi Rochwani2 일 전

    At 17:22, look at what the speech bubble says. (For those who don't see it, it's random letters, then the youtuber's name they couldn't pronounce, then some other letters.)

  15. jings1luv

    jings1luv2 일 전

    Try Mall Madness or Dream Phone!!!

  16. I hate you

    I hate you2 일 전

    We need a collab with Cristine from simply nailogical....

  17. Ryhanna Russell

    Ryhanna Russell2 일 전

    okay but why isn't Keith the chicken ?

  18. Jade Mackay

    Jade Mackay3 일 전

    We appreciate Zach hyping Keith during the draw off

  19. Gelatinous Cube

    Gelatinous Cube3 일 전

    Try Guys try dnd with matt mercer

  20. Noxious Wolf

    Noxious Wolf3 일 전

    how fast Zach got simplynaillogical is the best part

  21. Ulises 2019

    Ulises 20193 일 전

    I saw a small clip of Unnnhhhhhhhh With Trixie and Katya

  22. Pencilman Games

    Pencilman Games4 일 전

    Try guys try escape room

  23. Kiwi Bird

    Kiwi Bird4 일 전

    Try guys read thirst comments! Still waiting for it!

  24. Fathiin Rozaini

    Fathiin Rozaini4 일 전

    I am so triggered that there is no Pewdiepie name!

  25. No_where_land _

    No_where_land _5 일 전

    Why am I so happy Simply Nailogical is on here

  26. Deanna Reynolds

    Deanna Reynolds5 일 전

    Did anyone else catch the slight Niki and Gabi reference Keith made in this video, or was it just me?

  27. Hex - Scarlett x rose

    Hex - Scarlett x rose5 일 전

    Eugene is so hot I have suspicions he’s gay too

  28. Zoe Herzog

    Zoe Herzog6 일 전

    No one: Keith: SHANE DAWSON

  29. CareBearFunny

    CareBearFunny6 일 전

    RighT ofF ThE BaT!!! Eugene: It's KOreporter DICKTIONARY... PICTIONARY... I MEAN PICTIONARY... SORRY *whispers* I was busy thinking 'bout dicks... :/ Me: COME ON EUGENE SERIOUSLY?!?!?!

  30. lil mochi stretched

    lil mochi stretched6 일 전

    christine needs to see this

  31. PrissyDe

    PrissyDe6 일 전

    Can we appreciate Eugene’s artistic skills.. I can hardly draw a stick figure.

  32. Y. Noelle

    Y. Noelle6 일 전

    i wanna see you guys play CLUE... in costume as one of the characters!!!!!!!!! that would be amazing!!!!!

  33. Lily

    Lily6 일 전

    Ok but can we talk about how good Eugene is at drawing

  34. Megan Donaghy

    Megan Donaghy7 일 전

    "Sorry I was thinking of di##'s" -Eugene 2019

  35. Raspberry Milk

    Raspberry Milk7 일 전

    Try guys - we should focus on global warming Me - panic attack

  36. Nina Weber

    Nina Weber7 일 전

    I'm german and how keith spelled kurzgesagt made me pee myself lol sooo funny 😂

  37. Jamieson Dreyer

    Jamieson Dreyer8 일 전

    Is nobody going to question why Eugene is such a good artist?

  38. Becca C

    Becca C8 일 전

    Try guys play trivia twister : twister , but you have to stay in the position you’re in until you get a trivia question right and then you get to spin and move !

  39. Izzy Hull

    Izzy Hull8 일 전


  40. Pixel Art

    Pixel Art8 일 전

    6:06 it’s a vase Me: it’s a onion

  41. Maria Mondragon

    Maria Mondragon8 일 전

    Simply nailogical is life. I'm glad she's considered famous

  42. Jaydene

    Jaydene8 일 전

    Was I the only one waiting for Pewdiepie to be one of the answers? 😂

  43. Diana Baranova

    Diana Baranova8 일 전

    I got simplynaillogical straight away

  44. Diana Zhakot

    Diana Zhakot8 일 전

    Eugene draws so good

  45. Ally Kal

    Ally Kal8 일 전

    At 4:35 I thought it was jacksepticeye

  46. Kaila Wangg93

    Kaila Wangg938 일 전

    Kinda want set Eugene to draw the Dolan twins now 😭

  47. mrs. imperfect

    mrs. imperfect9 일 전

    Wait omg kurzgesagt is a German word and the way they say it made me cringe sooo hard that is so veeeery wrong😂

  48. AnOdd1

    AnOdd110 일 전

    Eugene: “I was thinking of dicks.” It’s ok Eugene. We all were.

  49. xazz

    xazz10 일 전

    I never heard of half these channels .___.

  50. Ouranor

    Ouranor10 일 전

    0:19 ZACH YOUR LEGS?!

  51. Kanishka Sharma

    Kanishka Sharma10 일 전

    No one Literally not a single soul Not even Satan in hell Zach: letting my dogs invest in the stock market for 2 weeks

  52. Haley Dunaway

    Haley Dunaway11 일 전

    How quickly they answered really shows what content they watch 😂

  53. Daniel Peterson

    Daniel Peterson11 일 전

    I can’t get over that “ I’m sorry song” 😂 gets me every time!

  54. tillie wagner

    tillie wagner11 일 전

    Keith’s shade towards niki and Gabi 😭

  55. Jade Hallick

    Jade Hallick11 일 전

    smash or pass.

  56. Chane' van Niekerk Gacha

    Chane' van Niekerk Gacha11 일 전

    Who else got excited when they heard "Simply Naillogical"? No one? Just me? Oh ok

  57. Gacha Flame

    Gacha Flame7 일 전

    i was literally going through the comments looking for this and i was about to give up but then i found your comment

  58. Sara Kamal

    Sara Kamal8 일 전


  59. I love me sum milk C

    I love me sum milk C9 일 전


  60. Kay Lee

    Kay Lee9 일 전


  61. Gabriella Pappas

    Gabriella Pappas12 일 전

    Anyone else catch that at 11:41 that after bed says letting my followers pick my wedding cake zack says that’s a good idea we should make that. Sooooo does anyone think this maybe be a hint that he’s engaged?!?!?!

  62. Riley Moore

    Riley Moore12 일 전

    Who else went to Jenna Marbles page to see what the final drawing was

  63. Savannah Griffith

    Savannah Griffith12 일 전

    Ik this has nothing to do with this video but I need to rant and I cant to my friends haha my ex boyfriend who I am still in love with wants me to say sorry to him in person and I dont think I can but it's the only way he will get back with me

  64. Abbie Anderson

    Abbie Anderson12 일 전

    the try guys should totally do improv games!