The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run (2020) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures


  1. Cytron1515

    Cytron1515시간 전

    Imagine if Keanu went all John Wick on the characters.

  2. Epic Games

    Epic Games2 시간 전

    Keanu Reeves/ John wick Great way to promote a movie

  3. Brandon

    Brandon3 시간 전

    Gary is probably just chillin' out in the library.

  4. cheesy spaghettiz

    cheesy spaghettiz3 시간 전

    Patrick: "Seven starts with L?" Me: I’m 💯% sure Patrick

  5. Kristian Hall

    Kristian Hall5 시간 전

    I wonder if they are going to make a fourth movie

  6. Noah Parra

    Noah Parra17 시간 전

    John wick

  7. Austin Fahrenbrook

    Austin Fahrenbrook18 시간 전

    2004: David Hasselhoff 2015: Antonio Banderas 2020: Keanu Reeves 2025: Chris Pratt

  8. the Epic five nights at ROBLOX Productions

    the Epic five nights at ROBLOX Productions22 시간 전


  9. LeviTGKツ

    LeviTGKツ22 시간 전

    When I first saw this I thought Keanu Reeves was Jesus!

  10. 10,000 subs without any videos

    10,000 subs without any videos23 시간 전

    No one: Absolutely No One: Me and spongebon: *IM READY! IM READY! IM READY*

  11. 10,000 subs without any videos

    10,000 subs without any videos23 시간 전

    Don't let this distract you from the facts mr.krabs sold spongebobs soul for 62 cents

  12. Michał Żurek

    Michał Żurek일 전

    I'm gonna go to cinema just to see Keanu

  13. Jimmy Jackk

    Jimmy Jackk일 전

    Psychedelics may enhance the viewing pleasure

  14. Dolan Fuzzy

    Dolan Fuzzy일 전

    Gary come home🎵

  15. Swordchicken

    Swordchicken일 전

    For some reason I think poker face by lady Gaga would be a more appropriate song for this trailer.

  16. Morales

    Morales일 전

    You know what would already make this movie the best ever? *The Patty Wagon*

  17. Daniels Channel

    Daniels Channel일 전

    0:31 Classic Spongebob look 0:34 Modern Spongebob look 0:29 New Spongebob movie look

  18. TCR biker

    TCR biker일 전

    Ohhh my heart can't handle this

  19. Tizy Man

    Tizy Man일 전

    Why Plankton isn't in the trailer? He's confirmed to be in the movie, watch the cast list if you don't believe me

  20. TheKittenSashimi Meow

    TheKittenSashimi Meow일 전

    The Spongebob Movie Sponge On The Run : Already Released Movie! Downloadable!

  21. HiHowAreYa XD

    HiHowAreYa XD일 전

    Who else is SO EXCITED?! :D I AM

  22. Younglin Dan The Gaming Man

    Younglin Dan The Gaming Man일 전

    Wrong movie youtube...

  23. C A C T U S.

    C A C T U S.일 전

    Gary come hooommmeee.

  24. The fox in the sky

    The fox in the sky일 전

    No Not again I'm not strong enough



    I hope Stephen Hillenberg is watching this trailer in heaven, RIP him. 😪

  26. Elvin Garcia

    Elvin Garcia일 전

    From The Studio That Brought You Dora And The Lost City Of Gold® Comes

  27. Elvin Garcia

    Elvin Garcia일 전

    Nickelodeon Movies® The Spongebob Movie Sponge On The Run™ Coming To Theaters May 22nd 2020 In REALD 3D And DOLBY CINEMA™

  28. Victoria Cash

    Victoria Cash2 일 전

    Cant wait

  29. Darren Sweeney

    Darren Sweeney2 일 전

    This is world class movie

  30. Tennile Parks

    Tennile Parks2 일 전

    Don't the time they go to the city remind u of hangover

  31. Hydrokinesis Man

    Hydrokinesis Man2 일 전

    Keanu Reeves might turn this movie into John Wick Chapter 4,

  32. misterunusual

    misterunusual2 일 전

    Keanu Reeves retired and became a tumbleweed

  33. Tawalian Kenken

    Tawalian Kenken2 일 전 Someone is drawing from Spongebob trailer ,sponge on the run, and i really like his work...

  34. Double_Helixx

    Double_Helixx2 일 전


  35. TastyShumai

    TastyShumai2 일 전

    I had sage as my profile picture and my friends thought it was jesus

  36. Toni Leaf

    Toni Leaf2 일 전

    What? Did you forget to feed Gary again, Spongebob?

  37. Wolfieboy YT

    Wolfieboy YT2 일 전


  38. channel 7 purge

    channel 7 purge2 일 전


  39. Jessica Stover

    Jessica Stover2 일 전

    The movie is good but why isn't the cg animation like the spongebob movie sponge out of water also I think the fourth movie is: the spongebob movie spongebob's truth or square

  40. Kevin Martinez

    Kevin Martinez2 일 전

    Spongebob didn't meet Gary at a camp he met him in the shelter it shows in the episode " Treats "

  41. Oscar Allen

    Oscar Allen3 일 전

    0:53 Your BreathTaking