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THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 Trailer 2 (2019)


  1. Laura Griffiths

    Laura Griffiths8 시간 전

    I hope this is better than the first movie. The trailer was all hype then the movie was meh. I hope this one's better.

  2. Crazy Fangirl

    Crazy Fangirl9 시간 전

    is this real thing?

  3. Carlitos R

    Carlitos R11 시간 전

    Where's Duke?

  4. DiamondPyro Drunken Bombza - Brawl Stars

    DiamondPyro Drunken Bombza - Brawl Stars11 시간 전

    Why does Max sound different?

  5. luna Sims4

    luna Sims418 시간 전

    Me and meh twin: We start fire! ☠🤘

  6. adr_iian

    adr_iian일 전

    This movie is going to be as terrible as the first one.

  7. Ashley corn

    Ashley corn일 전

    The freaking cat HAHAHHA LOL

  8. Zuraikha Aida

    Zuraikha Aida일 전

    Hey wheres buddy??

  9. Cresie Bowman

    Cresie Bowman일 전

    my cats literally like chloe, they really are XD

  10. Tomáš Bartoš

    Tomáš Bartoš일 전

    Max's voice is Jesse's voice

  11. Ira Williams

    Ira Williams일 전

    Can't wait to see Gidget and Tiberius again! More romantic scenes for Gidget and Max 😍😘💑💏! And more Chloe sass 😎

  12. 09Dark Unspeakable

    09Dark Unspeakable일 전

    were's Duke?

  13. April Joy Dela Cruz

    April Joy Dela Cruz일 전

    Where the others animal

  14. Mr Virus

    Mr Virus일 전

    Where Duke??

  15. Naturlent

    Naturlent2 일 전

    LOL 2:28

  16. Care Bear Tv

    Care Bear Tv2 일 전

    Taylor swift welcome to New York better be in it

  17. Nakki S

    Nakki S2 일 전

    First one was good can't wait for this 😊

  18. Random Games TV

    Random Games TV2 일 전

    First one was amazing,except the Intro.

  19. YinY4ng_27

    YinY4ng_272 일 전

    *we start fires*

  20. Naruto Queen

    Naruto Queen2 일 전

    The fat cat is me 😂😂😂🤣❤️

  21. Richard Sebastian

    Richard Sebastian2 일 전

    The girl from ipanema

  22. Smashball Face

    Smashball Face2 일 전

    *we start fires*

  23. Dia Myn

    Dia Myn3 일 전

    Why does the main dog sound like fucking jesse from that minecraft story mode game

  24. areyousure?

    areyousure?3 일 전

    Sorry, but this movie will be canceled. Apparently two bitches witness Max licking himself.

  25. Music Never Let You Down

    Music Never Let You Down3 일 전

    Secret life of pets is on sale at Amazon:

  26. Tk Chilton

    Tk Chilton3 일 전

    Chloe Kinda Reminds Me Of My Granny's 2 Cats.

  27. HD YOUNG 2

    HD YOUNG 23 일 전

    Where is Duke

  28. snowycheetha11

    snowycheetha113 일 전

    Omg guys turn on the subtitles

  29. Hotaru San

    Hotaru San3 일 전

    Can't wait 😭😭😖

  30. urso ohohohoh

    urso ohohohoh3 일 전

    yas more cats I love ❤

  31. tweenis

    tweenis3 일 전

    without Louis c.k. this might as well be a str8 to streaming movie.

  32. Rango pistacho

    Rango pistacho3 일 전


  33. Katherine Omdahl

    Katherine Omdahl4 일 전

    I’m wondering what was in the hair ball

  34. Sarah Jones

    Sarah Jones4 일 전

    Can't wait for this!!

  35. Hira Diamond

    Hira Diamond4 일 전

    wow!!..... THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS so excited..😍 👍💖💖💖💖💖pls...guys check out this amazing entertainment channel,if u like, do subscribe.. @​

  36. Rin Ishi

    Rin Ishi4 일 전

    No Louis, should've figured. Ew

  37. Jackie Brown

    Jackie Brown5 일 전

    Fuck that. Where is Louis ck?

  38. namles GT

    namles GT5 일 전

    Do we really need another one?

  39. Zoey Hoper

    Zoey Hoper5 일 전


  40. vishal shagar

    vishal shagar5 일 전

    LOL 😂😂😂 Waiting for the next year

  41. P K

    P K5 일 전

    I like movie it !!! Come in cinema for thailand? 😂❤

  42. Dragon Song

    Dragon Song5 일 전

    "We start fires."

  43. I wuv Me

    I wuv Me6 일 전

    I laughed then I cried. Thank you ^_^

  44. Rosa Frank

    Rosa Frank6 일 전

    Why are their bodies so weirdly big and yet their legs are like thin sticks.......

  45. UnderLust_Sins

    UnderLust_Sins6 일 전

    so obviously Duke is dead now. As he himself said in the last movie if he has a family return him one more time it's the end of the line, and we don't see him here, so. RIP Duke.

  46. Tufu

    Tufu6 일 전

    I like both of those trailers! In the.Mad one,My favorite part is the twin kittens saying "We start fires."

  47. Nata Natita

    Nata Natita7 일 전

    La espera valdrá la pena 😍😍😍

  48. Leia Zemby

    Leia Zemby7 일 전

    1:35 Wait is she wearing a ring?

  49. candy cadet

    candy cadet6 일 전

    +Leia Zemby hmm

  50. Leia Zemby

    Leia Zemby6 일 전

    +candy cadet I have no idea 😂

  51. candy cadet

    candy cadet6 일 전

    Leia Zemby hmm who is she married too hmm

  52. Jenny Viveros

    Jenny Viveros7 일 전

    What is the music name

  53. Grouse

    Grouse7 일 전

    Chloe got high XD

  54. NinjaGirl _02

    NinjaGirl _027 일 전

    What happened to Duke

  55. Priscilla Musolino

    Priscilla Musolino8 일 전

    Is th8s real

  56. alegradance

    alegradance8 일 전

    it will give kids nightmares

  57. Cat Gitter

    Cat Gitter8 일 전

    Chloe is my favourite funny character

  58. Juliet NEUTZE

    Juliet NEUTZE8 일 전

    When the ad finishes...... noooooooooooooooo

  59. jabria 123456789

    jabria 1234567898 일 전

    2:25 how i felt watching this trailer

  60. Robin Erik

    Robin Erik8 일 전

    They changed the voice of gidget! :( And Max! Wtf?!

  61. Hope Wesley

    Hope Wesley8 일 전

    Wow I wonder what other sounds I can make

  62. Stephen Byker

    Stephen Byker8 일 전

    Only true cat owners, will completely understand :) so accurate :)

  63. unknown art

    unknown art8 일 전


  64. parallelblue H

    parallelblue H8 일 전

    Can't wait to watch this 27 times in school.

  65. Catsy The cat

    Catsy The cat8 일 전


  66. Ambrose Thompson

    Ambrose Thompson8 일 전


  67. Kristal Clear

    Kristal Clear8 일 전

    MAKE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. John Light

    John Light9 일 전

    Wheres rabbit???? Eihh that guy is my favourite in paart 1

  69. Kageyamatobio tobiokageyama

    Kageyamatobio tobiokageyama9 일 전

    Indonesia menunggu 😎😂

  70. Camille Balbona

    Camille Balbona9 일 전


  71. ExactLeader56

    ExactLeader569 일 전


  72. Anna Popnikolova

    Anna Popnikolova9 일 전

    "We start fires" that's exactly me and by bff 😂😂

  73. Ekşi Krema

    Ekşi Krema9 일 전

    Where’s Duke

  74. blink bink achumy

    blink bink achumy9 일 전

    I can't wait for it!!!!

  75. xHaikuFriends

    xHaikuFriends9 일 전

    2:28 **James Charles left the chatroom**

  76. s opps

    s opps9 일 전

    Where's SNOWBALL???

  77. Angelbabylove1218

    Angelbabylove12189 일 전

    I legit never watch kids movies but I LOVED THE FIRST ONE!!!

  78. I'm Random

    I'm Random10 일 전

    Why is this real

  79. Tattoo The Pig

    Tattoo The Pig10 일 전

    We start Fires lol

  80. Poran Tudor

    Poran Tudor8 일 전


  81. Elhussien Ehab

    Elhussien Ehab10 일 전

    keep posting👍

  82. maribel Ramos Gaming and plushies and other stuff

    maribel Ramos Gaming and plushies and other stuff10 일 전

    Max kind of sounds like Jesse from Minecraft story mode

  83. Jeanneke Kayaert

    Jeanneke Kayaert10 일 전

    2:30 aaaaaaaaaah ChLOE SAID SISTER!!!

  84. gleice gomes

    gleice gomes10 일 전

    Eu sou Brasileiro

  85. Some guy from F I N L A N D

    Some guy from F I N L A N D10 일 전

    Jesse from Minecraft:SM???

  86. KatKat Playz.

    KatKat Playz.10 일 전


  87. Lucas Manzutti

    Lucas Manzutti11 일 전

    2:27 is that dog voiced by Shangela??

  88. ImNoobyAndIAm -Gaming

    ImNoobyAndIAm -Gaming11 일 전

    0:01 wtf!!?!?!??!

  89. Rosa Zaman

    Rosa Zaman11 일 전

    Whats with the additional captions lol😂

  90. Thomas Abberley

    Thomas Abberley11 일 전

    turn on captions xd

  91. ZeniCrafts

    ZeniCrafts11 일 전

    1:06 Chloe tries ASMR ..

  92. OozyTrapPanda

    OozyTrapPanda11 일 전

    Whats the name of the song again? anybody know?

  93. Beatrice Yasin

    Beatrice Yasin12 일 전

    Is that cat on drugs

  94. david clancy

    david clancy12 일 전

    * wHy ThEY MaKIng a ParT 2*

  95. derpdoggo 101

    derpdoggo 10112 일 전


  96. Anime Backpack

    Anime Backpack12 일 전

    FUCKING Christ

  97. 93Blar

    93Blar12 일 전

    I love that neurotic grey cat!

  98. Nataly L

    Nataly L12 일 전

    OMG I cant wait!!!!!! And there is more about cats in this part. ❤❤❤❤

  99. Joe jumping

    Joe jumping12 일 전

    i am sooo excited for the movie i loved the first movie

  100. dave wills

    dave wills12 일 전

    too stupid,

  101. Player xEr0-2

    Player xEr0-212 일 전

    I wanna say the gray cat with the green eyes at the vet is voiced by Todd Haberkorn...but I could be VEEERY wrong.

  102. Kadiesha Sterling

    Kadiesha Sterling13 일 전

    Omg I’m happy that Tiffany haddish in it

  103. Nicole Garnar

    Nicole Garnar13 일 전

    I run and I run and I get out and I get out and I have went nowhere!!!!! That’s my mood🤩🤩🤩🤩

  104. Lloyddd Regis

    Lloyddd Regis13 일 전

    Why would they make another. I don't like it