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THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 Trailer 2 (2019)


  1. AlexIsModded

    AlexIsModded10 시간 전

    That is EXACTLY how my cat Spike behaves in the morning! Except for the hairball. He'll do that at 3 am, wake me up to the sound of "HLACKA HLACKA HLACKA HLACKA PLACH!"

  2. Goldy

    Goldy15 시간 전

    Chloe is Cheshire Cat

  3. LPS Fruzsina33

    LPS Fruzsina3320 시간 전

    1:12 Awwww so cutttee🌺🌺🌺😸😸😸❤️❤️❤️

  4. Adam Palmer

    Adam Palmer일 전

    I run and I go noware

  5. bunny rube 1108

    bunny rube 1108일 전

    Were's duke?!?

  6. Glitchy Boi

    Glitchy Boi3 일 전


  7. Blastoise finder

    Blastoise finder3 일 전


  8. scarlet camatose

    scarlet camatose3 일 전

    "We start fires" lol

  9. LapisLPS

    LapisLPS3 일 전


  10. El mundo de Alessandro

    El mundo de Alessandro3 일 전

    soooo cute 1:12

  11. Radio HomeATV

    Radio HomeATV4 일 전

    0:59 _Drugs_

  12. Bigjake 1992

    Bigjake 19925 일 전

    Did anyone else think the kittens looked creepy lol it’s still funny tho we start fires how do they come up with this shit

  13. puja ghai

    puja ghai5 일 전

    What happened to Max's brother

  14. Adi Bar

    Adi Bar5 일 전

    This is so cringey

  15. Circumflêx ÂÂÂ

    Circumflêx ÂÂÂ6 일 전

    I remember in the previous movie Chloe’s owner is a middle-aged woman

  16. Marie Olga Demba

    Marie Olga Demba6 일 전

    when is the movie going to be on Netflix

  17. Tasha Crystal

    Tasha Crystal7 일 전

    2:23 turn on captions

  18. Maximo Foeh-Pierce

    Maximo Foeh-Pierce7 일 전

    0:27 meow chill dude turn captions on so funny

  19. David Torres

    David Torres7 일 전

    2:28 really, another dog with a hairdo

  20. David Torres

    David Torres7 일 전

    0:36 why did you stain the bed. WHYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. David Torres

    David Torres7 일 전

    1:12 what the... the heck... is that (pun intended).

  22. Janelle Zairah Panda

    Janelle Zairah Panda8 일 전

    where's Duke???

  23. Shadow Tracer

    Shadow Tracer8 일 전

    Why does every movie shows that cat is such a stupid pet even they arent.

  24. keo si hyun

    keo si hyun9 일 전

    2:23 play it on 0.25 back speed

  25. April Pixiehaven

    April Pixiehaven9 일 전

    2:23 to 2:26 killed me 😂😂😂😂

  26. Mikhael Efrayim Malakhi

    Mikhael Efrayim Malakhi9 일 전

    0:50 cat nip is like crack cocaine for cats

  27. GodzillaRaptor Chomp. XD

    GodzillaRaptor Chomp. XD9 일 전

    That part was gross when that cat throw up a gross thing

  28. Dianne S Jorgensen

    Dianne S Jorgensen9 일 전

    Yup on my list to see

  29. The Brainiest Ashes Ever

    The Brainiest Ashes Ever9 일 전

    “I...don’ VET!!!!” Same bro, same.

  30. Swag It

    Swag It10 일 전

    They got some good humors in this one

  31. Princess Petunia

    Princess Petunia10 일 전


  32. LapisLPS

    LapisLPS10 일 전

    *WHAT IF IM A BAD DOG??!?!*

  33. Antro Bego

    Antro Bego10 일 전

    Anyone know the song of the trailer? Thanks

  34. DesignerGravy 52

    DesignerGravy 5212 일 전

    The Sequel we didn’t deserve Or Wanted

  35. gacha films

    gacha films일 전


  36. TheAmazing ToothlessKitty

    TheAmazing ToothlessKitty12 일 전

    Yeah did max get a new voice actor???

  37. Siham Ghanami

    Siham Ghanami12 일 전

    We start fire c est helarqnt

  38. Bobby HOUSE

    Bobby HOUSE13 일 전

    This actually looks pretty fun to watch

  39. Hannah Cortez

    Hannah Cortez13 일 전

    at the end is james charles saying 'sister'

  40. coffee toffee

    coffee toffee14 일 전

    2:23 *we start fires*

  41. Diviner

    Diviner14 일 전

    that cat furball thing is so true. I immediately jump up at the sound of a furball and get ready to clean up.

  42. Dreyness

    Dreyness14 일 전

    No surprise to see Louis C.K.'s dog is inconspicuously absent.

  43. Lps feather

    Lps feather14 일 전

    I wonder what the humans hear when the pets are talking....?

  44. Yeats Ledgege

    Yeats Ledgege14 일 전

    Idc how old I am il be in the cinema watching this 😂

  45. Truth Stalker

    Truth Stalker15 일 전

    *Wow. Kevin 'Act Quirky and Scary While Making Short Jokes' in Everything Hart AND Tiffany 'No Class' Haddish. This one has DOUBLE the comedians that I hate.*

  46. Gregg Trainer

    Gregg Trainer15 일 전

    I guess Louis CK was a little too edging for this movie. I mean edgy

  47. khashayar mesgar

    khashayar mesgar15 일 전

    i mean without louis ck what's the point?!

  48. Pat Ing

    Pat Ing16 일 전

    The first one was shit. Why do a second one?

  49. Edward Smith

    Edward Smith16 일 전

    Fave movie

  50. VoyageOne1

    VoyageOne116 일 전

    "We start fires" 😳😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  51. dante j

    dante j16 일 전

    illuminate asf do not show this to your kids

  52. TimeMage88 x

    TimeMage88 x16 일 전

    So I came to this channel/video because I saw an ad for it in another video. Seems like you left out the part where the dog wanted to be a cat. Nice transgender brainwashing I don't think I'll be taking my kids to see this!!!

  53. Popisms

    Popisms18 일 전

    Music by Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band -

  54. venomwise 4321

    venomwise 432120 일 전


  55. LTneon

    LTneon21 일 전

    the captions tho! love it

  56. the dancing queen random

    the dancing queen random21 일 전

    Where is the brown dog

  57. Curt Gamer

    Curt Gamer23 일 전

    I want to see this movie

  58. Nico Sellote

    Nico Sellote23 일 전

    I run and I run and I run and I run and when I get out I've gone nowhere NOWHERE😂😂😂😂

  59. Mr Bubbs

    Mr Bubbs23 일 전

    Um please tell the cats at 2:22 will play a role in the movie

  60. bumbo c:

    bumbo c:23 일 전

    no stop

  61. sonia soni

    sonia soni25 일 전

    I love u cloe, very love u .....from Indonesia...🇮🇩♥ kucing gembul...


    DANH GAMING25 일 전

    so cute

  63. fried5 roblox

    fried5 roblox26 일 전

    Where is Duke?

  64. Stephanie Mccarthy

    Stephanie Mccarthy26 일 전


  65. Twilight Cowboy

    Twilight Cowboy26 일 전

    Boy Louis CK sure sounds a LOT different

  66. Ayu Widyawati

    Ayu Widyawati28 일 전

    Wheres snowball?

  67. Loubna QOTB

    Loubna QOTB29 일 전

    The first one was such a disappointment !!! The pets didn't have to get into an adventure and get out of their building...the trailer was great and everyone was expecting a bunch of funny combined stories happening inside of a building full of boring ! I hope this one is good

  68. Emperor Majorian

    Emperor Majorian개월 전

    Why did they replace Louis CK?

  69. Silky •

    Silky •개월 전

    *The captions are beautiful.*

  70. i Benacio

    i Benacio개월 전

    Tiffany Ghetto-ISH in this movie TOTALLY FUCKED IT UP! Just another way Hollywood PORTRAYS black women! Loud, argumentative, UN-reasonable, and RATCHET!

  71. Yvonne Exell

    Yvonne Exell개월 전

    Max sounds like Jesse from minecraft story mode.

  72. יואב טוביה

    יואב טוביה개월 전

    wow, Big Chungus already got a movie

  73. Luka Pejović Gaming

    Luka Pejović Gaming개월 전


  74. Spy Guy

    Spy Guy개월 전

    Max's voice actor is Jesse from minecraft storymode?

  75. The Brainiest Ashes Ever

    The Brainiest Ashes Ever9 일 전

    Spy Guy For this sequel, yes.

  76. Adam Johns

    Adam Johns개월 전

    We StArT FiReS

  77. Dean Cumming

    Dean Cumming개월 전

    Bring back Louis.... #notmymax

  78. Steve Wertz

    Steve Wertz개월 전

    It will be good animation movie for sure. I will watch it using boxxy software. good free app.

  79. Doll Face

    Doll Face개월 전

    Chloe for Smash

  80. Hoàng Lâm

    Hoàng Lâm개월 전

    Love Chloe

  81. manita bunprasert

    manita bunprasert개월 전

    I love chloe so much

  82. ɹәʞlɐʍ ɹnoʇʞɔıʌ

    ɹәʞlɐʍ ɹnoʇʞɔıʌ개월 전

    My most favorite Disney cartoon film of all time. And now they're making a part 2! *LOVE IT* ❤❤❤

  83. filipinowhiteboy

    filipinowhiteboy개월 전

    2:22 ....we are Siamese if you please..

  84. Daniel Price

    Daniel Price개월 전

    *_we start fires_* I’m sure you do you creepy cute bastards

  85. Karley Hanson

    Karley Hanson개월 전

    We start fires!

  86. Whispersinthedark89

    Whispersinthedark89개월 전

    Cant wait for the movie to come out

  87. Default Boss

    Default Boss개월 전

    0:18 that girl in the bed looks like the incredibles 2 girl

  88. Superstar 17

    Superstar 17개월 전

    I really miss the previous voice actor for Max

  89. Some Guy

    Some Guy개월 전비디오-Eal4fep7pK4.html My audible reaction

  90. kitten kat21

    kitten kat21개월 전

    I loved secret life of pets 1 can't wait to see secret life of pets 3!

  91. samuelm_19

    samuelm_19개월 전

    Max is remy from ratatouille now

  92. Angela_diy onofras

    Angela_diy onofras개월 전

    It's 2019 now yay so I can watch it😃👍❤️😍🎉

  93. Thanos

    Thanos개월 전

    Where's Duke.

  94. Shinam Khan

    Shinam Khan개월 전

    Lol...i finished watching the part 1...i must incredible movie😁😁

  95. Violett Bellerose

    Violett Bellerose개월 전

    2:05 Not to be that person but I'm not surprised that hamster runs like crazy, his cage is waay to small

  96. Cat Lorde

    Cat Lorde개월 전

    “We start fires”

  97. A sAvAge bOi

    A sAvAge bOi개월 전

    So chloe got high?? Idk seems like it 😂

  98. Sed Op

    Sed Op개월 전

    For a second the thumbnail looked like chungus

  99. Melissa Parnell

    Melissa Parnell개월 전

    I love how james Charles sister is becoming soooo popular to pony where they say it in movies now 😂😍

  100. Shelley Okeeweehow

    Shelley Okeeweehow개월 전

    Awe just too cute 😊

  101. cat daddy

    cat daddy개월 전


  102. Thomas Raffensberger FNAF fan

    Thomas Raffensberger FNAF fan개월 전

    1:03 your not welcome