1. Dominik Ott

    Dominik Ott6 시간 전

    14:03 damn right 👍

  2. Vandelism Gaming

    Vandelism Gaming6 시간 전


  3. Ayanna Cole

    Ayanna Cole9 시간 전

    best thing about this was how mad viddal looked when jj got roasted

  4. Jack Gardner

    Jack Gardner10 시간 전

    Where's phil

  5. an

    an12 시간 전

    how have 9 million people watched this video and stephen still doesn’t even have a million subs like... his was miles funnier than anyone elses

  6. hazardous flame

    hazardous flame13 시간 전

    i feel soo bad for the sidemen

  7. Ttv.2easy 31269

    Ttv.2easy 3126922 시간 전

    Honestly Phil would have made this 100 times better

  8. Odeon Cinema

    Odeon Cinema일 전

    1/2 of this video is just vik pedo jokes

  9. Kxng_x1EyZ

    Kxng_x1EyZ일 전

    ‘I’m probably not the only that’s gonna put JJ on a canvas’ - JaackMate I’m glad he was😆

  10. Olivia xo

    Olivia xo일 전

    Poor josh phahah

  11. Darnel Anglade

    Darnel Anglade일 전

    Is there a fake Kobe Bryant in the crowd or is it me?

  12. Operation Origins

    Operation Origins일 전

    This would’ve been the perfect opportunity to get Phil on this 😂😂😂

  13. Glen Murray

    Glen Murray일 전

    6:45 to 6:58 why was Harry doing that? Is at an old/inside joke that I don’t get?

  14. The unknown OB06

    The unknown OB06일 전

    Bruh I came from saoirses live and every1 keeps commenting behzx

  15. Rtech Review

    Rtech Review일 전

    Calfreezy looks like young elon musk

  16. Abdallah Majumder

    Abdallah Majumder일 전

    True geordie is truly not funny at all.

  17. Noed Nest

    Noed Nest일 전

    The roast of Talia

  18. Max Fredslund

    Max Fredslund일 전

    4:45 "LEVELS"

  19. Daniel N

    Daniel N일 전

    Jack's roast was mental😂

  20. TexasPlaysGames

    TexasPlaysGames일 전

    Anyone know who he’s talking about at 25:20

  21. MrKyleElise141

    MrKyleElise141일 전

    Can someone explain the vic and avicci Joke

  22. Mico

    Mico일 전

    Stephen Tries had the best roast 😂😂

  23. Carter Pratt

    Carter Pratt일 전

    I kinda wish that jay from TGF was roasting them

  24. 10K Subscribers with no Videos, For the memes??

    10K Subscribers with no Videos, For the memes??일 전

    White guy after getting Roasted by a black guy: N- Nice Roast

  25. Oscar Granoux

    Oscar Granoux일 전

    Simon is wearing crocks

  26. monobrow 69

    monobrow 692 일 전

    ethan was fat in 2016

  27. monobrow 69

    monobrow 692 일 전

    ksi play fortnite again

  28. Help me get 1k subs without posting any Videos

    Help me get 1k subs without posting any Videos2 일 전

    Phil should have been on this

  29. Paarth Sharma

    Paarth Sharma2 일 전

    Is it just me or none of the jokes were funny!😐

  30. Shayaan Faruqui

    Shayaan Faruqui2 일 전

    Harry should drop a disstrack on all of them ft.JJ

  31. alisha

    alisha2 일 전

    the blonde girl in the middle row is viks girlfriend btw

  32. megan clark

    megan clark2 일 전

    most underrated joke: tobi at 4:46

  33. Ellie White

    Ellie White2 일 전

    Vidal though ❤️❤️❤️

  34. Jessica Rovai

    Jessica Rovai2 일 전


  35. Julius Pedersen Sarroe

    Julius Pedersen Sarroe3 일 전

    Am i the only one turning subtiles on during callux performance

  36. severus

    severus3 일 전

    Logan Paul stole this idea in his latest video, what a funny guy

  37. Abe Kuijper

    Abe Kuijper3 일 전

    Jackmates Joke about the ea servers is too underrated man

  38. ᗷIᗰ_TEᗪIE

    ᗷIᗰ_TEᗪIE3 일 전

    I’m from guernsey

  39. Dunno

    Dunno3 일 전

    True jordie was shocking

  40. K H

    K H4 일 전

    How mint is it that the youtube community just accept that Harry absolutely loves a sesh none of this drug hell bollocks

  41. Leonardo Datore

    Leonardo Datore4 일 전

    Stephen Tries was levels above everybody else. I laughed at everyone of his jokes.

  42. Andrey Lakov

    Andrey Lakov4 일 전

    Omg Freezy's line about Harry's jokes is underrated

  43. Free Bird

    Free Bird4 일 전

    "I'm probably not gonna be the last KOreporterr to put JJ on a canvas." This aged very badly yet very well at the same time.

  44. Dgk Ilovehaters

    Dgk Ilovehaters4 일 전

    Can someone explain the joke at 9:40 ? Sorry if i sound dumb but im genuinely lost

  45. Dgk Ilovehaters

    Dgk Ilovehaters2 일 전

    @alisha omg 😂. So he sniffs ket?

  46. alisha

    alisha2 일 전

    he’s talking about ketamine

  47. Bilal Anees

    Bilal Anees4 일 전

    True Geordie's hand was shaking while he was telling the jokes, he really wanted to deliver well

  48. Mackenzie Cooper

    Mackenzie Cooper4 일 전

    They should’ve had Phil roast them

  49. Luffy Bari!

    Luffy Bari!4 일 전

    what did call say at 06:30 ? i didn't get it

  50. Elvis Morris

    Elvis Morris3 일 전

    It's rumored that Talia slept with WILINE before she started dating Simon.

  51. Kelsey Jacobs

    Kelsey Jacobs4 일 전

    should’ve had phil in the roast 😂

  52. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

    Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer4 일 전

    Pedo making pedo jokes at another pedo

  53. yoel satrio adi

    yoel satrio adi4 일 전

    true geordie was the best lol

  54. Momo Ahmed

    Momo Ahmed4 일 전

    Vidal is sat there the whole time thinking: White people...

  55. A A

    A A8 시간 전

    Momo Ahmed ?

  56. JJ Vincent Goncena

    JJ Vincent Goncena5 일 전

    Does Calfreezy really not believe in God???

  57. Dillon Taylor

    Dillon Taylor4 일 전

    Most of the UK isn't religious

  58. dxstinybtw

    dxstinybtw5 일 전

    True Geordie really does know how to take a joke and flip it on someone else. What a lad.

  59. Dhaval Harsuda

    Dhaval Harsuda5 일 전

    i don't get the vik and evm and DJ roast

  60. dxstinybtw

    dxstinybtw5 일 전

    Calfreezy's roast on Tobi lowkey made me cry.

  61. Kevin Sánchez

    Kevin Sánchez5 일 전


  62. Kevin Sánchez

    Kevin Sánchez5 일 전

    Pt 3

  63. Kevin Sánchez

    Kevin Sánchez5 일 전

    Pt 2

  64. SuperMaximum4

    SuperMaximum45 일 전

    Pt 2 bake off pls

  65. Fateen Kabir

    Fateen Kabir5 일 전

    Part 2!!!