The Ninja Claudette Build - Dead by Daylight


  1. AaronPlaysTV

    AaronPlaysTV개월 전

    Should of named the video "The T-bag Build" 😂

  2. Gros6du 94

    Gros6du 94개월 전

    Moosa817 plz do a lucky build to kobe every time !

  3. Jagger Chism

    Jagger Chism개월 전

    Empathy Streetwise Sprint Burst Calm Spirit "Yes, I will flashlight save you" build Empathy to find survivors Streetwise keep your flashy flashy Sprint burst get there in time Calm Spirit hard counter to Infectious Fright

  4. Alexis Elvando

    Alexis Elvando개월 전

    Escape from the prison build

  5. Vance M

    Vance M개월 전

    AaronPlaysTV no it should’ve been the blendette build

  6. Filippo Bardi

    Filippo Bardi개월 전

    No you should name it "example of counterplay on a spirit" cuz this killer lost you once. And it doesn't matter if he's a good player or not, the important thing is that he lost you once, thus the spirit has counterplays

  7. Christian c

    Christian c10 일 전

    2:33 ears..

  8. Ravi Aprodhite

    Ravi Aprodhite12 일 전

    your gameplay is so funny brother :D .. i'm always laughing :v

  9. Marc Lhiam Kurt Redoblado

    Marc Lhiam Kurt Redoblado12 일 전

    What was that scream

  10. Stranger Things

    Stranger Things27 일 전

    *plays Mario Kart in background*

  11. The Trash Can Player

    The Trash Can Player29 일 전

    U know it's a good video when u hear the Mario kart music in the intro

  12. Ufkan Kürüm

    Ufkan Kürüm개월 전

    I was looking for someone to watch their dbd videos and havent liked anybody till i saw this video

  13. Damian damianek

    Damian damianek개월 전

    2:33 ???????

  14. Kreynox72

    Kreynox72개월 전

    I love ur videos ewe

  15. Plarf

    Plarf개월 전

    Omg he finally ran out of bloodpoints or was it like that a while ago?


    xIEIDIDIYIx개월 전

    Perfect t bag to music timing 4:43

  17. NeRvoUs Isn't it ?

    NeRvoUs Isn't it ?개월 전

    Aaron make a video of another dwight's build 🖐

  18. Halil -C

    Halil -C개월 전

    2:33 thats so me everytime i die like this 😂😂😂

  19. Furious Destroyah

    Furious Destroyah개월 전

    Nothing more fun than going as the killer against 4 super immersed ninja survivors lol

  20. Will plays games

    Will plays games개월 전

    What's that music you keep putting in your video? I love it. Someone pls tell me the name Edit: I dont think it's in this video though☹

  21. FireFox286 {GD}

    FireFox286 {GD}개월 전

    I love those perfect cuts when he gets hit (or downed)

  22. Samauri Squirrel92

    Samauri Squirrel92개월 전

    so the title should be op perk build for noobs not GOATs like WILLwork4food89

  23. Samauri Squirrel92

    Samauri Squirrel92개월 전

    lightweight or quick and quiet is the op build my man uses. nancy perk is a waste of a perk slot unless you never played killer

  24. Samauri Squirrel92

    Samauri Squirrel92개월 전

    all of them except nany perk. if your good at all at the game and played a good bit you should know what your scratch marks look like while running thats how my bf tricks the killer into thinking he went one way then urban evade in another direction

  25. Titan

    Titan개월 전

    Aaron: uses stealth claud build also Aaron: uses pink puffer jacket

  26. Bruno H

    Bruno H개월 전

    Typical noob spirit player, trying so hard to rely on a build and OP addons. That rage quit was very satisfying. GET BODIED B*TCH😂😂 She should change her name to « Salty Boi »

  27. You Tiger

    You Tiger개월 전

    On the Nintendo Switch arent the archives, sad but its coming

  28. Arcadia Alcatraz

    Arcadia Alcatraz개월 전

    What a loser. Using ruin and noed in same build

  29. Hoor Alsuwaidi

    Hoor Alsuwaidi개월 전

    Oh god that scream 😂😂😂 2:34

  30. Бич Тэдэ

    Бич Тэдэ개월 전

    You just idiot... no youtuber

  31. It’s ok To be White

    It’s ok To be White개월 전

    I think the killer was trying to give you hatch at the end of the first match

  32. T0xicBottles9

    T0xicBottles9개월 전

    i like thaughjt u was going to do a face reveal

  33. T0xicBottles9

    T0xicBottles9개월 전

    i like thaughjt u was going to do a face reveal

  34. Icey

    Icey개월 전

    how do i make your outro my desktop wallpaper is the real question here

  35. Melanie Byrne

    Melanie Byrne개월 전


  36. Shinigami418

    Shinigami418개월 전

    thank you for making me laugh 🤣you made my day! excellent video🔥

  37. Ernest Poon

    Ernest Poon개월 전

    Isn't Fixate making you walk faster only when you are injured?

  38. Drini Boy

    Drini Boy개월 전

    How do u get so many offerings or flashlights

  39. Nedii78d

    Nedii78d개월 전

    nice sandbag feng reportetd

  40. Jose Navarro

    Jose Navarro개월 전

    5:33 that sounded like a British accent lol

  41. Louis

    Louis개월 전

    Man I love your Videos you are very toxic. You deserve much more subs 🙏🔥

  42. isaiah bravo

    isaiah bravo개월 전

    do you think the syptic and the syringe stack

  43. Dark Kronic

    Dark Kronic개월 전

    Try dead hard, no mither, iron will, and lightweight

  44. Nahid 2K3

    Nahid 2K3개월 전

    You should try using scratch mirrors on myers.. BUT with this pointless build.. NursesCalling, BBQ&chilly, ImAllEars And Bitter Humor 😂😂

  45. JJThe G

    JJThe G개월 전

    NOED on a spirit?😂