THE MUFFIN SONG (asdfmovie feat. Schmoyoho)


  1. Sugalized Kookies are sweet

    Sugalized Kookies are sweet24 초 전

    H Hi Hi h Hi hu Hi hun Hi hung Hi hungr Hi hungry Hi hungry i Hi hungry im Hi hungry im d Hi hungry im da Hi hungry im dad Hi hungry im da Hi hungry im d Hi hungry im Hi hungry i Hi hungry Hi hungr Hi hung Hi hun Hi hu Hi h Hi H

  2. lol tbro

    lol tbro분 전

    this song is big gay

  3. Birch Animations

    Birch Animations분 전


  4. Sassy Sings

    Sassy Sings2 분 전

    *M O M M Y I L O V E T H I S V I D E O*

  5. GeneralGold

    GeneralGold2 분 전

    Gonna play this on my Snapchat when I steal a lambo to commit suicide

  6. lps French fries

    lps French fries3 분 전

    Why did you make me this way why why why😮😮😮

  7. AcrylliX LLC

    AcrylliX LLC3 분 전

    Damn you tik-tok

  8. Supreme Ninja

    Supreme Ninja4 분 전

    When the muffins glasses are better then urs ;(

  9. Holli Nagle

    Holli Nagle4 분 전

    With every dad Girl/Boy: Hey dad im hungary Dad: Hey hungrary im dad Girl/Boy: Why did u name me this way why why whyyyyyyy

  10. SmokeSub13

    SmokeSub134 분 전

    came here before tik tok

  11. Nancy Kotob

    Nancy Kotob5 분 전

    wow!!this song is the best

  12. Endercass 8508

    Endercass 85086 분 전

    the kids at school always play awful rap music, and now they play this on the bus... i just searched up muffin time and here we are! the best music ever its just deep

  13. Please Don’t Look At My Profile Picture

    Please Don’t Look At My Profile Picture6 분 전


  14. Joel fogarty

    Joel fogarty6 분 전

    Contemplating comming back to this video the first second into 2019 and commenting "anyone here in 2019?"

  15. Red Octobie

    Red Octobie6 분 전

    this song is so cute

  16. hoang 209

    hoang 2097 분 전

    Die die die die die

  17. ThisIsSam *

    ThisIsSam *7 분 전

    I didn’t bake a single pie, and is 2 am so no muffins.

  18. Mimikyugigas

    Mimikyugigas7 분 전


  19. Reagan Bagel

    Reagan Bagel7 분 전

    Wow. A suicidal muffin can sing better then me.😶

  20. XamiloVagabundo

    XamiloVagabundo7 분 전

    What flavor

  21. Alex The Doge Gamer

    Alex The Doge Gamer8 분 전

    The muffin seems too happy to want to die.

  22. Herr MaG

    Herr MaG8 분 전

    Tik Tok ruined everything... man i had depressions... and i really enjoyed this song since then... man this is just sad.... RIP Edd... man i miss the old days back then... i have so much memories.... i cant even say anything no more...

  23. Hermione Granger

    Hermione Granger8 분 전


  24. Gemma Lombardini

    Gemma Lombardini9 분 전

    You gonna die we all gonna die UH A BUTTERFLY🦋

  25. Serixz

    Serixz11 분 전

    Tiktoc: this is good ummm dibs

  26. Alexia Marie

    Alexia Marie12 분 전

    This cured my cancer

  27. Katie Shrader

    Katie Shrader12 분 전

    This on Musically

  28. Thanos Infinity

    Thanos Infinity13 분 전

    Hey um person who made this you have a serious problem

  29. Lil Peep

    Lil Peep13 분 전

    Руссичи есть?

  30. Lauryn Thomas

    Lauryn Thomas14 분 전

    *TikTok wants to know your location*

  31. Franz Stoner

    Franz Stoner14 분 전

    I ate muffins for 5 years and when i heard this i never ate one ever since

  32. Rysuung

    Rysuung17 분 전

    oh no

  33. Small Channel

    Small Channel18 분 전

    It sounds s sad at 0.25x speed…

  34. david K

    david K18 분 전

    Die - suicidal muffin


    KASE_ DOGOS19 분 전

    This is bad the world is gonna end from this song THE MEMES 😖😖😖

  36. Vile Säteraas

    Vile Säteraas20 분 전

    1:52 is actually jacksepticeye:)

  37. Claudia Belerio

    Claudia Belerio21 분 전

    Muser time

  38. Glorienne Pinol

    Glorienne Pinol22 분 전

    People in my school sing this like even the popular people😂

  39. Majida Kabir

    Majida Kabir22 분 전

    ohhhhh goshhhhhhh!!! this is soooo addictive!!!

  40. Jive

    Jive22 분 전


  41. Demotion

    Demotion23 분 전

    Perfect ingredient for Tik Tok Cringe.

  42. Natez

    Natez23 분 전


  43. Angela Obsum

    Angela Obsum23 분 전

    Grizzle?? from we bare bears??

  44. Plexicon

    Plexicon25 분 전

    Only fans will understand the point of this video

  45. gacha girl xox

    gacha girl xox26 분 전

    i heard i want to die die die😂

  46. Gaby Angel

    Gaby Angel27 분 전

    The cupcake is cute

  47. iFearly

    iFearly27 분 전


  48. Haris Saqib

    Haris Saqib27 분 전

    i clicked on this by mistake and instantly smiled. Like , physically smiled. I'm gonna go see a therapist

  49. Jack mancilla

    Jack mancilla28 분 전

    why i listing this for 3 Hours

  50. FangS SaMa

    FangS SaMa30 분 전

    This creation makes me wanna *Die die die*

  51. The Kwebbel

    The Kwebbel33 분 전


  52. Ani Milani

    Ani Milani33 분 전

    80 % of the views are from tik Tok LOL

  53. Blaze Fire

    Blaze Fire33 분 전

    wait a amoment you are tom of edd-- naa iT suicides MUFFIN

  54. Gaming Genius_07

    Gaming Genius_0733 분 전


  55. Plazor

    Plazor34 분 전

    Die die die... But first, subscribe to PewDiePie

  56. Chemodan

    Chemodan34 분 전

    please somebody kill me

  57. lil

    lil35 분 전


  58. Raha Bodagh

    Raha Bodagh36 분 전

    Who is else here from tik tok/musically 😂

  59. me

    me37 분 전

    I should of not click this oh my god

  60. Yoveku

    Yoveku37 분 전


  61. gultiban

    gultiban38 분 전

    13 year old's Dance to: "please I wanna die! Die! Die!". Think about it.

  62. To muchemi

    To muchemi38 분 전

    This muffins are sooo cute

  63. Plazor

    Plazor38 분 전

    That muffin is so cute

  64. Kashif Qureshi

    Kashif Qureshi38 분 전

    2 tiktoks muffin time=die die die die die die die die die die

  65. Charlotte Jones

    Charlotte Jones39 분 전

    Why is this song surprisingly deep

  66. 8D SOUNDS

    8D SOUNDS43 분 전

    Die die die 😞

  67. gacha_ cupcake

    gacha_ cupcake43 분 전

    Muffin: I wanna die die die Me: okay *eats the muffin'

  68. Weronika Szuster

    Weronika Szuster46 분 전


  69. christer508 lester

    christer508 lester46 분 전

    Pls I wanna die die die die

  70. Younes El barni

    Younes El barni46 분 전

    Im dad

  71. Single Orb

    Single Orb47 분 전

    I Won't Eat A Speaking Muffin

  72. Frz3nNinja87

    Frz3nNinja8746 분 전

    Single Orb Me neither

  73. vlad productions

    vlad productions47 분 전

    I wounder who voiced the muffin.

  74. AMJGaming1159

    AMJGaming115948 분 전

    Muffin Song: Actually really good Tik Tok: I can fix that

  75. yuyu gacha

    yuyu gacha48 분 전

    Muffins can do the splits but I can't..........

  76. Denzo

    Denzo49 분 전

    And it’s TikTok time

  77. Zuxey

    Zuxey49 분 전

    WHO Love this Song

  78. Pick PockeT

    Pick PockeT49 분 전

    Am I the only one who comes back to this?

  79. dobre david

    dobre david49 분 전

    this song is dead. tik tok steal it :((

  80. José Carlos Bento da Silva

    José Carlos Bento da Silva49 분 전

    Não morra pequeno bolinho

  81. kama kings

    kama kings50 분 전

    Im dieing laghing

  82. MaCE Mikeykadoo

    MaCE Mikeykadoo50 분 전

    I baked you a pie

  83. FNAF MASTER333

    FNAF MASTER33352 분 전

    Is that jacksepticeye and markiplier and more youtubers I don’t know

  84. OceanBlueMoon

    OceanBlueMoon52 분 전

    This song is so deep tho.

  85. Ace Xyrder

    Ace Xyrder52 분 전

    *How muffins become suicidal...*

  86. Grix Tapz

    Grix Tapz52 분 전

    Tik Tok ruined this song

  87. Wrandel

    Wrandel52 분 전

    this is so sad alexa play iLOVEFRIDAY

  88. Crazymate 2006

    Crazymate 200653 분 전

    All the memes

  89. OceanBlueMoon

    OceanBlueMoon55 분 전

    When I say I have an emo music taste this is what I mean

  90. Chalaine Phillips

    Chalaine Phillips55 분 전

    DIE DIE DIE ITS MUFFIN TIME DIE DIE DIE WOW allready 1 million likes

  91. abadgamer 08

    abadgamer 0856 분 전

    Its so cute i cant stop wathing this help me

  92. EFC R-BH

    EFC R-BH56 분 전

    Quiero un muffin

  93. Amber Behage

    Amber Behage59 분 전


  94. Dat Boi

    Dat Boi59 분 전

    This is better than polish tap ...

  95. Røsé Blåckpink

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  96. Joseph Stalin

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  97. Kai Moore

    Kai Moore시간 전

    I'm crying at the first

  98. Lord Tarshkan

    Lord Tarshkan시간 전

    I wanna die

  99. L. SoonKiet

    L. SoonKiet시간 전


  100. BlackDiamond 1880

    BlackDiamond 1880시간 전

    I baked you a pie!

  101. Darcey's toy reviews

    Darcey's toy reviews시간 전

    Tik tok who