THE MUFFIN SONG (asdfmovie feat. Schmoyoho)


  1. lorna anico

    lorna anico47 초 전


  2. taco wolf

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  3. taco wolf

    taco wolf11 분 전

    No one got the "honey I'm pregnat" joke AND THAT WAS THE BEST JOKE

  4. Leela Merrill

    Leela Merrill15 분 전

    I'm guessing he was missing edd... We all do buddy

  5. Leela Merrill

    Leela Merrill17 분 전

    I just noticed in the end the guy next to suicidal muffin is TomSka........

  6. Daryna Yarmaliuk

    Daryna Yarmaliuk26 분 전

    Best song of 2019 woohoo this muffin is famous for sure he will die

  7. Lp_djay jepro

    Lp_djay jepro29 분 전

    Best song TomSKA

  8. Awesome MC Raphael Face

    Awesome MC Raphael Face48 분 전

    That muffin voice is cute

  9. Venus Bolivar

    Venus Bolivar58 분 전

    wy do you want to dye

  10. bruno crak

    bruno crak시간 전

    I hate this song realy !!!

  11. ItsUnspeakable Channel

    ItsUnspeakable Channel시간 전

    Also i need this muffin I wanna eat it Muffins for life!!!!!

  12. Jairo Hernandez

    Jairo Hernandez시간 전

    Die die die die die die

  13. Xx Marcus Macalincag xX

    Xx Marcus Macalincag xX시간 전

    May 2019 anyone????

  14. Xx Marcus Macalincag xX

    Xx Marcus Macalincag xX시간 전

    This should be called The suicide song

  15. Nahuel303 Escobar Russek

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  16. Todoroki

    Todoroki2 시간 전

    The ending makes me sad and give me chills.

  17. Todoroki

    Todoroki2 시간 전

    Its muffin time.

  18. Cande Pablo

    Cande Pablo2 시간 전

    When I hate my life kill me plz

  19. Amy Rodgers

    Amy Rodgers2 시간 전

    Love the song so I liked



    Pie have die

  21. Arora Ji

    Arora Ji2 시간 전

    So, it's 3:00 AM in the night and i can't get my ears off this song. Thanks. 😑

  22. Miriam Martinez

    Miriam Martinez2 시간 전

    I did not get the end people

  23. Zombie Issy

    Zombie Issy2 시간 전

    If you search catbug song this apears. I didnt even notice they sound alike tell now.

  24. fahad jamshed

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  25. Lonley Memer

    Lonley Memer2 시간 전

    I wanna die

  26. Sara Loney

    Sara Loney3 시간 전

    I made muffins in class today. I then proceeded to have this song stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

  27. k to the c mofo

    k to the c mofo3 시간 전

    Who wants a muffin lol

  28. ImpMontezuma

    ImpMontezuma3 시간 전

    For you muffin!! Chomp chomp chomp T_T

  29. stoagy mahalo

    stoagy mahalo3 시간 전

    fuck tou for being so catchy

  30. Scott Pollock

    Scott Pollock3 시간 전

    I keep thinking it's going to say "I can't afford to take a bite"

  31. Iangamerq2

    Iangamerq23 시간 전

    I killed him again and again and again and again 😋😋😋

  32. Dragynn5

    Dragynn53 시간 전

    fuck this song makes me cry actual tears every time

  33. Luna

    Luna3 시간 전

    0:46 - 1:00 Tic tok users: *_its free real estate_*

  34. Luna

    Luna3 시간 전

    Happiest suicidal song ever

  35. CristianOPrO Ramirez

    CristianOPrO Ramirez4 시간 전

    What lm looking for is 0:45 to 1:00

  36. Shahid Miah

    Shahid Miah4 시간 전

    This is messed up, normalizing suicide, people think its a child's song but then they learn and try out suicide themselves not knowing the consequences

  37. elsye han

    elsye han4 시간 전

    Better Than da original ones

  38. Thegod Ward

    Thegod Ward4 시간 전

    Muffin: I what to die Person: we're all going to die Muffin: .... We're all going to die die die Person: that's more like it 😀

  39. ღa̶̷y̶̷l̶̷a̶̷x

    ღa̶̷y̶̷l̶̷a̶̷x4 시간 전

    I was expecting to hear the hit or miss version because i’ve heard it so much.

  40. antiseptifox

    antiseptifox4 시간 전

    OMG YOUR HAVE 2.3m LIKES AND 5.8m o-o

  41. KK Media

    KK Media4 시간 전

    so true i wana die

  42. Iisaa Zombie

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  43. Kiwi

    Kiwi4 시간 전

    I also use it to annoy my brother

  44. Isabella Gonzalez

    Isabella Gonzalez4 시간 전

    I sung this in class and everyone was looking at me and I was like wut do ur work dude

  45. Harry Unsneakable

    Harry Unsneakable4 시간 전

    Classic dad I’m hungry hi hungry I’m dad

  46. Rapid_Milky Muffin

    Rapid_Milky Muffin5 시간 전

    Use code Muffin

  47. gaby /moshe

    gaby /moshe5 시간 전

    Eddsworld 2019???!!!!

  48. アルトゥールザイールアルトゥールザイール

    アルトゥールザイールアルトゥールザイール5 시간 전

    ASDFMovie 2008-2018)

  49. Roxanne St.Amour

    Roxanne St.Amour5 시간 전

    All of a sudden I like trains I've baked you a pie No llama don't jump Please like these are actual memes

  50. jj 2007

    jj 20075 시간 전

    115 million views

  51. SparklePieGames YT

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  52. Madison Mitchell

    Madison Mitchell5 시간 전

    I wanna die die die die die die die its muffin time cus i wanna die

  53. The Coolest_Penguin

    The Coolest_Penguin5 시간 전

    You will die if you keep that dabbing up. This message is brought to you by a member of the Dab Police - remember, dabbing isn't good for you.


    MNHSLAYERGUYYY Vlogs5 시간 전

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Muffin: PLEASE SOMEBODY KILL ME

  55. Why is there a t posing chicken on my balcony

    Why is there a t posing chicken on my balcony6 시간 전

    I'm having 2018 Summer nostalgia just listening to this song

  56. Cori Bb

    Cori Bb6 시간 전

    Da risa XD


    [REDACTED] Agent [DATA EXPUNGED]6 시간 전

    Me: what's the time? Mum: i don't know. It only says Muffin

  58. Tinfoilbot

    Tinfoilbot6 시간 전

    why are you going to die?

  59. Tinfoilbot

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  60. Tinfoilbot

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  61. Maria Schiano

    Maria Schiano6 시간 전

    Hi I love muffins

  62. EliteSystem Collinson

    EliteSystem Collinson6 시간 전

    Dont worry I will eat you

  63. DanielP Padha

    DanielP Padha6 시간 전

    Die die Pie xD

  64. Crazy about Adrinette

    Crazy about Adrinette6 시간 전

    As soon as the “you’re gonna die” part came on someone walked by me...

  65. Shenisha Harris

    Shenisha Harris7 시간 전

    It's amazing

  66. Shenisha Harris

    Shenisha Harris6 시간 전

    Good job

  67. I Be Watchin

    I Be Watchin7 시간 전

    To the dickhole how mad this hot garbage go fuck yourself... My daughter played this shit on my Google home and jus hearing a few words i asked about it and now seeing this truly shows your a dumbass... If you wanna die so badly go kill yourself

  68. Galaxy Gamer

    Galaxy Gamer7 시간 전

    "I wanna die die die die die die" Me: .....

  69. Meme Padawan

    Meme Padawan7 시간 전

    How could something so suicidal be so fucking inspirational 🥺

  70. muhammed salih yüksekkaya 半仙

    muhammed salih yüksekkaya 半仙7 시간 전

    The Muffin Song Haaaaa, I'm a muffin And it's muffin time Who wants a muffin? Please, I just wanna die Hey, somebody kill me Please, it's muffin time Have you had a muffin today? I wanna die, die, die Please I wanna Die, die, die Die, die, die It's muffin time Cuz I wanna die, die, die Please I wanna Die, die, die Die, die, die It's muffin time Cuz I wanna die, die, die Die, potato, die I baked you a pie Oh boy, what flavor? Pie, pie, pie Dad, I'm hungry Hi Hungry, I'm dad Why did you name me this way? Why, why, why? I'm gonna do an internet Well, I'm gonna do a book You're leavin' me I met a real man Hey buddy, look over here Ha ha ha ha ha, Now you're blind You're gonna die We're all gonna die Ooh, a butterfly We're all gonna Die, die, die Die, die, die (Pie, pie, pie) It's muffin time Cuz I…

  71. coin corgi

    coin corgi8 시간 전

    Suicidal muffinins

  72. The God. Boi

    The God. Boi8 시간 전

    2019 anyone?

  73. General Gamer

    General Gamer8 시간 전

    This should be Tik Toc proof

  74. TheBaconHair

    TheBaconHair8 시간 전

    Love it when jacksepticeye and Markipliers voice comes on because it sounds like it

  75. Reese Grindstaff

    Reese Grindstaff8 시간 전

    This is what I listen to when depression kicks in but I still want to pretend to be happy

  76. Rowell Ganancial

    Rowell Ganancial8 시간 전

    I feel like making a muffin, add eyes on it and stuff. Then have a sign that says "Eat me! I wanna die!" Above it and place it on a bus stop bench. XD

  77. suzanne oshea

    suzanne oshea8 시간 전

    Omg I love this song 😅 the beat tho and who else feels bad for the muffin 😢😊

  78. Sheh Collins

    Sheh Collins8 시간 전

    why is this so realtble

  79. Delongest

    Delongest8 시간 전

    I played this song while slaying my enemies in battlegrounds

  80. King Dre

    King Dre9 시간 전

    This Song reminds me of my friend who moved to New Orleans and this was his favorite song.

  81. riyana tasya

    riyana tasya9 시간 전

    I like pieee Give me some plssss

  82. Steven Romero

    Steven Romero9 시간 전

    the was cool I have a video

  83. Christian Pacella

    Christian Pacella9 시간 전

    Non mi piace questa canzone perchè parla di un muffin che vuole morire mangiato

  84. Smashup Mashups

    Smashup Mashups10 시간 전

    Funny, why don't I remember the part with the montage of TomSka doing this asdfmovie stuff?


    RAVEDYL E10 시간 전

    Ля какой

  86. Annie Verrelli

    Annie Verrelli10 시간 전

    This is so sad i mean "Who wants a muffin? Please i just wanna die!

  87. Maria Varlskina

    Maria Varlskina10 시간 전

    :hungry dad I’m hungry :dad hi hungry I’m dad! He he

  88. Maria Varlskina

    Maria Varlskina10 시간 전

    Too GOOD FOR ME WOW 😮 😮 😮😮😮

  89. Evan Wei

    Evan Wei10 시간 전

    This song is rotered

  90. Ilker Balci

    Ilker Balci10 시간 전

    He is saying please nobody kill me but he is saying i want to die die die

  91. informante

    informante8 시간 전

    he said "somebody", the auto tune made it looks like he said nobody but he said somebody

  92. Treehouse Trapstar

    Treehouse Trapstar10 시간 전

    It's actually a pretty deep song. We start to see Tomska going through stages of his life and content creation. He gets increasingly more depressed. He wants to loved behind a legacy with his cartoons but he's also suicidal, hence the chorus.

  93. Bastien Cazabon

    Bastien Cazabon10 시간 전

    La plus drôle de toutes les vidéos que j'ai vu

  94. tylan Marlot

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  95. natthaya aasen

    natthaya aasen10 시간 전

    Fin musikk

  96. Stephanie Green

    Stephanie Green10 시간 전

    This song is weird But ADDICTING! Lol 😂

  97. Liam Edwards

    Liam Edwards11 시간 전

    Lol wth I love this 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  98. Harry Granger

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  99. Yavor N.

    Yavor N.11 시간 전

    Thats creepy AFF

  100. Adara Yorke

    Adara Yorke12 시간 전

    This song is messed up but it's catchy

  101. Vasti Espinoza cayupan

    Vasti Espinoza cayupan12 시간 전

    Suicidal muffin Like 2019

  102. Khanh Nguyen Cong

    Khanh Nguyen Cong12 시간 전


  103. Laura Romero

    Laura Romero12 시간 전

    This song is a mood