The Mom Vs. Dad Rap Battle


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    Thanks for watching! Make sure to Like & Subscribe if you haven't already! Who do you think had the better verse?

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    Kyle Exum HI

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    Kyle exum my name is Joel Newell I'm comenting on the when a generation hears a throw back part 2 that is going to be dope everything you do is hella dooe

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    Where is the next video?

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    Love your video's kyle exum😁

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    How to get a divorce in the hood

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    Commented and liked

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    Is he alive it's been a month

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    Roxanne bro??

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    Lil tesla!!!! 😂

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    What’s the beat 🔥

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    Straight bars



    Dad won for sure

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    So nobody notices that kyle is in some type of purgatory

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    These 2 went off😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    0:10 is my favourite part!!!

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    May you please make a parody of Party Up by DMX?

  21. jrol101

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    Can you do Whoop it Up (Party up Parody)

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    Can you make a earth song

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    My favorite thing is him and Timmy eating popcorn and betting on the winner. Be me!😂😂😂


    LIFE OF UCHE22 시간 전



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    Kyle you are great

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    #laat comment

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    Lil teca

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    What sup

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    Please make Roxanne AZ and Bandit JW parodies.

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    I wanna see when the kid fights back

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    Kyle i love your vids its awsome i sub to you can you sub to me you got good talent you can become a famous artist plz sub to me

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    You are so funny and you are always lit.

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    I love your rap

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    Dad:*Puts form in the sink* Mom: So you have chosen death!

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    At 1:58 you can see the microphone in the microwaves reflection

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    Kyle vs Crazy girlfriends dad rap battle?

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    Sees microphone in microwave reflection*MY PERFECTOINOUS EYES

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    me: working dad: BANG BANG BANG me:come in dad: GET TO WORK me: why aren’t you even working dad: um well I... me: no excuses mom: honey BOY GET TO WORK NOW dad: FINE mom: is that a attitude BOY COME HERE dad: NOPE

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    Bro you act like we don't know that at the beggning your hat was changing

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    Next : Aunt vs Uncle rap Like so it can happen ⤵️

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    Love ur too tok

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    This is awesome like serious

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    I never heard my mom and dad rap battle I was adopted

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    "I got to thick-BOoks Imma bout to read!" 🤣🤣🤣 oh my Iove that part!