The Manliest Laptop Ever - Dell Rugged Extreme Review


  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech Tips9 개월 전

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  2. JS 09

    JS 092 개월 전

    "you can't do that on a MacBook". To be fair, there isn't much you can do on a MacBook!

  3. warlock040269

    warlock0402699 개월 전

    Funny that dells calls it rugged since Toughbook has been calling their laptop that for many years. I believe I first saw it call rugged over 12 years ago. By the way their 14" toughbook 54 lite is only 1500

  4. Paul Piatt

    Paul Piatt9 개월 전

    Linus Tech Tips got a ridge wallet. And I love it.

  5. Nathan Millsap

    Nathan Millsap9 개월 전 nice reference, Love those guys

  6. Hari Molla

    Hari Molla9 개월 전

    @Max Painnope

  7. Aqua Tang

    Aqua Tang3 일 전

    I thought I was watching vat 19 at the start 😅

  8. Red Science

    Red Science3 일 전

    Bet it doesn't beat a Nokia

  9. Phill360

    Phill3604 일 전

    Please just stop making* videos

  10. Frangly

    Frangly5 일 전

    That's pretty *T H I C C*

  11. t m

    t m5 일 전

    Bu the most important thing: Can you yeet it away, and will it still be fine?

  12. Michael Gillette

    Michael Gillette6 일 전

    That soil throw made me go 👀

  13. Dakila Lozano

    Dakila Lozano7 일 전

    at least no one seems triggered by the title

  14. Tadeo Bonnet

    Tadeo Bonnet8 일 전

    I like how you say it’s components aren’t amazing but it’s still better than my pc

  15. ITSbigwillystyle

    ITSbigwillystyle8 일 전

    Primary applications: -field work -military -blunt force object

  16. Dr Uzi

    Dr Uzi8 일 전

    Well I’m an EMT, and we use these on the ambulances. Ure grading it by the metrics of normal laptops and normal users, you only touch on what the actual features are and what these would be needed for. Like no ones Ever gaming on these. The intro to this video should be the actual review.

  17. RhinoPlaysVidjaGames

    RhinoPlaysVidjaGames10 일 전

    I can answer this, I work for the ambulance service in the UK, we use Panasonic tough books for our paper work and such, these genre of laptops are fantastic. Armed forces, law enforcement and rescue services world wide would have use for these kinds of technology

  18. Jessy Tremblay

    Jessy Tremblay11 일 전

    but but but you didnt even try to destroy it to show how much resistant it is i wanted to see a truck roll over it

  19. Salmanhtr

    Salmanhtr11 일 전

    This is the laptop that the hacker guy use in movies

  20. Itsy

    Itsy12 일 전

    2:50 why?

  21. Vilho

    Vilho12 일 전

    Damn boi he *THICC*

  22. akathegamerXD e

    akathegamerXD e13 일 전

    No dell laptops were harmed in the making of this video

  23. Nike Store Employee

    Nike Store Employee14 일 전

    pretty sure this is marketed to the us army

  24. James Ackermann

    James Ackermann14 일 전

    Linus Angling tips.

  25. patrick jet

    patrick jet14 일 전

    Why you have like 3 hammers on that desk?

  26. Owen Li

    Owen Li15 일 전

    4:19 i thought he was going to say submerge it in water

  27. Weird stuff

    Weird stuff17 일 전

    best intro ever lol

  28. Google Pissoff

    Google Pissoff18 일 전

    Genuinely see no purpose for this laptop besides military sales and maybe some blue collar management. So.... maybe a huge market, but 5k seems like too much

  29. Diego Beltran

    Diego Beltran20 일 전

    That’s thicc with like.... 100 “ c”.

  30. Tariq Yasiin

    Tariq Yasiin20 일 전

    So it has a DS-like bottom touch screen.j

  31. Lucas

    Lucas21 일 전

    God I love this commercial.

  32. Shufty

    Shufty22 일 전

    We use toughbooks like that in the mining industry. As tough as they are, they still dont last very long underground.

  33. SyazTYT's other uploads

    SyazTYT's other uploads23 일 전

    Now I can watch h--tai in the shoeer

  34. Lord Zendar

    Lord Zendar24 일 전

    I got one of these. Trackpad bad, ports good

  35. Vasko G

    Vasko G25 일 전

    Linus out here taking 2 sponsors ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  36. YouTube Pro

    YouTube Pro26 일 전

    Well I hope you make a 16 inch version of this

  37. Zakariya stars ،،،،،،،،

    Zakariya stars ،،،،،،،،26 일 전

    Ha nob i hawe17953.96529503 money

  38. Ricktoefon Lives

    Ricktoefon Lives개월 전

    Its targeting military and police forces to replace the current tuff books from 2007

  39. metalhead BADMOJO

    metalhead BADMOJO개월 전

    I would love to have one. But that price tag not only will get me divorced but possibly also killed. 😭

  40. Chris

    Chris개월 전

    archaeologist's best friend...

  41. Jhon.E

    Jhon.E개월 전

    I will be working in a Vessel, and this will be very helpful against the storms and cargo dusts. Thanks for the review!

  42. hannan honey

    hannan honey개월 전

    but the most important part can it survives a Usb killer?

  43. IHateSmurfing0

    IHateSmurfing0개월 전

    I could just see myself pulling this out in class

  44. TheChickenNagget

    TheChickenNagget개월 전

    does it has HDD free fall protection?

  45. nathan thebe

    nathan thebe개월 전

    So where might one find this thing and light laptop

  46. Bloodysugar

    Bloodysugar개월 전

    Is there any manufactor making rugged empty cases to put laptop components into it ?

  47. 30fps 101

    30fps 101개월 전

    Thicc af

  48. Sawta

    Sawta개월 전

    I'm super pumped to see LTT review outdoor themed gear! Seriously! I've worked with gear similar to this in the past (running WinXP, and Win2k) and it's always been good to me...just really, really outdated and slow. I'm glad to hear it's still being made. My personal opinion is that they made a serious mistake not including big, chunky rubber on the bottom edges of the laptop. If your in an unstable area, like a ship, boat, or earthquake/mudslide prone area, sliding is a constant concern. I'm also bummed that the back of the screen isn't thicker. They really should have enclosed it in thick metal crossbeams in an X pattern, or at least used some sort of geodesic pattern to encourage liquid movement, instead of a flat surface. Getting mercury, cloreoide, stagnant water, or any other number of kinds of crud sitting on the back of the screen is going to be a bad time for whoever uses it next. I also think the latches on the IO covers are great...but they should ALSO include individual little rubber plugs for each hole. If you have this thing fall off the back of a truck doing 40 through the jungle and it sinks into a mud pit, it's going to be submerged long enough that I'd seriously worry about water getting in through any cracks or dents that might have formed from the fall. Stuff happens, and this really is a problem people deal with. Also, I've seen the hinges on those latches rust. I hope they have done something to improve longevity of the hinge mechanism. I really wish they'd kill the touchscreen. It's a point of failure and confuses the non-computer guys when it fails. I know it's meant as a "backup" if the trackpad dies, but it's a subpar option for field work. Not sure about factory environments. The stylist will absolutely get misplaced and replaced with a pencil. (Yes, really. A pencil.) Scrap the webcam. Security risk in software compromis3. Also another point of failure. I would unplug it from the Mobo, or desolder it if it was soldered on. Webcam is an absolute no-go. Fingerprint reader is a nice idea, but the absolute first thing to break. Guys with grime covered hands get that all gunked up in a matter of hours. Don't bother with it. Needs dual battery 40+40 hour swap out, like the toughbook, but ignore everything else about the toughbook. Overall an excellent machine, and I look forward to using one. It's not for everyone, clearly, but it is an absolute life saver for people who are thousands of miles from family for months on end. It helps lonely nights feel a little bit easier. It helps doing practical work a little less of a headache, since it won't die without a fight (getting run over, blown up, or getting shot). People need computers in really, really harsh environments because of the way the world works. I'm greatful the market is willing to support those of us who have to put up with it, by giving us a reasonable solution at an affordable price point.

  49. internallogic

    internallogic개월 전


  50. Allagadan Design Partners

    Allagadan Design Partners2 개월 전

    I need this laptop. I'm going Off-roading and overlanding with this one.

  51. Mutlu Yüz

    Mutlu Yüz2 개월 전

    I think they shouldent do wars like people killing each other they should play fortnite and the winner will be the winner

  52. The Ordinary Dude a.k.a BABiFun

    The Ordinary Dude a.k.a BABiFun2 개월 전

    And before I watch this video, I get an ad about Apacer's Extreme Rugged RAM, the XR DIMM. Now do a review about it

  53. diamond osprey

    diamond osprey2 개월 전

    it looks like i could use it to hack into someones car. and by hack i mean throw it at the window real hard.

  54. Moist Boner

    Moist Boner2 개월 전

    But can it grow a beard?

  55. Samuel Muldoon

    Samuel Muldoon2 개월 전

    If you want to skip their stupid intro, where they pretend to be funny, get the facts and see a real review go forward to 1:19

  56. Davideo Jockey

    Davideo Jockey2 개월 전

    finaly a perfect lap to spend the night camping a couple of miles outside the city near organized camping

  57. Zero Cool

    Zero Cool2 개월 전


  58. mscrafter2003

    mscrafter20032 개월 전

    The laptop can survive in the sands. It can survive inside dirt. It can survive in lava. It can survive from hunters and poachers. It can survive underwater. It can survive from sharks. This laptop is definitely not a beast. But this laptop is a WILD SHOW.

  59. Hobby Media

    Hobby Media2 개월 전

    fart on you test this

  60. Alton Lyter

    Alton Lyter2 개월 전

    I almost forgot how much Alex sucks. Almost. Yep... still sucks.

  61. Chris Jiangson

    Chris Jiangson2 개월 전

    A compass card, wallhahahaha, now we know where u guys r. XD

  62. Morgan Fordbam

    Morgan Fordbam2 개월 전

    Alex looks like Canadian PewDiePie

  63. Mk Ruiz V

    Mk Ruiz V2 개월 전

    why do companies still send industrial equipment to LMG?

  64. Zbynek Trajer

    Zbynek Trajer2 개월 전

    ...Running medium meth lab simulations. Lol :)

  65. Cheese is gud

    Cheese is gud2 개월 전

    Lol those bezlles