The Mandalorian is AMAZING! -- First Episode Review and Reaction | Star Wars


  1. EckhartsLadder

    EckhartsLadder개월 전

    E A R L Y B O I H O U R S A R L Y B O I H O U R S

  2. Sam T

    Sam T4 일 전

    Nicholas Wong - he’s droid racist.

  3. calum Wilson

    calum Wilson24 일 전

    Eckhart you know how the galaxy is a 100000 light years wide that means with a class one hyperdrive it take a 100000 year’s to cross how do they do it so quickly??? Pls explain to me thx

  4. Nicholas Wong

    Nicholas Wong26 일 전

    EckhartsLadder the Mandalorian seems to have an aversion to droids. Clone wars sentiment perhaps?

  5. Timothy Dunlap

    Timothy Dunlap28 일 전

    Eck is a good boi, the best boi, yes he is.


    AUSSIE RED29 일 전

    Miracle Jenkins why would someone who is cuffed grab a gun also what would he do after he obviously isn’t the brightest and wouldn’t be able to pilot considering he offered a space version of an Uber, and he is no killer obviously, they ‘wasted’ 5 mins on a ‘horse’ for character building also electricity can penetrate biological beings a lot more then physical force

  7. Tre' Roney

    Tre' Roney2 일 전

    The mandalorian And rogue one are great Star Wars film in their own right. I personally think the current timeline movies are significantly worse than 12345 and 6.

  8. Garbonzo.

    Garbonzo.12 일 전

    I personally thought the soundtrack was awesome!

  9. Kevin Norris

    Kevin Norris13 일 전

    I think I've watched too much Stargate lately, the door thing sounded like a Goa'uld to me. I expected it to say something like "Jaffa, cree!"

  10. Obi wan Kenobi

    Obi wan Kenobi15 일 전

    i have the high ground

  11. I’m Shaq

    I’m Shaq17 일 전

    My dad does special affects on the Mandilorian, I’m glad you guys like it.

  12. patton3rd1

    patton3rd118 일 전

    Holy, how am I just noticing you passed 500k subs! Congratulations Eck, great work

  13. notablegoat

    notablegoat19 일 전

    I understand that the stormtroopers are actually cosplayers from the 501st division, which is really cool

  14. Unzki

    Unzki20 일 전

    Thanks, even if I did watch only halfway! =D

  15. Yaaoo

    Yaaoo20 일 전

    I love the scenes everything it’s like I’m watching a movie

  16. Devin Brown

    Devin Brown20 일 전

    What is the video in the background?

  17. I'm Not Using My Real Name

    I'm Not Using My Real Name21 일 전

    Tbh the music was one of my favorite aspects of the show.

  18. Peter S

    Peter S22 일 전

    just started on it, in my opinion it's a really good show

  19. Princess Chelsanator

    Princess Chelsanator23 일 전

    Check this video out

  20. raccoon in a cup

    raccoon in a cup24 일 전

    I thought the mandolorian was amazing

  21. doctor tubes

    doctor tubes25 일 전

    Early '70 french comics are the real star wars, Lucas is a concept-stealer

  22. Madara So2

    Madara So225 일 전

    You know what is insane They spend 10 million dollars per episode And they make 70 million a month as of right now

  23. Malekith Aves

    Malekith Aves26 일 전

    I wouldn't give Disney any props because it "felt like Star Wars" fans are so easily fooled, quite ironic that Star Wars has a strong sense of hope yet there clearly is none left. "best in the parsec" broke my immersion immediatly shows Disneys lack of understanding, seems they also only use some plain planets comparing to the Prequals that get undeserved hate.

  24. Maia Hollis

    Maia Hollis27 일 전

    Wonderful first episode I have spoken

  25. Lewis

    Lewis27 일 전

    omg episode 2 is even better i have spoken

  26. Tyrone Ward

    Tyrone Ward27 일 전

    Why does he keep saying "westren"?

  27. carnage2332

    carnage233228 일 전

    That sweet sweet gonk Droid •∆•

  28. rene ziesig

    rene ziesig28 일 전

    i was surprised by the runtime of 30. min. you normally get this in sitcoms or dramadies. but i find it ok, enough time to tell a story and hook you up for next episode. EP. 1&2 did this so far also in the bounty hunters guild, its normal to work together when two hunters get the same bounty, killing your fellow hunters is a no-go and considered a guild crime. so "mando" will also have to face potential consequences if anyone find out he shot the IG unit

  29. Andy

    Andy29 일 전

    You should become the Alt-Shift X of these upcoming star wars shows. Breaking down the plot and connecting it to the cannon.

  30. snsb152

    snsb15229 일 전

    Disagree with you fully on the music

  31. Harrison Dula

    Harrison Dula29 일 전

    After all the garbage Star Wars content we’ve gotten this decade it’s nice to see something that manages to put a modern spin on the aesthetic of the ot, it’s a breath of fresh air to see something I love done so right after being ruined by politics for so long

  32. Eric P

    Eric P29 일 전

    It feels like Star Wars. Something missing from the Sequel trilogy are aliens, droids, civilization, etc.

  33. Hunter

    Hunter29 일 전

    One minute in and I knew this show was already better than every attempt since 1983 put together.

  34. Ben Moussa

    Ben Moussa29 일 전

    Pretty random but I found then intro music you use on my spotify discover. Always wondered where the tune was from. Resonance by Home

  35. Your Nan

    Your Nan29 일 전

    It is a good show, I have spoken, don't @ me

  36. Mitch Just

    Mitch Just29 일 전

    About that major spoiler thing... They did consult GL about it according to MSW and some other places!

  37. Matt Ellis

    Matt Ellis29 일 전

    Was not that good was meh. The aliens didnt feel like star wars the environment didnt feel like star wars....felt like a western set in the future. Way to not give an honest opinion, way to be bias asf smh

  38. Akalion

    Akalion29 일 전

    It's okay I guess

  39. AxeTheGreat1

    AxeTheGreat129 일 전

    Anyone else hoping we get mention of basilisk war droids

  40. Jim sw uk

    Jim sw uk29 일 전

    Too late.

  41. Gunnar Hosch

    Gunnar Hosch개월 전

    Anyone see the miss around 16:20 into the episode?

  42. Shawn G

    Shawn G개월 전

    Getting away from the skywalker bloodline is what star wars needs!!!!! The depth of the galaxy's lore with regards to different people and timelines is too much to just hang around with the Skywalkers

  43. Brian Cunningham

    Brian Cunningham개월 전

    I completely agree. The show is incredible. Only the music needs bit of work.

  44. ClokworkGremlin

    ClokworkGremlin개월 전

    The fish guy at the beginning clashed with the entire Star Wars tone. He felt like a character from The Orville had been dropped in for no reason. The smelting scene probably doesn't work because it feels like it was shot and directed by someone who doesn't know how metallurgy works at all. Other than that, I enjoyed the episode.

  45. Baron Von Funderburgh

    Baron Von Funderburgh개월 전

    I Agree that the music was a little rough.