The Little Things Big Fans Never Noticed In Deadpool 2


  1. Looper

    Looper9 개월 전

    What other Easter eggs have you found in the movie?

  2. Ibrahim Abdulmoula

    Ibrahim Abdulmoula25 일 전

    I have no idea

  3. FaZe _Combat

    FaZe _Combat4 개월 전

    Spider- Man M E

  4. Akabuena

    Akabuena7 개월 전

    Looper When Fire Fist blew away Deadpool when he was hugging him, Deadpool's suit became grayish color which is also an alternative costume as Deadpool X-Force in the comic

  5. DeadOutlaw638

    DeadOutlaw6388 개월 전

    +White Dragon Security yeah sorry bruh! Damn! Lol

  6. White Dragon Security

    White Dragon Security8 개월 전

    +DeadOutlaw638 Can't forget Voltron, Captain Planet, and G.I. JOE!!!

  7. Andrew Bergeron

    Andrew Bergeron개월 전

    Clicbaits should become illegal and u should do jail time for that

  8. Hippo The killa

    Hippo The killa개월 전

    Future guy: “who are you Deadpool: “I’m batman

  9. ScoopDogg1867

    ScoopDogg1867개월 전

    The pump dispenser mansion scene was in the film

  10. athi jinx

    athi jinx4 개월 전

    Funny thing is i noticed them all. No surprise in this video.

  11. Shelby Robinson

    Shelby Robinson5 개월 전

    did he really say semenly random about the soap dispenser thing?

  12. Shawn Vincent

    Shawn Vincent5 개월 전

    Samantha Foxx

  13. Stuckterror8067 Ohh yeah yeah

    Stuckterror8067 Ohh yeah yeah6 개월 전

    The up reference is in the new pg movie



    It'll be shown in Once upon a deadpool

  15. Rick Storey

    Rick Storey6 개월 전

    A looper video that I actually enjoyed. Well played looper, well played.

  16. Timothy Egoroff

    Timothy Egoroff7 개월 전

    Deadpool looks like a young Death's Head

  17. Jiangming Yao

    Jiangming Yao8 개월 전

    Who else come before the movie for them

  18. Tomasz Stefaniuk

    Tomasz Stefaniuk8 개월 전

    Nothing new really :(

  19. J-Roc

    J-Roc8 개월 전

    The soap dispenser joke was completely in the Australian release.

  20. Jeremy Sladek

    Jeremy Sladek8 개월 전

    Who else saw Omega Red's appearance?

  21. TidalEquation25

    TidalEquation258 개월 전

    This sounds like the same voice in if minecraft storymode was realistic.

  22. DeadOutlaw638

    DeadOutlaw6388 개월 전

    Did anyone,I imagine most of y'all did,notice when Deadpool first sees The Juggernaut he says something like,"😱🤩Oh My God! Juggernaut! He was always my favorite and still is!, Something, something else lol I'll have to watch the scene again but that was kind of a pun like Ryan Reynolds himself said it instead of DP🤣🤣😆😆

  23. Eric Apple

    Eric Apple8 개월 전

    The taxi says Alfa flight

  24. TinyTat 20

    TinyTat 208 개월 전

    I sobbed at the the movie.... where he almost.... went? I was like “WHAT ABOUT RUSSEL!!!”

  25. xXtentionKord

    xXtentionKord8 개월 전

    Thought it said Despacito 2

  26. ZaCHaTaCK

    ZaCHaTaCK8 개월 전

    I’m gonna R.I.P. you in half now... Reply if you get it

  27. manoi norm muhamad noor manoi noram muhamad noor

    manoi norm muhamad noor manoi noram muhamad noor8 개월 전

    the best moveis

  28. SAGE XX

    SAGE XX8 개월 전

    Who wants to sift through this terrible ass movie to find those eggs SMDH Deadpool 1 was fantastic, 2 was pure shit I was so disappointed.

  29. TheMannyzaur

    TheMannyzaur8 개월 전

    Hey Looper did you notice that after Russell fire balls Deadpool his suit became gray? That is his X-Force suit in the comics



    Vanessa dies?

  31. Calvin Tan

    Calvin Tan8 개월 전

    You dun need to fluent in cantonese to read 红莲(red lotus). You just need to know how to read chinese characters. Cantonese is just chinese dialect. Not all chinese speaks cantonese.

  32. michael tuemose

    michael tuemose8 개월 전

    omfg if you didt not see, ryan sign his own name. on the cereal box, you need to be awake.. i was high, i saw it and laughed so hard.. ryan reynolds is the best funny actor, to ever have lived

  33. Tower 7

    Tower 78 개월 전

    ‘Semenly’ random moment Ha!

  34. That Guy

    That Guy9 개월 전

    in the super duper cut when standing over the baby hitler crib, Deadpool says "this is crazy" with the same body movements and voice inflection as Clark Griswold during the pool scene in the original National Lampoon's Vacation.

  35. Candyapplezzz

    Candyapplezzz9 개월 전

    none of these are really secrets

  36. Robert Huppie

    Robert Huppie9 개월 전

    Hey Looper, why do all your videos blow harder than Mia khalifa?

  37. shaji moothedan

    shaji moothedan9 개월 전

    Hey I found one...check out the news scrolls at the bottom during when the firefist unleashes himself and deadpool and others come to can see that there is a line that says 'Christopher plummer refuses role in Deadpool 2'...That was a great one..

  38. Kriss Kross

    Kriss Kross9 개월 전

    they should release both versions on blu-ray

  39. Mike Tank Brown ll

    Mike Tank Brown ll9 개월 전

    How can you notice some of this stuff when a person only see's the theatrical version?

  40. My name is Blink

    My name is Blink9 개월 전

    He sounds like dexter manning

  41. Resident Sleepy

    Resident Sleepy9 개월 전

    My name is Blink was looking for this comment, I’m sure it is him???

  42. popos kerokeros

    popos kerokeros9 개월 전

    Deadpool uses the sun is going down to juggernaut like thor used to hulk. Here comes big cgi fight scene

  43. Jakub Lorenc

    Jakub Lorenc9 개월 전

    Loughing at Hough Jackman when talking about tan oil in the x-force plane sequence

  44. Matt Staib

    Matt Staib9 개월 전

    alpha flight logo on taxi?

  45. The Last Maximillian

    The Last Maximillian9 개월 전

    Deadpool taping his legs is the best

  46. Misael V.

    Misael V.9 개월 전

    Literally everyone noticed him write "Ryan Reynolds". And how would 'big fans' notice half these things if they were in the Super Duper Cut? Disliked.

  47. Cannon G

    Cannon G9 개월 전

    the thought the one about up was Forrest gump

  48. reyray

    reyray9 개월 전

    Wouldn't Colossus wash up with WD-40 or something like it?

  49. Snoozed

    Snoozed9 개월 전

    Did anyone else hear the Holly Shit Balls song

  50. MrHall53

    MrHall539 개월 전

    Kid:Are you a superhero? Dp:Yes.. Kid:What's your name? DP:Captain Fluffy Pants..(Jumps in 🦁 pen)

  51. Abaddon Torment

    Abaddon Torment9 개월 전

    Wheres Stan Lee

  52. RC360

    RC3609 개월 전

    These weren't Easter eggs at all. Just stupid factoids that anyone who got the digital copy would know.

  53. Thomas Neal

    Thomas Neal9 개월 전

    over half of these things we supposedly "missed"... were only in the uncut version. terrible video, Looper. just terrible.

  54. Luis Parra

    Luis Parra9 개월 전

    I got a Toon blast with Ryan Reynolds on it, coincedence?

  55. Adrian Lucero

    Adrian Lucero9 개월 전

    What about logan music in the deadpool death scene

  56. Buddy_EunBi

    Buddy_EunBi9 개월 전

    Red Lotus on the name card was in Chinese , not Cantonese , please get your facts right Looper

  57. boreduser12

    boreduser129 개월 전

    What do the chinese characters say on the card?

  58. ToyoSauce

    ToyoSauce9 개월 전

    Im suprised that Juggernaut is Ryan Reynolds and deadpool is Wade Winston Wilson

  59. Yobogoya

    Yobogoya9 개월 전

    When the Juggernaut charges at Wade, Wade says, "Whoa there big guy, the sun's gettin' real low." Referencing the Hulk lullaby from Ultron and Ragnarok.

  60. minners71

    minners719 개월 전

    Little things you missed in deadpool 2 - and the first one shown is not even in the film so of course we missed it.

  61. rofellos83

    rofellos839 개월 전

    The cure for blindness and cocaine in the floor that DP told Al was hidden together somewhere in the house.

  62. Ja Ja Toure

    Ja Ja Toure9 개월 전

    When he calls Cable Thanos 🤣🤣

  63. Milan Shres

    Milan Shres9 개월 전

    You missed the last scene where Juggernaut comes out of swimming pool

  64. ArtisticBang91

    ArtisticBang918 개월 전

    I saw that too 😂

  65. Larry Lauger

    Larry Lauger9 개월 전

    When deadpool uncrossed his legs when he still had baby balls. Its his "basic instincts"

  66. SpinZu

    SpinZu9 개월 전

    You probably forgot to mention that this was taken in the last cause we see quicksilver still alive and well as a teen

  67. Lee Noppen

    Lee Noppen9 개월 전

    I didn't go see the second movie, but the first seemed quite stunning, I still keep on guessing what Deadpool held on with his grandmother

  68. Jordan de Vries

    Jordan de Vries9 개월 전

    He said "semen-ly" when talking about the soap gag. Am I the only one who caught that?

  69. Jefferu Nintendomoto

    Jefferu Nintendomoto9 개월 전

    Wait. When did Dex get a job?

  70. Jimothy Snooker

    Jimothy Snooker9 개월 전

    after a crash Deadpool's neck was twisted backwards. he snapped it back normal and said "suck it Mel Gibson". what was that suppose to mean

  71. MrHall53

    MrHall539 개월 전

    It was a reference to onenof the Lethal weapon movies .Mel Gibson falls off a building and pops his shoulder out of place and pops it back in..80''s baby ish

  72. Jonathan Basso

    Jonathan Basso9 개월 전

    Title says we never noticed but they are scenes not even in the movie

  73. Brian Guptar

    Brian Guptar9 개월 전

    I liked the one where DP tells cable "shut it Thanos" cracked me up


    NO_EYES_ON_ME9 개월 전

    This was an aweful movie and Ryan Renolds same old skit is getting old.

  75. Wendell C75

    Wendell C759 개월 전

    "Ejaculate into a soap dispenser a hero" I didn't know why colossus was freaking out when deadpool said this, but now it makes sense. Wtf lmao 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣 colossus used sperm for soap!!!!!! Did the girls know?

  76. GAMBITGOD Eighty-Six

    GAMBITGOD Eighty-Six9 개월 전

    cant believe i didn't notice the deleted scene...

  77. Myles Kilgarriff

    Myles Kilgarriff9 개월 전

    The title is misleading this video is basically just about the super cut of the film

  78. JonnyBman2016

    JonnyBman20169 개월 전

    "Heres things you didnt notice, its a scene that wasnt even in the movie"

  79. Omar Gallegos

    Omar Gallegos9 개월 전

    Maybe we never noticed them because they were all deleted scenes? Lol

  80. Dan Francisco

    Dan Francisco9 개월 전

    Favorite parts are when they wasted almost all the x force and the time traveling of dp, lol

  81. Black Devil

    Black Devil9 개월 전

    Who else saw Bardd Pitt as Vanisher?

  82. Sara Morrissette

    Sara Morrissette개월 전

    **Brad pitt

  83. Mikev 552

    Mikev 5527 개월 전

    guy from world war Z and fight club are his most well known roles

  84. Ro Tyler

    Ro Tyler7 개월 전

    who the truck is Bardd Pitt???

  85. Mikev 552

    Mikev 5529 개월 전

    But did u notice that the guy who played pennywise for 2017s IT was acid spitter

  86. Mikev 552

    Mikev 5529 개월 전

    Black Devil anyone who was paying attention

  87. David Case

    David Case9 개월 전

    The only reason I knew about Ryan Reynolds actually signing his name was cause I went to see Deadpool 3 times

  88. Tonia Shaw

    Tonia Shaw8 개월 전

    Is better than the middleman

  89. Rene Sabljak

    Rene Sabljak9 개월 전

    The title is 25 deadpool 2 easter eggs but you said like 10 of them wtf

  90. Thomas Zulli

    Thomas Zulli9 개월 전

    In the deleted "kitchen scene" in the super cut. when wade is writing new lables for the everyone. You see one for colossus, negasonic teenage warhead, yukio and wheels. This is a nod to the first xmen movie when wolverine jokes to prof. x "what do they call you? wheels?"

  91. Kuznapi

    Kuznapi9 개월 전

    What did he say when he sniffed his fingers ? @ 2:14

  92. Ligma

    Ligma9 개월 전

    Kuznapi "Oh god"

  93. Carole S.

    Carole S.9 개월 전

    Thanks, LOL

  94. Col. R

    Col. R9 개월 전

    It was alright, I give them alot of credit for the work

  95. G W

    G W9 개월 전

    Here's one I haven't heard anyone mention - when Wade is trying to kill himself he drinks bleach out of a bottle "Clog Clear" which also has the label "Agent K" on it (it even has an arrow pointing to it!). Agent K is like the Phil Coulson of Department H, the Canadian government department that handle Alpha Flight, the Canadian super team.

  96. paradroidx

    paradroidx6 개월 전

    calm down lol

  97. Arinze Ifedobi

    Arinze Ifedobi9 개월 전

    or Agent K refers to Josh Brolin who played the younger version of Tommy Lee Jones in Men In Black

  98. Toppu

    Toppu9 개월 전

    you guys missed an easter egg too: when Deadpool lies dying after the final fight, you can hear sad music in the background which is very similar to what you could hear during Logan's finale

  99. Johnny Lee

    Johnny Lee9 개월 전

    Google only Translate mandarin and not Cantonese

  100. El Patchino

    El Patchino9 개월 전

    Can You LESS TALK .. and Put More Animated Footages -_-

  101. dJason OS

    dJason OS9 개월 전

    Hulk Easter egg when he's trying to ko the juggernaut, sun's getting real low

  102. Star Wars Base

    Star Wars Base9 개월 전

    “Semenly Random moment

  103. Matt Foley

    Matt Foley9 개월 전

    "Seemingly" ... I caught that line.

  104. Mossovich Wintovsky

    Mossovich Wintovsky9 개월 전

    Why the hell are these all deleted scenes? Screw you Looper

  105. Nihall_369

    Nihall_3699 개월 전

    4:09 alpha flight on top of taxi

  106. WhoAreYouForYou

    WhoAreYouForYou9 개월 전

    #1 that it was a shitty movie

  107. Dominique Lawson

    Dominique Lawson9 개월 전

    This movie is hilarious lol. That cable guy took me an i only told him everything. Now lets find out where he is so you guys can go without me lmao

  108. James Collins

    James Collins9 개월 전

    Dende esta bibliotecha

  109. Lord Night Villain

    Lord Night Villain9 개월 전

    Lol I'm so glad I only watch the film and that's it! Because any sequel is only worth 2 viewings ever.

  110. Marco Danili

    Marco Danili9 개월 전

    Somebody recognised Matt Damon?

  111. ChrisSimpsonFilms

    ChrisSimpsonFilms9 개월 전

    Things we never noticed while watching deadpool 2? ....deleted scenes and alternate takes.

  112. Funny Cartoon Clips

    Funny Cartoon Clips9 개월 전

    It's all about the money, it's all about the money.

  113. Renz Joseph Lopez

    Renz Joseph Lopez9 개월 전

    They forgot about deadpool saying to cable ‘ZIP IT THANOS!!!, and saying to him in the ince box WINTER SOLDIER’ one of the best marvel movies I’ve watched

  114. DocterOreo

    DocterOreo9 개월 전

    2:20 so you mean SEMENly 😂😂😂 I AM NOT SORRY ACCEPT IT

  115. HNICB1GM1K3

    HNICB1GM1K39 개월 전

    when Juggernaut says you "f****** commie" to Colossus it sounds just like Deadpool you could tell is Ryan Reynolds voice they did a bad job on that

  116. MrRapperj

    MrRapperj9 개월 전

    There was a whole Huggies commercial when cable first arrived

  117. Sean Kraus

    Sean Kraus9 개월 전

    Wow looper is getting lamer some how.