Should We Do Part 2, If So What Items Should We Use Next? Make Sure You Purchase Your Biannca Prince Lashes 💕



    This is

  3. Khadijah West

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    Yeah you should 👍👍

  4. Niah Lewis

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  5. Ebony Cooper

    Ebony Cooper2 개월 전

    Kiyona Nelson - what do you need to tell them?...... love you x

  6. Ebony Cooper

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    Dorothy Sellers f you

  7. Godgift Akinyemi

    Godgift Akinyemi5 시간 전

    You can put some rat 🐀🐀🐀🐀

  8. Aiden Harris

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    Snakes in o bin

  9. Shemoya Sitcheran

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    You people are crazy

  10. A_Baby Jay

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    Blood vs crip 😂

  11. Andrea Wallace

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    I love y'all video

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    I love y'all

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    l lovered

  14. akeem Joseph

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    go red goo

  15. Lekecha Turner

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    I know nyyear and jalny

  16. 4 hearts

    4 hearts3 일 전

    Make part 2

  17. Jakada Love

    Jakada Love3 일 전

    Yes they won give it 10 like if u love prince fam 😜😛😝😝😜

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    Congratulations ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  20. Thomas Branch

    Thomas Branch5 일 전

    Part 2 pleaseee

  21. Crystal Baker

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    Good job

  22. m Maldonado

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    Who else watchin’ this at dec. 5-7 20

  23. Franchelis Yens

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    I hate them not the price family them there mean you guys run for a reason they are haters

  24. Olivian143xoxo

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    Prince family all day every day

  25. Renee Brown

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    Prince family forever . red is hot blue is not.

  26. D Tillman

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    I want to be in this

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    Yellow team👌🏽

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    Go. Team

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    The prince family is gong to win

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    Red them win

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    Y'all lit

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    Good prank

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    Hey this is serenity i love our videos

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    Binnca and jaylan look like they can be sisters

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    Milk with salt

  36. porsha_queen XD

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    Rice,soup,jelly, dog food, and fluffy stuff animal

  37. Lydia Manenge

    Lydia Manenge11 일 전

    Damine fell but they didn't show when he got out of the muster

  38. Boyce Diseko

    Boyce Diseko11 일 전

    Dog pop

  39. Gialiyah Brown

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    20:49 Biancaaaaaa😂😂😂😂

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    Prince family you are nore talented than them

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    Get some merchandise

  44. move like a snake

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    Ok Damian I see the waves flowing

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    Good job Prince family good job congratulations for the 50,000 y'all are Gucci