The Last Days of the ROC Reloaded - Dame Dash vs Def Jam The Aftermath PT. 1


  1. #ElevationNation

    #ElevationNation시간 전

    Learn how to USE e-mail 😂😂😂

  2. Budget Queen

    Budget Queen14 시간 전

    I’m with Dame on this one!! Jay right along with these ppl helping the white man!! Stay Woke!!

  3. Sylvester Hatten

    Sylvester Hatten일 전

    Dame was rite👌👌

  4. Dutch Masta

    Dutch Masta일 전

    "i don't know how to use email" what a fucking moron to not know how to email in 2003. and things still havent changed in 2019

  5. Russada

    Russada일 전

    If Jayz didnt do what he did he wouldn't be where he at today. I'm sure its many people who have cut off friends because yall feel yall going in two different directions. Just because we got money together don't mean I'm indebted to you.

  6. Dlorenzo680

    Dlorenzo6802 일 전

    That wasn't a boss move he was in full panic mode a real boss would've asserted the situation and called his lawyers....

  7. onacsut

    onacsut2 일 전

    Bruh it took him 10 mins to walk out the building

  8. King Sports

    King Sports2 일 전

    Randy Atkin still getting money

  9. War Soprano

    War Soprano7 일 전

    Fab version was better

  10. victor johannes

    victor johannes7 일 전

    Because u was not invited

  11. Mrs Ada Adom32

    Mrs Ada Adom3215 일 전

    Fuck that jay was smart or he would be broke just like dame dame was a loud mouth fool that all his bullshit didnt get him nowhere but broke and in debt ppl really be thinking the smart but your really dum asf you dont handle business like this I dont give a fuck who you are

  12. Mike Byrne

    Mike Byrne18 일 전

    Look at who ultimately proved to be the biggest clown & hypocrite of them all LMFAOOO loudest D bag in the room ... all bark no bite. Deadbeat & broke hypocrite stuck on past accolades.

  13. Michael Bonica

    Michael Bonica22 일 전

    I am from the street but I tell you this I wouldn't b dressed like a 9 year old with my hay turned to side at that level of the game dress accordingly at least in the office be professional mfkers prob don't take him serious like how in the fuck is this king baby going to yell at me

  14. Tongan Warrior

    Tongan Warrior24 일 전

    This dude doesn’t even have a computer talking about emails lmao

  15. 31 deep Grimace

    31 deep Grimace25 일 전

    Intern= Mr.Dash I got your cappuccino. Damon= "Shut the fuck up, you dont know shit about cappuccino, your a clown. Go get your own artist. Intern=

  16. December's Very Own

    December's Very Own27 일 전

    And now everyone knows Dame was right.

  17. 2 times

    2 times개월 전

    jayz became ceo the day @ bobalobb funeral.. chakra knew wassup.

  18. Maurice Loatman

    Maurice Loatman개월 전

    Dame Dash & Bjork are Remembered in June 2014

  19. George Diego

    George Diego개월 전


  20. George Diego

    George Diego개월 전

    Why talk shit to somebody that wont stand up pussy🔥🔥🔥

  21. Nolan Walls

    Nolan Walls개월 전

    what's left of the culture today or what is the culture

  22. Nolan Walls

    Nolan Walls개월 전

    he was right then! an no body knew it. they didn't then or now respect what's left of the culture. it's really gone

  23. 03 Cheeto

    03 Cheeto개월 전

    Jay was phasing Dame out

  24. Gary Brown

    Gary Brown개월 전

    Lol dame don't know how to use email that is a stupid rich dude lmao

  25. Gary Brown

    Gary Brown개월 전

    It's a better way to discuss business other than all that acting like Tupac shit



    Dame didn’t know how to talk to people. Look how he talks to people under pressure. You can only get but so far. Jay Z took it to another level. He took the culture in his own hands. Dame was weak in this moment still. He could have made a better chess move.

  27. Chris Ish

    Chris Ish개월 전

    I would been mad to How could you do a meeting with one of my artists and cut me out that's like playing with my money

  28. The All Power Team

    The All Power Team개월 전

    The King, never has too scream..."I'm the King!".

  29. World Newz

    World Newz2 개월 전

    Dame had a point but his approach was the problem if ur in business with someone u shouldn’t go out ur way to embarrass them

  30. President Camacho

    President Camacho2 개월 전

    that building FULL of clean cut white boys with degrees and hes still trying to act hood. bruh, this aint the time or place for that show you puttin on. tha fuck outta here with that lol if you wanna be involved, be there. quit hiring people who make moves behind your back, thats on you. everyone there looks like they jam out to miley on their way home. thats your building, your company, your crew. quit acting outta line if you dont have the gall to be involved on a daily. then you wait til it boils over and blow your top? real professional lol

  31. WILL GEE

    WILL GEE2 개월 전

    His own man was back stabbing him

  32. The Real Cali Boy

    The Real Cali Boy2 개월 전

    Ebony type nigga

  33. Anastasia Octavia

    Anastasia Octavia2 개월 전

    The crazy thing is Jay played his cards right remember the black album was when he was going into retirement Jay knew exactly what he was doing! HE PLAYED THE GAME RIGHT!!

  34. Felix M

    Felix M2 개월 전

    So why didn't he hit JayZ up instead of turning up on people who wont do the same back ? .......

  35. Vintage Cassettes

    Vintage Cassettes2 개월 전

    Fuck Jay Z

  36. Rick

    Rick2 개월 전

    Not even knowing the history of this, you can date it pretty easily. "We doin business by email now?!?! You send me an email the day before a meeting?!?! Fuck email, you don't confirm by email!" I get meeting invites 20 minutes before a meeting sometimes. It's run of the mill nowadays, but back then doing shit via email was 'unprofessional'. You supposed to call for everything. lol

  37. MrKingoverall

    MrKingoverall2 개월 전

    Dame was the real one

  38. pete falcone

    pete falcone2 개월 전

    dam is a loud mouth clown all bark no bite prob why hes broke with no friends now

  39. Gutierrez Acuna

    Gutierrez Acuna2 개월 전

    The white man invented music instruments! So it's really not your calture!

  40. David Savian

    David Savian2 개월 전

    Dame knew at that point that he was a dead man walking. His sister Stacey Dash also says a lot of stupid things. They are both very dizzy people that think they are always right. I can't stand this asshole. Jay Z couldn't stand his big mouth either and walked away from him. Big mouth chump.