The Irishman | Final Trailer | Netflix


  1. snakejohnfan2

    snakejohnfan29 분 전

    They should've put ray liotta in the movie ☹️, seeing these guys together reminded me of goodfellas

  2. Abdul Qayyum Shahid

    Abdul Qayyum Shahid2 시간 전

    A Supreme "TV" movie, marred by over-the-top overacting by Pacino, confused "de-aged" De Niro and fatherly mobster Peci. Script lack not only the punch but soul too. Background music a reminder from GoodFellas. This unfairly hyped movie feels like holding an elephant in the lap for three miserable hours running time. Scorsese is old now for sure.

  3. WinterRose711

    WinterRose7112 시간 전

    Why is my heart pounding from watching this trailer 🙈

  4. tree cutters of America

    tree cutters of America6 시간 전

    Hey I love the MOVIES Robert De Niro plays in but since he showed his true colors with President Donald Trump just like all the other actors and singers I will not watch nor listen to them anymore and by the way when are they going to move out of America I'm still waiting haters will hate they going to shit their pants when Trump wins 2020 I wonder if they're going to cry this time or commit suicide you know which one I'm betting well got to go keep America great

  5. Darth Wiffy

    Darth Wiffy4 시간 전

    What are YOU going to do if Trump loses?

  6. TheHuidos2006

    TheHuidos20066 시간 전

    Watch as much as you want become totally indoctrinated, be psychologically manipulated, be propagandamnized, fully submerge yourself in shit stank HEINOUS nwo rancid infectious ATROCIOUS GARBAGE, for one low monthly price!

  7. Nash Kale

    Nash Kale6 시간 전

    I got sad at the end when they all get old it reminded me that it’s waiting us all 😕

  8. Atiff Hamadah

    Atiff Hamadah7 시간 전

    This film so boring, no black actor,no Asian, no diversity, no strong woman, no lgbt , its all about white man nazi political agenda, I hope Disney will remake this film.

  9. KevGod

    KevGod10 시간 전

    martin scorsese: "nobody wants to produce my shit!" NETFLIX: "hold my beer!"

  10. Stacey Brett

    Stacey Brett10 시간 전

    Im kinda sick of the glorification of gangsters these guys were monsters

  11. Karen Whymark

    Karen Whymark12 시간 전

    Deniro is absolutely incredible even after all these years

  12. ReeRee2016

    ReeRee201612 시간 전

    I really enjoyed this movie!!! 👌

  13. martymcguinness

    martymcguinness14 시간 전

    Official Runtime 3Hrs 18Mins 27 Secs From "Netflix Presents" to last fade to black before closing credits. When I saw the movie in the cinema it actually felt like 2Hrs 45 this movie is the last of its kind

  14. Blackbeard 3211

    Blackbeard 321114 시간 전

    Good to see Joe Pesci again.

  15. Leul Getu

    Leul Getu15 시간 전

    who else wants Danny DeVito to be in the movie

  16. Potomacstud

    Potomacstud18 시간 전

    3 hrs 24 mins not wasted at all .. the goodfellas still work their magic like before ! the characters are not fictitious people !

  17. Hijibiji Band

    Hijibiji Band18 시간 전

    *What about another joke Murray?*

  18. TZ 77

    TZ 7718 시간 전

    Ironically, if Hoffa were alive today, he'd be 105 years of age, which is about the age the feeble Pesci, the frail Dinero, and flimsy Pacino appear to be in The Irishman. In each scene, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for one of the rickety old codgers to croak of natural causes. The digital de-aging was a complete and utter failure: it may have ironed out a few wrinkles, but these worn-out geriatric gangsters looked blown-out and burnt, about as intimidating as three stomped-out cigarettes.

  19. after dark

    after dark18 시간 전


  20. Claude Silverans

    Claude Silverans21 시간 전

    Très bon film et félicitations aux Acteurs 😁Juste être concentrés pour voir le film car il est très long plus de 3h00 mai qu'elle histoire.

  21. 1BrotherMack

    1BrotherMack21 시간 전

    Great film 👍🏿 December 2019

  22. Drzfts man.

    Drzfts man.22 시간 전

    Need more nuggets like this 🦾🦾🤞🏾 beelllloo bello . Simply

  23. Derek 123

    Derek 12322 시간 전

    Trying to pass Robert deniro as a young 30 something year old when he clearly looked 60 was pushing it...

  24. sapher2020

    sapher2020일 전

    I can't watch this cause of De Niro's stupid face on the cover!!

  25. CoderDamn

    CoderDamn일 전

    Don Rickles killed Hoffa with his jokes.

  26. Squirrel Guirrel

    Squirrel Guirrel일 전

    Legacy forever tarnished. A BOLD move, Mr. Deniro, to put on Irish-Face.

  27. Jason Ablah

    Jason Ablah시간 전

    He's like an 1/8th Italian.

  28. GuitaRicky84

    GuitaRicky84일 전

    If him were still alive, i’m sure James Gandolfini would be in this movie

  29. Miro

    Miro5 시간 전

    @Aown Ali He's sadly in a field of dreams...

  30. Aown Ali

    Aown Ali11 시간 전

    GuitaRicky84- Where’s Liotta?!

  31. Samad Samad

    Samad Samad일 전

    Netflix Saluran Dajjal Laknatullah

  32. Char The Scatman

    Char The Scatman일 전

    incredible film. that ending was heart wrenching.

  33. Felipe Stud10s

    Felipe Stud10s일 전

    Al Pacino: - The Godfather - Part III - Death - Scarface - Death - The Irishman - Death Robert DeNiro: - Taxi Driver - Live - Goodfellas - Live - Casino - Live - The Irishman - Live

  34. Antonio Rei

    Antonio Rei일 전


  35. Chiko was here

    Chiko was here일 전

    Take my money right now!

  36. Dutch Turk

    Dutch Turk일 전

    Just finished the movie and what i can say is: Don't expect to much action, it's more the story of a father in a gangster life.

  37. hugh jorgan

    hugh jorgan일 전

    This will be unpopular but I see a lot of cliche scenes and plots we've seen many times in the past. I had many instances of deja vu for Goodfellas. For example, the cabs getting torched, the backseat attack, the restaurant scene, and others. Disappointing.

  38. therealknapster

    therealknapster일 전

    Thanks Marty it was outstanding :) All about ' painting houses '

  39. Flawlezz Movezz

    Flawlezz Movezz일 전

    Having watched the movie my opinion is that u have to have certain patience to enjoy this movie otherwise u wouldn't enjoy it.Its a masterpiece the acting was phenomenal

  40. jamicaman900

    jamicaman900일 전

    I’m so sick & tired of mafia movies 🎥 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 haven’t we had enuf of Tony from Brooklyn 🤔🤔 Some of don’t give a fk about NY & New Yorkers & all this garbage

  41. fut klan

    fut klan일 전

    Plz you go anime narutoooooooo

  42. fut klan

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  43. Anniek L

    Anniek L일 전

    One of the best movies I've seen in my whole life. We all know they are great actors, but it seems like they always have more to give. I felt suspense, anxiety, laughed and cried like a baby. I think it's an epic movie and it's destined to be a classic.

  44. Lee Priest

    Lee Priest일 전

    Was very excited to watch this film with all the hype it got but my god iv never watched such crap in all my life....

  45. Arnau Martín

    Arnau Martín일 전

    The movie of the year