The Huawei Ban: Explained!


  1. RedblueRenegade

    RedblueRenegade2 일 전

    Samsung: Thank God we're not from North Korea

  2. Jim Davis

    Jim Davis2 일 전

    I thought this ban was all about 5G and how the Chinese have it and we won't for 5 years so we gotta stop them...

  3. tintin snowy

    tintin snowy2 일 전

    The REAL reason huawei is banned again is becos the US does Not have 5G tech. There are 8 companies that have or is in the process of developing 5G. Ericsson and Nokia both in Eroupe. Samsung in Skorea and Huawei, xiaomi, oppo and one other Chinese company. He is the US don't have a competitive 5G plan to compete they will ban huawei to give themselves time to develop 5G. Rather than doing catching up the US has adopted to stop Huawei by using national security as a pathetic excuse again. It's sad cos the US is way behind and they can't accept this fact rather than support fair competition they play dirty and they are good at it cos they have always used it to halt others who are better than them.

  4. Peter Lee

    Peter Lee3 일 전

    This is kinda off topic but I need to say something about Huawei. I personally hate Huawei. I read a news that 2 Chinese companies stole Samsung's bendable screen technology, and it is not even a surprise. Chinese give so much money to Samsung's worker and steal the technologies they want. As a South Korean, I think these things really need to stop and Chinese government really have to make some law to stop their own people's crime-like acts on business. What you guys are doing is not based on fair competition but is ruining every other country's free market system because of ridiculously high investment from the government itself to your companies. The world cannot beat this. It is cheating. Huawei is related to China's communist party and people don't know how dangerous that really means. In South Korea, we always hear news about those pirates but in US it is so quiet. US citizens really need to know its danger and not just think it is a Trump's one more bad decision. The world need to warn China that they are not a developing country anymore, and to make influence in the world, take some responsibility. Huawei stole tech from Nortel and Cisco by working with Cyber team of China's army. Huawei already used Samsung's technology without license 6 times and accused because of it. Not only with Samsung, but also with African Union, Pakistan, ASIS, and so much more criticisms are going on what Huawei have done so far. Sorry for bad English if I made some mistakes. I hope you guys just know that this is not just a joke. So much things are going on below the ground of ordinary people's view. Please be aware. They are not just innocent asians. This is not just an ideological problem but more like a warning to the China's behavior.

  5. Tony T

    Tony T3 일 전

    please ban tiktok ,what a dickhead app.

  6. Mark Ingram

    Mark Ingram4 일 전

    I think Huawei should do whatever they want to make profit as long as it is lawful.

  7. Huawei SOS

    Huawei SOS5 일 전

    Need help with your Huawei phone?

  8. Zayn Malik Turgunov

    Zayn Malik Turgunov7 일 전

    I have chinese phone

  9. Christian Sanchez

    Christian Sanchez7 일 전

    In theory everyone can just ban both Samsung and apple phones to make this stupid executive order go away. It's upsetting seeing great companies being stopped from making great technology.

  10. shane jett

    shane jett7 일 전

    Totally unrelated. I have a Huawei n like, but getting P!$$3D off getting email notifications on my phone. I want to remove email (gmail) from my phone. I don't want or need it. I don't just want to turn OFF notifications, I want email to FARK OFF. I don't want or need it. If I can't work it out I'll delete my Google account from my phone. It shouldn't have 2 come to that. HELP anyone?!?!

  11. Cheng

    Cheng8 일 전

    Mark ass brown lee said wawei insted of huawei!!!!

  12. Nimeni Nu

    Nimeni Nu9 일 전

    greetings from Apple!

  13. Noah Perez

    Noah Perez9 일 전

    Imagine brownlee with some side burns, in the 80s selling some cars Lololol idk

  14. Victor Huang

    Victor Huang9 일 전

    Probably won't get an answer for this, but eh why not. How does this affect Oneplus since it's also a Chinese smart phone company? Or does the EO affect it at all?

  15. Umbruhh

    Umbruhh9 일 전

    USA bans Huawei China bans iPhone Samsung: *This does put a smile on my face.*

  16. Mike

    Mike9 일 전

    US: Bans Huawei China: Bans apple Samsung in the backround: Haha!

  17. vladimir dev

    vladimir dev10 일 전

    Wouldn't it be cool to see what happens if the very first good fold phone, the one that actually works (hopefully) comes out and it uses the Huawei's own OS instead of regular Android? Get the popcorns! :)

  18. vladimir dev

    vladimir dev10 일 전

    I think this is the first time I heard a native English speaker say "Huawei" out loud. Sounds weird, but also makes sense :) I wonder how they pronounce it in China...

  19. 几多Kes

    几多Kes6 일 전

    Native speakers pronounce words of their own languages on a site called "forvo," if you're interested.

  20. john delacruz

    john delacruz10 일 전

    Damn. I really wanted a huawei p30

  21. Stranger guy

    Stranger guy10 일 전

    The funny part .. i phone and apple parts it says made in china ?? What is going on? Apple only they design it 🤔 ... Anyway i am going to buy Huawei this week ... i need the camera i dont care about shity google 😂😂😂

  22. Lydia-Renee Darling

    Lydia-Renee Darling11 일 전

    US: Bans Huawei China: Bans Apple Samsung: *I’m about to end this man’s whole career*

  23. Ğåçhã_ Pøţāțø

    Ğåçhã_ Pøţāțø7 일 전

    I have samsung,my bff has huawei and my bro has xiaomi😂 oof

  24. Vellvet France

    Vellvet France12 일 전

    Ima buy an Huawei phone latest just to take pictures then send it to my apple phone and post it on media lmao

  25. john delacruz

    john delacruz10 일 전

    You must be rich. Good for u

  26. zacch78

    zacch7812 일 전

    I'm watching this on a Huawei Media Pad M5 Pro. After this month with it no longer receive updates from the Google store? Like KOreporter, Gmail and Chrome etc?

  27. outofscenes

    outofscenes13 일 전

    Why everybody cares about the US goverment spying you and is not worried about the China goverment spying on you?? I care about both!

  28. Ciro King

    Ciro King13 일 전

    What if China stops making iPhones 🤔🤔 just so that they can make more Huawei phones?? Lol

  29. Ciro King

    Ciro King9 일 전

    @blue 😂😂😂 probably!

  30. blue

    blue9 일 전

    Ciro King I think Apple moved to India to avoid tariffs

  31. Andrew Hobbs

    Andrew Hobbs15 일 전

    Great just leave out all the evidence that huawei is actually trying to infiltrate our gov



    I was pronouncing Huawei like howai until now :/

  33. Inderpal Singh Assi

    Inderpal Singh Assi15 일 전

    USA: bans Huawei China: bans Apple Samsung: 😃 Every other phone company: "ok guy's, it's now our time!"

  34. Eric Louclair

    Eric Louclair15 일 전

    No dreaming! I buy any phone i want! Fuck your ban!

  35. hxppilydxpressed

    hxppilydxpressed16 일 전

    I'm watching this on a Huawei

  36. Mikla Man

    Mikla Man16 일 전

    Huawei makers if you read this I fuckig hate google its your chance to make something new something better!

  37. Mikla Man

    Mikla Man16 일 전

    Im still buying huawei

  38. khayam ali

    khayam ali16 일 전

    Will this affect laptops? Should I return my unopen mate book x pro?

  39. riki rex

    riki rex17 일 전

    If they can build a Google alternative will always be people(like me ) that would keep both and may switch completely on a more "private" kind of support. watch it USA! you fucked up before.

  40. Your Dearest Fan

    Your Dearest Fan18 일 전

    everyone buy a Huawei and fuck usa

  41. turkiye vatan

    turkiye vatan18 일 전

    Of course america huawei buy more than apple en samsung when you work whit america you are good when you not work whit america you are terrorist

  42. W Lin

    W Lin19 일 전

    Same Huawei products. It was a security threat before. And now it is not a threat anymore. What a fat liar the US is!!!

  43. John Gordon

    John Gordon19 일 전

    Marques you need to wait a while to see what happens, also Huawei has over a billion potential Chinese customers and so can continue without America , and they have 5G technology that is making a lot of money elsewhere in the world. Tests have shown that Ark OS is faster than android, now Trump has back peddled on the ban, so reassess the situation now.

  44. Uthu Santuhan

    Uthu Santuhan20 일 전

    I hope huawei create a map as good as google, email addresses, os, youtube that pays the contributors better. But there is an elite running the world. So it is still up to them how things will flow further.

  45. shadfurman

    shadfurman21 일 전


  46. shadfurman

    shadfurman21 일 전

    Software compatibility is my only issue. Android is different with every release I could manage. While the constitution grants the federal government authority over trade across boarders, there is legitamite debate over whether or not they can ban software, as software has been ruled protected as speech under the 1st amendment. They counter debate would be that monetary exchange, which could be circumvented if Google wanted to grant them a license without monetary exchange, there would be no legal basis for banning them that I'm aware of, unless you count precedent. The problem with precedent is that it allows a claim of "legality" that violates the law because a previous ruling, ruled contrary to the law, which hardly sounds legal doesn't it? A judge says something is illegal which is legal, or legal which is illegal, and then that's the law until another judge says it's not? Doesn't that just sound like activist judges circumventing due process to enact laws without the consent of the public? That's cause it is, and there's no rational legal basis for it. Of course they make one up, there are millions is pages of legalese trying to justify why it's legal to do the opposite of what the law says. They make up their own definitions contrary to common definitions, they indoctrinate new lawyers through a monopoly on lawyer education, they hide their irrationality through obscurity of their own terminology and cross references so complicated lawyers can't even figure it out. How can a jury function if the law is so convoluted the lawyers can't figure it out? They've circumvented your right to jury by cutting them off to the law through extreme over complication. Anyhow. I want to buy a Huawei phone simply because it's banned. I find this highly unacceptable.

  47. I'm Too Sexy For My Cat

    I'm Too Sexy For My Cat21 일 전

    Huawei:Why Are We Banned Trump:Your Helping The China Government To Spy On Users Human:I HATE HUAWEI THANK YOU TRUMP AND I USE AN IPHONE XR Honor:Huawei What Can We Do If We Can't Use Android Huawei: Windows Phone Or Our OS? Human: Microsoft Banned You To,For Windows Trump:Shut Down Huawei In September

  48. jerry tom

    jerry tom21 일 전

    Most people use phone to watch video or image,is it worth to spy?

  49. Uthu Santuhan

    Uthu Santuhan20 일 전

    Anti spy means money to politicians.

  50. Tiberiusduck

    Tiberiusduck21 일 전

    5G WILL KILL YOU..............

  51. Tiberiusduck

    Tiberiusduck21 일 전

    Huawei has been spying on it's customers and has been stealing intellectual property for the Chinese government for years. Wauwei finally got what they deserved. Communist Scum !!!

  52. Blessed Conqueror

    Blessed Conqueror21 일 전

    Plot Twist: It was lifted

  53. Janice Andama

    Janice Andama21 일 전

    Huawei ban is now lifted ?

  54. Shaf 2006

    Shaf 200621 일 전

    Absolutely yes

  55. Julio The coolio

    Julio The coolio21 일 전

    Theory: Apple has secret ties with trump. To make the world as one, Apple is trying to cut any other competition so that they dominate as number 1 Lol i doubt that

  56. J C

    J C21 일 전

    love me p10 plus, wanting a p30 looking like a oneplus..

  57. Skufi Hope

    Skufi Hope21 일 전

    This does not make senses

  58. Bughatii

    Bughatii21 일 전

    The pass , the futur , and the present what a tense moment