The House set to begin week 2 of impeachment inquiry hearings l ABC News




    ABC you suck at Adam's Adam's Schiff AS$.

  2. B.T.

    B.T.19 일 전

    Let Chinese zero experience Hunter, Steele Russian Asset Hillary and Barack Obama testify on Joe’s prosecutor (“fired for a billion dollars within 6 hours, haha, haha....”).

  3. Andrew Murphy

    Andrew Murphy19 일 전

    ABC who cares you are news terrorist if you're bad for this country bad bad reporting should really be ashamed of yourself and you know what let me tell you something I think Trump sound like a pretty good it was me I'd be a lot more pissed off

  4. that wasn't.chicken

    that wasn't.chicken19 일 전

    3rd hearing just as lame as the other two. Dems got nothing. They wouldn't even come to the mic afterwards like the repubs. Dems know it's over!!

  5. Michael Shane

    Michael Shane19 일 전

    DemocRats are TOO SLIMY , I cannot bare to watch anymore of this Sham. I’ll let my felling of this @$$clown sham show be known NEXT NOVEMBER!

  6. Mr. E

    Mr. E19 일 전

    Another paid dem. She is a liar

  7. Mopar Muscle

    Mopar Muscle19 일 전

    What America really wants to know is if Eric Shartwell actually farted during his recent interview with MSNBC or did the Russians interfere! #FARTGATE

  8. Mb

    Mb20 일 전

    Democrats are the party of Slavery

  9. Dale Walker

    Dale Walker20 일 전

    Mr eyeball prosecutor, shut down questions Adam shifty & Mr Weasel Vindman with his attorney whispering in his ear, don't go there. Jen Williams "it was very highly unusual " . Another total DUD & More never Trumper's. Zero Crime ! LOL ! Tell me Dems ......... Have you done a damn thing for our country in the last 3+ years other than resist, and go after Trump ? ........ NOPE !

  10. MAGA_2020

    MAGA_202020 일 전

    Everyone should know Adam Schiff & his wife Eve are two poisonous snakes!🍎🐍

  11. Javier Alarcon

    Javier Alarcon20 일 전


  12. st Zaa

    st Zaa20 일 전

    Behind door said one thing in public differnt

  13. fire5479

    fire547920 일 전

    Day 3 of this K-roo court. Walk out republicans and watch what happens. This will shut down!

  14. Boton Jupiter

    Boton Jupiter20 일 전

    Donald Trump is damion thorn from the omen. DT initue

  15. Boton Jupiter

    Boton Jupiter20 일 전

    The Orange umpaloopa

  16. John Jauregui

    John Jauregui20 일 전

    Foreign aid has become a convenient government financial vehicle for laundering taxpayer money which is pocketed by corrupt foreign government apparatchik recipients who then kickback a portion to corrupt the politicians in the US government who enabled the transfer, i,e, Hillary Clinton and her Foundation kickback vehicle. Funneling money to US politician's unqualified, do-nothing family members (i.e. Hunter Biden) appointed to foreign corporate Boards is just one more way to launder foreign aid for the benefit of those politicians who set up the taxpayer money transfers. Why do you think 98% of the people in Washington DC, vote Democrat? Why do you think Trump is vetting and cutting foreign aid expenditures? The Deep State is after Trump for many reasons. This reason is has to do with Trump threatening their laundered foreign aid kickback gravy train from corrupt politicians in places like Ukraine. What works for Baltimore also works for Kiev. Oh, and the media? They're helping the Democrats cover all of this up with hoax show trials like the illegal impeachment hearings totally controlled by Adam Schiff ------ political corruption completely off the charts.

  17. OG213LA

    OG213LA20 일 전

    The Democrats are truly making fools of themselves

  18. The Mock Turtle

    The Mock Turtle20 일 전

    Just like RussiaGate the latest Ukraine impeachment trial is looking like a hoax, instead of forming a platform besides interventionism the DNC acts like blokes. Ukraine got their weapons and without an investigation it means no quid pro quo. The real question is why not investigate Biden Burisma if there is nothing to show?

  19. PatriotWatchUSA

    PatriotWatchUSA20 일 전

    The funny thing is the Dims in the house won't vote on impeachment. They can't. It's impossible won't happen egg heads. Can anyone one of you turds tell me why? What about the damage report can you stooges tell me why? All this impeachment and hearings are for is to keep you communist whipped up and crazy. It's working. They tell you fools lie after lie and you folks buy into each and every time. Don't you feel like jackass's? You should..............

  20. Squizzy Bollocks

    Squizzy Bollocks20 일 전

    "Treason, BRIBERY, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors"........a president SHALL be impeached......guess we won't hear from you again....fuckwit.

  21. B Dahl

    B Dahl20 일 전

    Unusual and inappropriate, Thats good enough for me, Impeach him and deport him. And don't for get the the entire white house staff,Children,grand children, and even his dog. Don't forget about Putin.

  22. Jeannette Sikes

    Jeannette Sikes20 일 전

    I think Pelosi is bating Trump...but I think a good deal of the people of this Nation think of Trump as an impostor.

  23. Gaius Baltar

    Gaius Baltar20 일 전

    I am an always Trumper. Literally I and my family, workmates and friends will all be voting for Trump in 2020. It doesn't matter what Trump says or what Trump does. We are all voting for Him. If you were a serious person you would stop us. There are two ways to do that kill all of us or kill Trump. If you aren't prepared to do either one of those things then not only are you not serious about your side but you have no one else to blame when Trump walks easily away with a second term. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  24. Henree Henry

    Henree Henry20 일 전

    Just imagine if Obama had done ANY of what trump has done: grabbing women’s private parts, cheating on his wife with hookers, 3 marriages, cozying up with dictators, hiring his family as aids, hiring and firing cabinet members like he’s on a reality show, LYING daily, bragging and calling himself The Chosen One”...that only scratches the surface of the embarrassment he’s caused the nation. If that was Obama Republicans would have a collective heart attack! and all of that iwouldn’t be “Fake News and a Nothing burger”. Deflect Deny Lie. The trump republican tactic. The old double standard. Ugh. (No need to reply, I don’t get them).



    The house needs a makeover VOTE RED VOTE TRUMP

  26. Squizzy Bollocks

    Squizzy Bollocks20 일 전

    Sorry but the House is Blue for a looooooong time.

  27. motosport89

    motosport8920 일 전

    It was Democrats that went to a foreign power and paid money for information on a political opponent ( Trump phony dossier)..then lied to the FISA Court about the truth of it. Where is the outrage over that? That's where the real crime is.

  28. Wolfman Rich

    Wolfman Rich20 일 전

    Hunter Biden is a witness, the Republicans should be able to call him as a witness. There is powerful evidence Hunter Biden was getting graft from this Ukranian Oil Company, and he also got a 1 billion dollar deal with the Chinese. Joe Biden was Obama's point man in these two countires, Ukriane and China, and his kid - who has no known job skills - is cleaning up financially in these two countries while Biden was VP, that's powerful evidence of shady dealing. Schiff is saying - and telling his reporter pals - there was no corruption involved and we are just supposed to take Schiffs word on this. Schiff is a liar, and so is Biden - you don't get 50K a month contracts from shady oil companies in a shady country like Ukraine for nothing, Hunter Biden had a 50K no show job. I don't blame Trump for making inquiries about this, at all, he was right to do this. What kind of country is the USA when foreign business leaders can pay off the kids of big shot US politicians and get sweatheart deals for that. We had two years of Muellar chasing down leads on this fake Russian collusion stuff, yet nobdy is investigating Hunter Biden or his father, who apparently looked the oither way when his son was stuffing dirty chinese and dirty Ukrainian money in his pockets. The Biden are too big to investigate?

  29. David Rasch

    David Rasch20 일 전

    thats not a blast!! Just because the truth hurts, doesn't make trump a CRIMINAL!

  30. Moukazaru Gen2010

    Moukazaru Gen201020 일 전

    Trump won't be impeached

  31. Moukazaru Gen2010

    Moukazaru Gen201020 일 전

    fake news

  32. Paul Letchworth

    Paul Letchworth20 일 전

    Waste of tax payer money , when what they should be doing is looking at that crooked ass Biden and his shady ass dealings , wake up you dumb ass people , Democrats the sore ass losers syndrome

  33. Ryan Sheck

    Ryan Sheck20 일 전

    None of any of this is illegal, stop spinning this shit show

  34. Ryan Sheck

    Ryan Sheck20 일 전

    None of that has happened, the Democrats are doing all the illegal actions, Biden, Obama. Those are the criminals, the dems are doing this in a hope that people like you will flip out and see this as the only way to sway votes against him instead of policy issues, he is dominating in the office, kicking ass for the economy, jobs, trade. Get over words and look at actions!

  35. Squizzy Bollocks

    Squizzy Bollocks20 일 전

    "Treason, BRIBERY, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors"........a president SHALL be impeached.

  36. ChrisCo

    ChrisCo20 일 전

    This entire network is a disgrace to the journalistic community!! You knew about Epstein years ago.

  37. fathand Robert

    fathand Robert20 일 전

    Trump is a cheater, it’s plain to see that he was trying to cheat by making the Ukrainian telephone call and trying to get dirt on his political opponents Son, Hunter Biden! 😆 Trump says he was worried about the corruption in the Ukrainian government but the truth is he was being corrupt by holding up the funds already promised to the Ukrainian government by Congress! 😆 Trump believes that our laws don’t apply to him as in his super large ego he thinks he’s special and the rest of us are not, so he can do whatever he wants, wrong!!!! 😊

  38. ChrisCo

    ChrisCo20 일 전

    More FAKE NEWS!!!

  39. Squizzy Bollocks

    Squizzy Bollocks20 일 전

    "Treason, BRIBERY, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors"........a president SHALL be impeached.

  40. Brenda Drew

    Brenda Drew20 일 전

    Imposter, criminal i.e the AMURIKKKAN MAFIA, still the organized crime the late great FDR said they were when he compared them to the MOB/organized crime in the 1930s and 40s and a FASCIST American TRAITOR like the rest of them on the WRONG/REICH side of American history! "They pathologically lie and PERVERT truth and fact" per FDR's brilliant visionary VP Henry A. Wallace, champion of the 99 percent, including perverting Christianity AND American history and "They lie like Fascist Hitler". to paraphrase the late great JFK! They wouldn't know they truth if they fell over it, ever! They haven't changed since the 1930s and 40s, they HATE change along with all their other hate! Save for REAL Republican, TRUE patriot and REAL President Dwight Eisenhower, an anomaly, who was a moderate Republican compared to their far right extremism i.e. VERY dangerous American FASCISM/TREASON here since the 1930s and 40s, almost 100 years! Remember your DEM//GOP history and get the BIG picture, not just since Raygunomics, go back way further than that! BTW, Wallace also predicted and forewarned us about their assassinations at our embassies, their assassinations in the 60s and their 9/11...BOTH inside jobs! "They would be made RUTHLESS in their use of DECEIT or VIOLENCE to attain their ends"...VP Wallace, they use BOTH history has borne this out! "The dangerous American Fascist is the man in the United States who wants to do in an American way what Hitler did in Germany in a Prussian way"...VP Wallace, so they DO and also DID on 9/11..connect the dots and take the blinders off IF you still have them on! This is all being swept under the rug and white washed just like the late great writer/historian Howard Zinn said we do all the time with American history i.e. the Native American Holocaust etc. etc. so nothing new there, either! "History repeats" in more ways than one! IMPEACH indeed!

  41. Dick L

    Dick L20 일 전

    He need to be dragged out of his office in handcuffs

  42. Joey Calabrese

    Joey Calabrese20 일 전

    Democrats are devils drop dead all!!!!!!

  43. Joey Calabrese

    Joey Calabrese20 일 전

    Fire this bitch and hang her for treason

  44. Joey Calabrese

    Joey Calabrese20 일 전

    So what an idiot at work

  45. Joey Calabrese

    Joey Calabrese20 일 전