The History of my Hair


  1. lilu globen

    lilu globen4 시간 전

    Pffft what about Mexico,you never went there,so your hair isn’t there

  2. LumaRczech

    LumaRczech4 시간 전

    Can confirm what the scientists say, got your hair at home.

  3. Melanie

    Melanie7 시간 전

    when she pointed at the guy with green hair I started sweating because thats EXACTLY what my hair looks like

  4. bella 17790

    bella 177907 시간 전

    Lol my hair is too short also XD

  5. Jude Cogan

    Jude Cogan7 시간 전

    I have had a hair Pearce my skin once it never happens again though.

  6. Marsh Mallow

    Marsh Mallow8 시간 전

    I’m in nd and I still see jaiden hairs

  7. Devin Gaio

    Devin Gaio8 시간 전

    I Got Dyed Hairrrrrr

  8. RavenCraft 514

    RavenCraft 5148 시간 전

    This is literally me.

  9. peno and nita

    peno and nita10 시간 전

    Jaiden's hair is thic with 3 c's

  10. Megalomani mercenary

    Megalomani mercenary10 시간 전

    will not answer my comment ┐( ˘_˘)┌? or answer¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  11. Megalomani mercenary

    Megalomani mercenary10 시간 전

    Wow ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

  12. Vivian Lie

    Vivian Lie10 시간 전

    I have fake nails on so whenever i run my fingers through my hair a few strands would go through the nail

  13. Karen gray

    Karen gray11 시간 전

    Jaiden: my hair is everywhere Me: ...I think I found a Jaiden hair...but I'm in australia-


    SCRUB KNIGHT12 시간 전

    My hair is stiff idk why I'm a boy

  15. Galaxy wolf Girl

    Galaxy wolf Girl13 시간 전

    I get my mum to do my hair, first time I got if dyed, it was falling out as it’s the first I did it

  16. furry lover16

    furry lover1614 시간 전

    Your hair is alive lol

  17. Dwade Lebryant Jaime

    Dwade Lebryant Jaime14 시간 전

    You dont have to say "James and I" because hes the only one who watched your personal vids

  18. veronica robinson

    veronica robinson15 시간 전

    *laurnzside sued you*

  19. T3ARS G4CH4

    T3ARS G4CH415 시간 전

    Me: *takes out hair tie* The Hair Tie: *aight imma head out*

  20. Mikayla Ross

    Mikayla Ross15 시간 전

    "At least on of you has dyed hair" Like if you have dyed hair

  21. Alone Here

    Alone Here15 시간 전

    5.34 is that a Pokemon I see Yes I know that is snom from Pokemon

  22. Chloe Alvarez

    Chloe Alvarez16 시간 전

    5:34 *insert spinning snom.*

  23. Selective Panther

    Selective Panther17 시간 전

    I just noticed a Pokemon when she said sophisticated

  24. ruth abundiz

    ruth abundiz18 시간 전

    Sister got pissed by my moms before in her life to

  25. Ky BloodWolf

    Ky BloodWolf18 시간 전

    Me having freaking anime hair in real life. It will pop up like the swoops in Jaiden's hair.

  26. Devil of Doom

    Devil of Doom18 시간 전

    I hugged my dad once and he had a bit of a scruffy beard and i some how cut my self and left a little bit of blood on his face. pretty disturbing now that i think about it.

  27. Tomas Eugenio Loli Diaz

    Tomas Eugenio Loli Diaz18 시간 전

    Creo que soy el único que habla español : V

  28. Quinn Paquette

    Quinn Paquette19 시간 전

    SNOM!!!!!! you play Pokémon sword or shield?

  29. Evy Barrera

    Evy Barrera19 시간 전


  30. Kevin Cornell

    Kevin Cornell19 시간 전

    Jaiden.. I just took a shower and I think I also got pierced with an extremely THICC strand of hair

  31. FaridGC YT

    FaridGC YT19 시간 전

    Bijuu miku

  32. assassins Holman

    assassins Holman19 시간 전

    There's a kid in my class that dyed his hair pink is never coming out it's been that way for about 2 months

  33. starburstsyummy

    starburstsyummy20 시간 전

    I have dummy thicc pink hair and I don't own white clothes anymore

  34. Last Disguised

    Last Disguised20 시간 전

    I’ve been pierced by a hair strand ;-;

  35. KmartSlipons From Kmart

    KmartSlipons From Kmart20 시간 전

    I have

  36. sundie flox

    sundie flox20 시간 전

    'There was just too much hair!' "Jaiden. You do not know what it's like to have super long hair past your behind ever since you were 3. Medium length hair is easy to handle, you're just overreacting. This is coming from someone who finally got medium length hair with layers. It's so much more easier to control. You're actually weak.." - My sister.

  37. Jesse Dolling

    Jesse Dolling20 시간 전

    So I’m not the only one who has been sewed with hair, except my sister sheds the hair

  38. GalaxyWafflz

    GalaxyWafflz20 시간 전

    I want dyed hair... but my mom said it's "to girly" (I'm a boy btw)

  39. SuperJumpBros Mario

    SuperJumpBros Mario20 시간 전

    Frick your parents lol. Ignore them!

  40. tammy daniels

    tammy daniels20 시간 전

    purple into pink? THAT IS LAURENZSIDE COLOR

  41. O̷o̷f̷

    O̷o̷f̷21 시간 전

    I have blue hair and I've had to re dye it 3 times in the last 4 months 😑

  42. Faye Rhodes

    Faye Rhodes21 시간 전

    another thing about colored hair is sometimes when you have a sub and they don't know your name they might say "you with the pink hair."

  43. Blue Water Sheep

    Blue Water Sheep22 시간 전

    I have indeed been pierced by my own hair strand.

  44. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya22 시간 전

    0:07 it’s Aoyama

  45. The friend kids

    The friend kids22 시간 전

    Jaiden I had red hair a couple times

  46. Rachel Romero

    Rachel Romero22 시간 전

    My hair is also dummy thick

  47. Mary Montgomery

    Mary Montgomery22 시간 전

    I might be one of the only other people who has got pierced by hair, but they were really short

  48. Vixxie

    Vixxie22 시간 전

    Today I learned Jaiden and I have a lot in common hair wise -very thick -stays wet for a day - like 600 pounds of it - if someone even breathes on it from 20 feet away it will poof up - sheds - hairdresser mom

  49. DanniRenee1245

    DanniRenee124522 시간 전

    Jaiden making a fullmetal alchemist reference means everything to me (and when she adds the jojo menacing but thats different)

  50. dillinger bernal

    dillinger bernal22 시간 전

    i have by my own hair

  51. MonsterBean

    MonsterBean23 시간 전

    we need a video on how to draw jaidens weave

  52. PeridotGamerS

    PeridotGamerS23 시간 전


  53. Lydia Buchanan

    Lydia Buchanan23 시간 전

    I've dyed my hair with Kool-Aid and it stays in for a long time mine was up to 1 1/2 years and didn't turn into like a hay yellow

  54. No Homo

    No Homo23 시간 전

    I have a red towel; that used to be white I have a red pillow; that used to be white I have a red stain on my wall; that used to be white. Get the picture?

  55. lie flex

    lie flex일 전

    I have thin hair...good thing my hair will not stab a person

  56. Janmarcos Lopez

    Janmarcos Lopez일 전

    I have

  57. MegaWatermelonWolf

    MegaWatermelonWolf일 전

    Every now and then my dog’s hair gets pierced through my foot as I walked, it it kinda hurt weirdly

  58. the night lovers be your self

    the night lovers be your self일 전

    I dyed my hair and it was cool then why did I dyed my hair

  59. valerie forero

    valerie forero일 전

    i love you jaiden

  60. FOXY BOY

    FOXY BOY일 전

    I don’t like haircuts. That’s why I have long hair and I’m a dude

  61. Chickennuggest Is the best

    Chickennuggest Is the best일 전

    But it is true that some people freak out when it stains everything and also it is likely to be 100$