The Golden Globes Apologizes For Their Female Director Snub - CONAN on TBS


  1. Pravakar Patra

    Pravakar Patra11 일 전

    I'm not sure how I feel by seeing Conan & NBC logo sharing the same screen after all these years...

  2. Aura RC

    Aura RC24 일 전

    Women do women things like kitchen stuff and raise kids and men provide and protect the fam bam change my mind ✌️

  3. Jake The Snake

    Jake The Snake27 일 전

    Women want equal rights, get grouped with men. Dont make the top. Bitch about equal rights. Do you understand. Its not equal if they are given a handycap. Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. LKVideos

    LKVideos27 일 전

    "There are zero women nominated" Wtf. Is gender relevant to being nominated ? no. So stfu.

  5. Ollyoxenfree

    Ollyoxenfree27 일 전

    They just need a category for best female director



    If you don't nominate 'em its bad, thats how it works, aight

  7. InsanityLink

    InsanityLink개월 전

    Conan tried it and it was really good (sexist jokes)

  8. flip flop

    flip flop개월 전

    women suck balls thats why they dont win

  9. 2020vision

    2020vision개월 전

    when guys pretend to be feminists, LOL!

  10. HESHAM .m

    HESHAM .m개월 전

    He doesn't know any woman actress but he said Kirstin bell ಥ‿ಥ

  11. zizinnnn

    zizinnnn개월 전

    and you made him french because... it works?

  12. troumer

    troumer개월 전

    Probably because it's a writing staff inside joke. The character's last name (Dubouchet) is the real last name of the writer who plays Tony the Cameraman, Butterscotch the Clown, etc.

  13. Alex Mirrors

    Alex Mirrors개월 전

    All female director Oscar contenders Queen & Slim Honey boy A beautiful day in the neighborhood Little woman The farewell Hustlers

  14. Patrick Sammon

    Patrick Sammon개월 전

    Just because no women are in it doesn’t mean that they are being discriminated. It just means that some male actors did better with films. No sexism is involved, just the quality and overall goodness of films.

  15. Saanvi Sai

    Saanvi Sai개월 전

    This reminds me of debette goldry

  16. J P

    J P개월 전

    Did Conan just assume that person's gender?? Gasp.

  17. J P

    J P개월 전

    Maybe all the men are "nonbinary".

  18. John O’Rourke

    John O’Rourke개월 전

    I’d say if you watched all the films not knowing what gender the director is it would still be the same nominees... it’s like when will smith didn’t get nominated for concussion , it was not worthy at all in fact it was a bad film and performance

  19. soccerzz5

    soccerzz5개월 전


  20. Iman Khan

    Iman Khan개월 전

    The award shouldn’t be based on gender. It should be based on talent. So if none of the woman directors were good enough, they don’t get nominated. It would be the same if only women were nominated and not men. Imagine if they just put a woman director in there so that people wouldn’t complain. That’s insulting to women. Women should win awards because they deserve it and not because someone was obliged to let them win.

  21. Mike taerte

    Mike taerte개월 전

    Actually men should be able to get award in actress category if they play a woman?

  22. VHS Archive

    VHS Archive개월 전

    Obviously, women can't compete with men. That's why there are separate categories for actor and actress. What they need is a "Best Directress" category.

  23. Lost Aquarian

    Lost Aquarian개월 전

    I don't apoligise for snubbing McDonald's when I have dozens of better choices.

  24. Janine A.

    Janine A.개월 전

    I'm only here for José 💕

  25. Daniel Stack

    Daniel Stack개월 전

    Who is writing these sketches anymore? Seems like they almost never get big laughs or catch on beyond die-hard Conan fans. We need more of that Wahlburgers guy.

  26. Adam Grigsby

    Adam Grigsby개월 전

    Well according to our stupid woke culture... Men should be allowed in the actress category

  27. Doom Slayer

    Doom Slayer개월 전

    This is the problem with america today. Even people get offended with a comedy skit. Lol!

  28. Joel Romero

    Joel Romero개월 전

    Does a women really wanna win just cause she’s a woman; if you’re good you’re good

  29. Chris Corley

    Chris Corley개월 전

    Patty Jenkins.

  30. HITMAN

    HITMAN개월 전

    Well he said the truth. Feminism suck so as the women who worship it.

  31. Jarod Gordon

    Jarod Gordon개월 전

    Conan, Kimmel and Corden may be light in political satire and social commentary but they still make the current events tolerable and amusing.

  32. Nina Schenk

    Nina Schenk개월 전

    An apron with a bow?

  33. SlipperyTube

    SlipperyTube개월 전

    Get gud 😭

  34. DrGyalfren

    DrGyalfren개월 전

    "NAME A WOMAN!!!" - Billy Eichner

  35. AJ Knox

    AJ Knox개월 전

    The Golden Globes Best Direction Nominations are as follows: Bong Joon-ho, “Parasite” Sam Mendes, “1917” Todd Phillips, “Joker” Martin Scorsese, “The Irishman” Quentin Tarantino, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” Specifically which female director deserves it more than these men? If anything, the Lighthouse, Ford V. Ferrari, and El Camino would likely be the runner ups for directorial nominations anyways.

  36. PresidentialWinner

    PresidentialWinner개월 전

    @Sabrina Hansen Little Women looks great, i just watched the trailer. Still, you have to admit, the competition is tough. What would you remove from the list? Maybe Once upon a Time?

  37. Sabrina Hansen

    Sabrina Hansen개월 전

    Greta gerwig

  38. TheGabfest

    TheGabfest개월 전

    Do you remember the nomination of the hilarious comedy the Martian? Ricky Gervais openly talked about how nominations are handled.

  39. Sid Vicious

    Sid Vicious개월 전

    Honestly none of the movie directed by women are better than irishman, ford v ferrari, once upon a time in hollywood, jojo rabbit, marriage story

  40. Sarsour

    Sarsour27 일 전

    @Sabrina Hansen your shitty feminism says hi ..... and then goodbye

  41. Rafat Kazi

    Rafat Kazi개월 전

    also ladybird already nominated

  42. PresidentialWinner

    PresidentialWinner개월 전

    @Sabrina Hansen Lady bird came out in 2017. Not eligible

  43. Sabrina Hansen

    Sabrina Hansen개월 전

    lady bird and little women says hi... oh, so does booksmart

  44. Om Patel

    Om Patel개월 전

    Just cause your a women director doesn’t mean you have to be nominated. All the best director nominees deserved it.

  45. Shirbert Fandom

    Shirbert Fandom28 일 전

    @Naledi What so special about it? It's the same old I don't need a man to complete me bullshit, I'm independent blah blah blah.

  46. christen dsouza

    christen dsouza개월 전

    @Volcancis M.A.D "Thanks for the straw man argument. Don’t try to make me feel guilty for something that is in a completely different realm from this conversation. If you have a problem with me being vocal about a legitimate problem in the industry, then maybe you should get a life." Since you deleted this comment I did not get the opportunity to reply, if you feel guilty then you are straightaway saying that I am right so the strawman argument does not make sense. And a different realm? I was indirectly calling you out as a hypocrite as you support privilege problems like privileged directors and privileged "environment activists" while completely ignoring real-world problems as you get high on the attention you leech off from these famous people (could call people like you as clout scrap collectors). Clear your conscience then come and be a white knight.

  47. christen dsouza

    christen dsouza개월 전

    @Volcancis M.A.D ever heard of comedy?

  48. Volcancis M.A.D

    Volcancis M.A.D개월 전

    christen dsouza Also since we’re here, you should be telling Conan to get a life because he’s bringing it up and actually making fun of it.

  49. christen dsouza

    christen dsouza개월 전

    @Volcancis M.A.D stop crying, life is not fair boohoo. Privileged kids are talking about stolen childhood while sitting on a £5000 chair and on the other side billions of kids are struggling to get one ounce of food per day not complaining. Get a life.

  50. Ln Sh

    Ln Sh개월 전

    Get Bong Joon-ho on your show!!

  51. dimstrix

    dimstrix개월 전

    Kind of humor you don’t get in other late shows

  52. Time Traveling Old Man

    Time Traveling Old Man개월 전

    Maybe the best directors this year were all male...

  53. Sabrina Hansen

    Sabrina Hansen개월 전

    @Time Traveling Old Man I thing you misunderstood my point idiot

  54. Iman Khan

    Iman Khan개월 전

    Sabrina Hansen it’s a merit based system, it’s not based on equality, it’s based on talent. And these male directors deserve it. I’m sure if they thought a female director was good, she would be nominated. Women shouldn’t get nominated just because they are women. They should get nominated because they really deserve it. Ya

  55. Osman Cardona

    Osman Cardona개월 전

    @Sabrina Hansen All the biggest blockbusters next year will be directed by women, so how is the industry not giving women a chance ?

  56. Time Traveling Old Man

    Time Traveling Old Man개월 전

    @Sabrina Hansen maybe 5 of those "100 males" were better directors than those 5 females... you people get worked up about everything smh

  57. Sabrina Hansen

    Sabrina Hansen개월 전

    Or maybe golden globes and everyone else in this industry refuse to give women a chance. There are 5 succesful female directors out there and 100 males. This is not because mEn Do It BeTtEr

  58. Skibi

    Skibi개월 전

    People are acting like 50% of all directors are women. It's such a disingenuous conversation. It's not that women are incapable of making movies. There are really good movies made by women. But in the end, it's a small number if you compare it to the total amount of movies made by men.

  59. Jake The Snake

    Jake The Snake27 일 전


  60. Ching-Chen Huang

    Ching-Chen Huang개월 전

    Since when there must be some guaranteed nomination for female directors? Is female director like Elizabeth Banks qualified?

  61. saouz

    saouz개월 전

    Instead of doing better movies let's protest and try to get awards this way. American logic.

  62. Jake The Snake

    Jake The Snake27 일 전

    You mean liberal logic

  63. Top Dog

    Top Dog개월 전

    Can't win anything anyways as long as you're not black or a raging feminist

  64. Artagan

    Artagan개월 전

    If you add women to the list based on their gender and not merit does that not mean someone who might be more deserving of the nomination would get snubbed instead?

  65. Tosh T

    Tosh T개월 전

    When Luc Du Béchet said "oh, darn" I was 🤔😂

  66. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones개월 전

    Typical Hollywood. Judging someone by what they are on the outside. And then calling everyone else racist or sexist

  67. Robert Ri

    Robert Ri개월 전

    Lmao whats is this gender bullshit, Conan should get some non stupid writers

  68. Alice Depaul

    Alice Depaul개월 전

    If a men directed films were better this year what seems to be a problem?

  69. MYdodgeCharger

    MYdodgeCharger개월 전

    Conan!!! MAKE YOUR SHOW AN HOUR LONG!!! Half an hour is not enough Conan for me. Like if u agree.

  70. shorea27

    shorea27개월 전

    I don't know why i liked this skit so much 😂😂😂


    ANG GANDA개월 전

    Alicia Keys?

  72. Swagat Maharana

    Swagat Maharana개월 전

    Oscar and golden globe should not based on the basis of genitalias.....

  73. Jake The Snake

    Jake The Snake27 일 전

    Guys with one ball get the advantage cause they are a minority

  74. Tina Loye

    Tina Loye개월 전

    But somehow that's literally what happened. Coincidence? I think not

  75. carsiotto

    carsiotto개월 전

    I’m sTrONG aND fiERCE pLeASE AKnoWleDGE me!!!!!

  76. Ali Abdullah

    Ali Abdullah개월 전

    It is know that Golden globe is bought not won

  77. Andres Guerrero

    Andres Guerrero개월 전

    Meanwhile in miss universe, men are killing it

  78. Aaron Fernandez

    Aaron Fernandez개월 전


  79. CK Boulevard

    CK Boulevard개월 전

    Maybe it's not an oversight??maybe they are voting based on merit, instead of gender.

  80. Freedom_and_conservatism

    Freedom_and_conservatism개월 전

    why do their have to be women winners for? what if women directors just didn't pull their weight this year, step it up better luck next time

  81. Tee Carr

    Tee Carr개월 전

    Conan has THE BEST people working with him on the show! They’re hilarious and talented!!

  82. EmpyreanLightASMR

    EmpyreanLightASMR개월 전

    wellllllllll true but I wish Brian Stack would return to Conan :P

  83. Caidema Official

    Caidema Official개월 전

    So people think a female director should be nominated simply because they are female? Thats crazy. Its about which movies were the best.