1. Newt

    Newt19 시간 전

    0:41 how has noone pointed out Jablinski's kids doing the techno viking dance behind him?

  2. Papa Smurf

    Papa Smurf일 전

    Jack; There are people who think, you and Jablinski are the same person??? You!!! You really got um fooled!! ☆☆☆☆☆

  3. Gh0STIN 47

    Gh0STIN 47일 전

    I am singing at the parteee

  4. TurtleXL

    TurtleXL일 전

    2:23 Is that Wiz Khalifa??!! top left on the tv

  5. cucumbercarrot sticks

    cucumbercarrot sticks일 전

    Jack black is too cool

  6. Demiurge Shadow

    Demiurge Shadow일 전

    The fact Jables just smiled when that random dude walked up to him was legit.

  7. Lipok Yanger

    Lipok Yanger일 전

    All the American kids supporting British boy KSI was really interesting

  8. Steve

    Steve일 전

    Yeah Jack Black 🖤

  9. Seksiumutcocuk -_-

    Seksiumutcocuk -_-일 전

    This man’s comments is the funniest and less toxic one in whole KOreporter

  10. RapCat

    RapCat일 전

    LET'S GO CHAMP *ksi wins* LET'S GO CHAMP!

  11. Keagan rodrigues creative

    Keagan rodrigues creative2 일 전

    Jack black is on team ksi , ksi should know this

  12. The Marvelous M

    The Marvelous M3 일 전

    Hey Jablinski, did you pay Jack Black to be in your video, or visa-versa?

  13. SpreeV

    SpreeV3 일 전

    I'm starting to think that Jablinski and Jack Black are the same person.

  14. Yousef Gouda

    Yousef Gouda3 일 전

    Yo jack got it all from the beginning, the champ is ksi

  15. Adam Hardy

    Adam Hardy3 일 전

    Jack? Are you there? I need to tell you something 😟

  16. Jacquot Benavides Films

    Jacquot Benavides Films4 일 전

    the beginning reminds me kung fu panda

  17. Fraser Gaming Tv

    Fraser Gaming Tv4 일 전

    School of rock

  18. The Behemoth

    The Behemoth5 일 전

    Use the moves from Kung Fu Panda

  19. TheRootBear

    TheRootBear5 일 전

    "We are going to see KSI vs Logan Paul, fight of the century! Haha actually nobody is calling it that."

  20. President Obama

    President Obama6 일 전

    *Black man vs forest man*

  21. len the lion

    len the lion6 일 전

    That one guy thought that jablinski was jack black lol

  22. FPS Exorcist

    FPS Exorcist6 일 전

    1:05 smart move Jack, everybody else lost money on Paul. XD

  23. Codename Phantom

    Codename Phantom7 일 전

    Jack black is my childhood hero and now that he has a gaming channel make him 100% time better

  24. kosiarz

    kosiarz7 일 전

    What is the song name? When Jablinsky is punching the air 😄


    TOFU TIKI7 일 전

    Nacho libre 2

  26. 10 Minutes or more 🕊🐁

    10 Minutes or more 🕊🐁7 일 전

    *Dear Jack, can you solve a Rubik's cube?*

  27. 10 Minutes or more 🕊🐁

    10 Minutes or more 🕊🐁7 일 전

    Dear Thomas, can you solve a Rubik's cube

  28. 10 Minutes or more 🕊🐁

    10 Minutes or more 🕊🐁7 일 전

    Dear Jacob, can you solve a Rubik's cube?

  29. 10 Minutes or more 🕊🐁

    10 Minutes or more 🕊🐁7 일 전

    Dear Jack, can you solve a Rubik's cube? 💎

  30. Joking_Oregon1

    Joking_Oregon17 일 전

    Nacho Libre 2

  31. ResinLip B Face

    ResinLip B Face7 일 전

    me watching this video 3:32

  32. Brian Anderson

    Brian Anderson8 일 전

    Logan Paul should have won. Those judges were racist.

  33. Jack xd

    Jack xd9 일 전

    "They say logan has the better reach" Wait a second 77' logan 77' ksi

  34. visharad rawat

    visharad rawat9 일 전

    Lakers in 4 💪

  35. Kana Beats

    Kana Beats9 일 전

    we all know nacho would've eagle powered right through logan

  36. SimplePlanxDD

    SimplePlanxDD10 일 전

    Which one Is the real Nacho?

  37. whointheside

    whointheside11 일 전

    I was hoping for a real Celebrity Deathmatch.....

  38. yash budwal

    yash budwal11 일 전

    This is jokes 😂

  39. Glyn Taylor

    Glyn Taylor11 일 전

    I wanted them both to lose

  40. Mahfuz Sheikh

    Mahfuz Sheikh12 일 전

    Someone should send this to KSI to react to

  41. Leumaz Dnazor

    Leumaz Dnazor11 일 전

    Yea send this on his reddit