The Duck Song


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    DUN LETS GO2 분 전

    327million. Hmm really good

  3. StableWyrd 007

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    Waddle waddle

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    375 Mil Views 1 M Subs

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    *~3rd grade aesthetics~*

  7. tuck taulker

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  8. Vedika Talele

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    Just as we can see, this song deserves more than 1.5M likes❤

  9. PeowMeowJelly 88

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    *2019 anyone?..*

  10. Oh Yeah Yeah

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    Okay, why is this in my recommended videos 10 years later

  11. Latesha B

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    it so cool

  12. hajun pLays

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    2019 ??

  13. Bella Floro

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    When I was younger my dad would love it when I sung this song to him lmao

  14. No Yes

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    Anyone here in 2019

  15. •G a c h a P o t a t o •

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    Beautiful. *precious*

  16. h o l l i e

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    come back in a month, i expect so see you there

  17. King Nether Star

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    Anyone from 2019

  18. Super Cool Kid 31010

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  19. Rubyz Shining

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    Made with Microsoft paint V.1

  20. Luphina Draws

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    Why was this in my recommended

  21. Rubyz Shining

    Rubyz Shining2 시간 전

    Why is this on my playlist

  22. Mini Sam

    Mini Sam2 시간 전

    Even though this was made nine years ago, this is still the greatest song that ever existed

  23. Mark Kim

    Mark Kim2 시간 전

    Almost 10 years old! I remember watching this when I was a kid 😂

  24. SableTheCat

    SableTheCat2 시간 전

    y do I still know the words after 7 years

  25. Fnexkodn Jdkrnf

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    2019 leave a like to see the duck

  26. ThunderNinja6000

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    Who’s here in 2019?

  27. Rubyz Shining

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  28. Big_Ouchy

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    1:25 *N*

  29. Mel :]

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    Why was this recommended 😂

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    Why does this have so many views

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  33. Rubyz Shining

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  34. Potato Occelot

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    Talking to the shopkeeper in a videogame be like

  35. DJ CAT EARS watermelonGiRl

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    Legends say hes still asking foe grapes to this day

  36. AddMeOnXbox I3adZ

    AddMeOnXbox I3adZ3 시간 전

    Who else listen to this in elemantry school?😂

  37. alexthebeast024

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  38. Lara forever and ever together عبدالله

    Lara forever and ever together عبدالله3 시간 전

    It kinda cotines

  39. Stephen Soltis

    Stephen Soltis3 시간 전

    Remember when the teacher would put on a video in class and then this video was about to come on from autoplay and everyone went crazy

  40. Rachel Keen

    Rachel Keen3 시간 전

    I'm in high school now and we played this when we were in class

  41. DangerNoodle

    DangerNoodle3 시간 전

    Anyone here in 2019?

  42. Jasmine Roblox

    Jasmine Roblox4 시간 전

    yesss, this is the best song ever XDD ;)

  43. Samuel P

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  44. II_Bar

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  45. crystal9766 roblox

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    Hey! Got any grapes?

  46. Sarah Oloughlin

    Sarah Oloughlin4 시간 전

    When this was the only thing that you liked(like) on a computer that had word art (this series was the only thing me and my sister watched)

  47. claire speed

    claire speed4 시간 전

    Got any grapes

  48. Hriday Issar

    Hriday Issar5 시간 전

    Cmon duck

  49. Valerie Marlatt

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  50. Valerie Marlatt

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  51. Prodigy

    Prodigy5 시간 전

    I thought about this after going on some r/entiltedparents

  52. Ben's cheerleader

    Ben's cheerleader5 시간 전

    never even thought of that lol

  53. I agree with

    I agree with5 시간 전

    If you were the kid who showed this to your teacher who showed the rest of the class, stuff the fastest runner your the cool one now

  54. Deathin

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  55. Scourge Star

    Scourge Star5 시간 전

    Who would dislike?!

  56. Jammy XD

    Jammy XD5 시간 전

    Exactly one month and this song will be *10* holy crap i o i

  57. Jess Madding

    Jess Madding6 시간 전

    Its been a few years...

  58. Mecha Nerd

    Mecha Nerd6 시간 전

    are we allowed to use this in videos?

  59. Karma bitch

    Karma bitch6 시간 전

    my version and my friend. A duck went up to a lemonade stand and he said to the man fucking the stand "hey! Poc Poc Poc fucking man's? " and the man said "yes ofc why not?" and he waddle away waddle waddle waddle then he waddle away waddle waddle waddle till the very next day pock pock pock a duck went up to strip stand and he said to the woman fucking the stand "hey Poc Poc Poc fucking man's?" the woman said "Uh no thanks" then he waddled away waddle waddle waddle till the very next day he disguise as a woman and went up to the strip stand. "hey Poc Poc Poc fucking woman's?" the woman said "yes ofc why not!?" and they fucked away waddle waddle waddle

  60. Bread My Boi

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  61. Cozmic Calculating

    Cozmic Calculating6 시간 전

    Got any rpg?

  62. Ethan Halpin

    Ethan Halpin6 시간 전

    Made in MS paint

  63. iisMisclick

    iisMisclick6 시간 전

    Got any grapes?

  64. alex butler

    alex butler6 시간 전

    *got any grapes?*

  65. N.ckgames

    N.ckgames6 시간 전

    Is this what nostalgia feels like?

  66. Emanuel Portillo

    Emanuel Portillo6 시간 전

    Cats-meow meow Dogs-woof woof Retards- 2019? 2019?

  67. xX HahaYouLost Xx

    xX HahaYouLost Xx6 시간 전

    *Legend has it the duck keeps coming back everyday*

  68. Junpin SHZ

    Junpin SHZ6 시간 전

    Like si te traumaste

  69. Freedom Star9

    Freedom Star96 시간 전

    Only 90's Kids remeber

  70. Big Boii

    Big Boii7 시간 전

    *Fortnite kids have no idea about this..*

  71. Levi Myers

    Levi Myers7 시간 전

    Duck walked up to the lemonade stand and said GIMME ALL YOUR MONEY BITCH

  72. Awesomecheetah42 AJ

    Awesomecheetah42 AJ7 시간 전

    Lol 2019?

  73. the leosho3s

    the leosho3s7 시간 전

    Holy moly

  74. Mark Quintanilla

    Mark Quintanilla7 시간 전

    ur telling me an oversized duck can speak english but can't read a sign, nor see the beverage that's beside him

  75. James Cho

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  76. Theruku The Big Gay

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  77. Craig Jones

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    yas my jam

  78. dawn parker

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  79. Alejandra Ibanez

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    got any thanos?

  80. ii. Catherine

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  81. Cessi Signorelli

    Cessi Signorelli8 시간 전

    in exactly a month this turns 10 years old omg

  82. Gina Haller

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  83. Olivia Bragoli

    Olivia Bragoli8 시간 전

    What am I doing it’s 2019 😂

  84. cookies i love

    cookies i love9 시간 전

    Im 13 wtf am i doing

  85. Dancing Line

    Dancing Line9 시간 전


  86. Dancing Line

    Dancing Line9 시간 전

    1:31 ‘Till The very next day...

  87. Dancing Line

    Dancing Line9 시간 전


  88. Lazy Møndays

    Lazy Møndays9 시간 전

    2019... Childhood..

  89. Noah Holland

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  90. kameko reynolds

    kameko reynolds9 시간 전

    My childhood Jesus-

  91. karen C

    karen C9 시간 전

    i love it 👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍

  92. Lana- Chan

    Lana- Chan9 시간 전

    what am I doing here


    DEBRA NELSON9 시간 전


  94. LordOrλnge

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    Trolling Roblox cafes be like

  95. TheH0lyGuy

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    Hey got any grapes?

  96. Warren Higgins

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    And then there was trolling...

  97. The predator _YT

    The predator _YT10 시간 전


  98. Zody laverne

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    It's cute

  99. Tooncat

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    Good walking animation...;)

  100. alejandro perez

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    Man oh man poor crayon Edit thank for the 1 like

  101. Colleen King

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    One month from the duck’s birthday! Leave a like for a happy birthday

  102. alejandro perez

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  103. alejandro perez

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  104. DogsWILLtakeover

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    Omg so many views 😂