The Duck Song


  1. Wazzz Up

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    Who dislike this why

  2. Brycen Lockhart

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    This will be in history class one day

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    *g o t a n y g r a p e s*

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  7. Sports Kidz

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    It's cold and fresh and all home made

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    2018 anyone?? XD

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    366 mil views lol

  12. Puppies Are Cute

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    This has to be an anthem of Hailey Duckwin(Bieber)!

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    You had 133k when I last visited your channel

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    My teacher put this on in class lol

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    This > KOreporter Rewind 2018

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    Wht the frick

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    The First Most Viewed Video On KOreporter.

  18. DOM300

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    December 2018

  19. Wilson Godfrey

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    Why is the duck the same size as the man?

  20. a

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    It's been almost 10 years...

  21. Brooke Chadburn

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    This video will be remembered by generations to come.

  22. Aneta Walkosz

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    Da da da da da da da the duck walked up to the lemonade stand and he said to the man running the stand “Hey da da da got any grapes?” The man said “ NO BUT THEY DID SURGERY ON A GRAPE” the duck said “ bye bye “

  23. DoVyy

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    This is have 9 years , ducks years life 5-10 :(

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  25. Forgotten catt

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    What I'M doing it's 3:00 am right now (•____•)

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    2018 anyone?😂

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  28. Michele Mazzei

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    Ma la cosa che più mi sfugge.. come cazzo sono finito a vedere sto video?!? D** C**e

  29. Talon

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    Lol 334M views jeez nice CONTENT

  30. William K

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    he wants grapes because the duck is gonna do surgery on it

  31. 5000 subscribers with no videos ?

    5000 subscribers with no videos ?15 시간 전

    It’s 2am and instead of sleeping I’m watching a kids animation

  32. Officer Moody

    Officer Moody16 시간 전

    It's weird this guy would even make this. The guy who made this is a lego stop-motion animator who makes inappropriate jokes in his videos! Not saying this video is bad, it's pretty good! I'm just saying it's a bit random for him to make a flash animation instead of a leg o one. Like if you agree 👍

  33. leah LD

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    waddle waddle

  34. Adam Lauzon

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    2018 ?

  35. Kvass Man

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    2010: Eh. 2015: This’ mah ringtone 2018: Nostalgia.

  36. baguette wolf

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    10 years later

  37. lando gaming

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    Help me

  38. DSA.Tricky

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    0:23 ASS

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    Better than Vbucks

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    Its been 6years lol

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    2018 anyone?

  42. alex go gaming

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    5 likes I will sing it to my mom 15 like I will dance it in school 30 likes I will dance it in front of a store 45 I will dance it on McDonalds

  43. Wolfie Chan

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    December 2018?

  44. Nightwolf :3

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  45. Thelpoop Tho

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    This was made 2 days before I was born

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  48. Koko Lee

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    Try Italy

  49. echo shiba

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    This has been in my recommendation for like 6 years

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    This makes my life better....

  51. Ray Holiman

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    This is why I love KOreporter

  52. alligatorarmy

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    Worst song ever

  53. Lorelei Regular

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    hOw RuEd

  54. Chloe Marie

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  55. Gaming With Eve_h2o

    Gaming With Eve_h2o일 전


  56. CLuv

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    This is why youtube was created

  57. Arham Sohail

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    This was the day when I was born!!!

  58. TheAlmightyCastform

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    What is up with these grapes in surgery comments?

  59. King Vex

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    Why am I just now getting this on my recommended

  60. I got 4th place on Fortnite

    I got 4th place on Fortnite일 전

    Bum bum bum Ba Ba Ba Ba. A school shooter walked up to his class and said to the class holding a gun. Hey.... bum bum bum Allah Akbar. The teacher said Jimmy why are you saying that stuff. Do you want me to call the police. The school shooter said *I’ll pass* Then he shot the whole class then he waddled away waddle waddle waddle. Then he waddled away waddle waddle waddle. Then he waddled away waddle waddle waddle. Then he shot up the whole school.

  61. MaryAnn Singleton

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    who the hell disliked this

  62. Wolfie Chan

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    People who don't have taste.

  63. Lindsay Breaux

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    I like it I mean I mean I MEAN I GUESS

  64. offroadz bro

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    Lindsay Breaux lol love your comment

  65. Tyler paul

    Tyler paul일 전

    I remember 9 years ago when I was 2 years old And my mom was always playing this song

  66. camden livehd

    camden livehd일 전

    My best friend died in a bank shootout about a month ago and we used to listen to this song together... i have been very sad recently and need something to take my mind off of it, does anyone know any good games i can buy to take my mind off it for a while?

  67. Christ's knight

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    No games are gonna help only Jesus .

  68. AstroGCHM /_/

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    payday 2

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  70. Galaxy Wolf

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    +amaya !?!?!?!?!!

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    Ha ha ha it is so funny

  73. The Red Rowsers

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    I like it

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    It’s December 11th anyone else

  75. Joe Sprake

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    Galaxy Wolf happy 12th my dude

  76. Galaxy Wolf

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    Nope it's the 12th

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    Joe Sprake lil

  78. Lorelei Regular

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    Eh right here

  79. Mr Gunslinger

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    And that's how you make a sane person a pschychopath.

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  81. Uksrao19

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    nice pefect

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    tHis iS sTiLl iConiC

  83. Rinaree

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    Hyuna Trash ughhh truly icoNiC

  84. Rinaree

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    They did surgery on a grape. Wbk

  85. Rinaree

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    Nightcore scientist 😁💓

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    +Rinaree hello ^^

  87. Rinaree

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    Nightcore scientist ayyyye ! Hello 💓

  88. Nightcore scientist

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    Aye army, im k army.

  89. Rodriguez's Brothers HD

    Rodriguez's Brothers HD일 전

    I hateittttt

  90. Lici Wilson

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    Then why did you watch it

  91. adam holt

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    oh no

  92. Graceis awesome

    Graceis awesome일 전

    the person who made this must be rich

  93. Sasha Koretski

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    Duck: Hi do you got any grapes? the man: no

  94. Jack Harvey

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  95. LovelyFaithful FlavoredDonut

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    Ello. If you’re just scrolling through the comments watching the video, hey buddy. This is my life. And also like if this is you.

  96. Jj Lopez

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    I turn up to this song ✋✋

  97. RCLegends UK

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    Any 1 2018 December -> kill myself

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    Year views bois

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    My friend was singing this.

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    2018 anyone like if are

  101. Tara Williams

    Tara Williams일 전

    Who else thinks forest is a five year old, pees himself, dosent know much, and has to change his diapers? It’s what I think because this is a five year old video.

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  103. SomeWhatLogical

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    Come back Forrest!

  104. sweety -leader of sweet pack

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    I come here for the duck suck family friendly from dr-dash

  105. Aygun Bilalova

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    M3 dude wadley dawdle next day babababab let the duck eqll5

  106. angel pika#21

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    My husband says he hates this song lol

  107. Extremely Awesome

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    *G E T A D I V O R C E*

  108. Patrick Butler

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    he didn't like the grapes because they did surgery on them

  109. sarah payne

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    mans just sat Milly rocking to da og tunes

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    365 million now

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    you got any fuckin grapes

  113. Marco Antônio

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    mas que porcaria é essa

  114. P1lzn224otst5op135 Fuck you

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    Wait how did I get here

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    I'm the only one who only watched this now

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    *What is this?*

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    My favourite song

  118. USDB Mapper

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    Anyone at 2019?

  119. Lee Leong

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    Fuck this song