The Dame Dash Interview: Jay-Z's NFL Deal, Fall out with Biggs, New Businesses


  1. theREDMASKchannel

    theREDMASKchannel3 시간 전

    "Gangstas for Love"-Dame Dash

  2. theREDMASKchannel

    theREDMASKchannel4 시간 전

    didn't know BOSSES roll weed...

  3. Ariel Tarango

    Ariel Tarango11 시간 전

    They talk about 50 cent everyday!

  4. King king

    King king11 시간 전

    Let’s not act like Dame didn’t roll the meanest joint 💨

  5. Shmack Bunz

    Shmack Bunz12 시간 전

    I call this nigga Dame Dodge because all he does is dodge questions.

  6. Lady D

    Lady D14 시간 전

    "It's common knowledge that Jay ain't shit ask anybody in the industry" lmao

  7. Lady D

    Lady D15 시간 전

    I always did like Dame he keeps it real

  8. Tha1 Unknown

    Tha1 Unknown16 시간 전

    dash is always pissed off and insecure about everything

  9. Dr. GreenThumb

    Dr. GreenThumb17 시간 전

    Joe Rogan should get Dame on his podcast.

  10. Mnqobi Hlongwa

    Mnqobi Hlongwa17 시간 전

    I didn't know Johnny Sins had his own podcast.

  11. tony freedom

    tony freedom18 시간 전

    Boss of what, look at him hes a bum

  12. En Beeno

    En Beeno19 시간 전

    Adam your the shit...your so humble and dont bragg about yourself and act like your the greatest thing on earth which I respect. Dont let people overtalk, belittle or disrespect you on your time! You made your own shit and you dont need to collab with selfish narcissistic people dont need nobody point blank👊

  13. kushdan Grade

    kushdan Grade일 전

    Fuckin pussy

  14. V B

    V B일 전

    Selling out your culture????? But you don’t even date anyone inside your culture🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ These so call conscious Black Men make me sick....

  15. John Bowen

    John Bowen일 전

    Dame Dash needs to get his glasses fixed . That sellotape is embarrassing.

  16. jason mccarthy

    jason mccarthy일 전

    this man is a straight up CRACK HEAD !!! does anybody realize this he smoked all his money trying to hang around rich white people .. this nigga talks shit for living

  17. ASAP Pedal

    ASAP Pedal일 전

    Dame is right. It's no huge discovery, but it's about each field of bussiness too. He's in the entertainment part. Donald Trump is a 'former' entertainer. All the politicians/congress did were try to capture that revenue Trump got from his show, 'Celebrity Appreentice' so they can capitalize off it lol. Which is obvious, but he's the first person to 'simplify it' and spread it on a platform for the youth to understand, because the government wont tell these kids that. It's oh, he's a rich bussiness man. We got so much research at our finger tips.

  18. elisha anderson

    elisha anderson일 전

    Tht boy dame off the yeyo or sum boy I see ur leg goin

  19. Tyrell G

    Tyrell G일 전

    Damn I love this mans mind

  20. Brandon Williams

    Brandon Williams일 전

    This bull is extremely advanced,intelligent and experienced in some major shit. You can only learn from him💯💯

  21. Chanda Williams

    Chanda Williams일 전

    What’s the TV channel?

  22. Run2Walk

    Run2Walk일 전

    Dame seems very much like a bully...i wish he wouldnt be so rude.....

  23. ssmf tattoo

    ssmf tattoo시간 전

    A bully, because he doesnt let the media and other people tell his story? Thats not a bully, only people that say bad stuff about dame is people who have fucked him over.

  24. uptop

    uptop일 전

    “Most people don’t even understand politics they just complain about what everybody else complaining about” Dame to real 💯

  25. eisfresh

    eisfresh일 전

    Dame is an asshole

  26. angel aguilar

    angel aguilar2 일 전

    Beast interview 💯💯

  27. Antonio Williams

    Antonio Williams2 일 전

    43:06 this nigga dame is a fuckin thief 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  28. Nass Richardson

    Nass Richardson2 일 전

    Game will be sold not told tf he gave him a deal fa 500

  29. Charley Varrick

    Charley Varrick2 일 전

    No jumper not sure how u think of that

  30. Jason King

    Jason King2 일 전

    Dame is a true G. More intelligent than the other dude in the room.

  31. ThisIsAnOtis Production

    ThisIsAnOtis Production2 일 전

    “A real artist wont do that”

  32. Janet Chillis

    Janet Chillis3 일 전

    Real 💞

  33. 7jandi7

    7jandi73 일 전

    Music is not a young mans sport there are many artist in the world that do music successfully at all ages. It’s only the USA that limits humans by age

  34. Parker Mills

    Parker Mills3 일 전

    he talking about been a boss and making billions, but he is only worth 2 million.

  35. Wade Smith

    Wade Smith2 일 전

    If you believe that then your dumb af b sorry man smfh 💯💯💯💯

  36. YAVIAH

    YAVIAH3 일 전

    Thats all jail talking

  37. Charlene Lee

    Charlene Lee3 일 전

    Why do it feel like his spits is flying on me.

  38. radiatrex17

    radiatrex173 일 전

    Dame dash has no legs to stand on Snake in the grass

  39. Nickson Emmanuel

    Nickson Emmanuel4 일 전

    9:00 is when dame started saying some real shit.

  40. Tessa S

    Tessa S4 일 전


  41. Allen Carter

    Allen Carter4 일 전

    You fighting for love my ass why you can’t give jay some love I see a bunch of kissing ass that nigga ignorant as fuck I can feel it to my soul .you always feels like someone taking from you if you have that much that should not bother you close the drain keep it moving I’m not surprise this Nigga ain’t change a bit .always wanna the boss I don’t see bosses bragging about being a boss .i just wanted to support your Chanel my brother but 18:14 out the interviews that was enough for me that nigga will die jay a billionaire making noise and he can’t eat some of that fake legit money lmao. Lol I know a lot y’all kissing dash ass gonna come at welcome . Dash if you reading this move quiet make more money quiet and you’ll be relevant every time you making noise running your mouth you are a boss you ain’t no fucking boss chill nigga .

  42. Reel Girl Films

    Reel Girl Films4 일 전

    I love Dame

  43. Prince Of Solomon

    Prince Of Solomon4 일 전

    Damon Dash is the realest dude.

  44. Mr. Jenkins

    Mr. Jenkins4 일 전

    This nigga loves to argue lmaooo

  45. Hussein Nathwani

    Hussein Nathwani4 일 전

    Dame looks like a parking lot attendant who won a scratch and win ticket

  46. ab soultde

    ab soultde4 일 전

    Thumbnail tho bruhhhhhhhhh

  47. Morena Neo Khoali

    Morena Neo Khoali4 일 전

    No Jumper was never ready for General Big Boss Dame

  48. Jizzle DaMayor

    Jizzle DaMayor4 일 전

    Choke no Joke 53:30..zoooom 2 it😂😂

  49. Grave Maker

    Grave Maker4 일 전

    We are all in a zombie state, Dames status of wealth was eaten by the beast, we follow men that have no resemblance to our lifestyles, in essence we will always be enslaved to the system of injustice, free your mind, let your heart unravel your soul to the most powerful being for life is just a mere moment we are not beings we are only time.

  50. Jizzle DaMayor

    Jizzle DaMayor4 일 전

    I fuk with Dame 100%..holmes b droppin jewels

  51. Wes Ryan

    Wes Ryan4 일 전

    Did anyone notice how he casually admitted to embezzlement of the reasonable doubt royalties like it was nothing? Makes it hard to doubt when everyone says roc broke up over Dame taking and wasting money that wasn't his

  52. TCT

    TCT4 일 전

    4:03 "But I'm not a rapper.."

  53. RevolutionaryFather

    RevolutionaryFather4 일 전

    "Im not a Rapper, I'm a General"

  54. edgar santiago

    edgar santiago5 일 전

    how do you pay $500 for a haircut when you bald.

  55. MyShakeweight

    MyShakeweight5 일 전

    So his next level idea is a 24 hour tv network??

  56. Allah Is #1. Nas#1Rapper

    Allah Is #1. Nas#1Rapper15 시간 전

    Malik H Diddy got Revolt TV which is a 24 hour music network and it’s on cable

  57. Malik H

    Malik H일 전

    MyShakeweight name anyone in hip hop that has made anything for themselves at that level?

  58. Nikita Smith Jr-Bey

    Nikita Smith Jr-Bey5 일 전


  59. Young Grump

    Young Grump5 일 전

    @14:00 the realest shit I heard in a long time . No one could of explained it better

  60. yo grandma

    yo grandma5 일 전

    You pay taxes right?? Yo ass answering to a boss. The goverment is your boss whether youre a ceo or not. The goverment is everyones boss. They make the rules. So technically everyone has to answer to someone.

  61. Keyonno Tucker

    Keyonno Tucker5 일 전

    It looks real good for those that dont know this clown

  62. Keyonno Tucker

    Keyonno Tucker5 일 전

    Shut ya bitch ass up..u to big on yaself..tell the truth niggas dont really fuck with u yo

  63. Best Addit

    Best Addit5 일 전


  64. James9533

    James95335 일 전

    Crazy how everyone faked on Dame when he first came on Breakfast Club. Now everybody’s a boss He really put the culture on. Salute to this nigga for challenging slavery mentality