The Dame Dash Interview: Jay-Z's NFL Deal, Fall out with Biggs, New Businesses


  1. Mel Toretto

    Mel Toretto일 전

    Dame Dash needs some Dave Ramsey on he's life.

  2. tara thompson

    tara thompson2 일 전

    In real I would really like for him to hold a seminar to speak what he is speaking on , trust I will be the first person in front with a note pad taking notes. In real we all needs to know and learn from this .

  3. tara thompson

    tara thompson2 일 전

    just wow on how his thoughts are. and he so right, we all should pick each other up, but not all follow that pattern and just really why? I agree with all what he speaks on..... just wow..........

  4. K Dizzle

    K Dizzle3 일 전


  5. 907Ronald

    907Ronald4 일 전

    This gentleman dropped gem after gem......the mass population only know what they are taught, and be happy with that shit. 2020 is mine. . . . . Generational wealth is what we all should be looking towards. Stay safe folks.

  6. BaXWaR2050

    BaXWaR20504 일 전

    DAME DASH...!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Sota County

    Sota County4 일 전

    Damon Dash is speaking the truth about the Annunaki

  8. Sota County

    Sota County4 일 전

    What are you talkin about that sin nature of capitalism you're a joke bro everybody has a choice everybody has a future

  9. Sota County

    Sota County4 일 전

    First of all the so-called concentration camps were there during Obama Obama's the one that made those that's how stupid you are and I'm tired of listening to people that don't know what the f*** they're talkin about Mister no jumper

  10. Mike Griffin

    Mike Griffin6 일 전

    I'm not going to be a "Wet Wounded Duck', but you are.

  11. Mike Griffin

    Mike Griffin6 일 전

    Dame's Prep School was rough, fo real

  12. Priscilla Moore

    Priscilla Moore6 일 전

    I 💘 Dash. Tha man he is, u go far in life thank u for being real wit yo self my BLACK 👑

  13. pablo bendito

    pablo bendito7 일 전

    I laughed so hard from 38:00 mins to 42:00 made my Sunday

  14. Larry Leonard

    Larry Leonard9 일 전


  15. Canned meat salad

    Canned meat salad10 일 전

    Trump is genocide? This interview is dumb and a loser.

  16. Bobby Bell

    Bobby Bell10 일 전

    Honor up 👌

  17. TIME!

    TIME!11 일 전

    His face says "i'm salty"!..."millionaire" charging 500$ for an interview! lol

  18. Justin

    Justin5 일 전

    Time is money. Should be accommodated for Adam getting this 1.3M view video. That's the difference between him and you talking shit on youtube bro lol

  19. Newton

    Newton11 일 전

    That Aaliyah shit must’ve been beyond painful... fucking sad. RIP BABY GIRL.

  20. Jeffrey Dahmer

    Jeffrey Dahmer11 일 전

    If you really listen to Dam not just this interview he was trying to up lift people around him n show cats how unity is power..

  21. Rebelar 96

    Rebelar 9612 일 전

    Everybody's cool with Herpes $$$

  22. WeHaveToWakeUP

    WeHaveToWakeUP13 일 전

    Honor up.

  23. SB Skooly2

    SB Skooly214 일 전

    Go check out my single F*** dash

  24. Bobba Sparx

    Bobba Sparx15 일 전

    Jay really hurt Dame. This whole interview is about Jay. Even when he’s not saying his name he’s taking subliminal shots.

  25. Jon Clapp

    Jon Clapp16 일 전

    One of the realest ones to ever do it.

  26. Sphephelo Mnguni

    Sphephelo Mnguni16 일 전

    Dame is a god bro, DAMN!!!

  27. Stephon Wall

    Stephon Wall16 일 전

    Good interview

  28. great ness

    great ness17 일 전

    Adam paid 500 = white tax lol

  29. great ness

    great ness17 일 전

    Chatty paddy adam lol asking questions on gossip lol dame made you look like the ,asswhole you became

  30. Nascentes Morimur

    Nascentes Morimur17 일 전

    This dude is the biggest shit talker ive ever heard speak like damn, who actually belives this horse shit???

  31. William Vanhook

    William Vanhook15 일 전


  32. 7 11

    7 1118 일 전

    Adam really don’t know shit tho🤣he a fan of hip hop and does interview from a fans point of view period. He not globally educated his general knowledge appears to be limited n rather ignorant (specifically referring to a topic or two dame brought up and referring to them as conspiracy’s 😂) ok Adam....just be a student here

  33. James Rodrigues

    James Rodrigues19 일 전

    Dudes been my idol for real

  34. rose eze

    rose eze21 일 전


  35. Joe Ferreira

    Joe Ferreira21 일 전

    Who's interviewing who?

  36. Syreeta Walker

    Syreeta Walker22 일 전

    Seems like many ppl in that family are colourist self hating ppl though

  37. Syreeta Walker

    Syreeta Walker22 일 전

    The slavery analogy is the realest thing ever

  38. Paul Moss

    Paul Moss23 일 전

    To me he seems like he talking about Jay z about everything like it’s crazy.He was just a better business man than dame 🤷🏽‍♂️💯


    JMJ AUDIO17 일 전

    BS Jay Z is a fraud trust me Dame is not lying The name Tidal and some of the ideals came from someone close to me I know first hand.

  40. Sclass Entertainment

    Sclass Entertainment20 일 전

    U know nothing about business

  41. Flashh

    Flashh23 일 전

    What books did dame dash enjoy?

  42. jay c

    jay c23 일 전

    Dame bought this outfit at ross..after he took his gold chain out of pawn

  43. SAS 1

    SAS 123 일 전

    I'm loving this interview.

  44. Blxck Shvrk

    Blxck Shvrk23 일 전

    Nobody : Dame Dash : victims think about getting victimized generals think about who they’re gonna destroy next. Me: I came here looking for booty.

  45. black duel

    black duel23 일 전

    Dame is a hypocrite culture vulture who knows how to manipulate media...dame is another black man who promotes black negativity....stop giving this man a platform to speak on....he is a vulture

  46. Teflon Don Franco

    Teflon Don Franco24 일 전

    Dame why you end up apologizing

  47. FilmTreasures

    FilmTreasures24 일 전

    I'm sorry, but you are not responsible for making someone else's dreams come true, and they're not responsible for making or even helping yours come true. And in our culture, American culture, loyalty isn't something that can or should be expected. And it won't be ever again Even things like marriages that once were the bedrock of our society, they aren't for life necessarily and it is up to u to be mature enough to accept it when it ends. Fathers aren't expected to even stay in their children's lives anymore. That's how things are now. So, if something like marriage and parenthood is up for debate and can no longer be counted on, how much less can we expect regular friendships and business partnerships to stand the test of time? It is up to you to develop skills being a good judge of character to determine who is trustworthy and who is not. That's just how it is, and probably has always been.

  48. lee john

    lee john25 일 전

    you can learn from dash

  49. Phil Jay

    Phil Jay25 일 전

    Dame: I want to see those scriptures, i want to see those tablets. ....

  50. 870 AMOS

    870 AMOS26 일 전

    That’s not a W that’s a elbow 🤭

  51. DeVante Myles

    DeVante Myles26 일 전

    "The past is a feather in my cap" ... felt that

  52. Alfred Hicks

    Alfred Hicks26 일 전


  53. Leon Barnett

    Leon Barnett26 일 전

    I can relate to Dame dash...... Cause I'm also so sick of this shit

  54. Trel Spiegel

    Trel Spiegel26 일 전

    Damn, I LOVE LOVE LOVE DAME. HE is a damn superhero

  55. ElectricReviews

    ElectricReviews26 일 전

    Kendrick and Cole named two.

  56. Tsu Sef

    Tsu Sef27 일 전

    Nothing but knowledge 💎💯

  57. Andrew Randall

    Andrew Randall27 일 전

    I respect dude but if he as genius as he thinks he is, he wouldn't be broke and doing these interviews for a 5 spot.

  58. Robbie Robinson

    Robbie Robinson27 일 전

    The man behind the million aires.

  59. bigart1993

    bigart199327 일 전

    Dame Dash's current net worth: $10 thousand. Loud mouth moron.



    🙏🙏🙏🙏 1:57 💗💜 👇🔥

  61. Elliot Ness

    Elliot Ness28 일 전

    Dame is telling nothing but the truth, these vultures want you to be their slaves while they count all the millions, dance for me nigga, I'll dance on your face devil.

  62. Jon Doe

    Jon Doe28 일 전

    At 4:44 came dash starts to talk bout sacrificing your values to be famous and successful. Then Eagle Energy sponsor mid video bs ad. Smh fvxk

  63. Melanin Goddess

    Melanin Goddess28 일 전

    No Kanye big is fashion because of his wife lets keep it the fuck real here.

  64. @99ToInfinity

    @99ToInfinity12 일 전


  65. E Money

    E Money개월 전

    Dame u sounds like a baby mother looking for a check ... this is all about him not cutting u in bro

  66. Shamir

    Shamir개월 전

    This man Dame is a boss