THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES Trailer #2 (NEW, 2018) Kurt Russell, Netflix Santa Movie HD


  1. Amanda Moy

    Amanda Moy4 개월 전

    Lol the last part at the end was kinda funny 😂

  2. Canadian Kin

    Canadian Kin5 개월 전

    What a great movie. I want to watch it again! :D !!

  3. Patricia Ambrouso

    Patricia Ambrouso5 개월 전

    I saw this movie last night and I loved it - so good

  4. Bobby Williams

    Bobby Williams5 개월 전

    My personal stamp of approval on this one!

  5. Nikki Movie Reviews

    Nikki Movie Reviews5 개월 전

    I loved this modern Santa movie.

  6. W밤하늘의다섯개의별

    W밤하늘의다섯개의별5 개월 전

    Anybody knows Santa's party songs(2 songs) in jail? I really wanna find these but I can't :(

  7. r0boCozmo 13

    r0boCozmo 135 개월 전

    *Spoiler Alert* It really bothers me when Santa pulls out a baseball card to a guy that likes it to trade a car, but the wife rips it apart saying it’s worthless Found out it’s more expensive than the car $39,500 I know it’s just a movie but it bothered me for a day. Like I know how it feels to have what you wanted for a long time get ripped to shreds. Don’t ask

  8. biobele william-west

    biobele william-west6 개월 전

    Looks hilarious

  9. Kim Smith

    Kim Smith6 개월 전

    This looks fun. I love Kurt Russell!

  10. Tony Rodney

    Tony Rodney6 개월 전

    Just remember what ol' Jack Burton does when the earth quakes, and the poison arrows fall from the sky, and the pillars of Heaven shake. Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that big ol' storm right square in the eye and he says "Ho, ho ,ho"

  11. Daniel Appleton

    Daniel Appleton5 개월 전

    Tony Rodney Thank you ! A Jack Burton reference. " Give my regards to the Krampus, a - hole ! " ( From Stargate ).

  12. chendaddy

    chendaddy6 개월 전

    I was waiting for a moment that would tell me how bad this movie would be, and then I saw the elves.

  13. Tami Sears

    Tami Sears6 개월 전

    I don't have Netflix, but you can bet I will be signing up ASAP. Kurt Russell as Santa Claus? Just can't pass this one up! Looks like a good, wholesome family movie for a change!

  14. Janu raadian

    Janu raadian6 개월 전

    Its gonna be a good upcoming American Christmas comedy family film, hopely ready on INFLIXER too.

  15. theARK designs

    theARK designs6 개월 전


  16. WestNileSnipes

    WestNileSnipes6 개월 전


  17. The Bear Dog

    The Bear Dog6 개월 전

    Santa was in deathproof 😂

  18. Orla W.

    Orla W.6 개월 전

    I'd sit on this Santa's knee for sure. What a silf!

  19. ClarkB

    ClarkB6 개월 전

    yikes, where did netflix pick this one up?



    because hiring dwarves or children is bad for santa, he hired CG rats

  21. rosy singh

    rosy singh6 개월 전

    Kurt Russell is Perfect!

  22. awesomeXsauce

    awesomeXsauce6 개월 전

    I was all for it until it came up with "from the people who brought you Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" I mean come on really

  23. adam sanchez

    adam sanchez6 개월 전

    Wow, this is a rip off of every Santa movie ever made.

  24. Xander X

    Xander X6 개월 전

    The elves look so cute

  25. buglebull26

    buglebull266 개월 전

    Got to make up for being the evil villain in Guardians of the Galaxy. Which is great because who doesn't love Kurt?!

  26. Samuel Ortiz

    Samuel Ortiz6 개월 전

    Man doesn't kurt Russell age?

  27. Antonia Tashquinth

    Antonia Tashquinth6 개월 전

    That is one sexy Santa😘🤗😍😊

  28. Steven Dunn

    Steven Dunn6 개월 전

    Oh no, why Kurt? Why would you go to Netflix?

  29. Eric 3

    Eric 36 개월 전

    John Ruth The Hangman got a new job.

  30. Edmund Schrag

    Edmund Schrag6 개월 전

    Yoda doesn't mind trick, dumbass.

  31. Merchant Ivory

    Merchant Ivory6 개월 전

    I value my $25.00 and im not giving to you for this movie And if you question my $ value, it means your cheap, your selfish, and a horrible person to go to the movies with :)

  32. Michael Stephens

    Michael Stephens6 개월 전

    Snake is Santa!

  33. Mary Winchester

    Mary Winchester6 개월 전

    This looks way better than the Tim Allen's Santa Clause, but do the elves really need to be fake cartoons. Still I'll give this movie a shot.

  34. Fuzzy Hobgoblin

    Fuzzy Hobgoblin6 개월 전

    If it’s good, this might be a new Christmas movie for me. Obviously because Kurt Russell is in it

  35. Robert

    Robert6 개월 전

    Tim Allen the true Santa Claus

  36. coxanova g

    coxanova g6 개월 전

    I'd rather see him with an eyepatch and title it "ESCAPE FROM THE NORTH POLE"...

  37. Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

    Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo6 개월 전

    Película para Navidad fijo

  38. Kerry Humphreys

    Kerry Humphreys6 개월 전

    Yeah this looks big. Defo watching

  39. Nathan Schiltz

    Nathan Schiltz6 개월 전

    How dare you add that new age rapid high hat bullshit on papas got a brand new bag

  40. urmi gurung

    urmi gurung6 개월 전

    What a trailer cant wait for this christmas gifts ganna be fun, kurt russle is just awsome like always...😊😙😙😙

  41. Metallicat 81

    Metallicat 816 개월 전

    Get the fuck out of here with this shit

  42. Spark Play

    Spark Play6 개월 전

    Great job wasting money.

  43. Grethe Marie Gugarden

    Grethe Marie Gugarden6 개월 전

    Those goofy mascot looking 80ths - elves, I dont feel they belong in this movie at all, maybe in an animation they would be fine but...

  44. merazul islam

    merazul islam6 개월 전

    ho ho hooo (it's a mith)

  45. Andy Jurkiewicz

    Andy Jurkiewicz6 개월 전

    He's on graham Norton on the bbc at 10:35 tonite.

  46. Rick G

    Rick G6 개월 전

    Snake Plissken got older and got a Santa suit..

  47. Daniel Appleton

    Daniel Appleton5 개월 전

    Rick G Jack O'Neil went back through the Stargate & found it.

  48. CONZ 808

    CONZ 8086 개월 전

    Im thinking captain Ron got a Santa suit. Plisken was more low tone and raspier.

  49. omonil f

    omonil f6 개월 전

    Hahaha don't let Snake get you.



    Can't wait to watch this movie..😍😍😍

  51. Varduhi Suqiasyan

    Varduhi Suqiasyan6 개월 전

    Yaaaay. Perfect Santa is coming

  52. TheArneHere

    TheArneHere6 개월 전

    so the damn kids destroy Christmas so they can save Christmas so everyone can live happy all their days! The end! Typical Christmas movie ;-D

  53. Rider's Diary

    Rider's Diary6 개월 전

    Will watch it for Kurt Russell...waiting

  54. Rider's Diary

    Rider's Diary5 개월 전

    +Daniel Appleton Sir, I too agree with that and am waiting for the movie release date...Sir, am a fan of Kurt Russell

  55. Daniel Appleton

    Daniel Appleton5 개월 전

    bullet man He can play Jack O'Neil & Snake Plissken, he can certainly do Santa, better than Billy Bob Thornton.

  56. Joe Murdoch

    Joe Murdoch6 개월 전

    Looks amusing. Also looks like it might have been a rejected idea for another the Santa Clause sequel. The emergency landing clause

  57. Aaron Rosby

    Aaron Rosby6 개월 전

    I love it when he yells "On Cupid! On Comet!" its just so cool haha

  58. Jefferson Desir

    Jefferson Desir6 개월 전

    "People needs Christmas to remind them of how good they can be." And just like that I'm reminded why I love Christmas so much, it's the only time of the year I hope people won't do assholish things.

  59. Maria Quevedo

    Maria Quevedo6 개월 전

    I’m 19 in college and I’m sad that I don’t find presents under the tree anymore that was my favorite part about Christmas when I was a kid

  60. Super Boy

    Super Boy6 개월 전

    I love 🎅 Merry Christmas to you all in advance. 💖💖💖

  61. Doublediamond92

    Doublediamond926 개월 전

    I’m taking this bitch to hang...mistletoe.

  62. Patrick Tomasso

    Patrick Tomasso6 개월 전

    I just want to know how that kid planned on getting VHS-C footage onto her iPod touch. Also Tim Allen looks different.

  63. The Truth Is From God

    The Truth Is From God6 개월 전

    This santa claus is Satan in person and he is coming soon for the christams will be a different christmas

  64. David Montanez

    David Montanez6 개월 전

    Watching this trailer and seeing Kurt displaying this much charismatic energy is amazing. Makes me wonder why they didn't cast him in a "big trouble in little China" sequel, instead they put Dwayne Johnson.

  65. Daniel Appleton

    Daniel Appleton5 개월 전

    David Montanez The film is in limbo / development hell.

  66. Lyssa Cruz

    Lyssa Cruz6 개월 전

    And Ego the living planet dont want to spawn anymore ? 😲

  67. Nikhil Sharma

    Nikhil Sharma6 개월 전

    After all those bad, naughty Santa movies and we finally get something to lift our Christmas spirits!! 🎄🎁

  68. Daniel Appleton

    Daniel Appleton5 개월 전

    Nikhil Sharma What about the Ed Asner Santa in " *ELF* " ? I thought that he was pretty good.

  69. mehra Mehra

    mehra Mehra6 개월 전


  70. Usman Ramay

    Usman Ramay6 개월 전

    That elf with the blowtorch got me good, hahahaha and thank God for Netflix

  71. Beauty Fg

    Beauty Fg6 개월 전

    Finallllly not a lame Santa movie

  72. malkamusik

    malkamusik6 개월 전

    Please Santa, give me reliable 4G coverage for Christmas..

  73. Etherius Sention

    Etherius Sention6 개월 전

    Why must they keep drawing me like that!! Does my butt really look that big to you?!!! Lmao

  74. Daniel Appleton

    Daniel Appleton5 개월 전

    Aska Gamer " Does this Santa suit make my butt look big ? " lol.

  75. Prabh nijjar

    Prabh nijjar6 개월 전

    Awesome 😍 😍😍 😍😍 😍😍 😍😍 😍😍 😍

  76. Insane Comedion

    Insane Comedion6 개월 전

    Kurt is the man!

  77. steph g

    steph g6 개월 전

    sounds like the plot to ELF with will ferrell,restore peoples faith to recharge "xmas", hmm. still seems like it could be a fun movie

  78. cocsonu mondal

    cocsonu mondal6 개월 전

    Ego become a santa 😂😂😂

  79. Eyes of Snow Leopard

    Eyes of Snow Leopard6 개월 전

    Kurt Russell is most handsome and graceful Santa claus ever

  80. Eyes of Snow Leopard

    Eyes of Snow Leopard6 개월 전

    +Tami Sears 😏🙂🙂

  81. Tami Sears

    Tami Sears6 개월 전

    Boy do you got that right! He's welcome to come down my chimney ANYTIME!

  82. Pierre Pardo-Feist

    Pierre Pardo-Feist6 개월 전

    I know who Mrs Claus is.. Genie in the Bottle :-) :-) :-) :-)

  83. Levent Muyan

    Levent Muyan6 개월 전

    could be a new post-modern classic. looks a bit like the one with tim allen. but more ideal for young people these days. and it is a bit more realistic. an authentic christmas adventure with possibly exciting surprises. and kurt russel is perfect for such a role. looks like he could make people believe in christmas again with his performance.


    SAN ART STUDIO6 개월 전

    Thank god a good Christmas movie with something to look forward to. #sanartstudio

  85. Daniel Appleton

    Daniel Appleton5 개월 전

    Pen Pink it may not become a classic but it looks promising. & nice to see Kurt Russell getting work other than action adventure roles.

  86. Pen Pink

    Pen Pink6 개월 전

    Really? this looks good?

  87. Daniel Appleton

    Daniel Appleton6 개월 전

    " Y'know what ol' St. Nick says ? Ol' St. Nick says ' what the hell. ' ". I need a Snake Plissken reference that would be applicable.😉