The Call2 입이 떡- 벌어지는 튼튼한 고음!! 활력남의 더 크로스 - 당신을 위하여 @러브콜 스테이지 190823 EP.7


  1. سحر سحر

    سحر سحر6 시간 전


  2. Brionna Dacker

    Brionna Dacker4 일 전

    I play this The Call show again and again and again and again, can't get enough of this guy. His moves really suits him and his sexy jexy bexy body just keeps me mesmerizing goosebumps.👍👍❤❤💋💋✌✌

  3. Mari Susiyati

    Mari Susiyati4 일 전

    what is the title of this song? I like it for the first time hearing it

  4. lucas tengil

    lucas tengil5 일 전


  5. Jazbelbel

    Jazbelbel6 일 전

    Its so hard!! I could die with it! *I'm sure his father will be really happy for him!*

  6. DD U Aung Than

    DD U Aung Than6 일 전

    song name????

  7. Seto wahyudi

    Seto wahyudi7 일 전

    What is the title of the song...???!

  8. SHIrleyNHWA 3701

    SHIrleyNHWA 37016 일 전

    Seto wahyudi “for you” by the cross

  9. 혜림박

    혜림박9 일 전

    We all can know thats was baekho ,with only hear his voice and looks at his body ahahha , only produce 101

  10. Olifjrnoona Nuest

    Olifjrnoona Nuest10 일 전

    Saranghae baekho❤️❤️❤️ Saranghae Nu'est❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Watercolor

    Watercolor11 일 전

    I think it would be easy for Loves to spot out that voice together with that body build lol 😃 especially if Dongho is your bias.

  12. Thuy Tien Le

    Thuy Tien Le13 일 전

    I want to hear more Baekho's beautiful voie.😍👍👍

  13. may233may

    may233may14 일 전

    Super B my Nuest Dongho Lionho LOVE you so much !💘🐯💪❤

  14. Intan Noor Fitasari

    Intan Noor Fitasari15 일 전

    Kang baekho ❤

  15. Hiou Kawaii

    Hiou Kawaii15 일 전

    Keep goingggg fluffy tiger 💛

  16. Phương Anh Nguyễn

    Phương Anh Nguyễn15 일 전

    I’m so pround of him 😭😭

  17. Keeyanuh Bae

    Keeyanuh Bae16 일 전

    the moment he started singing, I knew it was Dongho. that physique and voice, it is sooooo him

  18. Deeja Mowfadz

    Deeja Mowfadz18 일 전

    What song is this??

  19. Choiceᄂᄋᄉᄐ

    Choiceᄂᄋᄉᄐ15 일 전

    For You by The Cross

  20. anya paradise

    anya paradise19 일 전

    Ultimated Bias in nuest 😭😭😭😭

  21. Maryam Jamilah

    Maryam Jamilah19 일 전

    His voice must be good to sing a collosal drama ost

  22. Swiper No Swiping

    Swiper No Swiping21 일 전

    At 02:48 Baekho getting girls pregnant

  23. Elsa Re

    Elsa Re22 일 전


  24. Kwak Mahsa

    Kwak Mahsa22 일 전

    I’m so proud of you baekhoya😭😭😭😭😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  25. Khana Saefullah

    Khana Saefullah22 일 전

    What song this is ?

  26. Rahaf Ahmad

    Rahaf Ahmad22 일 전

    I love his voice 😩😩❤️❤️

  27. Min9yu Kim

    Min9yu Kim23 일 전

    The way they call jong kook hyung is so sweet💛 . Jong kook hyung aniya ?

  28. Syafiqah Rabiatul

    Syafiqah Rabiatul23 일 전

    I dont know how many times already i replayed this clip. I cant get over this. Our baekho's vocal are just sooo attractive. I hv seen the original version, the original one gave me a rock vibe and didnt give me an ost song vibe. But baekho's version gives me drama ost vibe. A fantasy drama. Just like hwayugi( a korean oddsey) and hotel del luna kind of vibe. Baekho's vocal gave that vibe for me.

  29. Syar'i d2013

    Syar'i d20136 일 전

    What song?

  30. Habaek Phan

    Habaek Phan23 일 전

    Anyone know if there is somewhere where I can watch this show English subbed?

  31. Marina world

    Marina world23 일 전

    Un vrai plaisir pour les oreilles... Quel voix...

  32. LALA199320

    LALA19932023 일 전

    Please song name !!!! 💕💕💕💕

  33. SHIrleyNHWA 3701

    SHIrleyNHWA 37016 일 전

    LALA199320 for you by the cross

  34. LALA199320

    LALA19932023 일 전

    His voice is very unique damn The song seems like an anime opening song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  35. Quyên Lệ

    Quyên Lệ23 일 전

    Kang dongho ahhhhh

  36. Donkupar Lyngdoh

    Donkupar Lyngdoh23 일 전

    It's been so long since I saw a video with zero dislike😏😏😏😏😏

  37. Baebear Hanseungwoo

    Baebear Hanseungwoo23 일 전

    My precious White Tiger❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  38. nadia najeebah zulkifli

    nadia najeebah zulkifli23 일 전

    anyone now the song title ?

  39. Montha Lany

    Montha Lany23 일 전

    "For You" by the Cross

  40. Wida Wahyuningtias

    Wida Wahyuningtias23 일 전

    1:02 Hweseung even has known from the start if he's Baekho. He looked so surprised and amazed at the same thing 😊😊😊😊

  41. Taylor McDaniel

    Taylor McDaniel24 일 전

    I knew it was Baekho for Nuest from just the picture! I never clicked on anything so fast😂🥰

  42. Jajapeachy ._.

    Jajapeachy ._.24 일 전


  43. Callia Chu

    Callia Chu24 일 전

    How can the guests and audiences didnt know who he is?! omg so obvious!

  44. Melanie Stryder

    Melanie Stryder24 일 전

    Baekho's voice 😍😍😍👏😍👏

  45. sweet Ham

    sweet Ham24 일 전


  46. Mohd Zharif

    Mohd Zharif24 일 전

    Song name ?

  47. xiomcarol molina

    xiomcarol molina24 일 전

    Hermosa su voz me encanta baekho

  48. Azra Yılmaz

    Azra Yılmaz25 일 전

    I am fall in love with Baekho's voice💖

  49. My Euphoria

    My Euphoria25 일 전

    I already know its baekho .. he has special high notes 💜💜💜

  50. Kong YH

    Kong YH25 일 전

    His voice is classy

  51. Kong YH

    Kong YH25 일 전

    Seriously, if the world not recognise his vocal and talents, i will be very disappointed with the world, no taste

  52. Purple Love

    Purple Love25 일 전

    목소리가 부드럽고 파워풀한데 약간 귀여운 느낌.. 잘했어 울 백호

  53. Joy Wang

    Joy Wang25 일 전

    0:32 여기서 죽었습니다 여기 천국인가요?

  54. Fara Ashikin

    Fara Ashikin25 일 전

    Song name??

  55. Fara Ashikin

    Fara Ashikin18 일 전

    @Fanny Lam tq ❤

  56. Fanny Lam

    Fanny Lam24 일 전

    "For you" by The Cross

  57. Yasmine Aci

    Yasmine Aci25 일 전

    What's name of this song please ??

  58. star0823sg

    star0823sg23 일 전

    "For You" by The Cross

  59. emerald green

    emerald green25 일 전

    the cross

  60. Apich P.

    Apich P.25 일 전

    We so proud of you Baekho

  61. Linh Anh Phùng

    Linh Anh Phùng25 일 전

    Which song is this, please

  62. Fanny Lam

    Fanny Lam24 일 전

    "For you" by The Cross ( Korean boyband debut in 2003)

  63. GOT7ᄂᄋᄉᄐ

    GOT7ᄂᄋᄉᄐ25 일 전

    the cross

  64. clover lover

    clover lover25 일 전

    Baekho vocal really no joke !! He really ate cd ! 😍😍

  65. quang linh

    quang linh25 일 전

    Name of song??

  66. quang linh

    quang linh24 일 전


  67. Sumaia Al-Suraimi

    Sumaia Al-Suraimi24 일 전

    quang linh oh it's called The cross

  68. Sumaia Al-Suraimi

    Sumaia Al-Suraimi24 일 전

    quang linh yes what is the name?

  69. Phan Nguyen

    Phan Nguyen25 일 전

    a wild Baekho appears No one : Absolute No one: MNet: *playing jungle savage music*

  70. kin 03

    kin 0325 일 전


  71. Fanny Lam

    Fanny Lam24 일 전

    @GOT7ᄂᄋᄉᄐ The Cross is the boyband name and the song is " For you"

  72. GOT7ᄂᄋᄉᄐ

    GOT7ᄂᄋᄉᄐ25 일 전

    the cross

  73. chia

    chia25 일 전

    haha the fact that they were thinking it was Kim Jongkook...thas cute

  74. midaJ2 prime

    midaJ2 prime25 일 전

    Nice song.. nice voice

  75. midaJ2 prime

    midaJ2 prime25 일 전


  76. Melina Yesung,Sehun,Jun, Ren,Sungyeol Jin,Chunji,

    Melina Yesung,Sehun,Jun, Ren,Sungyeol Jin,Chunji,26 일 전

    La voz de BAEKHO es hermosa♡