THE BOYS Season 2 Trailer (2020)


  1. Haram Boi

    Haram Boi시간 전

    0:36 Gus Frings is using Walters Drug to make Superheros, we need Jesse to safe the World.

  2. Yafet Shibeshi

    Yafet Shibeshi2 일 전

    Can't wait to see Frenchie again

  3. Dakota Jensen

    Dakota Jensen3 일 전

    Dudes and dudettes....I am beyond stunned and excited to see season 2 and nothing will stop me from viewing this masterpiece of a series

  4. caveman Versace

    caveman Versace4 일 전

    I want another scene like the dolphin one. I never thought I could love a show as much as I do for that one scene. The Deep is one of the best anti-comic characters I have ever seen. Dudes an arse but my god it is hilarious to watch him fail.



    Well well well, if it ain't the invisible c*nt.

  6. WaywardAli

    WaywardAli5 일 전

    0:37 Gus Fring :DD

  7. Matt Carney

    Matt Carney7 일 전

    KinoCheck what's the name of the piano song at the end?

  8. Pe Br

    Pe Br7 일 전

    The dislikes are from feminism

  9. TokixWartooth

    TokixWartooth7 일 전

    I demand more Black Noir!!

  10. King Aragorn II

    King Aragorn II7 일 전

    🌟 *Eomer, still fighting the good fight I see...*

  11. Pogokoala

    Pogokoala9 일 전

    Preacher needs to come to Amazon Original too.

  12. Isaac

    Isaac11 일 전

    Fuck man, I saw all of the death scenes here on KOreporter a couple months back and just used my free Prime trial to binge watch Season 1 the last few days after work and on lunch and such. Good fucking lord, this show is worth the time. Karl Urban and Antony Starr were made for these roles!

  13. Urukosh !

    Urukosh !11 일 전

    started wack then boring then medium then better and better lmao

  14. Adrian Zuk

    Adrian Zuk12 일 전


  15. Jack N

    Jack N12 일 전

    Why not the red suit? Thats so good guys can see me bleed

  16. Sieg Wahrheit

    Sieg Wahrheit13 일 전

    Spoiler: Black Noir is Homelander clone which was created to shut Homelander down if he wants crazy

  17. eshel ahrak

    eshel ahrak13 일 전

    Karl urban is a LOTR veteran.... He didn't came from the dread reboot...

  18. Sin

    Sin14 일 전

    this show is so good.. well done amazon

  19. Dasani Is Shit Water

    Dasani Is Shit Water14 일 전

    all i got from season one is becca is a whore

  20. De'Andre Mosley

    De'Andre Mosley15 일 전

    This show is so good , can’t believe the son an Becca was alive the whole time

  21. Ramzi Grini

    Ramzi Grini9 일 전

    so people died for nothing lol

  22. Sascha Pascha

    Sascha Pascha15 일 전

    Kinda boring though ... there is nothing that Homelander could beat if they copy DC/Marvel they should do it in a correct way like for every Hero there is a weakness. Homelander = Superman and Superman got a weakness and that's Cryptonite.

  23. ddnlee24

    ddnlee2415 일 전

    I can’t wait

  24. frencesslabiba

    frencesslabiba16 일 전

    i hated it yet here i am searching for more

  25. Tanzid Karim Ushno

    Tanzid Karim Ushno16 일 전

    when we will get the 2nd season

  26. Av The Sav

    Av The Sav17 일 전

    Just hope homelander meets his match tbh

  27. Hoàng Du Trần

    Hoàng Du Trần15 일 전

    Yeah it's his son

  28. Keep it one hunnid

    Keep it one hunnid19 일 전

    Cracking a cold one with the boys while watching the boys.

  29. Karen Boy

    Karen Boy20 일 전

    More Black Noir please

  30. Gerome Manicia

    Gerome Manicia21 일 전

    Not even a month? Come on man this could be Dec 2020 for all we know.

  31. jeffin baiju

    jeffin baiju12 일 전

    it said summer at the end lol

  32. Rodnei Joazeiro

    Rodnei Joazeiro17 일 전

    it will probably be around july, same month season 1 launched

  33. Asia

    Asia26 일 전

    All I need to know is when is it coming back on again PLEASE!!! Omfg!!! A great show again after GAME IF THRONES!!! Thank you for this show!!!

  34. Geek Wars

    Geek Wars27 일 전

    OOOOOOH DES ROCS. Nice touch

  35. ferraridevil

    ferraridevil29 일 전

    Summer 2020 of begin?

  36. Davi brandão

    Davi brandão개월 전

    Excelente trabalho!!! Muito bom!

  37. Miles Wolf

    Miles Wolf개월 전

    Spoiler: Black Noir is Homelander’s clone and much more insane.

  38. George

    George개월 전

    Greatest trailer to the greatest tv show right now😍

  39. Ochi Okoronkwo

    Ochi Okoronkwo개월 전

    Why are they constantly spilling their red koolaid

  40. Jessica Anderson

    Jessica Anderson개월 전

    First season was great. Never has a show made my jaw drop. In a world of superhero overload, this felt so fresh. Cant wait to watch season 2

  41. ferraridevil

    ferraridevil개월 전

    Best show for 2019!

  42. Nimalan Servus

    Nimalan Servus개월 전

    I hate waiting!

  43. Angus Wallace

    Angus Wallace개월 전

    the fact the the song isnt the boys are back in town disappoints me

  44. Nate C

    Nate C개월 전

    this is the most underrated comment ive ever seen

  45. Nolly Polly

    Nolly Polly개월 전

    Why TF is with Amazon and Netflix etc making is wait a full year between seasons? do we have to wait until July? By the time shows return, I often just forget about them completely. Could a reason why they end up cancelled.

  46. Anghel Ienciu

    Anghel Ienciu개월 전

    Amazing show!

  47. 啦啦

    啦啦개월 전

    coming soon fuck

  48. Khairanr

    Khairanr개월 전

    Whats song?

  49. ink demon

    ink demon개월 전

    Borderlands 3 anyome

  50. Blackdeath1943 gaming

    Blackdeath1943 gaming개월 전

    I can't fucking wait. I finished season 1 5 minutes ago.

  51. Anonymous Anonymous

    Anonymous Anonymous개월 전

    Dogshit trailer

  52. -SioN-

    -SioN-개월 전

    I can't fucking wait

  53. George

    George개월 전

    Can't wait!!!!😍😍😍

  54. 6'1 Dane

    6'1 Dane개월 전

    Why isn't this show more populare?

  55. 6'1 Dane

    6'1 Dane5 일 전

    @VitaKet I knooow

  56. VitaKet

    VitaKet5 일 전

    Cause you can only watch it on AmazonPrime.

  57. Ben Toal

    Ben Toal개월 전

    Looks awesome, fingers crossed that they don’t go woke. If they do I’m out.

  58. CODA

    CODA개월 전

    I allow you to speak in normal english, nobody is gonna understand your slang. What does ''Woke'' mean in this context?

  59. Mbulelo Bam

    Mbulelo Bam개월 전

    you had me at Giancarlo

  60. Prateek Tiwary

    Prateek Tiwary개월 전

    Height of misleading thumbnail

  61. Fly Lima Beats

    Fly Lima Beats개월 전

    No one: Butcher: Fuckin' diabolical!

  62. Billy Allen

    Billy Allen개월 전

    Fuckin Diabolical

  63. lover streaming

    lover streaming개월 전

    How yeah somebody kill homeland son to really star the war

  64. sageaps

    sageaps개월 전

    This show is great, I just hope that this doesn't end up like High Castle.

  65. leonard u

    leonard u개월 전

    @sageaps It's all Good, i started yesterday!

  66. sageaps

    sageaps개월 전

    @leonard uOh I assumed you already saw season 4 . I apologize for spoiling the content.

  67. leonard u

    leonard u개월 전

    @sageaps wow that's surprising to hear. i haven't watched the final season of high castle yet tho

  68. sageaps

    sageaps개월 전

    @leonard u High Castle season 4 at the beginning was good I'll admit that but close to the end of the season it felt kinda rushed and the ending with the portals, Kido's new life as a Yakuza advisor and Childan and his love now separated were just left so open ended that it just made the show look lazy and bad in it's final season. Honestly I hope that amazon doesn't do that to this show either because it's a great show with a great cast and crew with lots of potential.

  69. leonard u

    leonard u개월 전

    High castle was pretty good wym?

  70. Dan Whitaker

    Dan Whitaker개월 전

    Fucking diabolical

  71. Dylan Hooper

    Dylan Hooper개월 전

    Getting my amazon prime back

  72. Igor gomez

    Igor gomez개월 전

    “its gonna be CARNAGE”

  73. War Daddy

    War Daddy개월 전