The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations


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  2. Emerald

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    Are you sure black holes arent made out of psionic energy

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    Fusion or black hole in my backyard...? Even if the danm fusion reactor can someone kill me... He will not eat rhe earth

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    I’ve been subbed since you guys were at 600k so happy you got the attention you all deserve!

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    Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Kim jong un is spying

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    This is how I want to study any subject, Great animation and video

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    black holes are fidget spinners

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    My teachers have lied to me

  9. alexander valsjo

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    is there not a chance that the universe will return, beaucse of hawking readiacon?

  10. wildan nugroho

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    how come the electromagnetic wave become faster if the light speed is constant?

  11. NinjaFireZz

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    "Even without any lights, there are places we can go" That hit me so hard

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    Another amazing video, the way you explain such complicated things so clearly is astonishing!

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    This was a very interesting video - thank you!! Have a good day 😃

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    HELL YEAH black holes!my least and most favorite subject,cuz it's scary as shit,but its space,and i love space

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    Making light out of the darkness

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    Bomb Demonitozed

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    need Bangladeshi subtitle

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    Ostia ke potencia :O

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    Again a very good Video, Well aninated and done with so much Love. Kurzgesagt is just the beste Kanal in KOreporter!

  21. Wicked Silver

    Wicked Silver5 시간 전

    Theoretically speaking, if I had a black hole the size of a baseball covered by perfect mirrors... How much energy can I get from dropping a tiny object in it ( pen cap for example ) Infinite ??

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    Omfg why didn't I find this channel before, fuck u KOreporter!!!

  23. Hari5g900

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    can you use the penrose process to send equipment inside the event horizon to collect data from the singularity?

  24. Rman

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    Is it just me or does this sound a lot like those perpetual motion machines lol

  25. Harry Hayfield

    Harry Hayfield5 시간 전

    Very nice Pinky and the Brain reference there. Can we ask for references from other pop culture sources for future videos please?

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    Row row fight the power

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    Love the "do it for her" and the Simpsons by itself reference

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    How would the mirror shatter?

  29. William Julien Nkoghe Olympio

    William Julien Nkoghe Olympio5 시간 전

    That coudn't explain why the universe has a structured background radiation. Well, if you believe that the bigbang was in fact a mega giant blackhole that exploded and gave birth to our current universe. Maybe mega ancient civilizations who lived during the "pitch-black age of their universe, around their last living blackhole, got killed when it exploded and left behind energy signatures. Something that was created artificially and not naturally. Which is what the background radiation is. I don't know what i'm saying, i'm no expert.

  30. Pootin

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    Is the universe was communist, would everything be the same size 🤔

  31. Edgar Gaxiola

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    Don't say black hole it offends me. Why not pink hole or white hole

  32. Violet

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    But what about other universes???

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    Love it

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    But, can it wash away the rain?

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    Any one watched interstellar

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    As always, it blew my mind totally.

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    So using gravity assists on blackholes? Good video!

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    when some youtuber's try hard to reach the 10min mark and then there's kurzgesagt

  40. Sushatn Karki

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    Speed of light is constant. How can we expect to gain energy from spinning black holes through light? That doesn't make sense. Plz explain

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    First thing i whach this morning where im at. Really gets you thinking about are future. Where is it SPACE.

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    This is my new favourite video. It’s so inspiring!!

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    How are your videos still getting better? I didn't think there was room for improvement.

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    An if the mirror ball failed after a charge would kill everything in the galaxy an maybe more

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    Don't make anymore remakes. It's not really of any use. Keep making videos about new concepts.

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    Love the Pinky and The Brain appearance

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    Holy shit

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    One thing i love in the constructs of the visual aids are the amounts of sacred geometry consistently in these videos! If you wanna research into it look into phi- the golden ratio and maybe start from there! Keep on absorbin knowledge!

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    You can tell if you are a fan of Kurzgesagt that they have realized their video can be extremely depressing sometimes, so now they make their video as uplifting as possible

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    I'm sure by the time we can harness the power of a black hole, we can create a infinite star too :)

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    that kids is how the fidget spinner got invented...

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    This is how I spend my weekend. What have I done with my life?

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    So many ways to to create a super powerful bomb... it’s kinda scary. Also, would it take a long time for it to explode, or would it need only a day, or hour?

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    I actually love this channel

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    Waitamin... you're ripping off Isaac Arthur now.

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    3 ducks in a space suit looking thing.kurzesagt in a nutshell: "advanced civilization"

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    I love the animation from this channel

  59. Stitcho

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    Light with a higher amplitude does not have more energy. The energy of light is defined by its wavelength. Thats what Einstein meant with E=h*f.

  60. Daniel Hampton

    Daniel Hampton5 시간 전

    so your saying if you give it energy it give some back and then you amplify it to create a thriving civilization or bomb the equal amount of power to a supernova to kill us all? Black holes are so hard to understand..

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    The infinite Spin Energy..... STANDO?!

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    Amazing! These facts and this channel^^

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    I'm not having an existential crisis after a kurzgesagt video...... something's not right here.

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    Can someone please explain why it is the big bang theory claims the universe began at a singularity but all black holes have one?

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    The start is so accurate xD

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    Why are your videos so *GOD DAMN BEAUTIFUL?*

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    Gotta love having an existential crisis early in the morning :D

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    Would a antimatter black hole ( an anti black hole) be even more efficient? Since it would emit antimatter trough Hawking radiation. Maybe

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    I love you!

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    I still have about 80 years to live.

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