The Bizarre Modern Reality of The Simpsons


  1. The song is called darude super bonelord sandstorm

    The song is called darude super bonelord sandstorm8 분 전

    fuck this shit

  2. c_casa

    c_casa27 분 전

    Don’t forget Dankmus. Top drawer remixes of Simpsons clips

  3. Adam Kimball

    Adam Kimball4 시간 전

    @3:17 Talk about capitalism Talk about capitalism Talk about capitalism

  4. jussafineface 幸せな日々

    jussafineface 幸せな日々16 시간 전

    man the first 3 minutes of this video really just show how surface level some analysis videos can be compared to the rest of this video

  5. Inversion

    Inversion17 시간 전

  6. Lady of Dawn

    Lady of Dawn19 시간 전

    As soon as I heard the OG NieR music over the tapped out footage, I was like "if he talks about that fucking steamed hams NieR video"

  7. Hello hi

    Hello hi일 전

    I thought that with all the propaganda about Season 30, maybe it would be slightly better than the 10 last ones, which were just awful. But no. It is certainly the worst season so far. The jokes are so bad and forced it is simply embarrassing to watch it. Though it is kinda interesting to watch these new episodes only to see how BAD they are. You get amazed with how terrible the humor is and wonder how anyone even thought it was funny

  8. Your Mate

    Your Mate일 전

    wasnt expecting to see NJPW in this video, but i'll gladly accept

  9. OJSeve

    OJSeve일 전

    The basic reading error that begins this whole video, and pretty much invalidates it all, is the assertion that the animated comedy TV show currently on Fox about a yellow family living in an American small town is not The Simpsons. It Is. People just can't admit they don't like The Simpsons anymore, and have disliked it for much longer than they've liked it. If the show you've analyzed is not The Simpsons, what the hell is the video about then? What weight does it hold as critical theory?

  10. Nicola Cascone

    Nicola Cascone일 전

    One day I waited for 30 minutes nothing. Better those 30 minutes of life than watching this.

  11. Tyson Boucher

    Tyson Boucher일 전

    This video addresses so much. The one thing it doesn't address, however, is that the writers are in fact just Simpsons fans too, anymore. Luckier Simpsons fans, granted, who get way more resources to bring their ideas to life, but as it continues, I think it'll get harder and harder to draw a line between what fans can do and the official writers can't.

  12. shifty

    shifty일 전

    Ive been watching some of the new one im gonna still watch them my hole life its the only show iv kept since im like six but it does not give that feeling its just kinda boring (kinda wanna see the dead bart episode even do we got how everyone is gonna die still wanna watch the otiginal concept)

  13. Luke Dolan

    Luke Dolan2 일 전

    I think this explains what makes me so uncomfortable when it comes to Simpsons Wave. Means I still have a lot to realize about my life and the existentialism of death.

  14. That Animu, Mango and Vidja Game Nerd

    That Animu, Mango and Vidja Game Nerd2 일 전

    Pucci needs to reset the universe to where The Simpsons ends after season 12

  15. Deadlockoriginalfilms2.0

    Deadlockoriginalfilms2.02 일 전

    The somebody that i used to know vid uses clips from the later half of the series

  16. Harry Baulskaky

    Harry Baulskaky2 일 전

    Kinda sick and twisted to say that Marge is depressed and alone from having a loving husband and a family. That's anti western anti human modern feminist propaganda... You've inverted what it means to be a women and how women find happiness. Trying to convince women to not get married not have kids.... pushing depopulation and depression upon gullible women. The women who swallow this narrative have careers, grow old and ugly and then in their 40s wonder why they are old ugly alone with no husband no kids and 12 cats while everyone they know is happily married continuing the specias. So fuck you whoever made this video you're a sick piece of garbage for pushing this twisted propaganda narrative. I hope you get hit by a bus.

  17. matteo

    matteo2 일 전

    Super Eyepatch Wolf: start to thanks his patreons the video: 26 minutes left me: hol up

  18. Felix

    Felix2 일 전

    The balence of relatability and ironic meme-ability of a giant and increasingly cynical media franchise has made emotionally expressive art accessible to groups who would otherwise not engage with more established (ie. Modern) highly conceptual art forms. That's pretty neat.

  19. According To Honda

    According To Honda2 일 전


  20. SkweeZee

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  21. Doctor Centurion

    Doctor Centurion3 일 전

    Loved this, and your Junji Ito video.

  22. Jack Horowitz

    Jack Horowitz3 일 전

    I gotta say as someone from Albany NY, the segment with steamed hams has ALWAYS been a local meme.

  23. krissle 999

    krissle 9993 일 전

    Just wondering if anyone has watched don hertzfelts opening for the simpsons its probably the closest the actual show will get to doing something like this

  24. Анатолий Шпалин

    Анатолий Шпалин3 일 전

    Steamed Hams but it's an example in an video essay on how Simpsons formed entire subgenres of art on the internet

  25. grant croell

    grant croell3 일 전

    can you do a video of avatar the last airbender?

  26. Angry Fat Boi

    Angry Fat Boi4 일 전

    This Video should be nominated for an Oscar, Emmy or something.

  27. james dawson

    james dawson4 일 전

    Was that title a m*****f*****g jojo reference!

  28. Bree

    Bree4 일 전

    I think you just watched way too many steamed hams edits so your brain latched on to the only change it could find and praised it because it saved you from such an obvious loop of hell. Im glad you made it out alive.

  29. Sebas Peimbert

    Sebas Peimbert4 일 전

    How come the animation looks worse than it did in 1990 it feels lifeless kinda like shitty flash animation

  30. SabreLeonheart

    SabreLeonheart5 일 전

    I thought we were having *steamed hams?* Nooooooo..... I said *meme'd hams!!* That's what I call hamburgers. It's an internet region dialect!!

  31. Robert Miles

    Robert Miles5 일 전

    "Bart gets woke" That was actually fucking sad and painful. It's really fucking awful that this show is even on the air anymore :(

  32. annie is my name

    annie is my name5 일 전

    as someone with the bartkira tumblr page casually open in the next chrome tab [recently saw akira n started hyper-fixating on it too..ha!], multiple other simpsons-related tabs open, a hundred or so strange simpson screencaps saved and rotated as screensavers, and draws sad bart simpson when there's nothing better to do.....this video touched me in a oddly specific, personal way.

  33. annie is my name

    annie is my name5 일 전

    thank you for recognizing the Marge Simpson Anime!! found it on tumblr many moons ago and it left such an impact on me. the simpsons recontextualized as a feminist, pro-wlw, anti-child-abuse narrative wasn't only cathartic, it was like, a DUH moment where the inherent queerness of the simpsons' family members became apparent to me. the artist soolagna-meow deserves so much more recognition. to all other devoted simpsons fans out there: please keep the beautifully illustrated queer content coming!

  34. Troy Tullis

    Troy Tullis5 일 전

    The Simpsons are forever.

  35. The Analytical Menace

    The Analytical Menace5 일 전

    People still watch this?!

  36. Jacob Jobs

    Jacob Jobs6 일 전

    I have played this game and went suprisingly far until I got tired of waiting for something to actually occur.

  37. João Jacinto

    João Jacinto6 일 전

    Season 27 episode 18 *They are self aware that their show has died before their eyes*

  38. Pol Mak

    Pol Mak6 일 전

    Wow this is a surprisingly amazing video!

  39. aprendizmetalero666

    aprendizmetalero6666 일 전

    But what about H O M E R O C H I N O and H O M E R O D U R A ???

  40. Ball of grime

    Ball of grime6 일 전

    Being a homemaker is one of the best thing a women can become. Otherwise, no matter how successful they become it doesn't matter when they have to return to a dark empty home where no one cares about them. Also, marge is an unpleasant bitch.

  41. Harry Balzak

    Harry Balzak6 일 전

    Steamed Hams but I put it through google translate 10 times

  42. Lego9663 Studios

    Lego9663 Studios6 일 전

    I’m depressed again. Great

  43. michael bohannon

    michael bohannon6 일 전

    That'll do pig. That'll do.

  44. AllRightsRejected

    AllRightsRejected7 일 전

    I spat my water out at Super Nintendo Chalmers

  45. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner7 일 전

    Listening to your videos is like ripping off extra sticky band aids. Every "S" sound is incredibly harsh on the ears.

  46. mikan a

    mikan a7 일 전

    >ideological standpoint >uses marx as the visual example super eyepatch wolf come to breadtube

  47. Mar's Bananana Shenanigans

    Mar's Bananana Shenanigans7 일 전

    How dare you? His name is Super Nintendo Charmander!!

  48. unnamed715

    unnamed7158 일 전

    Bart became "woke"? Ugh...thank Christ I stopped watching this dumpster fire years ago.

  49. unnamed715

    unnamed7157 일 전

    @Davinia Freedom of speech. Freedom of expression. Pandering to these morons is unpatriotic!

  50. Davinia

    Davinia7 일 전

    yes, god forbid a show in 2019 attempt to not be deliberately offensive

  51. Charlie Pow

    Charlie Pow8 일 전

    People that are reviewing the new Simpsons want it to be what it was 10 years ago but the fact is that even if it was they would hate. The Simpsons even now while different is great and I enjoy it. It's for a new audience let the new Audience enjoy it

  52. Gabe Carter

    Gabe Carter8 일 전

    "Why is there smoke coming out of your oven" "IS THIS HOW YOU HONOR THE SIXTH HOUSE AND THE TRIBE UNMOURNED"

  53. TrueHoover

    TrueHoover8 일 전

    The Simpsons is trying to be topical this era and this era only, and that’s the problem. The classic Simpsons episodes deal with issues that are timeless. An episode that aired in 1992 could be reanimated with modern technology in the background, and it wouldn’t feel antiquated at all. By contrast, an episode from just 5 years ago is going to feel dated as hell.

  54. Hallam Crafer

    Hallam Crafer8 일 전

    "My name is Seymour Skinner" WRONG, Principal Tamzarian!

  55. Sol Colón

    Sol Colón8 일 전

    Quizas sin todo el tiempo que perduró Los Simpsons, aún a pesar de haber decaído, toda esa movida en internet no existiría, o no tendría tanta fuerza. Es mas, quizas es por ese mismo declive que se puede dar mas valor a los viejos episodios. O qué se yo, son las 3 am.

  56. Ribula1

    Ribula18 일 전

    I love the internet. This video rekindled the whys/reasons that made me so ecxited about the internet since the early 2000's when i was just a semi adolescent and i could see how big the world and the things are and how much joy and art icould know. I had forgotten nowdays and couldn't refind. I was lost on the same bad feeds. Facebook, instagram( witch i barely use but when everything is so empty and i am at despair for anithing to happend so kinda i vosit there each couple of days but still,) even youtube which is being one of my favorite places for a couple of years already. i am doing badly but idk. The subsequent mean comments i am predicting do indeed make me sad actually, they dont really hurt me but they smell bad and i cant clean every place that needs :(

  57. Ribula1

    Ribula18 일 전

    What is the name of the painting in 4:15?(also the song does anyone knows? I know this but cant remenber aaaa)


    TASHHHH9 일 전

    aaah you used teh nier ost at the beginning and then oooh ooh.

  59. JaviiiSk8

    JaviiiSk89 일 전

    Da Suisa

  60. Dopamine

    Dopamine9 일 전

    It's amazing how you can make people see things in an elaborate new light through deep and persuasive analysis. Talents like yours are why I love KOreporter so much. (Its content, anyway... The site itself can go to hell).

  61. Hate9.

    Hate9.9 일 전

    "Super Nintendo Chalmers"

  62. Atri

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