The Bizarre Modern Reality of The Simpsons


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    Is there any way that I could get more sources that were used to produce this video? Researching Marge and feminism.

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    This is the best video on KOreporter, in my opinion. No joke.

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    This is brilliant

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    this video just made me remember this simpsons webseries on youtube where like the first few episodes where made in mspaint then like the final episode was just this live action experimental short film thing. for the life of me i cant remember who made it all i remember feeling blown away when i saw it

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    Fucking gorgeous. Said so much about Simpsons Wave that I could never verbalize. Thanks man.

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    Wow season 29 did great in terms of IMDB ratings. Interesting.

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    Memes, the dna of the soul

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    What I wrote on the fall of the Simpsons video Man I started to almost cry while watching this. Have so many childhood memories watching the Simpsons on the big fat ass tv. Have watched a couple of new ones here and there over the past ten years and it unbearable. Lisa is like a clueless child now, Bart seems gay, Marge seems selfish, and homer is just insanely forced stupid and crazy inhumane person now. The episodes are like family guy where they have no solid plot line and always seems like they just wrote severely different plots into a episode. Has no meaning to it anymore. And yeah it is just based around pop culture and technology and nothing else about it. Looks like the Simpsons sold their souls.

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    Simpson's wave makes me feel like I'm on mushrooms. A lot of the time that's what it feels like for me when I take mushrooms.

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    Dude you just introduced me to Bartkira, thank you

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    Stop....the simpsons are already dead....just let them die

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    i cried

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    This is... beautiful. In thirty minutes you’ve dissected the underlying problems in one of entertainments biggest downfalls in a style that is distinctive and lovingly wistful. In this sea of talentless and snarky critics flinging their negative opinions with only the intent inflame and support themselves, your videos have a heart and soul. You understand the purpose of both media and these types of videos, and I hope you know that you are the keeper of the flames of media in this age of rehashing and discourse. also anyone who’s read Bartkira is a man of good culture lol

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    I think that The Simpsons would have done better to allow the characters to age normally - right from the off. Firstly it would be an unbelievably radical thing for a cartoon to do in the first place, making it even more groundbreaking than it was. Secondly, it would have meant even some of the Golden Era episodes would have made more sense with the characters ages - for instance, Bart would have had his crush on Laura Powers at 14 and dated Jessica Lovejoy at 16, which is far more plausible than at 10, and most of the best bits would have stayed the same. But most importantly, this would have allowed the characters to evolve with the times, as people do, and still have the potential for more stories. Imagine a cartoon series about 40-year-old Bart, Homer and Marge as grandparents and Maggie in her early 30s. The show would have been able to deal with loads of things it never had the potential to do within the format before - the eventual death of Abe Simpson, Marge and Homer's empty nest when the kids move out, the three kids finding partners and going through their own adult ups and downs... I would watch a show like that, and it would still be current. The big problem the show was inevitably going to have was that every avenue for a genuine story was exhausted fairly early on.

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    The Simpsons should end. They're just beating a dead horse at this point.

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    Wont stop when the blood of a dead horse is green and papery

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    fuck the first sound im graced with from this video is the beautiful His Dream from NieR why tf is your music taste so goddam good wolfy

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    Since you brought up the weird side of the simpsons you should try the KOreporter channel dark simpsons... the channel takes clips from simpsons episodes and arrange in a way to form a narrative with usually darkly comedic results... it is really surreal and awesome

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    The ending of that video was oddly...optimistic? Like as long as there are people who remember classic Simpsons and pay homage to it in some way, then the Simpsons that we all remember and love is still around, as opposed to the heartless aberration they're shamelessly flaunting on television.

  21. Teddy Furstman

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    I agree the classic Simpsons episodes are always timeless and are pure 90's edge. I'll always love seasons 1 - 7 as well as Season 8 and 9 - 12 the Mike Scully Seasons.

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    1.25xspeed ,ur welcome

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    You've made my night. I love your videos...

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    I'm glad that the scenic subculture began. I always thought I was the only one who saw something very special about the background settings artwork of the classic episodes.

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    What's the song that plays when you talk about Bartkira? It's a bop!

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    domino2515 ikr? leaving a comment so i'll know if anyone answers :)

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    Ok, this video actually gave me goosebumps. Powerful ones.

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    I mean exit signs are one of the secret ingredients for space mutants to make world-conquering Homer mechs, so I'm not surprised they'd make it onto Instagram.

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    I used to love Simpsons tapped out as a kid, it sucks that it’s just a shitty cash grab

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    Steamed Hams But Its A Danganronpa Class Trial

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    S U P E R N I N T E N D O C H A L M E R S

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    you should read crow cillers

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    "In this times where people's souls are most oppressed and neglect, is when they try harder to scream out that they are still there" - Me, just now.

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    I knew where this video was heading as soon as you said memes, the fucking music videos

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    The stuff in this video remind me of scoob and shag


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    My favorite Gorillaz song is steamed hams inc

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    I’m distracted by ur accent sounds sexy asf

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    The part were u talked about marge being tragic made me wanna hug my mum 😅😅

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    *#TheSims* = TheSIMpsons? Who, cares?

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    Chuck's Feed and Seed

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    There’s an entire language that the generation that grew up with the Simpson’s specifically speak. Anytime one says “As was the style at the time” or “What a time to be alive” or many others classic lines, other fans instantly just know, and there’s usually an unspoken connection immediately formed, that may one day fade from this world, but I’m so glad I speak that language.

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    I only watch the Treehouse of Horror episodes.

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    There also exists Simpsons Doom Metal:

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    This lad just made me have an existential crisis about the Simpsons I have had a roller coaster of a day and this was the acid lased cherry on the enigmatic cake

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    Man I am like, really late, but this is one of, if not my favourite video on KOreporter.

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    They should of had Y2K take them out in 1999 and then theyd end up in the itchy and scratchy hell.

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    thank god SOMEONE i know talked about this

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    very good my friend

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    He quoted Ralph wiggum when he said 'super Nintendo" chalmers. Instead of superintendent chalmers. Thank you for that

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    anyone know the background track from 22:45-23:15?? I can't find it anywhere

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    13:45 You were one word off from making a _glass dome_ pun from the Simpsons movie.

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    I get the feeling the dark underbelly of Garfield won't be long now.

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    Whoa whoa happened with season 29 of The Simpsons where it pulled in a sudden spike in critical praise amidst consistently bottom of the barrel for the seasons before and after it?!

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    8:37 did he just say Supernintendo Chalmers or I'm just crazy?

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    3:05 i was listening this at work as audio and i was like "wtf, why is this so short?" I felt just a like cheap date with the 3 minute video lol

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    There is a KOreporterr... ...That I love! ❤️

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    2:37 What happened in season 29?!

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    Good analysis SEW

  60. Matt H

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    Another channel that Eyepatch Wolf forgot to mention is “Dark Simpsons.” For those that are unaware, this is a channel on KOreporter that takes clips from the 30+ seasons of the show and edits them into new storylines, often with dark outcomes. It’s more creative and interesting than anything The Simpsons writers have made in the past 15 years.

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    If this is what the internet has made of a now-stale Simpsons, imagine what will happen when Rick and Morty becomes stale (which if you ask me it was from the start, but that's besides the point)

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    You made me fall in love with the Simpsons again. Like if I was dating back my highschool ex girlfriend, but now with some past struggles and existential crisis going through our lives that would make the date unique again.

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    Welp Disney just killed them, good and bad since its Disney the one who did it