The Best Stretch Big Build NBA 2K20! This DEMIGOD build is CRAZY! Best Shooting Center Build 2K20!


  1. Duke Dennis

    Duke Dennis6 개월 전

    Like this if you rockin with me before 1 mil!

  2. Kendrix Myers

    Kendrix Myers5 개월 전

    Bro add me crackhead_jerry

  3. The Viper Randy Orton

    The Viper Randy Orton5 개월 전

    Duke Dennis ....I see so many youtubers say they have the best stretch big, it’s ridiculous and I always build point guard.

  4. Leikwaivion Davis

    Leikwaivion Davis5 개월 전

    Just found you channel that shit some heay

  5. J-Nasty

    J-Nasty5 개월 전


  6. Loon Julis

    Loon Julis5 개월 전

    lol.. look at this fk boi already tryna cheese instead of being a guard. u wanna easy come up soo bad 😂.

  7. Ha ha Ha

    Ha ha Ha14 일 전

    Can shoot like James harden but also defend like him eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. BigManLund66 BigManLund66

    BigManLund66 BigManLund66개월 전

    Maid this build about an hour ago and got my corner specialist up to gold already

  9. Education Oo

    Education Oo2 개월 전

    Or you could make it a 6 7 pf 94 3 point

  10. osa_2 wavvy

    osa_2 wavvy3 개월 전

    Nba2k20 is the best

  11. GlitchyGreen

    GlitchyGreen4 개월 전

    dang yo 2k 20 put youup 100k subs

  12. Riley Kesler

    Riley Kesler4 개월 전

    Did my man duke really swing at the camera like damn

  13. Richard Embree

    Richard Embree5 개월 전

    bro, love your videos but you gotta stop yelling at the start of your shit... that shit sounds TURRRRRIBLE

  14. SqwabblezTheDuck

    SqwabblezTheDuck5 개월 전

    Duke an so do the same hand motions lol

  15. Dallas Nicholson

    Dallas Nicholson5 개월 전

    brush they nerfed the speed max now is 58

  16. Tosok_

    Tosok_5 개월 전

    What about G

  17. Juu On

    Juu On5 개월 전

    Subbed on God🍀☝️

  18. Cory Jones

    Cory Jones5 개월 전

    Everything you shoot gunna be contested with that short ass wingspan lmao

  19. Adomas Daniulis

    Adomas Daniulis5 개월 전

    I am new here and in nba 2k and you are helping my

  20. Dylan Coll

    Dylan Coll5 개월 전

    Can u do a kat build

  21. Smok3 & Gamez THC

    Smok3 & Gamez THC5 개월 전

    Yo duke run wit ya boy

  22. Cyre & Mar

    Cyre & Mar5 개월 전

    How he got all these subscribers bruh is so trash🤦🏾‍♂️

  23. D N

    D N5 개월 전

    Cyre & Mar cuz he be chillin you don’t have to be the best at the game

  24. Demetrius Robinson

    Demetrius Robinson5 개월 전

    🔥🔥Man family stay grinding do ur thang man even my sister luv you bro lol if u can make a video of the best shooting guard u think is goin to be on 2k20 much luv family #day1🔥🔥

  25. Real Playerr

    Real Playerr5 개월 전

    anyone got the beat

  26. Glendie Herron

    Glendie Herron5 개월 전

    That is the worst build all bronze and silver badges and like 2gold and hallof

  27. KBryant4Prez Edited Versio

    KBryant4Prez Edited Versio5 개월 전

    Hey u need a guard this year?

  28. Noah Gilbert

    Noah Gilbert5 개월 전

    This Build Tuff No Cap



    Here before a mil

  30. Gio Hyca

    Gio Hyca5 개월 전

    Deep fades is only for POST FADES my guy. you're thinking of difficult shots, i doubt you need that on gold instead of hof limitless

  31. Disloyal Toast

    Disloyal Toast5 개월 전

    Now if I do this built and it’s ass I’m coming back and talking my shit 😂😂

  32. Fhatmac 4000

    Fhatmac 40005 개월 전

    Buddy look like rondonumbanine in the thumb nail

  33. New York Nick

    New York Nick5 개월 전

    Lockdown all day everyday.

  34. Spencer Chen

    Spencer Chen5 개월 전

    In case you don't know, the chinese words on his hoddie means "I am the one and only supreme being" xD

  35. ryan lil

    ryan lil5 개월 전

    唯我独尊cool bro

  36. Toxic Nik

    Toxic Nik5 개월 전

    good luck guarding my hof drop stepper and backdown.

  37. Slaste

    Slaste5 개월 전

    6”10 or 6” elleymm🤣🤣

  38. Pulse Check

    Pulse Check5 개월 전

    How TF you gonna win games with absolutely no defense especially in 3's...

  39. miles

    miles5 개월 전

    Mike Salanitro he doesn’t play 3s

  40. OrangeLemonade

    OrangeLemonade5 개월 전

    Downhill is only for transition/fast break. Why would you need it? When you only play 2s?

  41. De’Andre Dingo

    De’Andre Dingo5 개월 전

    At this point I think we know it’s you “duke Dennis” by now

  42. Don’t 4T Me Blog

    Don’t 4T Me Blog5 개월 전

    How you didn’t touch volume shooter steady shooter is bad bro

  43. MoneyBoySai

    MoneyBoySai5 개월 전

    Look at the end of its 2k20 vc 2k20 rep cmon duke😂😂 BUT BIG 1 MILL YUH DIGG

  44. Flexin2k

    Flexin2k5 개월 전

    you can make him a stretch you just can’t upgrade finishing.

  45. Meme Overload

    Meme Overload5 개월 전

    I like this nigga

  46. Daniel V

    Daniel V5 개월 전

    Your wack. How tf do people watch this guy. The loser is so gay how he gets his 10 Minutes. Cant cut out useless parts

  47. Isaiah Camacho

    Isaiah Camacho5 개월 전

    I made a 7’0 stretch

  48. AB Anthony Douglas

    AB Anthony Douglas5 개월 전

    almost at 700K

  49. Edwin Ramirez

    Edwin Ramirez5 개월 전

    where you get that sweater

  50. EG Productions

    EG Productions5 개월 전

    One of the best out here I c u duke

  51. dame

    dame5 개월 전

    1:41 song?

  52. TT_ FLAMEZ

    TT_ FLAMEZ5 개월 전

    Duke can you pls do a my league tutorial 2k20 I’m really bad trying to get better

  53. TT_ FLAMEZ

    TT_ FLAMEZ5 개월 전

    Yo thank

  54. YaBoyB

    YaBoyB5 개월 전

    TT_ FLAMES watch KOT4Q or SROS vids. Or mine 😏

  55. IrvinBeast

    IrvinBeast5 개월 전

    Why would you need downhill at all if you going to be playing park? Downhill only works during transition.

  56. Basheire Blige

    Basheire Blige5 개월 전

    You Know U Able To Pick Your Jumpshot Too

  57. Myron Swish

    Myron Swish5 개월 전

    Beat slaps

  58. Xander Sanders

    Xander Sanders5 개월 전

    No rebounding 😂 I guess it works for just a 2s build tho

  59. LaCheese FG

    LaCheese FG5 개월 전

    Xander Sanders his build bouta get fucked up in park by glasses and paint beasts

  60. Jonplair Ray-Dark

    Jonplair Ray-Dark5 개월 전

    Yo duke Dennis I need the update on that stretch video let me know when u make yours I’m down

  61. Sketcherdown

    Sketcherdown5 개월 전

    When Duke doesn't know what a pie chart is

  62. cakeman-36 sanders

    cakeman-36 sanders5 개월 전

    How you got 2k20

  63. Jelisa Walker

    Jelisa Walker5 개월 전

    I like it

  64. Jelisa Walker

    Jelisa Walker5 개월 전


  65. Jelisa Walker

    Jelisa Walker5 개월 전

    I like it

  66. Stephan Lindhe

    Stephan Lindhe5 개월 전

    so small forwards can’t call place 🤔

  67. Wavy CJ

    Wavy CJ5 개월 전

    Duke bouta hit 700k yessir

  68. jaden richmond

    jaden richmond5 개월 전

    not a very good build and terrible badges😭

  69. Thats Tuff

    Thats Tuff5 개월 전

    Best ISO build on mah channel

  70. yxngmargielaa

    yxngmargielaa5 개월 전

    Skinny body shape is better for dribbling and shooting and makes ur player feel faster, buff body shape is for rebounding and post scorers

  71. E5A

    E5A5 개월 전

    @yxngmargielaa yeah but ima test it then because i would wanted to make my shooter burly or built but if its like that then im not going to do that

  72. yxngmargielaa

    yxngmargielaa5 개월 전

    ES Jama it’s common sense, it just feels way smoother when u dribble and shoot with a skinny player

  73. E5A

    E5A5 개월 전

    U tested it?

  74. King Jordan

    King Jordan5 개월 전


  75. Sports Guy

    Sports Guy5 개월 전

    You stealing Solluminatis Swag stop it