The Best Stretch Big Build NBA 2K20! This DEMIGOD build is CRAZY! Best Shooting Center Build 2K20!


  1. Duke Dennis

    Duke Dennis29 일 전

    Like this if you rockin with me before 1 mil!

  2. Kendrix Myers

    Kendrix Myers11 일 전

    Bro add me crackhead_jerry

  3. The Rock Just Layed The Smackdown On Your Candy Azz

    The Rock Just Layed The Smackdown On Your Candy Azz24 일 전

    Duke Dennis ....I see so many youtubers say they have the best stretch big, it’s ridiculous and I always build point guard.

  4. Leikwaivion Davis

    Leikwaivion Davis26 일 전

    Just found you channel that shit some heay

  5. J-Nasty

    J-Nasty27 일 전


  6. Loon Julis

    Loon Julis27 일 전

    lol.. look at this fk boi already tryna cheese instead of being a guard. u wanna easy come up soo bad 😂.

  7. Richard Embree

    Richard Embree6 일 전

    bro, love your videos but you gotta stop yelling at the start of your shit... that shit sounds TURRRRRIBLE

  8. SqwabblezTheDuck

    SqwabblezTheDuck13 일 전

    Duke an so do the same hand motions lol

  9. Dallas Nicholson

    Dallas Nicholson14 일 전

    brush they nerfed the speed max now is 58

  10. Tosok_

    Tosok_15 일 전

    What about G

  11. Love Jesus

    Love Jesus15 일 전

    Subbed on God🍀☝️

  12. Cory Jones

    Cory Jones15 일 전

    Everything you shoot gunna be contested with that short ass wingspan lmao

  13. Adomas Daniulis

    Adomas Daniulis18 일 전

    I am new here and in nba 2k and you are helping my

  14. Dylan Coll

    Dylan Coll19 일 전

    Can u do a kat build

  15. Smok3 & Gamez THC

    Smok3 & Gamez THC19 일 전

    Yo duke run wit ya boy

  16. Cyre & Mar

    Cyre & Mar19 일 전

    How he got all these subscribers bruh is so trash🤦🏾‍♂️

  17. Nick Smith

    Nick Smith14 일 전

    Cyre & Mar cuz he be chillin you don’t have to be the best at the game

  18. Demetrius Robinson

    Demetrius Robinson20 일 전

    🔥🔥Man family stay grinding do ur thang man even my sister luv you bro lol if u can make a video of the best shooting guard u think is goin to be on 2k20 much luv family #day1🔥🔥

  19. Real Playerr

    Real Playerr20 일 전

    anyone got the beat

  20. Glendie Herron

    Glendie Herron21 일 전

    That is the worst build all bronze and silver badges and like 2gold and hallof

  21. Edited versio

    Edited versio21 일 전

    Hey u need a guard this year?

  22. Noah Gilbert

    Noah Gilbert21 일 전

    This Build Tuff No Cap



    Here before a mil

  24. Gio Hyca

    Gio Hyca22 일 전

    Deep fades is only for POST FADES my guy. you're thinking of difficult shots, i doubt you need that on gold instead of hof limitless

  25. Disloyal Toast

    Disloyal Toast22 일 전

    Now if I do this built and it’s ass I’m coming back and talking my shit 😂😂

  26. FhatSoe

    FhatSoe22 일 전

    Buddy look like rondonumbanine in the thumb nail

  27. Nick L

    Nick L22 일 전

    Lockdown all day everyday.

  28. Spencer Chen

    Spencer Chen23 일 전

    In case you don't know, the chinese words on his hoddie means "I am the one and only supreme being" xD

  29. ryan lil

    ryan lil23 일 전

    唯我独尊cool bro

  30. Toxic Nik

    Toxic Nik23 일 전

    good luck guarding my hof drop stepper and backdown.

  31. Lie _

    Lie _23 일 전

    6”10 or 6” elleymm🤣🤣

  32. Mike Salanitro

    Mike Salanitro23 일 전

    How TF you gonna win games with absolutely no defense especially in 3's...

  33. Pugberry

    Pugberry23 일 전

    Mike Salanitro he doesn’t play 3s

  34. OrangeLemonade

    OrangeLemonade23 일 전

    Downhill is only for transition/fast break. Why would you need it? When you only play 2s?

  35. De’Andre Dingo

    De’Andre Dingo23 일 전

    At this point I think we know it’s you “duke Dennis” by now

  36. Don’t 4T Me Blog

    Don’t 4T Me Blog24 일 전

    How you didn’t touch volume shooter steady shooter is bad bro

  37. MoneyBoySai

    MoneyBoySai24 일 전

    Look at the end of its 2k20 vc 2k20 rep cmon duke😂😂 BUT BIG 1 MILL YUH DIGG

  38. Flexin2k

    Flexin2k24 일 전

    you can make him a stretch you just can’t upgrade finishing.

  39. Meme Overload

    Meme Overload24 일 전

    I like this nigga

  40. Daniel V

    Daniel V24 일 전

    Your wack. How tf do people watch this guy. The loser is so gay how he gets his 10 Minutes. Cant cut out useless parts

  41. Isaiah Camacho

    Isaiah Camacho25 일 전

    I made a 7’0 stretch

  42. AntTheMan Gaming

    AntTheMan Gaming25 일 전

    almost at 700K

  43. Edwin Ramirez

    Edwin Ramirez25 일 전

    where you get that sweater

  44. EG Productions

    EG Productions25 일 전

    One of the best out here I c u duke

  45. dame

    dame25 일 전

    1:41 song?

  46. TT_ FLAMES

    TT_ FLAMES25 일 전

    Duke can you pls do a my league tutorial 2k20 I’m really bad trying to get better

  47. TT_ FLAMES

    TT_ FLAMES25 일 전

    Yo thank

  48. YaBoyB

    YaBoyB25 일 전

    TT_ FLAMES watch KOT4Q or SROS vids. Or mine 😏

  49. IrvinBeast

    IrvinBeast25 일 전

    Why would you need downhill at all if you going to be playing park? Downhill only works during transition.

  50. SPG Vlogs

    SPG Vlogs25 일 전

    You Know U Able To Pick Your Jumpshot Too

  51. Myron Swish

    Myron Swish25 일 전

    Beat slaps

  52. Xander Sanders

    Xander Sanders25 일 전

    No rebounding 😂 I guess it works for just a 2s build tho

  53. Alexander Oram

    Alexander Oram4 일 전

    Xander Sanders his build bouta get fucked up in park by glasses and paint beasts

  54. Jonplair Ray-Dark

    Jonplair Ray-Dark25 일 전

    Yo duke Dennis I need the update on that stretch video let me know when u make yours I’m down

  55. Sketcherdown

    Sketcherdown26 일 전

    When Duke doesn't know what a pie chart is

  56. cakeman-36 sanders

    cakeman-36 sanders26 일 전

    How you got 2k20

  57. Jelisa Walker

    Jelisa Walker26 일 전

    I like it

  58. Jelisa Walker

    Jelisa Walker26 일 전


  59. Jelisa Walker

    Jelisa Walker26 일 전

    I like it

  60. Stephan Lindhe

    Stephan Lindhe26 일 전

    so small forwards can’t call place 🤔

  61. Wavy CJ

    Wavy CJ26 일 전

    Duke bouta hit 700k yessir

  62. jaden richmond

    jaden richmond26 일 전

    not a very good build and terrible badges😭

  63. Thats Tuff

    Thats Tuff26 일 전

    Best ISO build on mah channel

  64. yxngmargielaa

    yxngmargielaa26 일 전

    Skinny body shape is better for dribbling and shooting and makes ur player feel faster, buff body shape is for rebounding and post scorers

  65. E5A

    E5A24 일 전

    @yxngmargielaa yeah but ima test it then because i would wanted to make my shooter burly or built but if its like that then im not going to do that

  66. yxngmargielaa

    yxngmargielaa25 일 전

    ES Jama it’s common sense, it just feels way smoother when u dribble and shoot with a skinny player

  67. E5A

    E5A25 일 전

    U tested it?

  68. King Jordan

    King Jordan26 일 전


  69. v Stealz__

    v Stealz__26 일 전

    You stealing Solluminatis Swag stop it

  70. AnkleBullyChris

    AnkleBullyChris26 일 전

    This build is going to get torched on defense 😂😭😭😭

  71. Max C

    Max C26 일 전

    this is only a demi if his theory on golds being upgraded to HOF when you hit 99 tho

  72. Brennan Baze

    Brennan Baze26 일 전


  73. 633336

    63333626 일 전

    Will subscribe once you learn decent English, you American trash

  74. Caroline Houtman

    Caroline Houtman26 일 전

    If you woulda made him 6-9 you coulda had a 94 3

  75. Aj Ransom

    Aj Ransom26 일 전

    2k20 I don’t see the game on my ps4