THE BATMAN (2021) Official First Look - Robert Pattinson Batsuit Reveal


  1. Joyful Thought

    Joyful Thought28 분 전

    Wawoooo Robert I can't wait for this movie 🖤🖤🖤

  2. J LOCC

    J LOCC시간 전

    I can't help it he actually looks perfect for the role and his Batman face is the most accurate I've ever seen since Michael Keaton Robert Pattinson could be the best Batman ever I'm just so excited for this we've not had a proper Batman movie since 2012 it's been way too long

  3. Timm Lauckner

    Timm Lauckner2 시간 전

    So this Vampire turned into a Bat. Is this where we got Corona Virus from ?

  4. Ataol Aydoğdu

    Ataol Aydoğdu2 시간 전

  5. Robert Pattinson

    Robert Pattinson6 시간 전

    Wish me good luck

  6. Jake Jutras

    Jake Jutras6 시간 전

    The Jawline and thin pursed lips that Rob has.... that is so damn close to what Batman should be to me.

  7. Talha Akpınar

    Talha Akpınar6 시간 전

    İ think İTS fucking so cool

  8. Robert Pacot

    Robert Pacot6 시간 전

    Joaquin Phoenix should be the joker it would be so exiting!!!

  9. Nitsuj Otsuj

    Nitsuj Otsuj7 시간 전

    Reminds me of Adam West batman

  10. cuntpuncher

    cuntpuncher7 시간 전


  11. Lu Bat

    Lu Bat10 시간 전

    Why are the iconic pointy ears cut? Is there something wrong with them?

  12. Syr Porter

    Syr Porter13 시간 전

    This isn’t twilight bud. You better not efff this up Mr. Pattinson.

  13. Whispering Eddie

    Whispering Eddie14 시간 전

    Did everyone forget what this dude's chest looked like? Edward is Batman now? ROFL. Pathetic

  14. Frost825

    Frost82516 시간 전

    No thanks bro

  15. sevenhornets

    sevenhornets18 시간 전

    I better start getting paid body double pay on this one.

  16. Clyde Triplett

    Clyde Triplett18 시간 전

    Every Ten years a new Batman. Repeat scripts is all their is Left. What next new Godzilla

  17. Egregoros

    Egregoros19 시간 전

    They need to go full Batman Beyond's suit !

  18. I'm a Fly

    I'm a Fly20 시간 전

    DC just can’t stop fucking up and all the DC fans defend the crap they put out 😂😂 besides Shazam, Wonder Woman, Man of Steel and I haven’t seen Joker yet so I’m not gonna make an opinion on it yet but those r the only good DC movies out there. For all the people who talk shit on Marvel u arguing for a lost cause cuz u have no idea what ur talking shit about I guess ur all vaginstipated that Marvel is kicking DC’s ass 😂😂😂

  19. Mau

    Mau21 시간 전

    Emma Watson como Gatubela epale :3

  20. Eszakamrnaija

    Eszakamrnaija21 시간 전

    Looks like the bat suit merge with dare devil suit

  21. Denise Otvos

    Denise Otvos23 시간 전


  22. Iury Oliveira

    Iury Oliveira23 시간 전

    So cold !!!

  23. Abraham Fortuna Reyes

    Abraham Fortuna Reyes23 시간 전


  24. LT. Leech

    LT. Leech일 전

    First they replace Tobey Maguire with Andrew Garfield and then with tom Holland, and now they replace ben Affleck with Robert Pattinson? God, When will this be over? Ben affleck did a great job acting as batman.

  25. legacyX

    legacyX일 전

    Real fact: Michael Giacchino finished this theme one month after being signed to produce the ost

  26. TotalCheese

    TotalCheese일 전

    Batman beyond? :D

  27. Audun Ystgaard

    Audun Ystgaard일 전

    The music though. The music is the best thing about this, honestly.

  28. Trailer Music Weekly

    Trailer Music Weekly일 전

    WOW, what a track!

  29. Waffieツ

    Waffieツ일 전

    i can’t be the only one that heard the star wars theme in this

  30. Erose Perwita

    Erose Perwita일 전

    Everyone : Are you a vampire? Robert : No, I'm Batman

  31. Demon Eon

    Demon Eon일 전

    I can’t stop thinking of Owlman from Watchmen when I see his face. Idk why.

  32. Ben Goldstine

    Ben Goldstine일 전

    so fucking ugly

  33. shorya thakur

    shorya thakur일 전

    how many of u think this as a darth vader tune..

  34. T Callen

    T Callen일 전

    I love that the Bat symbol looks almost exactly like the Arkham series Bat symbol

  35. Force_ User

    Force_ User일 전

    Robin: Bruce, we have to go to China and save people from this coronovir.... *Slap* Batman: I'm the main dish over there you dipshit

  36. Naga Harley Quinn

    Naga Harley Quinn일 전

    Wow, DC really has a love hate relationship with Batman. They love to remake Batman over and over and over again. And let's be honest, the only Good DC movies were Man of Steel... I've got nothing. Wonder Woman was... Okay. The way she took out Aries was kinda lame. The movie itself was, meh. Batman V Superman was horrible. Justice League was just as bad. Suicide Squad, ugh. I shudder thinking about it. I haven't seen Aquaman. Shazam looks cool... If you're 14

  37. Eduardo Chantos

    Eduardo Chantos일 전

    With a lot of respect to mr Pattinson but fuck him. It takes another 80Kg being Batman. He just dont fit. Affleck at least is a gorilla.

  38. Shane Jackson

    Shane Jackson일 전

    Arnold Schwarzenegger as Alfred?....get in da bat mobile nowww!!

  39. Benjamin Schäfer-Schmidt

    Benjamin Schäfer-Schmidt일 전

    The music sounds strangely familiar...

  40. Carter Phillips

    Carter Phillips일 전

    I dont know why but I feel like John barrowman would play a great batman

  41. Bilal

    Bilal일 전

    I'm so in for this

  42. Stephen Vasquez

    Stephen Vasquez일 전

    Love how all the marvel fan boys are saying he looks like Daredevil ! Ppfffff! Daredevil is what was copied from batman ! All in all looks like this batman film will be good when Bruce was still young and made his first suit, we shall see.

  43. Jean-luc O’Brien

    Jean-luc O’Brien일 전


  44. Marco Mazariegos

    Marco Mazariegos일 전

    Me before Dawn of Justice: "Ben Affleck could never be Batm-" DC: "Hold our beers." Me now: Robert Pattinson could never be Batma-" DC in 2020: "Hold our White Claws."

  45. sen3.14

    sen3.14일 전

    *LiiGhT rEd, DC maN sTeAl dArEdeViL*

  46. autismo the cosmo

    autismo the cosmo일 전

    As a DC fan I say keep his mask og I kinda don't like those new one this is only my opinion though

  47. Mad Dog

    Mad Dog일 전

    I smell guano. Worst teaser trailer and crappiest batsuit I’ve seen (from what you can see of it). Despite the excellent theme music, a great soundtrack isn’t going to save this film if Pattinson tanks in the role. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a huge Batman fan longer than most of you have been alive, and I want him to do a great job as the Caped Crusader, but I have my doubts. Regardless, I’ll be happy to see Robert Pattinson succeed and finally get out from under the stigma of being a sparkly vampire.

  48. G Viceroi

    G Viceroi2 일 전

    Ohhh...a. vampire bat.......

  49. Rahul Singh

    Rahul Singh2 일 전

    The music is chilling. Its more suited on Thanos.

  50. Sir Alex 369

    Sir Alex 3692 일 전

    Its so dark its definitely from the dc universe

  51. rui micas

    rui micas2 일 전

    The best hero ever is here!! Edit:is my opinion xd!

  52. ItsHarvey

    ItsHarvey2 일 전

    Can’t wait to watch season 5 of DAREDEVIL! 😃

  53. Omar Karim

    Omar Karim15 시간 전

    you say that like we got a 4th (sniffle)

  54. Jovas

    Jovas2 일 전

    You know the movie is gonna be good when the teaser gets you going, that score!

  55. Limor Shakar

    Limor Shakar2 일 전

    This June all about Wonder Woman & next year Batman ... cannot wait, nailed the image and look ! The suit looks awesome and sound 🤩. To the ones who prefer Ben’s Batman bet it will be quite an upgrade and surprise . Not a fan of Rob , but teaser looks awesome so think it will be 👌

  56. Humberto Ventura

    Humberto Ventura2 일 전

    This is gonna suck.

  57. Humberto Ventura

    Humberto Ventura시간 전

    @The Story Tella' I am not judging anything. This is just a hunch, nothing more. At this point nobody cant be certain if is gonna be good or not. All I know is that the Twilligh guy is playing Batman. That alone gives me the creeps. Seeing this footage does the rest.

  58. The Story Tella'

    The Story Tella'시간 전

    @Humberto Ventura Shall I inform you that we haven't even seen any thing that's 100 percent confirmed yet. And you are already judging it? Dude, you can't just see the suit then say "yup this gonna suck". Your focus is on what they showed here, not everything they have to bring towards us fans. Don't judge the entire film only because the suit isn't your cup of tea. To others it could be, if you don't like it, it'll suck for YOU.

  59. Humberto Ventura

    Humberto Ventura2 일 전

    @Sychlo Killent Nah. Will definatelyy suck.

  60. Sychlo Killent

    Sychlo Killent2 일 전

    This is gonna rule.

  61. Humberto Ventura

    Humberto Ventura2 일 전

    @The Story Tella' its Batman, even if they casted Will Ferrel as the Batman it will make tons of money, Batman is famous due to the Comics. "Batman and Robin" (1997) is one og the worst movies ever made and made a lot of money too. Does not mean its good.

  62. Alex Scott

    Alex Scott2 일 전

    Was that intro music the imperial march?

  63. Jordan Sweet

    Jordan Sweet2 일 전

    The theme actually gave me a 28 Days Later vibe. I like that. Otherwise, I can see this look working for a noir story. Hope Pattinson can move in the suit.The Batman is my most anticipated for 2021!

  64. flyingpig314

    flyingpig3142 일 전

    I wonder why they didn't show us the bat ears 🤔

  65. A bold one

    A bold one2 일 전

    It's clear why this melody sounds cool - Imperial march.

  66. anton spine

    anton spine2 일 전

    A vampire with super speed and sparkly skin is gonna play Batman