The Amazing World of Ants


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    Why do insects like ants and roaches concentrate themselves in electronic stuff? Is it warmth from the electricity?

  3. Locomotive Studios

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    Luckily I am prepared for this ant invasion *shakes can of bug spray*

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    My mermecophobia. Ahhhhhhhh why did I watch this.

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    Orgullo nacionaaal hormigas que dominan el mundo


    SUPER BOY개월 전

    i like how the title is named after the amazing world of gumball;]

  7. Nheds Bocauto

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    That's why anteater is very important and the new discover ant eater in Philippines and other countries with a shells in it's skins! That's pretty owesom! But they will be instinct cuz of hunting them for their shells! That's very sad to know 😔

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    I wonder how strong they are..... Unity is there weapon.. Ants are like japan people... Work hard 😁😅



    How about Crocodiles!

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    Well time to stomp the ants at my school

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    Where am I?! I thought I was in AntsCanada, I demand an explanation

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    No bullet ants?

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    Yass for the fallout reference lol 😁

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    00:05 *_GREEN ARMPITS_*

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    Praying mantis please

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    Parrot pls

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    2:14 Apocalypse of the Walking Leaves!!!

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    Imagine being the spider, watching the prey you're eating getting gangbanged

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    *_a n t s a r e n ' t r e a l_*

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    This ruined my childhood memory of the Bugs life movie......

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    "Regurgitates it's load for everyone to eat" 😂😂😂

  24. Generic straight white male nigga picture

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    Nigga a monarchy does not sound that bad if it is that effcient

  25. Generic straight white male nigga picture

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    Ants are partially communist?, not in my american soil

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    I hate ants, why cant they go extinct

  27. Vict0r1984

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    Why are ants assumed to be a "collective organism" rather than a species which has primitive civilization, a.k.a the most advanced animal on Earth except humans? There are studies demonstrating they have agriculture, animal husbandry (aphids), take slaves, build networks of complex tunnels with appropriate ventilation and waste disposal systems for habitation, have complex social hierarchies and they have even been demonstrably shown to "teach" directions to younger ants or change their job within the colony! I'm not a biologist so I'm genuinely asking. Yes, they have been around since before the Cambrian extinction, so I think one might deny their sapience on the grounds that they should've made technological progress in such a long time, but how can we know they didn't? For over 90% of human history our only piece of technology were sharpened stones which our ancestors (who we regard as intelligent) used for hunting, cutting, skinning, chopping other stones or all purposes they could conceive of - what if ants are in a similarly stagnant phase of technological evolution? How do we know that ant behaviors are evolutionary programmed rather than conscious inventions when our Neuroscience doesn't understand insect brains yet? We've been studying ants since, let's say very liberally, ancient Greece. What if the ants 3000 or 10000 years ago had no fungi crops and the advent of this practice (basically their invention of agriculture, which might've predated the human one in the Neolithic tbh) is their "sharpened stone"? Do we have fossil records showing ancient ants were just as sophisticated as modern ones? Do we have definitive scientific proof that a small brain would be incapable of intelligent thinking? I'm just putting it out there that we might be co-inhabiting Earth with another sentient intelligent sapient species which we foolishly dismiss just because it's "small" and "alien" to us...

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    The woman is so cute

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    each day i kill about... 500 or 1000 ants each day by destroying hills lol

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    I thought those was a docementry no her talkin

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    They may have teamawork,but we have South Korea

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    Ten birds are just standing there like bruh FLY BIRDY FLY!!!!!

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    I for one welcome our new ant overlords

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    How are they sure about the ants' number?

  36. V D

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    When I was around 10 I decided to mess around with a ants nest and it turned out to be fire ants, and well It felt like being burnt alive with pain and itching.

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    Cockroaches and ants came to Europe from JEWSA

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    There is a type of fly that attacks ants, lays eggs in their heads and when the fly wants to escape, they burrow through the ant's head and basically decapitate it from the inside.

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    Where are the bullet ants...? Are they dead?.

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    so what the answer to our problems seems to be is to import pangolins and start massive breeding programs then right?

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    anyone here from the AC family?

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    my body iTCHES!!

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    I know you don't usually do much on domesticated animals, but I'd love a show on canine guardians of death. Like the Xolo and the Pharaoh hound. Their histories in their respective cultures are so fascinating, they were seen as magical and guardians of death. There was a tomb in Egypt with 8 million mummified Pharaoh hounds, and the Xolo was dressed in elaborate feathered headpieces and sacrificed to the gods. I know their history is more human-related, I just think they'd make a cool show.

  44. Alvin Sandoval

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    So..... my class room is ...... ant-infested .......soooooo................................ I think they’re pharaoh ants.... so...... how do I get rid of them? They infested my friends food

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    One time I was climbing a tree and a bunch of fire ants started attacking me so I had to jump off

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    @5:56 lOl!!

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    the ant goes marching in 10001 and 10001 horra horra the ants kill the human horra horra the ants movve to the boddy horra horra

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    Make video for WASPS!! And tell us EVERYTHING!!! The only thing I dont know about wasps is the life of the males....I wonder they are born much time before queens born? And then after mating males dont die so what they do? Going back to the nest or they trying to survive alone? (Something really hard) those are the things I want to know about wasps and they are the only things I dont know about wasps

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    Watch out for the Chimera ants that could use nen!

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    I am in love with her🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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    I love your presentation 😍

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    You only showed 1-quadrillion

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    Almost none of the fire ant videos were actually showing fire ants....

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    Bullet ants

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    White lion

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    They make a raft everywhere

  58. Jeramiah Blasio

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    Fire ant live near me but i dont live in Louisiana

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    you *ant* seen nothing yet. you're right... I haven't seen anything yet. my room Is pitch black.

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    Without even knowing it, ants have already taken over the world

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    So they gangbang the queen 🤣

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    Host is a parasite~~

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    Your armpit is green

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    Ants the cunts of the animal world

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    What about the trap jaw ants :(

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    I live in the same place as the raft ant things! X3

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    Red ants are the most agressive ants in the world

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    1:51 my chemical romance

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    The drones can also be called elites too, Incase y’all didn’t know

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    She is a unique Host.

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    Oh I live in Louisiana. I know how bad the fire ants are *shivers*

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    My first ant farm was a fire ant colony.

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    I am a novice ant keeper.

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    now we wait until meruem comes and we are all screwed

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    We need an ant simulator. I would play the shit out of it.

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    this is why we have flame throwers

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    Ant throws another ant off the counter lol

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    1:32 my squad in fortnite...

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    WOW super colinies. That's what my dad prob gets all the time cuz the ants that form them live RIGHT where I live -_-

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    Long live the golden empire

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    Orca pleaseeee

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    Soon we'll have Chimera Ants lads

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    War never changes.just because of that I'm subscribing

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    *e w e w e w*

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    My kids watched a few of these episodes in class (2nd grade). Now they watch it at home on our Roku.

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    Love the Power Rangers reference

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    She is not wearing her glasses!.. I wonder why! 😐

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    U sound like corona from soul eater

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    I remember, when I was in Basic Training at Fort Benning, Georgia (back in 1998, when I was 20), we were on the crusible, and the 20 mile road march, we were ahead of schedule for the march and were instructed by the Drill Sergeants to "take a fighting position", which means to get in the prone position on the ground. It was at night time, with very little visibility. Apparently, I landed on a fire ant mound. I was mercilessly bitten, hundreds of times. I recall being in so much pain, that I contimued the march, without even remembering the rest. I recall standing in front of the fire, as we were all pinned with the brass "US" circle, and trembling. The First Sergeant looked at me and said, "Private youre shaking... What is wrong?". My response: "First Sergeant, the private believes that he was bitten numerous times by Fire Ants, First Sergeant!". He got his flashlight out and observed that there were still fire ants attached to me, and biting. He ordered me to go to the emergency room at the hospital on Sand Hill. They pulled off about 220 fire ants off my body, and gave me some ointment. That was the most painful crap I have ever had on my skin.

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    Anyone else get a Zoey Dascnel vibe from this girl?

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    Ants are my favourite creature thank you

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    If only the argentine ants were Spanish

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    Do praying mantises

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    cute girl

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    The pop culture references made by this host are really alienating.