The 2020 Kia Telluride Is Kia's New Family SUV


  1. Tommy Brigliadoro

    Tommy Brigliadoro10 분 전

    How about you telluride to get a new car

  2. Max Sanchez

    Max Sanchez4 시간 전

    How many "No! I am your father" will played over that amplifier?

  3. Stephen Petersen

    Stephen Petersen2 일 전

    Motorized components can fail and increase weight. I don't know why people automatic everything it just makes the car needlessly more expensive for "convenience".

  4. Codey Veach

    Codey Veach2 일 전

    My parents have one of these the third row is very small so be careful

  5. NightSky 222

    NightSky 2222 일 전

    I’d call it a digital menu system or something but Doug’s the type of guy to always call it an Infotainment System

  6. Kenneth Namalomba

    Kenneth Namalomba2 일 전

    The wheels look wrong

  7. Soul Surfer

    Soul Surfer3 일 전

    Doug you give the best reviews and I bet Kia has sold at least an additional 5k of these models on account of your via. I would never buy a Kia but I would consider not buying one from a salesman like you🤣😂😉

  8. Green Bullitt

    Green Bullitt4 일 전

    Prices start around $42K but this Upper level EX Model is just under $39K. Huh

  9. Vincent Villani

    Vincent Villani4 일 전

    Tbh the tail lights make it look like a Volvo so ya

  10. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight4 일 전

    This is like a fake Rolce Roys suv

  11. scott merrifield

    scott merrifield5 일 전

    Thats an ugly color

  12. CMZ 1

    CMZ 16 일 전

    Side looks like a Volvo, front looks like a Cadillac. Gorgeous suv

  13. Kevin Mchugh

    Kevin Mchugh6 일 전

    Would be a good Uber driver car

  14. Jamz World

    Jamz World6 일 전

    Do I have kids no because i am one lol will this be my moms car yep

  15. Ivan Contreras

    Ivan Contreras7 일 전

    Chevy traverse???

  16. Anthony Ramdin

    Anthony Ramdin7 일 전

    Seems to be a good vehicle, however I find the engine is a bit low on torque for the size and mass of the vehicle. Also thought that the 3rd row would be larger.

  17. Michael Lopour

    Michael Lopour7 일 전

    "The Kia Telluride has adjustable tailgate height!" "Hold my beer" -2009 Audi Q5

  18. AdamG1983

    AdamG19839 일 전

    Who else got triggered when he said "Bumper to Bumper"?

  19. AdamG1983

    AdamG19839 일 전

    It looks like a Range Rover in a way, not a bloated jellybean like the Traverse

  20. AdamG1983

    AdamG19839 일 전

    TMW Kia suddenly has better cars than Hyundai

  21. Ryan Chen

    Ryan Chen9 일 전

    The second and third row’s seats look like xc90’s

  22. Cristian Berisha

    Cristian Berisha9 일 전


  23. labidi fayçal

    labidi fayçal11 일 전

    I ask just anyone who tell me why this telluride looks not nice and cheap unlike the pretention of KIA.

  24. HiByeHi

    HiByeHi12 일 전

    Review its cousin the palisade!

  25. Thomas J Voss

    Thomas J Voss12 일 전

    Will this see European markets?

  26. Naif Al namlan

    Naif Al namlan12 일 전

    i like the feature in 5:37

  27. nikko sjaastad

    nikko sjaastad14 일 전

    When are you going to review some Volkswagens?

  28. The Donut

    The Donut14 일 전

    has bumper to bumper returned??

  29. Krishna Jo

    Krishna Jo14 일 전

    다 좋은데 의자가 왠지 싸구려 냄새가 난다. 돈 좀 더 써서 의자를 고급지게 했으면 좋으련만.. 현기의 한계인가?

  30. Buffalo Bill

    Buffalo Bill15 일 전

    0:45 Isn't the 2009 Borrego Kia's first full 3-row crossover? I'm confused!

  31. Phanthidan H

    Phanthidan H15 일 전

    No power tilt / telescopic memory linked steering wheel is unforgivable in a vehicle like this. When the cheapest Lexus crossover has it, you don't need to wonder why they sell so many.

  32. Rama Nrusimhadevara

    Rama Nrusimhadevara15 일 전

    The welcome sound reminds me of the Windows XP startup sound.

  33. Matthew Ward

    Matthew Ward16 일 전

    For the year 2020 can we start saying twenty twenty instead of two thousand twenty?

  34. Matty AJ

    Matty AJ16 일 전

    Hey...what about the Kia Borrego Mr "first 3 row kia suv"

  35. Boy Wonder

    Boy Wonder17 일 전

    That reclining rear seat and car talk sold me GOOD JOB KIA

  36. Logan Brasfield

    Logan Brasfield18 일 전

    Anyone else wonder what 2020 would be like in 2013? Me in 2019 watches this:

  37. Dominick Woods

    Dominick Woods19 일 전

    @ 22:35 Doug the type of person that can't sing for shit 😂🤣

  38. wheelier of wonder

    wheelier of wonder19 일 전

    Whoever named this Kia needs to be beaten and skinned alive

  39. Allen A

    Allen A20 일 전

    The Canadian version is so different and better. Strange

  40. Микола Моргун

    Микола Моргун20 일 전

    3:35 I'm wondering whether the seat folds when someone is sitting on it? I bet the children on the back seats will too

  41. J C

    J C20 일 전

    This is my SUV.

  42. Stephan 1

    Stephan 120 일 전

    I am thinking on buying this car or the VW atlas. Can you please do the review of the VW Atlas?

  43. Burnzem & Friends

    Burnzem & Friends20 일 전

    In our Chrysler 200 mu wife still turns the a/c wheel

  44. joseph lemons

    joseph lemons20 일 전

    Wish my 2018 Mazda 3 Grand Touring had a responsive infotainment system 😡🤬

  45. Mr. Dorifto

    Mr. Dorifto21 일 전

    My dad and I are looking to get the telluride this November.

  46. Amado Plaza Jr

    Amado Plaza Jr22 일 전

    New welcome message: " I'm 6'4"

  47. Boris Terekidi

    Boris Terekidi22 일 전

    This KIA is selling like hot cupcakes in Canada. There is a 3 months waiting list go buy one. Many dealers don't even have 1 on the floor to check it out.

  48. Blaine Dodds

    Blaine Dodds23 일 전

    Bro 1/10 and 2/10’s for the weekend😂

  49. Winter is Coming

    Winter is Coming23 일 전

    Posture, my friend, posture. You'll thank me at age 70.

  50. Liverpool 4 Ever

    Liverpool 4 Ever24 일 전

    I think you're very tough on this car and even inconsistent when giving the score for car's said there are tons of them at the beginning of the video then , you gave it very low score!!!!

  51. Insoo Kim

    Insoo Kim22 일 전

    He doesnt give any car its due.

  52. DrHouse2004

    DrHouse200424 일 전

    During decad kia and hyundai copy others car

  53. DrHouse2004

    DrHouse200424 일 전

    Of course the designe of the MAZDA Cx9 just fuck up that kia

  54. Logan saltzman

    Logan saltzman25 일 전

    That welcome sound made me think of windows xp

  55. MrCorvusC

    MrCorvusC25 일 전

    Those lights, grill, and that idiotic name spelled with ENORMOUS letters all across it's face. So obviously made for American market. This could've been rebadged as Chevy, Cadillac, or Ford and nobody would know the difference. Also, in your list of cars named after places you have hideous Subaru Tribeca but not Alfa Romeo Montreal. Indeed, you're that type of guy :D

  56. R99pinball

    R99pinball25 일 전

    4runner trd pro is lumped in with these family vehicles and wins because it's fun and cool? wow...

  57. Steve Coates

    Steve Coates25 일 전

    It good on gass

  58. shree om

    shree om26 일 전

    Worst car Hyundai palisade is better than this

  59. Sean S

    Sean S27 일 전

    Rear reminds me of an off-brand Cullinan... Might just be me tho haha

  60. Powerpickle68

    Powerpickle6829 일 전

    The back seats recline

  61. Lateshia Davis

    Lateshia Davis개월 전

    Needs a tv

  62. Johnson Family

    Johnson Family개월 전

    HE DIDNT MENTION THE KIA BORREGO. And saying the first family kia suv? THE BORREGO USED TO EXIST!

  63. MrNosmallwonder

    MrNosmallwonder개월 전

    Funny how he thinks the lift gate height adjuster is so it won't hit something. NO, its so height challenged people can actually hit the close button.

  64. youtubeChannel 420

    youtubeChannel 420개월 전

    Forgot the Sorento

  65. Arkan Mounir

    Arkan Mounir개월 전

    Kia is progressing but they miss a big diesel engine of 300 hp for this type of car

  66. Chas Jones

    Chas Jones개월 전

    KIA's G-Wagon! Love it!!!

  67. An Extraordinary Person With No Life TM

    An Extraordinary Person With No Life TM개월 전

    Driver Talk: *exists* Doug: *makes driver talk look cringey*

  68. Quadcopter Crazy

    Quadcopter Crazy개월 전

    Id rather have a minivan if im hauling people, the third row is fine for adults in those

  69. brice landy

    brice landy개월 전

    Kia should change its name when making cars like this and certain luxury cars. Like Toyota/Lexus Honda/Acura Nissan/Infinity...

  70. Vernon Paige Jr.

    Vernon Paige Jr.개월 전


  71. brice landy

    brice landy개월 전

    😂😂😂...the kia radio salesman voice😂😂😂

  72. Jon La Montagne

    Jon La Montagne개월 전

    Doug this is their second they had the Barrego for one year.

  73. endrizo

    endrizo개월 전

    Why not 3 doors per side?

  74. Metaphysick

    Metaphysick개월 전

    Who makes enough children to need a car with 3rd row seats ?XD

  75. Ninja Tony

    Ninja Tony개월 전

    Uh, you generally can't sit kids side by side in a car, so 2 or 3 kids would easily work for a car like this.

  76. supershafik

    supershafik개월 전

    this is the 3rd reincarnation of kia large suv, and it will not last as well. expected to be discontinued soon.

  77. RuffusJY

    RuffusJY개월 전

    5:39 *smashes **5:39** repeatedly*

  78. peter harding

    peter harding개월 전

    WHAT? 1 out of 10 for acceleration for a HUGE SUV of under 8 seconds?? HOW can you compare this to a ferrari with a 600 hp turbo V-8? Can I get some of what you've been smoking?? Come on Doug....very few cars on the planet accelerate like supercars! Get real...

  79. ahmed hisham

    ahmed hisham개월 전

    I think doug never wears shorts all the time bec. He is farely tall adualt whom never found pants that would fit

  80. Dejan Nedic

    Dejan Nedic개월 전

    Ugliest SUV ever

  81. Kane Farh

    Kane Farh개월 전

    Also, any chance of Telluride/Palisade to bring in Turbo charged engine to shoot up the current 291hp

  82. Colin Royce Morris

    Colin Royce Morris개월 전

    I always thought KIA was leading car manufacturing into the future. Until, that is, we bought a brand new one from the KIA main dealer in Finland. I don't think the main dealer liked the make at all. Well, they certainly didn't like ours. They crashed it after it went back to them for warranty rectification to the paintwork on the rear bumper, never reassembled it correctly and when it went back to be repaired because they had damaged the front end, never reassembled that correctly either. A few months later the original paint fault had returned and though we returned the car, they were apathetic about the whole thing. Shame really because I really do like the sportswagon and would have bought the latest model, particularly the proceed, without hesitation. The Telluride, however, is big and ugly. I really don't see a need for such big vehicles on our already congested roads. NO KIA HERE. KIA is now a thing of the past to us and we're quite happy with our 2018 Impreza hatchback even though I much prefer a manual.

  83. Kurt Maiershofer

    Kurt Maiershofer개월 전

    I am curious to see what you’d think of a Mazda CX-9