The 2020 Kia Telluride Is Kia's New Family SUV


  1. MattyLeo

    MattyLeo시간 전

    " this vehicle becomes a enclosed pick up truck " …….. oh you mean a VAN ? DURR

  2. Herman Quijano

    Herman Quijano2 시간 전

    Doug ! Review the 2019 Chevy blazer RS

  3. Aleks

    Aleks2 시간 전

    I bet you every manufacturer is going to be scrolling through Doug's notes for their cars. Cannot wait until they start listing Doug scores in their Ads

  4. wujekGruber

    wujekGruber2 시간 전

    How is it possible that a 2020 car has been on sale for a few weeks while we aren't yet through the first quarter of 2019?

  5. rswank

    rswank3 시간 전

    Is the Bluetooth connection w/ Phone still slow as molasses (2016 Sorento) and can you still NOT change the radio station immediately after the car starts? 2016 Sorento requires several seconds while the Infotainment boots up. Soooo annoying and seriously makes me reconsidering whether I'll buy another KIA.

  6. Atanas Hajiiski

    Atanas Hajiiski3 시간 전

    THIS //////........... IS .............

  7. Miles Free

    Miles Free3 시간 전

    I thought the Telluride had amber running lights?

  8. footballcoreano

    footballcoreano3 시간 전

    Kia and Hyundai are better than toyota and honda now, more reliable, better styling, cheaper!!!

  9. MustyDrew

    MustyDrew4 시간 전

    looks like a giant purple jolly rancher

  10. Kylee Stewart

    Kylee Stewart4 시간 전

    Hey Doug interview a Cadillac Seville 1995

  11. mwendabai mwendabai

    mwendabai mwendabai4 시간 전

    Hey Douglas! Where is my Durango SRT review?? Like seriously Douglas, you need to quit playing. Douglas!

  12. Bryan Krejcarek

    Bryan Krejcarek4 시간 전

    The first SUV from Kia was the Borrego wasn’t it?

  13. TwinkYy

    TwinkYy5 시간 전

    Can you review the 2019 Jaguar XE

  14. travisamc

    travisamc5 시간 전

    So 5 of its 6 best features were on a 2017 Highlander. A Highlander doesn’t have the quiet mode but does have reclining/sliding mid row seats, Driver speak, adjustable height/speed lift gate, driver drowsiness warning. It does look much better than anything out right now, and the screen is much better resolution.

  15. James Nasium

    James Nasium6 시간 전

    If you want a real 3rd row and lots more interior room get a Sedona, or an Odyssey or a Sienna. But, the men can't stand minivans for some reason...

  16. Joe Lachiana

    Joe Lachiana6 시간 전

    No one is ever going to buy something called the 'Telluride'. Expect to see this SUV discounted hard due to it which is exactly what I plan on doing.

  17. Bill Geiger

    Bill Geiger6 시간 전

    Your REVIEWS make my Day

  18. Tom Speller

    Tom Speller6 시간 전

    Better then the bloody BMW..

  19. Xtasy

    Xtasy6 시간 전

    Doug the type of guy to brake so you can overtake him faster

  20. alex hodgson

    alex hodgson7 시간 전

    Doug “because of course it is” Demuro

  21. RandomRandy

    RandomRandy7 시간 전

    "Out of ten" I love how dry Doug's delivery is. It's damn genius! GG!

  22. Raw and Uncensored

    Raw and Uncensored7 시간 전

    Doug Demuro. The type of guy to anounce a Kia Telluride summer sale event to his kids in a Kia Telluride. I also never cared about SUVs but I would like this sitting beside my Stinger GT in that color.

  23. Breezy 28

    Breezy 287 시간 전

    Doug the kind of person to pay a hooker to give him a hug

  24. Christian

    Christian8 시간 전

    Doug the the type of guy to car jack someone and then give the police a review of its quirks and features when he gets arrested

  25. Влад Вулкан

    Влад Вулкан8 시간 전

    Doug, please review Hyundai Palisade

  26. the gayest kenji lavoski

    the gayest kenji lavoski8 시간 전

    to much body plastic on thebody

  27. the gayest kenji lavoski

    the gayest kenji lavoski8 시간 전

    kia has came along way from the sportage

  28. honociti 2

    honociti 28 시간 전

    doug when you reviewing the bugatti voiture noire?

  29. Matias Korpela

    Matias Korpela8 시간 전

    someone made fun video about you, you should watch it

  30. Nate L

    Nate L9 시간 전

    At the Chicago auto show I rode in a telluride and I though the inside was very nice

  31. Dion Shani

    Dion Shani9 시간 전

    Do the new expedition

  32. Les Wolstenholme

    Les Wolstenholme9 시간 전

    Please, spare us the over animated hand gestures which, apart from accentuating every syllable, add nothing to the dialogue and frankly - look rather silly

  33. kevin q

    kevin q9 시간 전

    Kia is picking up where GM left off. This is why all the GM Factories are closing.

  34. Дмитрий Матушкин

    Дмитрий Матушкин9 시간 전

    11:25 OMG! He actually posted the links!

  35. Dani Ged the Ged

    Dani Ged the Ged10 시간 전

    Kia, too bad is a Kia :))

  36. Flakes

    Flakes10 시간 전

    Doug is the type of guy to wear crocs with socks

  37. Barry Thomson

    Barry Thomson10 시간 전

    where's the spare?

  38. NinjaRyan

    NinjaRyan11 시간 전

    Doug is the kind of person to show the quirks in the tailgate to the person he’s kidnappping before shoving them in

  39. Lilly B

    Lilly B11 시간 전

    I want to see one with 2nd row captain seats.

  40. Gewel ✔

    Gewel ✔12 시간 전

    3.8 liter V6? Only 350 Nm? Wut?

  41. Robert Kilar

    Robert Kilar12 시간 전

    It looks like GM car.

  42. Esn Dwrn

    Esn Dwrn12 시간 전

    You talk ALOT

  43. Vivian Stimpson

    Vivian Stimpson12 시간 전

    Telluneed to go back to design school and come up with a different model that doesn't look like a drunks concept of a SUV.

  44. James Mclean

    James Mclean12 시간 전

    Doug, the kind of guy who cleans the air vents with a cue tip & makes sure they all face magnetic north?

  45. hemidesign

    hemidesign12 시간 전

    I did a test drive and my score will be like 85...amazing car for the value and ammenities.. 50 dougscore is really poor...

  46. Cal's Car Corner

    Cal's Car Corner13 시간 전

    Doug's the type of guy to ask for the ice in a separate cup from his drink at McDonald's.

  47. vicc: toria:

    vicc: toria:13 시간 전

    I'm getting this for my birthday 😛😛😛😛😛😛

  48. Kumulaau

    Kumulaau13 시간 전

    Kia sucks. Lol

  49. fonzo2525

    fonzo252513 시간 전

    i see these big suvs all over the place and have never seen more than 2 people in them ever.

  50. Stanley Rice

    Stanley Rice13 시간 전

    I thought this thing was supposed to have suicide rear doors

  51. Daniel Shin ǀ Reviews

    Daniel Shin ǀ Reviews14 시간 전

    Doug the kind of reviewer to talk un-Telluride him a lame comment

  52. Making Gainz

    Making Gainz15 시간 전

    Its a f Kia wtf??? WHO CARES?

  53. David Lopez

    David Lopez15 시간 전

    Hey Doug can you film an update video of your Ford GT?

  54. Carmen Denice

    Carmen Denice15 시간 전

    Wow Kia is really stepping up there game, raise of hands if you would use this as a family vehicle?

  55. WizManBallin

    WizManBallin15 시간 전

    I saw one of these behind me on the road a day's a gorgeous truck. And Doug, you had WAY too much fun with Driver

  56. Jacob Gordon

    Jacob Gordon16 시간 전

    No Hyundai Palisade yet?

  57. Hectorisking Hinojosa

    Hectorisking Hinojosa16 시간 전


  58. Eli Shingleton

    Eli Shingleton16 시간 전

    This isn't Kia's first third row SUV. Don't forget about the absolutely terrible 2009 Borrego

  59. Sam, The Car Guy

    Sam, The Car Guy16 시간 전

    I kinda like it

  60. wafu vlogs

    wafu vlogs16 시간 전

    fancy cars kia

  61. Larry Harper Jr

    Larry Harper Jr17 시간 전

    I'd love to see a little more attention to how well the steering wheel buttons have designed, laid out, etc. Some manufacturers are great with these in regards to how intuitive and useful they are, some are woeful.

  62. Beggar Sifon

    Beggar Sifon17 시간 전

    definitely not Kia's 1st. Kia Mohave/ Borrego still produced, since 2008. Body-on-frame, air suspension, 3-rows 7-seater, RWD or 4WD, with serious off-road capabilities. I'm in South Korea and was thinking about buying Mohave last year, instead I purchased SsangYong Rexton G4 TransEurasia edition.

  63. If_Only_I_Knew_Why

    If_Only_I_Knew_Why17 시간 전

    Telluride is Kia's first large SUV? Nah... That was the '09 Boreggo, which looks very similar if I'm being honest. Source: I own one.

  64. yankeefan1281

    yankeefan128117 시간 전

    this suv would be sweet if it didnt have such little power

  65. vinyl79

    vinyl7918 시간 전

    POS. Looks like a vehicle from 1999. That metal used on the manufacturing of this car was probably a 60s BOSS Mustang or a Hemi Cuda ! sad !

  66. Q- Bert

    Q- Bert18 시간 전

    Looks like a Ford

  67. Jennifer Nowak

    Jennifer Nowak18 시간 전

    It's interior looks similar to a mercedes s class and the grill looks like the one on the range rover supercharged lwb

  68. Norbert Mersich

    Norbert Mersich18 시간 전

    Idk about that driver talk. Like why. Such a useless think to put in a car. I’m good. My portable megaphone works just fine. I don’t want one in my car. Like to hold the handle. Makes me feel cooler

  69. ThwartUser2014

    ThwartUser201418 시간 전

    Review a Tesla Pickup

  70. - JPL -

    - JPL -18 시간 전

    He will need to get a Delorean to review so that he can go back to the future when a Tesla pickup exists.

  71. Thurnis Haley

    Thurnis Haley18 시간 전

    Bro you look like Jeff Tremaine from jackass

  72. Tracey L Navarre

    Tracey L Navarre19 시간 전

    Try to do a review on a Jeep gladiator

  73. Leaping Cat Productions

    Leaping Cat Productions19 시간 전

    @5:48 Doug starts to go nuts!

  74. Rutvij Baller

    Rutvij Baller19 시간 전

    This video was sponsored by Kia

  75. - JPL -

    - JPL -18 시간 전

    Did the 50 out of 100 Doug Score™ give it away, or was it the Ford commercial at the beginning?

  76. John Vo

    John Vo19 시간 전

    Disagree in regards to looks... Kia still can't design cars with their own identity. The front end literally is a rip off a GMC Yukon.

  77. 정관우

    정관우19 시간 전

    Wow!! Kia teluride ~~best good car!!♥

  78. Evan Solomon

    Evan Solomon19 시간 전

    Good to see a young Richard Nixon has so many subscribers.

  79. Bellal Azimi

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  80. Callous Hentai

    Callous Hentai19 시간 전

    I live in Covina I know where that's at

  81. Jack Juliano

    Jack Juliano20 시간 전

    The Toyota Highlander has “cabin” talk as well

  82. Z34 Papi

    Z34 Papi20 시간 전

    You should do a review on the bmw e92 m3

  83. Rayan Al-Ballaa

    Rayan Al-Ballaa20 시간 전

    I gotta say, it's fantastic!

  84. MHighlights

    MHighlights20 시간 전

    Doug the type of guy to make a fake account to say he’s the type of guy to do something that he actually does

  85. zootius

    zootius20 시간 전

    "The volume knob and the climate knob are exactly the same and in the same place!" *shows two different sized knobs in different places*

  86. A7mad Hussain

    A7mad Hussain20 시간 전

    When you go crazy but she doesn't go stupid 5:34

  87. Mark Holder

    Mark Holder21 시간 전


  88. richard stanley

    richard stanley21 시간 전

    well it's now confirmed i'm a dork. doug and i both like tim mcgraw "telluride" . probably one of the reasons i like this suv

  89. Kellington Link

    Kellington Link21 시간 전

    The Scoring was excellent. You did an amazing review, on an impressively ordinary SUV. What could possibly take down a 4Runner? Thanks for the video.

  90. Czech Prince

    Czech Prince21 시간 전

    Don't find Kia to be conservative, imo their design language belongs to the most appealing in the industry

  91. Alex Taylor

    Alex Taylor21 시간 전

    This is a 2020 modelyear vehicle and it features old USB B jacks instead of USB-C ones. WTF? Great job Kia.

  92. Alex Taylor

    Alex Taylor15 시간 전

    +Alec W Well but it is becoming the next standard and the USB-IF wants this / also more and more phones have it. Would have been a nice move from Kia by supporting that. And people who use the old connectors can use adatpers for backwards compatibility. Just saying :-)

  93. Alec W

    Alec W16 시간 전

    Alex Taylor because usb c isn’t mainstream yet who uses it

  94. Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith21 시간 전

    How is this a 2020 model in March 2019?

  95. IfeelSaab

    IfeelSaab22 시간 전

    Please check out the Proceed GT Shooting Brake!

  96. drw1926

    drw192622 시간 전

    Looks good, except for the wheels that look like ass.

  97. Gor

    Gor22 시간 전


  98. arian rostami

    arian rostami22 시간 전

    It is not the first big suv of kia there was mohave back in 2013

  99. Herman Shepard

    Herman Shepard22 시간 전

    Kia made an 8 passenger SUV before. 2009 Kia Borrego. I have one.

  100. yasser aboamoud

    yasser aboamoud22 시간 전

    the design is merge of GMC Yukon and Ford Explorer

  101. ZCPett

    ZCPett22 시간 전

    you should do a video on the 2020 Jeep Gladiator when it comes out, please

  102. Andrea Salerno

    Andrea Salerno23 시간 전

    I want the review of Pagani zonda

  103. vinny s

    vinny s23 시간 전

    Does the Telluride have WiFi?

  104. NovaResource

    NovaResource일 전

    0:16 “Firmly entering Kia into the world of the 3-row family SUV” Ah... does nobody remember the Borrego? The large, RWD/AWD, available with a V8, 3-row SUV, from 2008? Nobody?