That One Guy Who Still Says “These Nuts” - Key & Peele


  1. vijay surendran

    vijay surendran7 시간 전

    Deez nuts were supporting life on your chin

  2. Devil'sThrone

    Devil'sThrone7 시간 전

    These nuts is very funny on my chin

  3. RonniiV

    RonniiV23 시간 전

    Interesting fact, the the actress who plays the female coworker is Key's real wife

  4. Deez Nutsmane

    Deez Nutsmane2 일 전

    Its still too funny😂

  5. Big Rio

    Big Rio2 일 전

    The way it upset the receptionist 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Brandon Wells

    Brandon Wells2 일 전

    All he had to do was say "reflect"

  7. REDRUM : l

    REDRUM : l2 일 전

    Is this the trailer for Peele new movie?

  8. Natasha White

    Natasha White2 일 전

    It's like I'm laughing and crying at the same time.

  9. Nilay Zaveri

    Nilay Zaveri3 일 전

    Why are these being re-uploaded with shitty titles?!!

  10. Stealth boi

    Stealth boi3 일 전

    These guys can make a video about anything

  11. MoFam OG

    MoFam OG3 일 전

    Dad I love you 🤣 I love these nuts on your chin 💪

  12. Erobics

    Erobics4 일 전

    Tell em why this is me

  13. Neenah Simone

    Neenah Simone5 일 전

    i just wanna know how much grandpa got paid for saying that.

  14. Super_10

    Super_105 일 전

    i think of this whenever someone makes a "that's what she said" joke

  15. miguel sandoval

    miguel sandoval6 일 전

    I came to this video to cheer me up even after my dad died yesterday

  16. Pho Twenty

    Pho Twenty6 일 전

    Loldayum so serious yet so hilarious

  17. Published

    Published6 일 전

    police : we have an arrest warrant for you me : these nuts have a warrant on your chin


    BIGGSHAUN7 일 전

    What is wrong with these guys?!

  19. ShoppingBored

    ShoppingBored7 일 전

    Jordan Peele should make a feature film for "these nuts"

  20. Heartbreak Kid

    Heartbreak Kid8 일 전

    Imagine if that was your father and that was really his last words to you 😂😂💀


    iREZARECT'EM9 일 전

    His father's last words LMAO

  22. xSoporific

    xSoporific9 일 전


  23. Arun James

    Arun James10 일 전

    "no way" lol

  24. LBDYC

    LBDYC10 일 전

    What did I just watch⁉️😂😂😂😂

  25. Darkness Awaits

    Darkness Awaits7 일 전

    You just watched these nutts on your chin

  26. Dre Ruiz

    Dre Ruiz11 일 전

    I was crying for one min and twenty eight seconds before I had to pause & regain myself...😂😂😂

  27. Negro of the Galaxy

    Negro of the Galaxy11 일 전

    I'm that guy that incorporates "your face" into every conversation.

  28. Eurlee Aguncillo

    Eurlee Aguncillo11 일 전

    "These nuts were supporting life on your chin" 😂😂😂

  29. george davis

    george davis12 일 전

    it's funny some dot head just called me trying to steal money from me i said"dez nuts in yo mouth bitch" then hung up

  30. Bill B

    Bill B12 일 전

    I would pay for this as a full movie.

  31. Joshua Alexander

    Joshua Alexander12 일 전

    Definitely thought it was going to end with him saying "It was funny!", like praising the "deez nuts" joke he did, haha.

  32. Trung Nguyen

    Trung Nguyen13 일 전


  33. Nostrum84

    Nostrum8413 일 전

    Oh my god, didn't laugh so hard in a while

  34. Necro morph

    Necro morph14 일 전

    This was just.....dumb

  35. Lick My Legs

    Lick My Legs14 일 전

    Necro morph deez nuts were being dumb on your chin

  36. Jamie Eagle

    Jamie Eagle15 일 전

    Key always looks really sexy with a wig like that on to me. 😍

  37. THAC0twenty

    THAC0twenty15 일 전

    alright lets read the comments and see how many times people typed the jokes that i iust watched!

  38. THAC0twenty

    THAC0twenty13 일 전

    @Pugzy only these nuts....

  39. Pugzy

    Pugzy13 일 전

    Alright let’s read the comments and see how many nuts were on your chin

  40. Bricks365

    Bricks36516 일 전

    2.2k people dislike having nuts on their chins.

  41. mignonthon

    mignonthon16 일 전

    They must stop everything or im gonna die laughing, this is too stupid.

  42. Mstfye

    Mstfye14 일 전

    These nuts must stop everything or I'm gonna die laughing on your chin

  43. Neppo

    Neppo15 일 전

    These nuts look too stupid on your chin.

  44. Kevin Frazier

    Kevin Frazier16 일 전

    That music will make anything dramatic

  45. Deeboi Darealest

    Deeboi Darealest16 일 전

    Game show: "You've just won a free vacation" Vince: "These nuts just won a free vacation on your chin"

  46. Kameron's Political Predictions Center

    Kameron's Political Predictions Center16 일 전

    3:32 isn't that Mac from night court

  47. Heru- deshet

    Heru- deshet16 일 전

    Sadly hilarious. These two are gifted.

  48. Heru- deshet

    Heru- deshet9 일 전

    @-Speedy_-701 AH HA HA, f**K YOU, LOL!!

  49. -Speedy_-701

    -Speedy_-7019 일 전

    These nuts are gifted on your chin.

  50. Major Peg

    Major Peg17 일 전

    I'm convinced the father only stayed alive during the accident to wait to say that then instantly die.

  51. jager64xxx xxxpanzer

    jager64xxx xxxpanzer14 일 전

    I'm convinced that these nutz were on your chin.

  52. Major Peg

    Major Peg17 일 전

    "These nuts passed away on your chin" "No they didn't. They didn't"

  53. Ya Yo

    Ya Yo14 시간 전


  54. j.c man

    j.c man17 일 전

    for a couple of secs I could've swore I thought Key was a white guy

  55. jager64xxx xxxpanzer

    jager64xxx xxxpanzer14 일 전

    These nutz were white on your chin.

  56. Catfish Heaven

    Catfish Heaven17 일 전

    Dude was mad because his dad got the last nuts on your chin joke and won lol, not because he just died 🤣

  57. Shoaib Haider

    Shoaib Haider17 일 전

    Ajit Pai is actually good with these nuts jokes ngl

  58. T L

    T L17 일 전

    This skit wasn't as funny as these nuts on your chin.



    Now tell me if 4 minute is still too fast

  60. teslafan6969

    teslafan696917 일 전

    These nuts on your chin think this is still hysterical

  61. jager64xxx xxxpanzer

    jager64xxx xxxpanzer14 일 전

    These nutz were hysterical on your chin

  62. Lacey Silence

    Lacey Silence17 일 전

    Am I the only who is annoyed by the fact that people dislike these videos 😭😭😭😭😭

  63. James Monroe

    James Monroe9 일 전

    Am I the only who is annoyed by the fact that people dislike these nuts on your chin.

  64. Dominoes37

    Dominoes3717 일 전

    KOreporter: Here are some recommended videos Me: These nuts are recommended on your chin

  65. Apollo X Sins

    Apollo X Sins18 일 전

    “These nuts passed away on your chin.” Lol that one made me lose it

  66. The Truth

    The Truth일 전

    It was even funnier when he said no they didn't😂😂😂

  67. Silver Linings

    Silver Linings5 일 전

    These nuts got lost against your chin

  68. jager64xxx xxxpanzer

    jager64xxx xxxpanzer14 일 전

    That one made these nutz lose it on your chin.

  69. Ronald C

    Ronald C18 일 전

    Deez nuts

  70. Cleveland Olivia

    Cleveland Olivia18 일 전

    Im the female version of that guy!

  71. Bryan Chu

    Bryan Chu18 일 전

    okay but it was funny tho

  72. MGTOW Stan

    MGTOW Stan19 일 전

    why was he so sad at the end?

  73. Darkness Awaits

    Darkness Awaits7 일 전

    Why was these nutts so sad on your chin

  74. Victoria

    Victoria19 일 전

    It actually was really funny. Just ask Candice.

  75. A K

    A K19 일 전

    Deeze nuts are dying of laughter on everyone's chin.

  76. Jay Zee

    Jay Zee20 시간 전

    A K These nuts are on ur chin while ur nuts are dying of laughter on their chin.

  77. TheSource

    TheSource20 일 전

    The soundtrack.

  78. Gen M

    Gen M20 일 전

    These two really made a comedy skit around an unfunny joke. Powerful.

  79. Savage Kindle

    Savage Kindle19 일 전

    Gen M these nuts were really on your chin