Teyana Taylor - How You Want It? (HYWI?) ft. King Combs (Official Video)


  1. Joachim Blanchedent

    Joachim Blanchedent6 분 전

    that 90's vibe is real I like this

  2. Ansha Chao

    Ansha Chao시간 전

    Thanks for remember us what's real rnb You underrated girl !!! ❤️

  3. Gifts

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  4. NondiKs Braids & Things

    NondiKs Braids & Things7 시간 전

    To take on a classic is a risk but to execute on sight👏👏I fuckx wit it...Shes a true artist

  5. Rachel Coleman

    Rachel Coleman8 시간 전

    10MILLION?!! To be alerted when uploaded, to see these numbers!!!

  6. RC LaROCK /The Micstro

    RC LaROCK /The Micstro8 시간 전


  7. elisabet ramirez

    elisabet ramirez9 시간 전

    Early 2000’s feels🥰🥰🥰

  8. JDMH

    JDMH9 시간 전

    What a Ugly micheal jackson lookin ass whore

  9. Emily Linares

    Emily Linares10 시간 전

    Tell me what you want Tell me what you want from me Tonight I plan on fucking you to sleep !😴 this line gets me every time! Teyana Taylor is slept on! Honestly she’s fire 🔥 her lyrics and vocals!

  10. Katelynn Stan

    Katelynn Stan10 시간 전

    Love the ol school feel

  11. Bigface Hunter2

    Bigface Hunter212 시간 전

    I like this song...lil puff,u bought to become one of my favs.

  12. BossEs&MafiaOutlaw

    BossEs&MafiaOutlaw12 시간 전


  13. Code Yungplay

    Code Yungplay13 시간 전

    I fuks with this song all day.

  14. Living Testimony

    Living Testimony13 시간 전


  15. wendy morris

    wendy morris14 시간 전

    Make me curl my toezzz!!! Chillzzz 4 me that now I have sum 1 2 do dat to me😜😜😜🐣🐣🐣 CURL MY TOEZZZ

  16. Petty Boops

    Petty Boops15 시간 전

    Yes, take me back 😩❤️

  17. David 70154

    David 7015416 시간 전

    Man I cant believe i have been sleeping on this babe. She is THE total package!!!! Amazing artist mehn. Dope af

  18. Dre Wright

    Dre Wright17 시간 전

    This song reminds me of a Lil Flip song called Sunshine.

  19. Dre Wright

    Dre Wright17 시간 전

    King Combs sounds like His Dad PDiddy and Mase and looks like Fabulous.

  20. adebusola ogundipe

    adebusola ogundipe17 시간 전

    He gave me that RNB Rap that i used to know in the 90s😄👏😘

  21. luke Anthony

    luke Anthony17 시간 전

    I need her live on Fallon like RN!!!!! both of them

  22. Yolanda Pierce

    Yolanda Pierce18 시간 전

    I heard this song for the first time this morning and thought it was Mase and Total until she started singing. Love the song and the video 🙌🏾

  23. Dakotah Campbell

    Dakotah Campbell18 시간 전

    Diddy's son raps better than him.

  24. Majestic Khai

    Majestic Khai18 시간 전

    be honest u think diddy could've done it better

  25. Kimberly Hansen

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  26. beatriz teixeira

    beatriz teixeira22 시간 전

    1:26 ops my hair

  27. Sandra Clemmons

    Sandra Clemmons22 시간 전


  28. Lothorganik

    Lothorganik일 전

  29. SkyeM

    SkyeM일 전

    G.o.a.t PERIODTT

  30. Naomi Williams

    Naomi Williams일 전

    I love it!!!

  31. Devona Stearnes

    Devona Stearnes일 전

    When I hear this I think about bump bump bump by b2k

  32. Cardi Chart Updates

    Cardi Chart Updates일 전

    Back again to listen to this banger 🔥 Needs to blow up already!

  33. Samuel Thompson

    Samuel Thompson일 전

    Feels like a 90s/early 2000s R&B song, you know where they talk about sex without talking about sex *cough* "Aaliyah, Rock the Boat"

  34. Demetrius Morrison

    Demetrius Morrison일 전

    What's up with all these new songs sampling old songs from the 90s and 2000s? I love it.

  35. Grace Jordan

    Grace Jordan일 전

    My favorite song❤❤❤❤❤

  36. Laura Lareeva

    Laura Lareeva일 전


  37. Laura Lareeva

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  38. Reem S

    Reem S일 전

    Bruh King Combs looked so proud flexing his abs and Teyana went lol you thought

  39. Y

    Y일 전

    This gives me early 2000s R'n'B vibes. Love it.

  40. RatedFlyBizzy

    RatedFlyBizzy일 전

    Even dance like.pops

  41. Goonette Toowett

    Goonette Toowett일 전

    king combs has his dad swag and I like that I didn't even know about him until this song popped up on facebook im glad it did im totally a fan now

  42. George young

    George young일 전

    The original Mase is better

  43. iamsunflower2011

    iamsunflower20112 일 전

    I see Diddy all in this video lol. The moves that his son does and a scene

  44. king Ramirez

    king Ramirez2 일 전

    King Combs is just like his daddy , the dance the flow the voice everything

  45. uwldluvme21

    uwldluvme212 일 전

    I prefer the Orginal. People have no new ideas. Just ripping off old shit. Even stealing old iconic videos like LL's Doing It.

  46. Nydia Hernandez

    Nydia Hernandez2 일 전

    That was hot and okay go off director

  47. Ephraim John

    Ephraim John2 일 전

    Remix ft Chris Brown, trey songz and August Alsina!!!!!!!

  48. Sade and Dasani journey

    Sade and Dasani journey2 일 전

    Teyana fuck it up😍

  49. hyacinthe-herve fossou

    hyacinthe-herve fossou2 일 전

    Like Mase 1996 & Faith Evans

  50. Barbena Chaung

    Barbena Chaung2 일 전

    Have to admit.....didn't pay attention to her until this song.......it's on repeat......it's 🧨🎼🎵🎶🎙️🎚️🎤🆒

  51. Misu Teri San

    Misu Teri San2 일 전


  52. Gogo Channel

    Gogo Channel2 일 전


  53. Cee Mcleod

    Cee Mcleod2 일 전

    Love 😥☔️💕💕💕💕 something I can actually vibe to and have a feeling from

  54. w. dee

    w. dee2 일 전

    Shorty needs to get Ma$e on this remix for this to get to 100m views. Would be a betta collabo. Like for the remix. And teyana if this hits 1m likes, you betta call Ma$e up!

  55. Punkingame

    Punkingame2 일 전

    Nostalgic 2000's music style.

  56. Tianna Murphy

    Tianna Murphy2 일 전

    Love this song and it's sad she never gets the credit she deserves.

  57. Lewis Powell

    Lewis Powell2 일 전

    Dayum can she just do a whole 90's remix album.

  58. Curry Henry

    Curry Henry2 일 전

    That 90’s vibe. Bring it back

  59. Filip Jankovic

    Filip Jankovic2 일 전

    The lyrics are so meaningful.

  60. more smucky

    more smucky2 일 전

    Girl you keep doing it fa me !can't wait till the summer TT all day😁

  61. Lydiah Lee

    Lydiah Lee3 일 전

    90s vibes. Bitch killin it. 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

  62. Emani Li

    Emani Li3 일 전

    0:22 run me my likes 🙂