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  1. XpecterWibe

    XpecterWibe3 일 전


  2. TM JRD

    TM JRD4 일 전

    WHY oh WHY did you destroy this film?!? Had high hopes for this yet bummed that it didn't even come close to any of the other remakes to the series. Sadly each time terminator is being released it seems to tank in comparison of what it originally intended. The last two movies are average at best, for the love of god please don't try to reinvent the terminator just be the terminator with strong action scenes and less of rom-com action as you will always lose the plot when you do this hence the last two movies being underwhelming.

  3. monkeyboy8me

    monkeyboy8me4 일 전

    Terminator Mexico edition? Mexican terminator mexican little girl filmed in mexico?

  4. Rawr!!!

    Rawr!!!4 일 전

    Why all hate Terminator Dark Fate..for me it good for beginning new era of terminator. We all know Arnold and Linda Hamilton is getting old.. So we need a new cast. For me Mackenzie Davis is good acting, look strong and why she so tall but Natalia reyes hmm

  5. Emma Robbie Us

    Emma Robbie Us5 일 전

    There are some comments on here. I did enjoy the movie though.😁

  6. Offensive Voiceovers

    Offensive Voiceovers6 일 전

    The Migranator

  7. LamiNalchor

    LamiNalchor6 일 전

    Fun fact: All his movies in German (his mother tongue in Austria) had to syncronized, because all German speaking people outside his country wouldn't want his dialect.


    DARK ART VIY8 일 전


  9. Fatir Akbar

    Fatir Akbar10 일 전

    Terminator bagud

  10. denkorea

    denkorea11 일 전

    Terminator would be good if only Cameron is gonna direct it. Miller flopped it hard

  11. 松元アイラ

    松元アイラ11 일 전

    Ya’ll hating this shit meanwhile i fucking enjoyed watching it

  12. below offset

    below offset11 일 전

    The box office is female, is bleeding.

  13. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin Skywalker8 일 전

    It's that time of the month again

  14. Hisyam Nct

    Hisyam Nct12 일 전

    Honestly I don't hate this movie

  15. mariam iqbal

    mariam iqbal12 일 전

    Loved the movie , want to see Grace again

  16. Marcus Felton

    Marcus Felton12 일 전

    The fucking movie was in Spanish. Lol

  17. Dita Indah S.

    Dita Indah S.15 일 전

    I just miss the old Terminator series.

  18. wheelmanstan

    wheelmanstan15 일 전

    the more films of this they make...the better T3 looks

  19. Suman Addy

    Suman Addy16 일 전

    Left led to fiascos such as this! Just many Female protagonists just for the sake of it! Movies are unbearable now!

  20. Poopdie Noobdie

    Poopdie Noobdie16 일 전

    This franchise has been terminated

  21. B Robert

    B Robert16 일 전


  22. TheFlyingDutchMan050

    TheFlyingDutchMan05016 일 전

    Was a good movie, thanks

  23. Hadi Shamli Oghli

    Hadi Shamli Oghli16 일 전

    Idk why everyone hates this

  24. Neil Gahan

    Neil Gahan17 일 전

    After Dark Fate:The terminator is dead...forever

  25. Ope King

    Ope King17 일 전

    I just finished seeing the movie. Grace should have been Captain Marvel.

  26. Eli Santiago

    Eli Santiago18 일 전

    I think these Terminator films are freaking nightmares....and just seeing the level of power of this last Terminator from the commercial is terrifying.... And all these movies are like happy endings, humanity wins.... Should something like this happen in real life I don't know if we would be so lucky.... Humanity survive????

  27. Offensive Voiceovers

    Offensive Voiceovers4 일 전

    They couldn't handle 1 Terminator in this movie, 5 terminators could easily wipe out city's, scary shit if it were to be real

  28. Njrnvrdies

    Njrnvrdies19 일 전

    whats the song they play in the trailer

  29. Br. William

    Br. William19 일 전

    God damn, the badass women theme is comical. So sad they suddenly want to be the badasses in movies.

  30. Jhon Lee

    Jhon Lee19 일 전

    This is the future of everyone when the antichrist rise 😈😈😈

  31. Michel Winston

    Michel Winston19 일 전

    Nice movie

  32. TheSistaWarrior

    TheSistaWarrior19 일 전

    This piece of sh*t is all about emasculating what vestige of masculinity has survived in today's millenial males. The opening scene proves it. As everyone knows when a terminator or its nemisis John Connor time shifts, both arrive naked then they get clothing from some unwitting male who happens to be nearby. That's because all the terminators were male, with the exception of that one female terminator who arrived clothed in some kind of fully armored leotard. In this latest farce, it's not John Connor who comes to save the day, but an augmented socalled white chick. she doesn't steal the clothing off of a nearby female who is clearly the same size as her. No, after beating up 5 armed Mexican cops, she steals the boots and the clothing of a female's boyfriend. Note...the symbolism, stealing the boots of a man in order to walk in them. All the victims in this movie and all the villains and the newest Terminator are males. Even the newest terminator is hispanic. So word of warning to parents or people in general who are fighting to put feminism, gynocentrism and misandry in a coffin where they belong, don't waste your time on this trash. Like all the past Terminators, this one too indicates that in the future, no aboriginals aka socalled black people exist, with the exception of that one racist Terminator movie that blamed a socalled black father Skynet engineer for creating terminator. They end up sacrificing him by the way. In this installment the future is full of socalled whites and socalled whites of a the hispanic persuasion plust feminists and no socalled blacks in sight. This racist feminist agenda propaganda syfy flick gets a -2 and that's pushing it.

  33. Offensive Voiceovers

    Offensive Voiceovers6 일 전

    Someone that's woke!! Good shit!

  34. Saree Boonphiluk

    Saree Boonphiluk20 일 전

    The movie should be terminator in Mexico not dark fate lol

  35. Pavel Stoyanov

    Pavel Stoyanov21 일 전

    Two terminators in one, cool. They should put him in a suit like Iron man's and they will become three.

  36. Magical 801

    Magical 80121 일 전

    I thought it was a good movie, I just didn't like the Mexican check. She wasn't a good actress at all.

  37. Alfa Uno

    Alfa Uno22 일 전

    The dog's name is Taquito the brother's name is Diego n She literally says in one part "let's go Diego" they live in Mexico n they eat Tamales 🤣🤣

  38. Jesus Reyes

    Jesus Reyes22 일 전

    Es la mejor película de James Cameron y tim Miller


    NATILLA YT14 일 전

    Jaja xd la verdad perrors


    NATILLA YT14 일 전





  42. Baron Sehorne

    Baron Sehorne22 일 전

    What is this song


    NATILLA YT14 일 전

    Si cual? Es esa pinche canción

  44. Monster Jam OCD fan number 1

    Monster Jam OCD fan number 123 일 전

    Remember when the Killer Robots look like Killer Robots and that the manager of Home Depot

  45. Dita Damayanti

    Dita Damayanti23 일 전

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  46. That nigga bush from around the corner

    That nigga bush from around the corner23 일 전

    Not trying to sound sexist but women are increasingly being put into roles that has always required men. They should've just stopped at terminator salvation. Thanks for shitting on a legendary franchise. Just totally erased john connor.

  47. Besim Fazliu

    Besim Fazliu23 일 전

    I cant lie I kinda liked it even though we all know T1 T2 are unbeatable, but the darke fate had some parts of oldschool terminator feeling 7/10

  48. FightFairLoseEasy

    FightFairLoseEasy24 일 전

    When will Hollywood stop committing suicide by pushing a feminist crap agenda? Women are hijacking male characters because they simply do not have the talent to create their own. There are a couple of exceptions but thats what they are EXCEPTIONS That is a fact. Feminism appeals to less than 8% of the female population alone and I suspect in reality even less among males and that is a pretty small f***ing audience

  49. Anime Is Freedom

    Anime Is Freedom24 일 전

    First Sara Connor should be dead along time ago remember terminator 3 but oh wait I forgot, Barry Allen fucked up the timeline again.

  50. mister smith

    mister smith25 일 전

    Everything after T2 is pure garbage. They should have hired a South Korean Producer to do a better job.

  51. mister smith

    mister smith25 일 전

    "The Mexi-Femi-Estrovenator"💩

  52. Jack Raider

    Jack Raider25 일 전

    I don't care if the new terminator is called rev 9 in my opinion I think it's the t3000

  53. Jack Raider

    Jack Raider25 일 전

    How come this one looks so awesome!

  54. mister smith

    mister smith25 일 전

    Cause it's NOT

  55. NitroSpider 04

    NitroSpider 0425 일 전

    Trailer sucks. Song is bad ass.

  56. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt25 일 전

    Tim Miller and James Cameron can't be bargained with they can't be reasoned with they don't feel "like making a decent Terminator movie" "or making happy it's core fans" "or doing something original" and they absolutely will not stop "yanking our cranks" until the franchise bows down to the 👩‍🔧👩‍🏭👩‍🚒👩‍✈️👩‍🔬feminist, 👭👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩lesbo, 👬👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍👨homERsexual minority ............OHH and is dead💀☠️👻

  57. Rasho

    Rasho25 일 전

    I liked it very much!!!

  58. Alex Scragg

    Alex Scragg25 일 전

    Stop doing this woke bs



    Absolutely awful,

  60. christopher Kaizale

    christopher Kaizale26 일 전

    When is this movie going to be available here

  61. christopher Kaizale

    christopher Kaizale21 일 전

    @mister smith where can I download the full movie?

  62. mister smith

    mister smith25 일 전

    It depends on when, here is?

  63. JooL RonG

    JooL RonG27 일 전

    Venom past 2

  64. Suripat Patsuri

    Suripat Patsuri27 일 전

    Terminator: Dark Rimmel Fate. What a way of destroying a great franchise.

  65. Secluded Misanthrope

    Secluded Misanthrope27 일 전

    So an elderly woman, a female from the Universal Soldier (1992) program and a girl that works in an auto manufacturing plant are humanity's last hope all because in the future the girl stops bullies from hurting the Universal Soldier (1992) girl when she was a kid and then the girl INSTANTLY begins a Resistance force, makes herself the leader and recruits the bullies to fight Skynet version 2??!!! This can't be the actual story for this dumpster fire right?!! Why would anyone be afraid of Skynet or Legion, they both get taken down by children, the middle aged and elderly people constantly?!! Why the fuck does an AI hell bent on the extermination of humanity only think to send back 1 Terminator at a time, even if they're limited you could continue to send them every time the options available and that would have to be at least weekly trips back in time to kill everyone that needs to die?

  66. Christopher Greig

    Christopher Greig27 일 전

    I just watched this last night, and while it's not perfect tbh I kinda enjoyed it. Terminator 3 is still a fun film but I'm happy with this being the 'official' 3rd film and the end of all Terminator movies. At least for a couple of decades.

  67. riheg

    riheg27 일 전

    Ruined by amateur editing. A helicopter starts up and takes off within a few seconds. Perfect example of how sometimes rushed and uneven the pace is. Not to mention the weird fight scenes where laws of physics have changed with confusing results. Suddenly Weightless Bodies fly around like feathers with no counter force, which makes it feel cartoonish and confusing like a Marvel production. Like punching balloons. You need a minimum of realism to be able to relate to whats going on. Not a believable universe, not immersive enough.

  68. Edmund Loh

    Edmund Loh28 일 전

    It's actually possible to make people dislike or hate Aliens, Predator, Terminator, and Star Wars today. What a time to be alive.

  69. teknic111

    teknic11128 일 전

    Hollywood has become a bad joke!

  70. Laureen Jill

    Laureen Jill28 일 전

    Another dumb who made this trailer summarized the whole movie in 2 minutes+ LOL