Terminator: Dark Fate - Official Teaser Trailer (2019) - Paramount Pictures


  1. James B

    James B시간 전

    I'll be back.

  2. Incogneto

    Incogneto시간 전

    Because men are bad.

  3. kimskis

    kimskis시간 전

    hmmm...so the main villain baddie terminator is just like from Genisys, just much less corny and talky. And we get some sort of hybrid female cyborg, copied straight from Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series. Sounds like an incredibly lame movie to me then lol

  4. Timothy Rodowicz

    Timothy Rodowicz시간 전

    All People do is whine and bitch. Get the fuck over yourselves. Is your life really that fucking bad?

  5. Gandalf the goat

    Gandalf the goat시간 전


  6. One of the many Matts

    One of the many Matts시간 전

    They rehashed T2 again!

  7. The Insane Zoroark

    The Insane Zoroark시간 전

    Why couldnt they just stop at genesis

  8. Jon Snow

    Jon Snow시간 전

    So T-800 model Terminators retire to cabins in Vermont at some point?

  9. michellezboy

    michellezboy시간 전

    So where’s John Connor? How is this a direct sequel to T2? even though Linda is back as Sarah, the series should had died with Genesis.

  10. Олег Орион

    Олег Орион시간 전

    Wild trash



    I'm going to see this, no matter what. I'm going to mark the day on my digital agenda so, that my future self knows what is coming.

  12. Kayla Pounds

    Kayla Pounds시간 전

    I'm split. I like that Sarah is back in it, and Arnold but what happened to John Connor? How does the T3 storyline fit into this movie? How is it that we learn John destroys Cyberdyne in the future but they keep making more advance terminators?! And will we ever learn what the terminator was trying to tell John in T3 about in the future his and Catherine's children would do something...?!

  13. SquishyJelly

    SquishyJelly시간 전

    I’ll be back



    So there are 4 terminators this time?

  15. Pierce scoggin

    Pierce scoggin시간 전

    Terrible CGI... is this the fucking era of hey let’s remake every good movie but put a woman as the main character and absolutely shit on everyone’s nostalgic memories FUCK YOU

  16. Warmaster 7

    Warmaster 7시간 전

    Cameron: Arnold I'm making another Terminator movie. It will be great. First, I'm going to replace most of the Men with women. Then I'm going write most of the women like I would a Man... [Arnold says nothing and leaves the room]

  17. Volrag

    Volrag시간 전

    Is it just me or is the guy playing the terminator not intimidating in the slightest? It looks like the only threat he can carry out is to cry on my shoulder.

  18. wzup77ify

    wzup77ify시간 전

    How the animation looks worse? How!?

  19. Crazy_ Savage

    Crazy_ Savage시간 전


  20. R134eS2o

    R134eS2o시간 전

    From the makers of Ghost Busters and Oceans Wahmen 8 or whatever number it was

  21. John Smith

    John Smith시간 전

    Get the Choppa!!!

  22. Luke Newcomb

    Luke Newcomb시간 전

    "Dark Fate" sounds like the title of a bad Star Wars book

  23. Evan Gaming

    Evan Gaming시간 전

    How much meth did you smoke james? You drove a beloved franchise right into the ground by fucking making it a modern sifi. Like, what? This is why after about 2 decades, If a non anime series continues, it should be directed and scripted by fans.

  24. Super Bee

    Super Bee시간 전

    They almost pulled a little sneaky on us with the new girl terminator it’s just a rewritten Marcus from terminator salvation

  25. John Anderson

    John Anderson시간 전

    I know a flop when I see one!

  26. Carmen Giammichele

    Carmen Giammichele시간 전

    Are you Sarah Connor? Come with me if you want to live

  27. Red Moon 96

    Red Moon 96시간 전

    Only thing good about this is Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. That’s the only reason I’ll watch it.

  28. Abod Alashkar

    Abod Alashkar시간 전

    Feminist shit

  29. Gaming Comics

    Gaming Comics시간 전

    Who else thought this was a joke when they saw the thumbnail

  30. Tupacolypse Now

    Tupacolypse Now시간 전

    This looks lame? Imo Based on this trailer this could be the best film since t2. Action looks awesome. John Connors mom is in it. I know it's all illuminati'd out with the whole girls as the heroes theme but what isn't these days.

  31. Rafael Saborio

    Rafael Saborio시간 전


  32. Dr jim

    Dr jim시간 전

    the second one from 1991 has better cgi yikes

  33. Lights Out

    Lights Out시간 전

    From past experience! Bad trailers make a good movie! 🤞🏽

  34. Murder HeWrote

    Murder HeWrote시간 전

    Could be shit. But I got chills.

  35. Rafael Saborio

    Rafael Saborio시간 전


  36. calen lewis

    calen lewis시간 전

    I’ll watch it for entertainment but as far as I’m concerned the story cannon ended after t2

  37. SkyVoid

    SkyVoid시간 전

    Was excited... until I saw they have a main female character... Which I wouldnt have a problem with if litterally every fucking reboot had to have one for some BS political reason, such as ghost busters, starwars and now this... fucking great...

  38. Grace Johnson

    Grace Johnson시간 전

    I love the terminator but they really need to stop remaking these

  39. Brian Kenney

    Brian Kenney시간 전

    A terminator that is an actual upgrade from t-1000. Linda Hamilton reprising her role as Sarah Connor. Not bad

  40. Dylan Gough

    Dylan Gough시간 전

    Yes! Can't wait! 👍👍😁

  41. Waldo Vargas

    Waldo Vargas시간 전

    Finally an other terrorizer movie

  42. Fang Qu

    Fang Qu시간 전


  43. Gaspar Tiznado

    Gaspar Tiznado시간 전

    You know how Skynet won? By making shitty Terminator sequels after T2.

  44. Anubiz

    Anubiz시간 전

    Terminator: Social Justice

  45. christopher c

    christopher c시간 전

    Can you terminate this movie

  46. Waldo Vargas

    Waldo Vargas시간 전

    Terrorizer joins the chat*

  47. MrAnthonyramon

    MrAnthonyramon시간 전

    I have a simple solution don't go see it

  48. kai16630

    kai16630시간 전


  49. Midnight Foxx

    Midnight Foxx시간 전

    So why couldn’t they get younger Sarah Conor?

  50. JVsmokin

    JVsmokin시간 전

    Was excited cause Arnold Schwarzenegger was in it ..now disappointed looks like he has maybe 5 mins screen time..

  51. Jason Moore

    Jason Moore시간 전

    This will be one of the funniest movies I won’t see. Not interested in THE FEMINATOR

  52. The Dreaming Journal

    The Dreaming Journal시간 전

    Sarah Connor got so old! The nostalgia!!!!! Omg!!!!

  53. Soprano

    Soprano시간 전

    Another ruined terminator lol

  54. Jacob Helmick

    Jacob Helmick시간 전

    I only care about Sarah and Arnold, I really hope they don’t have the backseat in this film

  55. Alberto Cini

    Alberto Cini시간 전

    The Terminator Timeline is so fucked its not even funny

  56. R134eS2o

    R134eS2o시간 전

    YAAAA GIRL POWER111111!!!!!!!!! Can't wait until this movie fucking bombs like the rest

  57. NShida

    NShida시간 전

    When will you learn?

  58. Legend27

    Legend27시간 전

    Great, any other great movies Hollywood wants to ruin...

  59. christopher c

    christopher c시간 전

    This movie looks horrible even the cgi I don't know what's worse the sonic movie or this

  60. TipsBlueBalls

    TipsBlueBalls시간 전

    Looks like poop again

  61. Alicultivated

    Alicultivated시간 전

    Last chance saloon for this franchise. It's all on you Tim. Also random theory: You think Mackenzie Davis' character will develop romantic feelings toward Dani Ramos? 😕

  62. Oro The Nymph

    Oro The Nymph시간 전

    Linda Hamilton. That is all.

  63. Adam Tel

    Adam Tel시간 전

    Nothing beats the first and second

  64. Billy bob Theredneck

    Billy bob Theredneck시간 전

    Ugh fuck man why if we’re going to do something can’t we just do something not so cringe and atleast like terminator salvation

  65. MrAnthonyramon

    MrAnthonyramon시간 전

    I have one thing to say WHY

  66. E M

    E M시간 전


  67. Jung-Ho Lee

    Jung-Ho Lee시간 전

    This franchise doesn't know when to end eh?

  68. Artistic Endeavors

    Artistic Endeavors시간 전

    Terminator 6: Granny's Gotta Gun 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can barely wait to miss this 💩💩💩

  69. NPC 100573200

    NPC 100573200시간 전


  70. Space Gaming

    Space Gaming시간 전

    This is Venom and Transformers combined. And it does not make it better

  71. Jay Arby

    Jay Arby시간 전

    I think we owe Genisys an apology. At least the Genisys trailer had the decency to use the Terminator theme song.

  72. NDSD 1

    NDSD 1시간 전

    No. Just no

  73. SomeRedditUser

    SomeRedditUser시간 전

    Please dont be woke Please dont be woke Please dont be woke

  74. Brabus 76

    Brabus 76시간 전

    So its Juana Connor?

  75. HoeMalone

    HoeMalone시간 전

    Fuck this looks like shit

  76. Ryan Peck

    Ryan Peck시간 전

    Who is their target audience?

  77. Six Pack Shortcuts

    Six Pack Shortcuts시간 전

    Ryan Peck Feminists.

  78. Devyn Brinsfield

    Devyn Brinsfield시간 전

    Of course

  79. The Generic Gaimer

    The Generic Gaimer시간 전

    Please stop fucking ruining our favorite franchises for your political, social, and economical gain you utter trash cans

  80. alan de almeida

    alan de almeida시간 전

    Ai s

  81. eggy

    eggy시간 전

    2:11 Oh my god that Nickelodeon splat sound effect got me dying

  82. Misael Torres Urrea

    Misael Torres Urrea시간 전

    Hasta la vista baby ? till than motherfuckers,

  83. Minorhawk27

    Minorhawk27시간 전

    These guys should focus on one movie

  84. Dr. Doofenward

    Dr. Doofenward시간 전

    “Stop! He’s already dead!”



    It’s the transgendernator

  86. Street Smart Swing

    Street Smart Swing시간 전

    D. U. M. B.

  87. Dave Chen

    Dave Chen시간 전

    Please please don't fuck this one up!!

  88. darkecofreak23

    darkecofreak23시간 전

    I’ll see this just to see how crazy shit gets.

  89. Daequan

    Daequan시간 전

    Welp... Arnold let’s see what you do😃👍

  90. Galagian

    Galagian시간 전

    If venom met a t1000

  91. Cosmo Kramer

    Cosmo Kramer시간 전




    Close but no Lamborghini

  93. Clint Casey

    Clint Casey시간 전

    Judging by the comments, how the hell did this end up with more likes then dislikes?? Hmm🤔🤔🤔🤔 I wonder lol

  94. Ezeekyule Emel

    Ezeekyule Emel시간 전

    How do we win? By keeping the franchise going as long as possible..



    Now this looks badass

  96. Big Boi Gaming

    Big Boi Gaming시간 전

    damn why are they making everyone females in reboots

  97. Burrito Feet

    Burrito Feet시간 전

    Why the new terminator look like Desmond Miles lol

  98. Aku

    Aku시간 전

    This looks like a better remake of Genisys. Literally took the sfx from the new T1000

  99. John Smith

    John Smith시간 전

    Terminator: Dark Fake

  100. Lubetube111

    Lubetube111시간 전

    The ultimate nightmare for the GOP a spanish Terminator!!

  101. Karen Bass

    Karen Bass시간 전

    So excited...