Terminator: Dark Fate - Official Teaser Trailer (2019) - Paramount Pictures


  1. Souvik Dey

    Souvik Dey3 분 전

    Fuck feminist

  2. Haroon Mushtaq

    Haroon Mushtaq12 분 전

    This ViLLaiN SuCKS

  3. Haroon Mushtaq

    Haroon Mushtaq12 분 전

    This. ViLLaiN is an aSS HoLe

  4. David Bullard

    David Bullard22 분 전

    You don't have to destroy the new terminator, just tell her your triggered and that she's invading your safe space.

  5. Jonathan English

    Jonathan English46 분 전

    Film has female protagonist, gets attacked by triggered KOreporter commenters, pretty typical

  6. Jackson Liu

    Jackson Liu시간 전

    This shit doesn’t seem good, but I’ll still buy it if it is R rated.

  7. Aku

    Aku시간 전

    _look guys, the trolls are invading to shit on a movie again!_

  8. Files

    Files시간 전

    Sorry I think this actually looks good. The same people who say theres too many sequels to this are on their way to go see the 49th fast and furious movie. and btw i couldn't give a fuck all shit about what the director said.

  9. Dopamine Media

    Dopamine Media시간 전

    The CGI looks like shit and the world doesn't make sense. Jane Conner? Does this mean that John Conner is not around? Then why is Arnold Schwarzenegger there?

  10. Jose Mota

    Jose Mota2 시간 전

    Cant wait to not see this garbage

  11. 010TheWatcher010

    010TheWatcher0103 시간 전

    Plz Stop doing this!!! First movies were so great stop this Trash ...................

  12. Stanley1337

    Stanley13373 시간 전

    Looks cool but after the last one I don’t want to get my hopes up

  13. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee4 시간 전

    Wow, KOreporter is so far gone. No saving at this point. They are still playing politics and acting very fascist like. Deleting comments that don't go with your agenda? Fucking sad. The people making these decisions need to get medicated in an insane asylum.

  14. MrGalaxy

    MrGalaxy4 시간 전

    0:46 CGI is so shit and it’s obviously noticeable

  15. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee4 시간 전

    So disappointed with James Cameron... 😧 Stay the fuck out of identity politics asshole, and write a good fucking movie so we can pay your bills. Ya'll seem to forget that you work for us.

  16. Jack Resler

    Jack Resler4 시간 전

    Can someone explain the controversy to me?

  17. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee4 시간 전

    A chick flick Terminator? *PASS.* No need to feminize even Terminator Hollywood, Shame.

  18. Kinetic Technology Projects

    Kinetic Technology Projects5 시간 전

    im so fucking confused. haven't they beat skynet like 10 times now?

  19. darwin taylor

    darwin taylor5 시간 전

    how do i say it's shit, but in a nice way?

  20. TYLER ourada

    TYLER ourada5 시간 전

    I once wrote a story with a character named Grace, and I can guarantee she's a cooler character than the Grace in this film

  21. Stephan P.

    Stephan P.5 시간 전

    Holy crap. Hollywood’s creative well is running dry.

  22. Narnianist

    Narnianist6 시간 전

    Oh man this is Ghostbusters 2016 all over again, I don't give a shit about an all female cast if it's done well, you're just whining for the sake of whining, if it's bad because of the plot then it's bad and done. If they go feminazi instead of true feminism then go ahead and dislike it, but it's just a trailer not a whole movie, just like you can't judge a book by its cover, you can't judge a movie by its trailer.

  23. G 1

    G 16 시간 전

    I've been chosen to watch this movie 🤣😎

  24. Dr Cringe

    Dr Cringe6 시간 전

    If THIS is the people who will fight for "humanity", I will now be on the side of skynet.

  25. Sammy Santoro

    Sammy Santoro6 시간 전

    Im so sick of Hollywood and the society doing stupid like this. If they make a film on The Power Puff Girls, I highly recommend to NOT cast males as the Power Puff Girls. Just cause you cast accordingly to what will bring the best outcome for the project, whether the casting choice is female or male, does NOT make you sexist. If they make a new Tomb Raider film I expect a woman playing Laura Croft. Not some shredded tanned male. This hits hard cause I’ve loved the terminator series and now they’re just taking a gigantic shit on it. #FuckYouHollywood

  26. Art Gutierrez

    Art Gutierrez7 시간 전

    Garbage. This has now gotten into Fast n Furious territory where each subsequent movie is more pitiful than the previous one.

  27. Victor hugo Montiel carrasco

    Victor hugo Montiel carrasco7 시간 전

    Quien iba a pensar que por mi pueblo se grabara esa película segundo 28 al 30 #nextlalpan ✌🏻👍🏽

  28. ZigZag

    ZigZag7 시간 전

    Hey I'm a bit out of the loop, me and my friends were all looking forward to this movie and when I last checked there was nothing negative about it. I just recently heard the director talk smack about people being sexist and all the sarcastic comments I see here are recent and new. What prompted the directors response in the first place?? is there a video that explains this? I appreciate your time for helping a lost stranger on the internet.

  29. Jay Man

    Jay Man8 시간 전

    Terminator movie logic. Hit it, shoot it, punch it, blow it up. Achieved nothing? Do it again. Shoot it more, hit it with a pipe, run over it with a car. Same result? Well, let's do it some more. Lather, rinse, repeat, then make another movie, and do it all over again. God these things suck.

  30. Tom Servo

    Tom Servo8 시간 전

    looks like more schlock for the Chinese market

  31. Jpeg _

    Jpeg _8 시간 전

    Came back to repost since somehow my comment was deleted a month ago? Please explain Pandermount Pictures.

  32. NewWhirledOrder

    NewWhirledOrder8 시간 전

    Arnold was only in the preview for a few seconds. That's bullshit. This looks awful.

  33. NewWhirledOrder

    NewWhirledOrder8 시간 전

    James Camerons pronouns are now "her" and "she".

  34. Sammy Santoro

    Sammy Santoro8 시간 전

    This series died a long time ago, this looks so fucking awful yo!!!! 😂🤣

  35. ͡ッ

    ͡ッ8 시간 전

  36. sgtnite

    sgtnite9 시간 전

    Terminator 10000000000000.


    MOISA KAUL9 시간 전

    Is already out. ??? If no. When is it coming ?

  38. John Gore

    John Gore9 시간 전

    I don’t mind female leads or strong female characters. I just get the sense Hollywood and marketing are pushing it just for the sake have “supporting women”.

  39. Adrian Fabbri

    Adrian Fabbri10 시간 전

    Percentage Video's Comments 48% Fake fans of series who already compare this movie to the first two movies. 52% Yanks who start arguing about New Terminator's sexuality.

  40. Adrian Fabbri

    Adrian Fabbri10 시간 전

    *CLAPCLAPCLAP* You are the signature of this modern day internet....

  41. shaolinwisdom

    shaolinwisdom10 시간 전

    Everyone talking shit here, but this flick is looking good actually. Even if there's some themes of feminism or whatever.

  42. Crazy Joe

    Crazy Joe10 시간 전

    Hard pass. Since you removed the like\dislike option here you go 👎🏽

  43. Redpill Crypto Shark

    Redpill Crypto Shark10 시간 전

    Look at those dislikes LOL

  44. Ru Ben

    Ru Ben11 시간 전

    Both terminators look pretty gay.

  45. Heu Valadao

    Heu Valadao11 시간 전

    Terminator: Shitness

  46. Heu Valadao

    Heu Valadao11 시간 전


  47. malvado

    malvado11 시간 전


  48. Chad_83

    Chad_8311 시간 전

    So basically it's Terminator Salvation, with virtue signalling.

  49. Prehistoric Productions

    Prehistoric Productions12 시간 전

    MAKE MOVIE REMAKE PLEASE, MAKE A NEW TERMINATOR THAT *FEARSOME AND GOOD* Besides I Love Terminator As A Big Huge Fan, *Make Terminator Movies Great Again*

  50. Owen B.

    Owen B.12 시간 전

    Is this new terminator character actually called the “LGBT-1000”?

  51. Dario Friggeri

    Dario Friggeri12 시간 전

    I have to tell the truth, it hurts me, but the first trailer was all bullshit, nothing new, and a deplorable cgi, then I heard that those scenes wouldn’t be in the movie, I’m not rushing, I still believe in Tim Miller and James Cameron,

  52. Dario Friggeri

    Dario Friggeri10 시간 전

    @Six Pack Shortcuts I really thought the same as you, I hope I was wrong.

  53. Six Pack Shortcuts

    Six Pack Shortcuts11 시간 전

    Dario Friggeri James Cameron doesn't give a crap about the Terminator franchise anymore. He only cares about his stupid Avatar movies. This Terminator movie is going to be absolute shit.