Terminator: Dark Fate - Official Teaser Trailer (2019) - Paramount Pictures


  1. The Wail of a Dying Coyote

    The Wail of a Dying Coyote시간 전

    I look forward to this failing miserably.

  2. Gintare Zilinskaite

    Gintare Zilinskaite시간 전

    ... Ghostbusters 2...

  3. Illustraful

    Illustraful시간 전


  4. Curious People

    Curious People시간 전

    Amazing !

  5. Hilary Wright

    Hilary Wright시간 전

    Female boner achieved.

  6. Guillermo Martinez

    Guillermo Martinez시간 전

    Bad ass movie!

  7. Ryne Luecht

    Ryne Luecht시간 전

    At least they got James Cameron back and they can spell

  8. Richard NewTon Hawk Einstein

    Richard NewTon Hawk Einstein시간 전

    Terminator is still relevant 😂😂🤔🤔

  9. B. L.

    B. L.시간 전

    I'll see it just for Mackenzie Davis. She's great.

  10. TheWorlds Greatest

    TheWorlds Greatest시간 전

    Omg no stop not another

  11. Hugh Vupy

    Hugh Vupy시간 전

    T7: Rise of the roomba

  12. Illustraful

    Illustraful시간 전


  13. JojoDukeCity SM0K3SUM

    JojoDukeCity SM0K3SUM시간 전

    this is cool..... WHAT!?..... Sara Connor YEAHHHHHH!

  14. Ronnie Basnett

    Ronnie Basnett시간 전

    Stop it

  15. Chad

    Chad시간 전

    when every major movie company remakes movies with females just because it sells more tickets and even if the movie sucks it still gets good reviews cause a female has the main role

  16. Marmar SaysRawr

    Marmar SaysRawr시간 전

    2:13 Did they really use that squishing sound?

  17. Justin Kunz

    Justin Kunz시간 전

    would you guys stop making shitty movies

  18. Mrvpk6

    Mrvpk6시간 전

    Honestly I think this movie is not gonna do that great

  19. Trevor Winters

    Trevor Winters시간 전

    How about Terminator revenge movie

  20. Betty Behets

    Betty Behets시간 전

    1:09 when u relive ur Goin to school

  21. 999poppe

    999poppe시간 전

    Everything in Hollywood is on a remake rampage - womanizing all movies - don’t know if that’s empowering or just sad to the cause of feminism !?

  22. claritycentral

    claritycentral시간 전

    1:45 Arnold. For those who are losing their cool.

  23. Illustraful

    Illustraful시간 전


  24. TreyTrey22

    TreyTrey22시간 전

    At first I was like - NO! no no no NO! After see the legend himself- okay.. okay... I’ll see it.. probably

  25. Richie Perez

    Richie Perez시간 전

    I Am Human... Garbage

  26. The Organic Hologram

    The Organic Hologram시간 전

    Looks like shit

  27. GoneToTheZone B4

    GoneToTheZone B4시간 전

    Wait....wait.... I thought her character died??? She faked her death????

  28. Illustraful

    Illustraful시간 전


  29. Sakshat Shinde

    Sakshat Shinde시간 전

    I feel like this is gonna fail hard

  30. That Some Guy JA

    That Some Guy JA시간 전

    Please stop

  31. Manlyafacebooya psn

    Manlyafacebooya psn시간 전

    Hm looks like the new Sonic.

  32. Christopher Arcuri

    Christopher Arcuri시간 전

    This trailer honestly is disappointing. It feels underwealming.. doesn't look really interesting to be honest. Sure its cool to see Sara Conor back but the villain looks lame, and the Liquid metal crap is kinda boring and dumb now. I also got a very feminist vibe going on here , like captain marvel. The fact that Arnold is barely in the trailer isn't good either. I don't think this movie will do so well. #Lame

  33. Mo L

    Mo L시간 전

    No terminator theme? :(

  34. Rosa Parks Did 9/11

    Rosa Parks Did 9/11시간 전

    Let the franchise die. Quick digging up its corpse and shaking coins out of its ribcage, no one asked for this.

  35. Zooka Jesus

    Zooka Jesus시간 전

    Oh I see, it’s like the movie “Logan” but really bad. Cool.

  36. oscarinterlude

    oscarinterlude시간 전

    I'm going hunteen

  37. Elvis Van

    Elvis Van시간 전

    After the D&D shits fuck up GoT, i think i should feel safe knowing uncle James is involve in this =}}}

  38. Jair Gutierrez

    Jair Gutierrez시간 전

    Terminator 7: rise of the South African drop kicking machines.

  39. madnesssupreme

    madnesssupreme시간 전

    Another victim of Classic Killers.

  40. LEGENDARY2000

    LEGENDARY2000시간 전

    Terminator without Arnold Schwarzenegger Socks without shoes😔 Rick and Morty without Rick😔 Family guy without Peter😔 Queen without Freddie Mercury 😔

  41. Prince J

    Prince J시간 전

    This Shit Bouta Be Lit Like A Campfire For Marshmallows 👍👊🏼

  42. Reichek

    Reichek시간 전

    Wayans Bros. proudly presents 'Terminator Movie'

  43. justin lowe

    justin lowe시간 전

    Sjw terminator no thanks

  44. G.O.D No G.O.D

    G.O.D No G.O.D시간 전

    Get to the nursing home!

  45. Mario

    Mario시간 전

    Real sequel to T2 was easy to write: Judgement Day is inevitable and happens regardless, shortly after Sarah Connor dies with John at her deathbed. John Connor puts together all the lieutenants and begins kicking Terminator ass. Big mission 1 is sending Kyle Reese to the past. Big mission 2 is sending Terminator back to rescue John as a teenager. Big mission 3 is bringing Skynet down permanently. In the same way that RDJ says "I am Ironman," John Connor could have said "I Am John Connor!" as he sacrifices himself to kill Skynet once and for all. Cue the optimistic ending everyone wants of the survivors. Roll credits. End as a Trilogy.

  46. Jeffrey Miller

    Jeffrey Miller시간 전

    Just let it go.....

  47. Chase Kruse

    Chase Kruse시간 전

    So the same as the other Terminators, just more SJW?

  48. GamerLjvesMatter Making Gamerica Great Again

    GamerLjvesMatter Making Gamerica Great Again시간 전

    *Producer* *James Cameron?!* *What happened to him directing this, damn it!* *Yep, it's gonna suck cuz when Spielberg stepped down as well, nothing compared.*

  49. Christian Woods

    Christian Woods시간 전

    Same shit different year

  50. Aaron Pangallo

    Aaron Pangallo시간 전

    Another female hero defeating the white male villain. Just saying 🙄

  51. starlight beyond

    starlight beyond시간 전

    Terminator : Feminism

  52. Holly Fae

    Holly Fae시간 전

    Just so that everyone is aware, this one is produced by James Cameron and basically disregards EVERYTHING after T2 (like Sarah dying of Cancer 😑 or John becoming a nano bot machine thing) so Im actually looking forward to it as maybe finally carrying on the storyline we all know and love most.

  53. Mike Warlick

    Mike Warlick시간 전

    To keep the world alive, they must keep Sara alive. To keep this country alive we must hold a COS, under Article V sec.b we have the right! Join the fight for survival at www.conventionofstates.com

  54. Good Bye

    Good Bye시간 전

    Looks better than the last few

  55. Afrim Zeneli

    Afrim Zeneli시간 전

    Y do they need woman terminator franchise is dead

  56. jwill5587

    jwill5587시간 전

    So now John Conner is a Latina and the protagonist terminator is a bulldyke? Hollywood can't help themselves

  57. Seth isHere

    Seth isHere시간 전

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like the cgi here?

  58. Dominic Aquino

    Dominic Aquino시간 전

    How many terminator movies do you want Arnold: yes

  59. Detallado

    Detallado시간 전

    This movie summary: MALE EVIL terminator wants to destroy FEMALE LATINA and is saved by FEMALE GRANNY and they crash 2 airplanes and have a MID-AIR FIGHT to keep the latina alive and this skinny LESBIAN beats a polymorphic robot. OK

  60. Jermaine Lynch

    Jermaine Lynch시간 전

    Instead of putting eldris Elba in that stupid ass movie Hobbs he would have been the perfect Terminator

  61. Keep Calm And Travel On

    Keep Calm And Travel On시간 전

    The new terminator has a bit of a soft, sad expression on his face, instead of the relentless evil killer look of the T-1000. Sarah Connor character feels one layered and shallow - all macho, none of the vulnerability that made her such a compelling hero. The CGI looks questionable - look at the terminator jumping out of the car, it's just not right. Where's the classic terminator score? I'd love to love it, but for now, I don't.

  62. Ryland Mahony

    Ryland Mahony시간 전


  63. The Fertile Earth

    The Fertile Earth시간 전

    Ryland Mahony It’s a shit cover of Hunter by Bjork

  64. Júlio Roberto

    Júlio Roberto시간 전

    Novembro certamente será um mês muito especial mesmo 🙆‍♂️

  65. Killla's Korner

    Killla's Korner시간 전

    No John Conner? why?? because everyone wants another female lead movie that sucks

  66. Critical Weiner

    Critical Weiner시간 전

    And fuck you too "the chosen ones". You cant think of anything better than this woke garbage?

  67. RedNasty7

    RedNasty7시간 전

    *Terminator: Fembot*

  68. Alberto aka Turtleman

    Alberto aka Turtleman시간 전

    I just want a man and machines WAR pleeeeeeeeeease

  69. Felix Sanabria

    Felix Sanabria시간 전

    Trash,garbage and just Please let this be the last one.

  70. Appleseed YipYipYip

    Appleseed YipYipYip시간 전

    Feel like Terminator Genysis all over again. .. I really hope Brad Fiedel can back to score the movie, and the muscular T2 Arnold with Jacket, Sunglasses& full of heavy weaponry.. But that's seems won't happen again. Kind of sad...

  71. Austin D

    Austin D시간 전

    Oh God another terminator movie just kill the franchise already Hollywood

  72. Elvis Van

    Elvis Van시간 전

    _⛅9AM May 24 2019~_

  73. Bubba

    Bubba시간 전

    Wasn't Tencent Games enough that they now made Tencent Pictures?

  74. Critical Weiner

    Critical Weiner시간 전

    So what happened to John Conner? Now we got protect a mecian lesbian kid? Wtf? Eat a dick James puss boy Cameron

  75. Illustraful

    Illustraful시간 전

    The 80s and early 90s had proper R rated action movies with intense violence and real practical effects and explosions. Movies like Terminator 2, Die Hard, Rambo, Predator, Robocop, Cobra, Total Recall, Cliffhanger and Red Heat. Millennials have been fed a diet of bloodless PG-13 adventure movies with wall to wall CGI, pop culture references and post credit scenes. This is why studios keep churning out more of the same anodyne, pussyfied, tame shit for the SJW generation.

  76. Sara Rivera

    Sara Rivera시간 전

    Sarah Connor ... she's a badass 💪🏻

  77. Michael R.

    Michael R.시간 전

    Grandparents to the rescue.

  78. Tadashyasuo WOLFGRAMM

    Tadashyasuo WOLFGRAMM시간 전

    The CGI is bad

  79. 420XD

    420XD시간 전

    Still using the CGI from the 90s I see...

  80. Jayden Feratovic

    Jayden Feratovic시간 전

    1:43 yes.

  81. Muhammad Hunain Khurram

    Muhammad Hunain Khurram시간 전

    There is no Terminator without Arnold. This movie doesn't exist to me.

  82. invertMASA

    invertMASA시간 전

    I can't be the only one that thinks the CGI looks pretty low budget, am I?

  83. Mad Max

    Mad Max시간 전

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ....More CUNTS saving the world.....Whoever made this movie should be shot in the head....

  84. Kvng Los

    Kvng Los시간 전

    Am I the only one that likes reading people comments

  85. Robbie Lee

    Robbie Lee시간 전

    Fuck yea.

  86. StrongManMattt

    StrongManMattt시간 전


  87. Bridges Holwell

    Bridges Holwell시간 전

    So the Terminator is a chick now. Probably the most 2019 movie ever.... yay.....

  88. Melvin Patzan

    Melvin Patzan시간 전

    Why are all movies nowadays all about women

  89. iAMe100XP

    iAMe100XP시간 전

    1:03 You think Sarah could've just started with the rpg...

  90. Eli Smirnov

    Eli Smirnov시간 전

    Dark Fate? More like the Matriarchy Day or Rise of Body Positive.

  91. Kyle Dawson

    Kyle Dawson시간 전

    No political controversy can come out of this...

  92. Roak

    Roak시간 전

    I wonder if.....the terminator guy is gonna turn out to actually be the hero here...that'd be a awesome twist... Man,it's been years since I've seen a trailer that actually makes me want to watch the movie.

  93. teja s

    teja s시간 전


  94. Critical Weiner

    Critical Weiner시간 전


  95. menocu87

    menocu87시간 전

    Should have used the real Bjork song. Why is the cgi worse than in T2 made in 1991?

  96. Gvv76if

    Gvv76if시간 전

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  97. Nick Billings

    Nick Billings시간 전

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  98. MGTOW 4 LIFE

    MGTOW 4 LIFE시간 전

    Get woke go broke

  99. Rant the Retort

    Rant the Retort시간 전

    Yawn. Pass. Who are the two young women, oh wait, i dont care.

  100. MGTOW 4 LIFE

    MGTOW 4 LIFE시간 전

    Feminist trash

  101. afamularo

    afamularo시간 전

    Looks pretty. Like many other films, I bet the music-score and editing will destroy any entertainment value or meaningful acting. What a retarded choice for a song in the trailer. Not everybody who goes to the movies in America is first generation, or autistic. Pu puuuuuu