Tenacious D vs. Foo Fighters - Colombia


  1. Candace N Bug Rushbrook

    Candace N Bug Rushbrook일 전

    I love u bro

  2. Francesco Faggioli

    Francesco Faggioli3 일 전

    Can anyone tell me the name of the game and where is it located? Thx

  3. Janette Jack

    Janette Jack3 일 전

    You could be an average looking bloke BUT if you can make a woman laugh she is all yours..

  4. ragoff

    ragoff3 일 전

    Rottie shirt walks itself

  5. jonvart

    jonvart3 일 전

    scared of dogs... wears t shirt with massive dog face

  6. B J

    B J4 일 전

    Man You have to do the tenacious d secuel pleace man !!!

  7. Antonio Guevara

    Antonio Guevara5 일 전

    Viva Colombia!!!

  8. Veselin Bratko

    Veselin Bratko5 일 전

    Imagine playing a regular concert in your local city and the D's show up and dance to your songs :')

  9. Jo O

    Jo O5 일 전

    All of them are assclowns

  10. Jo Vallas

    Jo Vallas5 일 전


  11. Ian V. Jones

    Ian V. Jones6 일 전

    "getting strong Kyle!"

  12. Leonardo Carvalho

    Leonardo Carvalho6 일 전

    Whats the name of the song at 19:09 ?

  13. Sektos Eisenherz

    Sektos Eisenherz7 일 전

    oh wonderman and old nasty man still rockin tha house

  14. Lukas Rosenskjold

    Lukas Rosenskjold7 일 전

    what song is playing in the background at 17.18?

  15. Guitar guy Hi

    Guitar guy Hi8 일 전

    Please show us your guitar collection

  16. Thomas Livingstone

    Thomas Livingstone8 일 전

    I ain’t touching no elevator buttons. Period* (period in the U.K. is only really referred to in a technical sense or a human female reproductive cycle)

  17. andi 20

    andi 208 일 전

    Welcome to Colombia and Bogotá D.C. if you wanna return!

  18. Jon Barwick

    Jon Barwick8 일 전

    20:36 when I saw Jablinski put out new content

  19. Matthew mdm

    Matthew mdm8 일 전

    Lol do you own any other shirt !? 😂😂😂 your the greatest

  20. PS4Fan

    PS4Fan10 일 전


  21. brandon perkins

    brandon perkins10 일 전

    You want a little more d

  22. Lego Spiderman The Movie Guy

    Lego Spiderman The Movie Guy10 일 전

    Nice, u go my bro from another mama-🤓

  23. Sam Portillo

    Sam Portillo11 일 전

    It's always about the ear-holes, never about the eye-holes

  24. Joe danero

    Joe danero11 일 전

    Grohl seems like a fun dude....when he is around.

  25. Henry Z Guitar

    Henry Z Guitar11 일 전

    they dont speek spanish!

  26. Lori Gibbs

    Lori Gibbs11 일 전

    Kyle I love you!

  27. Perpetual Student

    Perpetual Student11 일 전

    Who are the Foo Fighers?

  28. XNerdyyodagirlX

    XNerdyyodagirlX11 일 전

    Tenacious D in the Gym is a whole mood!

  29. Jose Coss

    Jose Coss11 일 전

    Love this video..

  30. Martha Liliana Mira Alvarado

    Martha Liliana Mira Alvarado12 일 전

    Jajaj fell the D

  31. Matthew Oneill

    Matthew Oneill17 일 전

    Just found ya videos best dad there bro..lov ya work ethic harder t better

  32. Fallen

    Fallen18 일 전

    the first time ive seen kage rock an electric guitar

  33. Will Hertzler

    Will Hertzler18 일 전

    imagine going to the gym for a late night workout and you just see Jack Black passed out on a treadmill

  34. Stelios Kontos

    Stelios Kontos20 일 전

    i love how they just went out for food and ended up playing a set for the locals hahahahah brilliant.

  35. catocapu

    catocapu20 일 전


  36. marselo

    marselo22 일 전

    Why he almost every time he goes to another country he finds Dave Grohl?

  37. Kyle Stoyko

    Kyle Stoyko23 일 전

    I would give up everything in my life (except my kids) to be able to hang with Jack everyday.

  38. Gerardo Rodriguez

    Gerardo Rodriguez24 일 전

    viva colombia hijos

  39. Pierre-Luc Meunier

    Pierre-Luc Meunier25 일 전


  40. braasmonkey

    braasmonkey25 일 전

    Waiting for a Tenacious D version of 'Toss a coin to your Witcher'...

  41. Fabriccio De la Mora

    Fabriccio De la Mora26 일 전

    There's something wrong with Kyle's gut

  42. Matthias Weaver

    Matthias Weaver27 일 전

    I’m honestly upset he didn’t show more Weezer

  43. Dead Marthas

    Dead Marthas27 일 전

    The slow motion coffee moment with the hair flow! YES!

  44. Tripod Killer

    Tripod Killer27 일 전

    Takes me back to el nacho libre

  45. Randy Leavell

    Randy Leavell28 일 전

    I just watched 2 men aged 50 and 59 run around a gym like they were 11. 10/10

  46. Gamer Jema

    Gamer Jema개월 전

    A little extra vitamin D lol. Love it.

  47. Alejandro Gonzalez

    Alejandro Gonzalez개월 전

    look at you jack .... what just .....pfff i will express with this sentences i loved u anakin osea que ona con su pelo :V luce muy maal pibe antes eras mas cool

  48. Esteban Mendez

    Esteban Mendez개월 전

    Fue el mejor conciertoooooo😭😍👌🏻

  49. Sam Larsen

    Sam Larsen개월 전

    9:16 Absolutely fabulous.

  50. Andrés Rodríguez

    Andrés Rodríguez개월 전

    el jack jugando tejo, WOW

  51. Karito Gab

    Karito Gab개월 전

    Donde es el citios donde jugaron tejo?

  52. MrMotherfuck123

    MrMotherfuck123개월 전

    09:35 XD

  53. MrMotherfuck123

    MrMotherfuck123개월 전

    Tonsa shittalking after like 2 Minutes... and Kyle Gass is stout....

  54. Guenny Guenstig

    Guenny Guenstig개월 전

    can`t see a c""k push-up tough...

  55. henry neiva

    henry neiva개월 전

    Tejo y pola 😁👍

  56. Jay Braco

    Jay Braco개월 전

    Welcome always to Colombia! 🤟

  57. Juan Becerra

    Juan Becerra개월 전

    Hola gracias por visitar bogota y conoser nuestro hermoso pais en una proxima visita black jack vas a la capital de la salsa para q te den unas clases de baile pero ver a dave grohl tomando poker fue epico , recomendado en su proxima visita un sancocho de gallina y chicha en totumo

  58. John Wilkes Booth

    John Wilkes Booth개월 전

    That Dave dude sure looks like the drummer from nirvana! and that jack guy looks a lot like the guy from Tenacious D!

  59. Anvarynn

    Anvarynn개월 전

    3:30 wow that was stellar

  60. ori zelaz

    ori zelaz개월 전

    Estaba jack en el gallinero.. En lo más lejos de la tarima