Tenacious D vs. Foo Fighters - Colombia


  1. Justin Cimock

    Justin Cimock23 시간 전

    I will now begin Dzersizing....

  2. RogerStreamTV

    RogerStreamTV23 시간 전

    Man, This is the long life formula.

  3. Cameron Baldie

    Cameron Baldie일 전

    I give this video a 4.9999996 and a 5

  4. Estes Park bear

    Estes Park bear일 전

    Welcome home Nacho's



    Nah Italy has the best cappuccino’s


    KWM KYLE2 일 전

    I wanna see more of the ending now lol Things got even more interesting!

  7. Luisa Mc Donald

    Luisa Mc Donald2 일 전

    Love these guys 🤣😘

  8. Mclloydeeee

    Mclloydeeee2 일 전


  9. Maël G

    Maël G2 일 전

    The name song at 19:00 is "Dylan Sitts - Parsley". You're welcome ;)

  10. Dave Walker

    Dave Walker3 일 전

    The D really don't need a gym. They just need to be on camera. Hilarious!!! I think they probably act like that off camera too

  11. Dave Walker

    Dave Walker3 일 전

    Jack Black, one of my favourite human beings ever to have lived!!!!!

  12. Erin Mihalka

    Erin Mihalka3 일 전

    Jack black is the best

  13. 2ndSounds

    2ndSounds3 일 전

    Music pls !? 18:51

  14. Reyna Arawan

    Reyna Arawan3 일 전

    Re: Kyle not tying his shoes. The next time someone ties his shoes, you need to take the rabbit ears and form a knot one more time so that they don't come untied. And make sure they're tied loose enough to slip on. I do that to my shoes because my shoes come untied every 10 minutes if I don't. And they haven't come untied in 3 years.

  15. EyesOfByes

    EyesOfByes4 일 전

    Jack Black is what any uncle aspires to be like ☺️

  16. Victor Ramirez

    Victor Ramirez4 일 전

    16:32 most epic moment!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Matt Smith

    Matt Smith4 일 전

    So how did they get on the plane?

  18. Oscar Alegría

    Oscar Alegría4 일 전

    HAhahaah Bombo FICA CSM

  19. Dylan fischer

    Dylan fischer4 일 전

    You mad lad I love you

  20. Steven Carpio

    Steven Carpio4 일 전

    Es genial que lo hayan pasado bien en Bogotá Colombia, me hubiera encantado haber estado pero no pude.

  21. T Macon

    T Macon4 일 전

    When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought it was a jojo reference

  22. Jamie Lyn Barton

    Jamie Lyn Barton4 일 전

    Wish he was my husband 😭

  23. Jamie Lyn Barton

    Jamie Lyn Barton4 일 전

    Me at the bar

  24. Jamie Lyn Barton

    Jamie Lyn Barton4 일 전

    I’ve got triple Ddd 😂💀

  25. Jamie Lyn Barton

    Jamie Lyn Barton4 일 전

    Me at the gym

  26. Chris Briddick

    Chris Briddick4 일 전

    Love these guys.

  27. Jamie Lyn Barton

    Jamie Lyn Barton4 일 전


  28. Some kind of human

    Some kind of human5 일 전

    Wow, I just watched Tenacious D, like 6 days ago lol

  29. Rafael Romero Cuadrado

    Rafael Romero Cuadrado5 일 전

    I feel your D in my D!! :D Bravisimoo!! I Love Duo!

  30. Nina Beaner

    Nina Beaner5 일 전

    Drew Monson mytoecold brought me here and I am so happy he did lol

  31. w0lfmane

    w0lfmane5 일 전

    We need Jables in Australia!!!

  32. Holly Owens

    Holly Owens5 일 전

    Cuz mike and the Johnson and Johnson’s, keep messing game up

  33. D. B.

    D. B.8 일 전

    that looks like one hella of a shin-dig !

  34. mike rice

    mike rice8 일 전

    how was Weezer not mentioned in the title....

  35. Ginger Adventurez

    Ginger Adventurez9 일 전

    Jack owns 3 pair of eSweats and 4 t-shirts. Naaaaaiiiieeece!

  36. WonkaVator

    WonkaVator9 일 전

    Some kid is gonna pick up that pick you flickd into the audience... Some kid named Eddie...

  37. Viry Muzav

    Viry Muzav9 일 전

    Dave just loves to shimy hahahaha

  38. Logan Williams

    Logan Williams9 일 전

    Guinness is just considered a cheap pint in the UK 😂😂

  39. Ivan Casanova

    Ivan Casanova10 일 전

    Thanks for comming to Colombia.

  40. legiongamerworkBRUH ben

    legiongamerworkBRUH ben10 일 전

    i miss the gaming videos....

  41. OwenF

    OwenF11 일 전

    i mean dave grohl was the devil in pick of destiny

  42. Saris Chaparro

    Saris Chaparro11 일 전

    ♥ 🇨🇴

  43. Sam Donovitz

    Sam Donovitz12 일 전

    Tenacious D Best Band Ever

  44. Jetmorrison

    Jetmorrison12 일 전

    PULL AN OASIS!!??? AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA oooh fuck that funny shit.

  45. Isabella Pastrano

    Isabella Pastrano13 일 전


  46. TomasPabon

    TomasPabon13 일 전

    That concert was fucking badass, thanks for coming, guys!

  47. Pantoffeltierchen02

    Pantoffeltierchen0214 일 전

    13:42 omg that dude.....

  48. Juan Romero

    Juan Romero14 일 전

    La mejor banda de rock del mundo

  49. Juan Romero

    Juan Romero14 일 전

    Que linda mi tierra Colombia el que llege a Colombia y no juegue tejo no conoció Colombia

  50. Matt Ducello

    Matt Ducello15 일 전

    That song at 3:30........... Beautiful


    ROTOR FLEX15 일 전

    You’d guys are wired . Question is who would win in a proper rock off, FF or TD? I guess we will never find out as its probably the equivalent of a lion vs a bear 🦁 🐻 🥁🎸🎤

  52. Thomas Jackson

    Thomas Jackson15 일 전

    15:39 Planned or not, that was trippy.

  53. Asthmatic Germaphobe

    Asthmatic Germaphobe15 일 전

    Ok, ill d-xercise all the time now!!

  54. Ana Maria Cardenas Rodriguez

    Ana Maria Cardenas Rodriguez16 일 전

    Thank you so much for your visit our country , you are the best rockstar all the world

  55. Franco Lopez

    Franco Lopez16 일 전

    Andale no sabia que Jack Black hablaba español, ese es un dato muy interesante

  56. A-SH ,

    A-SH ,16 일 전

    booooo! wanted to see the burning coffee

  57. Emilink

    Emilink16 일 전

    I'm glad that Jables and Kage finally made up with Satan.


    #KEVIN FEIGE13 일 전


  59. how about that

    how about that16 일 전

    This video was amazing

  60. Nobody Special

    Nobody Special16 일 전

    Hey, it's that fat kid from that Pitfall commercial.

  61. JhonsEE yepeTO

    JhonsEE yepeTO16 일 전

    The campin de MILLONARIOS FC, in perfect. Blue And Blue.