1. Chelsie Lee

    Chelsie Lee2 일 전

    I just wanna say, my dad is the only one I’ve had since I was 3 years old, & I can only hope for a reaction like this one when I get pregnant. This man loves y’all so much, it’s so heartwarming to see. My own father in law won’t be able to see his first grandchild born, but I’m so happy to see this❤️

  2. Gloria Ortiz

    Gloria Ortiz3 일 전

    I was ok until they told his dad. Landon will be a great dad seeing the example he has!

  3. TheVassgto

    TheVassgto6 일 전

    Omg can’t stop crying 😭 new to your channel came here because of Austin the ace family so glad I did ❤️

  4. Alma Coreas

    Alma Coreas8 일 전

    Shyla you got the best father in law 😍

  5. Ines Ruilope

    Ines Ruilope8 일 전

    I think that their gonna be the best grandparents in the world

  6. Biyi Ogundele

    Biyi Ogundele8 일 전

    dude u have gt a beautiful lady there

  7. Emily Reyna

    Emily Reyna9 일 전

    I was really emotional while watching this video

  8. Jacqueline Ramirez-Mendoz

    Jacqueline Ramirez-Mendoz10 일 전

    Anyone still watching after the gender reveal

  9. Claudia Hernandez

    Claudia Hernandez10 일 전

    Damn you Pops you killed me 😭😭😭 currently watching like all of y’alls videos, I’ve grown to love y’all so much! Started with the ACE Fam and just making my way through yours and Ryan’s videos ♥️ so happy for y’all! And I’m currently pregnant as well, now I’m 14 weeks, still have no clue what I’m having, boy/ girl, but whatever it turns out to be I’ll be blessed💕 can’t wait to see more content from y’all! Love you guys!!

  10. Siana Nicole

    Siana Nicole10 일 전

    I have never seen anything that could bring a fully grown man that already has to grandchildren to tears it was so beautiful



    i cried again watching this.. you guys deserve to be happy :) love you

  12. Grace Larsson

    Grace Larsson12 일 전

    Their reactions were so cute

  13. Monika Kalejova

    Monika Kalejova12 일 전


  14. james crusade

    james crusade13 일 전

    I literally cried watching this😭😭

  15. Vadimovna

    Vadimovna14 일 전

    Awwh Landon’s Dad is so precious, I love love love his reaction 😭❤️

  16. Magic Man

    Magic Man14 일 전

    Did anyone else try to hold back tears??

  17. Deception

    Deception14 일 전

    lol shes way to good for that ugly piece of crap

  18. Kaoutar chaaban

    Kaoutar chaaban15 일 전

    I was crying to by your dad

  19. Joe Mendez

    Joe Mendez16 일 전

    Congratulate. Both of yall i Wish the best 💯👪

  20. lovely brianna

    lovely brianna17 일 전

    Dont cry dont cry dont cry his dad is so kind it warms my heart

  21. Savannah Owens

    Savannah Owens17 일 전

    Papa mcbroom got me ballin 😭❤️

  22. Calorine's Aunt

    Calorine's Aunt17 일 전

    Ur Dad is soooo cool. So handsome. And so does ur wife.. She look like John Legend 's wife

  23. Ashley Pitcher

    Ashley Pitcher17 일 전

    My Dad was my best friend and biggest fan. He never got the chance to be a grandpa. It's been two years since I lost him and it still feels like yesterday. You are so lucky and so blessed to have such an amazing dad. He reminds me a lot like mine. Your mom's are both pretty cool too. My mom and dad = polar opposites.

  24. jung petra

    jung petra17 일 전

    And now i cry

  25. Amani Prince

    Amani Prince17 일 전

    Wait I’m new are they related to Austin

  26. Vaideki Pramrajeenth

    Vaideki Pramrajeenth15 일 전

    Amani Prince Yh Landon is Austin’s brother

  27. Gabby Wilson

    Gabby Wilson18 일 전

    Her nose is so bad.

  28. Fam BM

    Fam BM18 일 전

    I wish my Dad still alive. Landon and Austin are so lucky to have a father like him. ❤

  29. Koson Eter

    Koson Eter18 일 전

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍God bless you guys 😍😍

  30. mockingjaye

    mockingjaye18 일 전

    I love that dad , you wanna get married? I'm not ugly!

  31. mockingjaye

    mockingjaye18 일 전

    Are these reactions normal my parents tried to jump me lol

  32. Kamilla Ponce

    Kamilla Ponce19 일 전

    papa mcbroom made me cry

  33. Amanda Smith

    Amanda Smith19 일 전

    OMG this made me cry so much 😢 I’m so happy for you guys 💕

  34. Niamh Duffy

    Niamh Duffy20 일 전


  35. Ruta Afuola

    Ruta Afuola20 일 전


  36. Gee Love

    Gee Love21 일 전

    I don’t believe the allegations they have against this father and Austin. He is such a great dad I don’t think he would let them do something so stupid. Maybe Austin on his own but not his dad.

  37. Lilyyy Q

    Lilyyy Q21 일 전

    I lost it when Landons father was crying ommmmmmgggggg Im crying like a baby u can see how Real he is 😭❤

  38. Δήμητρα Χατζημάγκα

    Δήμητρα Χατζημάγκα21 일 전

    What’s their relationship with ace family?🤷🏽‍♀️

  39. Anne Marie Malmquist

    Anne Marie Malmquist19 일 전

    Δήμητρα Χατζημάγκα Austin and Landon are brothers

  40. Kihitoli Shohe

    Kihitoli Shohe21 일 전

    This is so ❤❤❤

  41. Andréa Chab

    Andréa Chab22 일 전

    Ici grâce à Hellcat cheh

  42. Dasaney Harmon

    Dasaney Harmon23 일 전

    The dad had me crying

  43. Michellle Romero

    Michellle Romero23 일 전

    Maybe landons mom already knew that’s why she acted that why who knows but ik they finna have a beautiful baby girl ❤️ great parents

  44. Maia Vlogs

    Maia Vlogs23 일 전

    First time watching this videos and this channel can someone update me ? I know who is the ace family I watch their videos! Who is related to the people on this video ? Thank you guys I’m just confuse

  45. Catherine Klaw

    Catherine Klaw23 일 전

    Better family than ace

  46. Catherine Klaw

    Catherine Klaw23 일 전

    Better than the ace family

  47. Ronke .A

    Ronke .A24 일 전

    The reactions are so cute especially shyla’s mom and Landon’s Dad

  48. Sariah Bass

    Sariah Bass24 일 전

    I'm so happy for them I was even about to cry 💙💙

  49. FaZe Sway cranks

    FaZe Sway cranks24 일 전

    Landons dad made me cry 😭😭 happy for you guys

  50. Natalie Wallace

    Natalie Wallace25 일 전

    I'm so happy for you guys. I'm crying because I can't have kids and I be happy to see people blessed with such a wonderful gift. I wish I could experience having a baby but money and God have other plans. Congratulations

  51. Noah ali Malik vlogs and REACTION videos

    Noah ali Malik vlogs and REACTION videos26 일 전

    this made me cry so much

  52. Henry Mart

    Henry Mart26 일 전

    pussy ass nigga crying

  53. BigMacs 4 LIFE

    BigMacs 4 LIFE26 일 전

    Are their parents still together? Cause he had a ring on his left hand on the ring finger If they aren’t then I didn’t mean to offend anyone

  54. Jada DeAnne

    Jada DeAnne26 일 전

    BigMacs 4 LIFE no he’s remarried


    YOLO TOKO26 일 전

    Wow who touches someones elses pee stick for so long? I know who.. An unbuckling 🤮🤮🤮🤮 ... Shyla and her man are the honest out of this whole famzz..

  56. Jennet Nenkavu

    Jennet Nenkavu28 일 전

    Landon's dad made me so emo😭❤

  57. _Serenity

    _Serenity29 일 전

    10:02 I can't look at him

  58. Mom/Color Love All Colors

    Mom/Color Love All Colors개월 전

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful

  59. Jay Bautista

    Jay Bautista개월 전

    “Men don’t cry”

  60. Gabriela Guare-Bustamate

    Gabriela Guare-Bustamate개월 전

    Awwww so cute 😇😊

  61. Mary Ramos

    Mary Ramos개월 전

    This man is amazing/ dad/ grandpa💙💯💯

  62. Mary Joy Bustamante

    Mary Joy Bustamante개월 전

    Everytime I See a father with his beautiful family I always cry😣. How I wish my father was here .. 20 years without a father is really hard.

  63. Kyra Walker

    Kyra Walker개월 전

    I wish my dad was like that :'k