Teens & College Kids React To YouTube Rewind 2019


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  2. Lucyverd 666

    Lucyverd 666개월 전

    Hey lets watch *Decade Rewind* at koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-20oNqQXDnio.html help him to reach just 1k views

  3. Lucyverd 666

    Lucyverd 666개월 전

    Lets see *Decade Rewind* at koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-20oNqQXDnio.html Lets help him to just reach 1k views:')

  4. Dylan Orozco-Morales

    Dylan Orozco-Morales개월 전


  5. Krisha Jain

    Krisha Jain개월 전

    Yyyyyyyyyyyyyy ........... ....... .. ..😑



    Do the Google Rewind!

  7. Luis Torres

    Luis Torres24 일 전

    shane dawson isnt the king of KOreporter. It's pewdiepie

  8. Noo Goo

    Noo Goo24 일 전

    *KOreporter* : Most Liked Creator Videos 2nd: Pewdiepie And Marzia Weds Pewdiepie's KOreporter Rewind 2018 But Its Actually Good: Excuze Meh Whut!

  9. Time Patroler

    Time Patroler24 일 전

    5:45 Aya Nakamura is very famous in France , she his the equivalent of Cardi B or Nicki minaj .

  10. Jesus Bobadilla

    Jesus Bobadilla25 일 전

    Let’s just agree that we’re never reallyyyyy going to be satisfied with what we get

  11. The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

    The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer25 일 전

    I never realized that Enus made it in the rewind? Well shit.

  12. DARK Ergi 293

    DARK Ergi 29325 일 전

    im just happy that minecraft is 1st place, and i liked this years rewind

  13. Angel Carson

    Angel Carson25 일 전


  14. Nathan Macias

    Nathan Macias25 일 전

    i thought it was gonna be a rewind not a mojo .com vid

  15. Seyrath

    Seyrath25 일 전

    seriously why people think this rewind is better, it has 0 effort

  16. kristen sholar

    kristen sholar25 일 전

    I can’t find the link to youtube rewind 2019

  17. smile hoya

    smile hoya25 일 전


  18. Ève Kamille Bourgoin

    Ève Kamille Bourgoin25 일 전

    React to Rewind 2019 the musical!!!

  19. Claudia Patricia Osorio Rodas

    Claudia Patricia Osorio Rodas25 일 전

    Noah schnapp is thereeee❤️❤️

  20. Ariel Lund

    Ariel Lund25 일 전

    KOreporter rewind looking even cheaper with a seven year old editing it 😂

  21. Anna MeAF

    Anna MeAF26 일 전

    I love how it’s international!

  22. exxceeed

    exxceeed26 일 전

    React to Pewdiepie Rewind 2019

  23. Izlandia

    Izlandia25 일 전


  24. exxceeed

    exxceeed25 일 전

    @Ariel Lund yeah they clearly stated in their (KOreporter) rewind that the community is better at making rewinds than them and it shows that they were right. I bet this rewind didnt even break the bank. Just fun and skillful editing made it perfect

  25. Ariel Lund

    Ariel Lund25 일 전

    exxceeed facts. KOreporter clearly can’t make rewinds anymore. They should just hire pew die pie

  26. King Yat Yau

    King Yat Yau26 일 전

    That kid in the white jumper. I like him.

  27. Extrioan

    Extrioan26 일 전

    2013: yay KOreporter rewind is coming out 2019:Ugh KOreporter rewind is coming out

  28. Andrew Huerta

    Andrew Huerta26 일 전

    Just my opinion, but KOreporter should have a section mentioning people who passed away this year... Etika was huge and affected many people when the media found out what happened to him...

  29. Bangtan's Sad Introvert

    Bangtan's Sad Introvert25 일 전

    Couldn't agree more. So many people were lost in 2019, it was crazy.

  30. R Mack

    R Mack26 일 전

    ITs not bad....but it's not good....its just there.

  31. Zooeeeyy

    Zooeeeyy26 일 전

    It’s like... it wasn’t good but it was better than last years. But it was hella boring 😂😂

  32. Eagles 900

    Eagles 90026 일 전

    The songs that is it

  33. Eagles 900

    Eagles 90026 일 전

    The songs that is it

  34. Gabriel Lopes

    Gabriel Lopes26 일 전

    React to new rewind youtube hispano

  35. Junior. Lizard

    Junior. Lizard26 일 전

    This one is worse than last year

  36. Liam Patrick

    Liam Patrick24 일 전

    That's a bit of a stretch

  37. Ariel Lund

    Ariel Lund25 일 전

    Because they just sat at a computer and snatched a bunch of clips from KOreporter 😂😂 costs them $200 for the seven year old they had edit it.

  38. Mad Max

    Mad Max26 일 전

    Just kidding

  39. Mad Max

    Mad Max26 일 전

    U are an idiot

  40. Noice

    Noice26 일 전

    I liked the songs, Also I like how they said “So in 2019, Lets see what you DID like” Pretty funny honestly

  41. Snsbssub Ff

    Snsbssub Ff27 일 전

    Waittttt!!!!! I'm confused???!! Why are they talking about trends?? It's a KOreporter Rewind!!! NOT A 2019 Rewind 🙄🙄🙄

  42. Autumns Galaxy!!!

    Autumns Galaxy!!!27 일 전

    Everyone hates last year rewind I loved it I hate this one!!!!!

  43. Gwynette fiona Ilagan

    Gwynette fiona Ilagan27 일 전

    I f***ing hate the guy with the white sweatshirt

  44. Judy Wu

    Judy Wu26 일 전

    But like why?

  45. Maximum Overload

    Maximum Overload26 일 전

    What will it take you to shut the fuck up

  46. Dylan Yilmaz

    Dylan Yilmaz27 일 전

    My boi jackson

  47. Adrian Pimentel

    Adrian Pimentel27 일 전


  48. Gwynette fiona Ilagan

    Gwynette fiona Ilagan27 일 전

    7:30 i hate this guy he thinks he’s very smart and stuff🙄

  49. Gadget SAM

    Gadget SAM24 일 전

    I agree with them he is spitting out facts.

  50. Donghoon 2

    Donghoon 225 일 전

    Ikr lol

  51. TheShadowSpartan

    TheShadowSpartan26 일 전

    He is big brain

  52. Alani H

    Alani H27 일 전

    you're like 12. get out

  53. Toriii

    Toriii27 일 전

    He's speaking straight fax tho. Rewind was so boring this year and showed no creativity at all.

  54. okloha _

    okloha _27 일 전

    Some people here like the last years rewind

  55. Trinity Ramsey

    Trinity Ramsey27 일 전

    Person:dude azzyland is top ten wow Meh:watch your language watch her before u say anything

  56. Dylan Yilmaz

    Dylan Yilmaz27 일 전

    bruh im sorry but azzyland sucks, no offense

  57. Trinity Ramsey

    Trinity Ramsey27 일 전


  58. Boomï DuCkInG

    Boomï DuCkInG27 일 전

    3:55 I hate this

  59. Carmella Asia

    Carmella Asia26 일 전


  60. GF Channel

    GF Channel27 일 전

    How are you

  61. Alan DiDi

    Alan DiDi27 일 전

    React to pewds rewind

  62. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin Skywalker28 일 전

    React to pewdiepies

  63. Dylan Yilmaz

    Dylan Yilmaz27 일 전

    its really funny

  64. Brianna Schiavone

    Brianna Schiavone28 일 전

    11:00 his mind !! finally someone else notices the lack of AH rep

  65. Alex M

    Alex M28 일 전

    how about reaction to the legend edition

  66. Irvinng

    Irvinng28 일 전


  67. Aaron Liang

    Aaron Liang28 일 전


  68. Yue-Tong Chen

    Yue-Tong Chen28 일 전

    pls react to pewd's version!!!!!!!!

  69. Jennifer K

    Jennifer K28 일 전

    the reind suck

  70. Bobai uwu

    Bobai uwu28 일 전

    Okay,but, why is mr.beast top 7?? 0-0

  71. LuckyRock

    LuckyRock28 일 전

    Oh no no no, Pepelaugh

  72. Cloudyq baby

    Cloudyq baby28 일 전

    Minecraft is always #1

  73. Gamer boy

    Gamer boy28 일 전

    In KOreporter rewind 2020 they should have Anna kendrick

  74. Collins Akajagbor

    Collins Akajagbor28 일 전

    13:17 Like Charli? Lol

  75. Unknown Panda

    Unknown Panda28 일 전

    Where the hell are the MeMeS

  76. Danish Malik

    Danish Malik28 일 전

    how about Charles trippy? CTFXC the guy with the record for most consecutive vlogs? sucks that youtube forgets people like him.

  77. Zihan Hossain

    Zihan Hossain29 일 전

    Waited 6 months for KOreporter rewind 2019?? WHAT!! People have too much free time these days.....so much winning 😂

  78. Gamer Gamer

    Gamer Gamer29 일 전

    I am making my own rewind, can I use this video? If do, I will put credits for you!

  79. GoodGuySalad Shendelzare

    GoodGuySalad Shendelzare29 일 전

    6:52 - 7:02 KOreporter should really learn from this guy how to create a rewind vid , last years rewind was so bad because of the creators not youtube...

  80. Bian Chang

    Bian Chang29 일 전

    It’s essentially a watch mojo video without the commentary...

  81. Stoopy Dippy

    Stoopy Dippy29 일 전

    No one reacts to Atta Halilintar Imam Supriadi: Bangsat kau

  82. Audric denzel

    Audric denzel29 일 전

    Hahaha mampus



    Same as free fire

  84. Rodents of RANDOMNESS

    Rodents of RANDOMNESS개월 전

    I am extremely disappointed Melanie Martinez didn’t make it in, even though she released a full-length film (in which 7,000+ was spent) for free! (Even though she put it on premium only for a bit but it’s free again now!

  85. Nestor Gil

    Nestor Gil28 일 전

    Rodents of RANDOMNESS IKR

  86. Sarcastic Kid

    Sarcastic Kid개월 전

    There is no pubgm i am very dissapointed



    Shame free fire that sad

  88. Mythetic

    Mythetic29 일 전

    PUBG Mobile was a disappointment to gamer's as people can just call themselves gamer's even though they aren't

  89. Shakey-Shake

    Shakey-Shake개월 전

    After I watched the KOreporter rewind 2019, i'm feel kinda Disappointed.

  90. Nick Hopper

    Nick Hopper개월 전

    Finally they put mincraft in it

  91. IPushA

    IPushA개월 전

    Rewind 2019 wasnt creative. They could have at LEAST done some nostalgia.

  92. just random stuff

    just random stuff29 일 전

    Damage control. They were essentially letting this year pass.

  93. PikaGirlXYZ

    PikaGirlXYZ개월 전

    IPushA they literally just put clips of videos in...

  94. Cole Page

    Cole Page개월 전

    This Rewind is definitely the worst one

  95. Depressed Pizza

    Depressed Pizza개월 전

    We don’t need to be shown what we liked WE KNOW PEOPLE LIKED IT