Tattoo Artist Vs. Tattoo Artist: Lyric Tattoo


  1. Giselle D'Souza

    Giselle D'Souza5 일 전

    My first idea was a skeleton in a ratty flat cap dancing with a skeleton in a top hat in a graveyard in the rain ... I love seeing what other people come up with with the same prompt

  2. Mia diaryinparadise

    Mia diaryinparadise2 개월 전

    jose did morgan adams chipotle tattoo *the more you know* 🌈✨

  3. Vibha Hegde

    Vibha Hegde4 개월 전

    2:35 the way the cat butt moves xD

  4. Alexandra Vazquez

    Alexandra Vazquez4 개월 전

    I absolutely love Taka's design

  5. Joel Kelly

    Joel Kelly5 개월 전

    These clients ideas are so lack lustre and over complicated in explanation but I guess that’s the point of the clip. Feel for the artists is all

  6. matteo Bcn 4

    matteo Bcn 45 개월 전

    theres no competion Taka wins hands down solid design with powerful impact ,sorry for jose but we have to be honest ..

  7. artizmilife

    artizmilife5 개월 전

    I would've chosen taka's but great styles!

  8. Deborah Statton

    Deborah Statton5 개월 전

    She talked way to long

  9. Paco's Tacos

    Paco's Tacos5 개월 전

    poor Taka he hasnt won one

  10. Pulak Sinha

    Pulak Sinha5 개월 전

    Who else thought that the Japanese guy was Chinese?

  11. Kyle Jergensen

    Kyle Jergensen5 개월 전

    How do I get on this show?

  12. Ali-W7 Ananza

    Ali-W7 Ananza5 개월 전

    They need to give taka tamada his own show xD

  13. Precious Carait

    Precious Carait5 개월 전

    Taka for the win for me

  14. DamDatsDope

    DamDatsDope5 개월 전

    This chick is so fake she thinks dave hause is punk rock

  15. Dimagrimento Dietiziano

    Dimagrimento Dietiziano5 개월 전

    Who else is spending 99of their day watching KOreporter?!

  16. Aria Hale

    Aria Hale5 개월 전

    I would pick the other one

  17. Mo Bo

    Mo Bo5 개월 전

    Both of them had amazing ideas and are incredible artists. I wish I could have artwork done by them

  18. sandra apodaca

    sandra apodaca5 개월 전

    I’ve seen two of these and I don’t know how people ARENT choosing Taka’s design!! I’ll take it. Put it on me.

  19. KP Designs

    KP Designs5 개월 전

    How can I get on this show I have a very intricate tattoo that I want and this show seems like the perfect place to finally have it put to paper

  20. Chris -Andre

    Chris -Andre5 개월 전

    Can i get taka's design pls😭😭😭that cloud tho.

  21. linn h

    linn h5 개월 전

    These series are so so fun to watch. It's really insperational. Please can you guys make more of these video's, more often.

  22. Sykes 23823

    Sykes 238235 개월 전

    Lmao can I get Takas design if she doesnt want it???? My forearm would be a dope placement!

  23. Yng Leo

    Yng Leo5 개월 전

    Takas is fire

  24. Giselle Mendoza

    Giselle Mendoza5 개월 전

    Both Taka & Jose were amazing , and all in all great video , I would have also chosen Jose’s piece , it symbolizes her idea so well .

  25. Johana Šromová

    Johana Šromová5 개월 전

    Poor taka, didnt swin once again :(

  26. Kristin Mehaffey

    Kristin Mehaffey5 개월 전

    Looooved Taka’s!!

  27. Tyler Parker

    Tyler Parker5 개월 전

    I totally thought the Asian dudes would be better lol

  28. Olivia Sandberg

    Olivia Sandberg5 개월 전

    poor taka can never win one i feel for him

  29. Cult Music

    Cult Music5 개월 전

    Jose is literally Pat from Movements

  30. mmgoddard12 goddard

    mmgoddard12 goddard5 개월 전

    Wait so why isn’t she getting the tattoo?

  31. MrFlopp

    MrFlopp5 개월 전

    Bruh taka’s in my opinion is so kuch better. There’s more symbolism than just straight up writing the lyrics. Its a great piece dont get me wrong hut taka’s way more like artistic imo

  32. Joselyn Ortiz

    Joselyn Ortiz5 개월 전

    I would totally get takas!! Love it

  33. Dominique Yang

    Dominique Yang5 개월 전

    I loved Taka's design! It was so unique and cute.

  34. Loveable Teddy Bear

    Loveable Teddy Bear5 개월 전

    Poor taka his was so good

  35. Hannah Rose

    Hannah Rose6 개월 전

    i am not a tattoo artist but my idea for this would be the lyrics incorporated in an out of reach umbrella - with the skeleton reaching out to grab it but truly just dancing with it’s arm extended as if it was to reach the umbrella but you’re embracing not having the umbrella if that makes sense

  36. Jennifer Moreno

    Jennifer Moreno6 개월 전

    I really like Jose's

  37. Ella Jost

    Ella Jost6 개월 전

    I wanna get a bts tattoo so bad 😔

  38. Jordan Leigh Wheatley

    Jordan Leigh Wheatley6 개월 전

    So did she get a tattoo? This video feels unfinished without showing the tattoo

  39. J Royals

    J Royals6 개월 전

    I liked taka'a but Jose's was so good idk what it was but I liked it better 💛💛

  40. Marrow

    Marrow6 개월 전

    Taka’s design was better

  41. Marrow

    Marrow6 개월 전

    3:38 how tf that pencil moving

  42. 8happyperson

    8happyperson6 개월 전

    Both designs were really cool

  43. X.x.x

    X.x.x6 개월 전

    I like takas design better

  44. Jordan Anderson

    Jordan Anderson6 개월 전

    What kind of attorney is she!? I’m trying to law school but I don’t want to get rid of my purple hair or have to only get tattoos where they can be hidden

  45. Molly

    Molly6 개월 전

    I love that buzzfeed made a video like this showing such skilled artists creating custom pieces! I feel like mainstream media rarely ever demonstrates the creative process, and like this is an actual accurate representation of what it’s like to get a tattoo. Tattoo copying is wack and tattooing is art! Art needs creativity. These two are both so talented and I love this content (:

  46. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr6 개월 전

    Go Bekki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Jaelyn Paulo

    Jaelyn Paulo6 개월 전

    i love jose’s design omg

  48. Stephanie H

    Stephanie H6 개월 전

    But the real question on everyone’s mind is,did she get this tattooed?

  49. Anne Tan

    Anne Tan6 개월 전

    Finally an actual _FAIR_ competition because they’re _BOTH_ *TATTOO* artists competing in a *TATTOO* design competition

  50. Flacko

    Flacko6 개월 전

    She a blue headed cutie

  51. Walter Guevara

    Walter Guevara6 개월 전

    Takas design is hard to read if I'm being honest. Too much stuff going on.

  52. Penguin Lover

    Penguin Lover6 개월 전

    I love how each design is special in its own way, but yet both still symbolize the lyrics.

  53. Natasha Vincent

    Natasha Vincent6 개월 전

    0:50 - 1:41 for ONE line of a song? 🤯

  54. Orima Ankrah

    Orima Ankrah6 개월 전

    I would would love Taka’s Graveyard and Skeleton with Jose’s Script and Border

  55. Sony CunCun

    Sony CunCun6 개월 전

    Get them both! And please record it.

  56. Poppy Klippan

    Poppy Klippan6 개월 전

    Wow! Both of the designs were great! I'd be happy with either of them to be on my body.

  57. Mj King

    Mj King6 개월 전

    let me just say both guys had fucked up noses

  58. DoubleRBOOKS

    DoubleRBOOKS6 개월 전

    I want to see the finished tattoo

  59. pranav

    pranav6 개월 전

    If anyone reading the comments is good at designing tattoos can you please text me. I'm trying to my first tattoo but I can't get a good design... I'd owe you big time.

  60. Alexie S.

    Alexie S.6 개월 전

    I just love tattoo artists. Everything about is just MAANGAS (cool). Like wtf how can people be so cool and talented at the same time. 😵