Surviving 24 Hours On A Deserted Island


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    Subscribe or I’ll punch you

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    I already did tho

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    MrBeast I kick your balls

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    4:15 hehe

  6. Evan Jones

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    No u

  7. Ava Mickovski

    Ava Mickovski2 시간 전

    On high tide the tents are going to get drenched

  8. gold_幻影69

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    your are funny

  9. jessica wilson

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    Something about a bunch of grown men screaming is just hilarious

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  11. Hayleigh Lowe

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    You should have a backpack a pair with water bottles at repair close socks shoes granola bars water and if you need flintsteel to make a fire

  12. Hayleigh Lowe

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    You're talking to a really good cub right here

  13. epic gamer

    epic gamer9 시간 전

    this is just the obligatory beach episode in every anime

  14. Alexa Geer

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    Did any one here Chris say must tured?

  15. Noel Struiksma

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    You never said that there was a treasure chest filled with money Jimmy 🥺oof

  16. Zaphania Sutton

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    Wll you dont have to be so fucing mean

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    They have balls I can’t even stay home by my self JK I can but still

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    8:02 to 8:16 # my life

  19. Poop Stain

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    “This is a deserted island with zero inhabitants” Hence the name deserted island

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    you know the ocean is salty

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    I will subscribe if you give me a cookie!


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    I badly need 10 dollers please

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    Chris burnt

  24. Blair Bryson

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    Do 24 hours an the woods

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    You forgot the woman

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    I subbed

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    You forgot beer

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    Chander the Great

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    I agree with Chris

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    My step dads the best at fires 🔥

  32. milan

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    I thought that jimmy was going to push jake 3:00

  33. im a lamp deal with it

    im a lamp deal with it일 전

    What about the chest?

  34. Stop The Adds

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    That island is just a desert surrounded by water

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    Chandler : FOODDDDDDD

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    Hey chandler i know sometimes your stupid but I love you 😋😋😋

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    lol u r eating crack-dogs

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    omg you can get chandler to do anything if you give him food lol

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    He protecc He attacc But m0st importantly He want island bacc

  40. Mobile Gameplay Vidoes

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    “What did you bring, Chandler?” “A heavy object!”

  41. RecordsMiguel

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    It would have been way better if you had brought nothing and tried to survive 24 hours

  42. The Violet Vampire

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    6:19 *what the Heck mum*

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    Get in the BoAt!

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    My Minecraft account is on stoppable ha

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  48. johui 2007

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    why is no one talking about how he said sOrry to maddy his gf

  49. Luis

    Luis일 전

    Deserted so this means you can eat it Right ?

  50. rizkieyz

    rizkieyz2 일 전

    What's the background music at 6:51?



    I have been on a island befor

  52. XxSingularityXx

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    6:30 yAy POoL

  53. Tylers channel Tj

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    It’s actually fuel,HEAT and oxygen

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    Foooood plz

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    i cant imagine having this much fun and freedom in my life.



    @2:43 why are you blurring out the boats MR BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Chandler is super funny

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    Omg that HI SISTERS shook me😂

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    Ya all got any banked beans?

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    Where’s Garrett

  61. Thanos

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    legend has it that that treasure chest has never been found

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    I’m a tree in the rainforest, OH WAIT.