1. Hamish Grant

    Hamish Grant11 시간 전

    I Wonder when Jeff is going to get his dream Car

  2. Sophia Castorena

    Sophia Castorena21 시간 전

    3:21 when she said “ I hope he cries like this at our wedding “ the way he looked back 😭😂

  3. dasha gibson

    dasha gibson23 시간 전

    i want to be able to do things like this for my family

  4. Anne Rodriguez

    Anne Rodriguez일 전

    We all cried

  5. allie f

    allie f일 전

    i love how david gets cars and gives them to his friends like i want a friend like him 🌝

  6. J Burns

    J Burns일 전


  7. syndkitblack1

    syndkitblack1일 전

    David need to add a black persons to the vlog squad!! That being me!!!

  8. Katie McLemore

    Katie McLemore일 전

    You are the best friend ever!

  9. Its Pandathan

    Its Pandathan2 일 전

    Okay but why does heath sound louder than his car in the outro😂

  10. Ayatt Musid

    Ayatt Musid2 일 전

    Why is it that every time David gives one of his friends gifts, im also crying.

  11. Dutchy 540

    Dutchy 5402 일 전

    NO no no no no.... can I sit in it? LOL

  12. Mario Saucedo

    Mario Saucedo2 일 전


  13. Travis Davis

    Travis Davis2 일 전

    Get out of town that’s my dream car dang must be nice to be get one

  14. Hamburger Boy

    Hamburger Boy2 일 전

    Here some cash 💰💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲mate

  15. LeD

    LeD2 일 전

    EA Sports iTs In mY ASs

  16. NelaP1

    NelaP12 일 전


  17. Evale InFinite

    Evale InFinite2 일 전

    Any one noticed that all his videos are 4:21 seconds long

  18. Adam Murray

    Adam Murray2 일 전

    Two dudes crying over an amazing moment where David gave him a Lamborghini. Girl in the back: “I hope you cry like this at our wedding!!” 😂🤣

  19. Juan Morales

    Juan Morales2 일 전

    que tipo de trabajo tienes para conseguir un lambo?

  20. Brianna-Katelyn

    Brianna-Katelyn2 일 전


  21. Laura Vandzura

    Laura Vandzura3 일 전

    999 thousand likes let make it to a million!

  22. TeemPha

    TeemPha3 일 전

    Need For Speed "Heath"

  23. Lisa Veliu

    Lisa Veliu3 일 전

    DAvid im not trying to hate ik you like to make ppl happy "whith cars" but buying to meany cars is ruining all the atmosphere and we might not be abke to live in 2040 (imagine how meany ppl allready planed there future and its not going to be happening) Im just trying ti save the world but i love tour vids David

  24. Catherin Escobar

    Catherin Escobar3 일 전

    How come when heath crys other people that cry in there wedding they only led out 1 tear they should cry how heath does with emotion like they really care

  25. GT259

    GT2593 일 전

    Nearly 1,000,000 likes on this video 😮

  26. Ena Kaialiilii

    Ena Kaialiilii3 일 전

    I’m not crying you are 🥺

  27. paige lads

    paige lads3 일 전

    heath has been my fave since the start this makes me so happy

  28. KillerBunny PUBG X FREE FIRE

    KillerBunny PUBG X FREE FIRE3 일 전

    Lucky EA dont ask to pay the DLC for that Lambo

  29. Nine Waves

    Nine Waves3 일 전

    That scream at the end made me laugh so hard. This was cute.

  30. ꜱᴇʀᴄʜ ꜰᴏɴᴢ

    ꜱᴇʀᴄʜ ꜰᴏɴᴢ3 일 전

    wow, this channel is... like a movie man..... why a movie about this doesn't exist?

  31. Zhamako

    Zhamako3 일 전

    Love his reaction ...and the ending scream hahahahaha 😱

  32. Maraea Warby

    Maraea Warby3 일 전

    Heaths crying over the lambo and mariah is wondering if he will marry her now

  33. Abdulmalek albahly

    Abdulmalek albahly3 일 전


  34. MM8 Freestyler

    MM8 Freestyler3 일 전


  35. babababa

    babababa4 일 전

    Can you buy me a car too would be really nice ☺️

  36. Daniel hans Goyena

    Daniel hans Goyena4 일 전

    i logged in to my cousins phone just to click the subscribe and bell button cuz my phones screen is broke deeeym i wish i was your friend hahaha surely i’ll watch all your videos from now on

  37. Elliot Schatzmann

    Elliot Schatzmann4 일 전

    You are so rich

  38. KingACAD

    KingACAD4 일 전


  39. Jcp Madonna

    Jcp Madonna4 일 전

    Yessss madonna hung up

  40. Melanie Lamison

    Melanie Lamison4 일 전

    Congratulations Heath

  41. Cathy Danner

    Cathy Danner4 일 전

    One of the best reactions!!! I love everything you do!! I am not one of those screaming in your face fan girls but I love everything that you do!! It makes my day every time you post. Your videos have given me courage to go for my dreams!!! Thank you so Much!!!

  42. Pia Michelle

    Pia Michelle4 일 전

    the way heath cried...and how david cried with him, he’s too pure he deserved the car more than anything, david you’re an amazing friend to the people you love

  43. Pia Michelle

    Pia Michelle4 일 전


  44. Pia Michelle

    Pia Michelle4 일 전

    okay but can we talk about how pure this friend group is, they’re genuinely happy for each other’s successes and it makes me so happy they’re genuinely great friends to each other

  45. Eshwar I

    Eshwar I4 일 전

    "Nononononono can I sit in it nononononono"

  46. Clebinho Alexandre

    Clebinho Alexandre4 일 전

    I doubt you can buy me a Piterbill 389 cx9 (car hauler) to work ! 🤯

  47. Erk Zerk

    Erk Zerk4 일 전

    Normies yikes

  48. The Wizard

    The Wizard4 일 전

    I almost cried

  49. Annoying Siblings

    Annoying Siblings4 일 전

    I love how Zane and heath are suck beast friends that Zane was the first to run out and be like how do you like your car

  50. Sadeo Yates

    Sadeo Yates4 일 전

    This video for whatever reason I always want to fall back to and watch it over and over

  51. ashlee

    ashlee5 일 전

    Omg when heath got his car I actually cried

  52. Jasmine Maniapoto-Henry

    Jasmine Maniapoto-Henry5 일 전

    Imagine if it turned out to be a prank

  53. Cinnamon Spice

    Cinnamon Spice5 일 전

    2:40 😂o ma gah that scream

  54. Kannen Oneal

    Kannen Oneal5 일 전

    When David gets excited he breathes really heavily

  55. Miley Partin

    Miley Partin5 일 전

    Why are your videos always 4 mins and 20 seconds

  56. Emma Boyle

    Emma Boyle5 일 전

    Mariah- i hope he crys at are wedding like this.😆

  57. pennylover2005

    pennylover20055 일 전

    Thank you for being a giving and down to earth young man. Nice to see that with having money you are still grounded. Very rare and beautiful qualities!

  58. Nix

    Nix5 일 전

    david basically owns his friends lolol

  59. ItsGabeOW

    ItsGabeOW5 일 전

    just imagine heath didn't end up wanting the car and what his reaction would be

  60. airyanna ernst

    airyanna ernst5 일 전

    I’ve watched this video so many times. And I cry every time ❤️