1. ChildrenForSale

    ChildrenForSale11 시간 전


  2. ChildrenForSale

    ChildrenForSale12 시간 전

    I love you guys and Elle’s cute and I am Hannah arista

  3. Haley Branch

    Haley Branch12 시간 전

    A trampoline and a mini golf cart

  4. Genni Diaz

    Genni Diaz13 시간 전

    Austin brother is having a baby girl

  5. Bella Bond

    Bella Bond14 시간 전

    I think it is going to be a trampoline

  6. Gracie Clemmer

    Gracie Clemmer14 시간 전

    I think is is going to be an In ground trampoline

  7. Camya Mcleod

    Camya Mcleod15 시간 전


  8. Kayleigh Edmonds

    Kayleigh Edmonds15 시간 전

    Hot tub


    KYLEE CALVIN16 시간 전

    I think a girl

  10. seayona bradley

    seayona bradley16 시간 전


  11. Henry Dlamini

    Henry Dlamini20 시간 전

    A pool

  12. The BFF Chanel Family

    The BFF Chanel Family20 시간 전

    I think a girl

  13. Inderpreet Dhillon

    Inderpreet Dhillon20 시간 전

    I will want to have a jet ski in my pool

  14. Martina Veselinovic

    Martina Veselinovic22 시간 전

    I love youuuu Ace family

  15. Clifton Brereton

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  16. J Pena vlogs

    J Pena vlogs일 전

    I thought Catherine was pregnant at again i was like wth that fast

  17. Maria Chimal

    Maria Chimal일 전

    Your you haveing a nother baby

  18. Genni Diaz

    Genni Diaz13 시간 전

    no they are not having b

  19. LouElla Clark

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  20. Andrea Vela

    Andrea Vela일 전

    I love it how Catherine and Austin have these cute little arguments 😂

  21. Cloraine Thomas

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    love you guy

  23. Deborah Cox

    Deborah Cox일 전

    I love the ace familyo

  24. Isabel Feng

    Isabel Feng일 전


  25. Isabel Feng

    Isabel Feng일 전

    OMG that was so cool, that shot was so insaneeeeee bro you’re a mad man you got it man, slay queen 👑

  26. Gladys Johnson

    Gladys Johnson일 전

    Play house

  27. Natalie Nova

    Natalie Nova일 전

    Was on this day

  28. Natalie Nova

    Natalie Nova일 전

    My birthday

  29. Mya M

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  30. Naiyah Salas

    Naiyah Salas일 전

    Hi I love you so much I followed y'all on Snapchat and I would love to have a call ❤️💕

  31. Bonnie Conci

    Bonnie Conci일 전

    she's not why would she be trying to be healthy and working out if she's pregnant. I'm not saying its a bad thing working out and being pregnant its good but seriously. common sense

  32. elina karaki

    elina karaki2 일 전


  33. Maria Meraz

    Maria Meraz2 일 전

    Girls ❤️❤️❤️

  34. La Patrona De JALISCO

    La Patrona De JALISCO2 일 전

    A Pool

  35. zAire hatter

    zAire hatter2 일 전

    Hip hip finish it

  36. Lorena Solis

    Lorena Solis2 일 전

    I love girls

  37. Dayana Delgado

    Dayana Delgado2 일 전

    I love you guys

  38. Sophia Gutierrez

    Sophia Gutierrez2 일 전

    I couldn’t go to the ace family thing cause it mite be in California 😿😿😿

  39. raelynn. h

    raelynn. h2 일 전

    alaïa has to be right

  40. Lucy Sims

    Lucy Sims2 일 전

    At 8:58 in the vid watch the background it’s hilarious 🤣

  41. Teighan Ntuli

    Teighan Ntuli2 일 전

    Cool drunk

  42. Nakayla Ducasse

    Nakayla Ducasse2 일 전

    A little sand pit for the girls or a play ground

  43. Angelica Zavala

    Angelica Zavala3 일 전


  44. Jacquelyn Caro

    Jacquelyn Caro3 일 전

    A girl

  45. Priscilla Flores

    Priscilla Flores3 일 전

    I think ur gonna bulid a mini pool 4 elle and alia!and your goona put a bar 4 the growups thumbs up if aggree??!!😋✌✌

  46. Priscilla Flores

    Priscilla Flores3 일 전

    Done get it cathrine!!❤❤💞💞

  47. Jennifer Smith

    Jennifer Smith3 일 전

    Girl and I don't even knw yet!!

  48. Jennifer Smith

    Jennifer Smith3 일 전

    I'm so glad u finally got that jetski out if the pool. I said 2.....dang Austin,4 TILES!! SHAME ON YOU LOL. LIVE YA.

  49. Laura Bonilla

    Laura Bonilla3 일 전

    I was not thar: (😓😭😭😢😢😢😢💔💔

  50. andy willson

    andy willson3 일 전


  51. Ariana Hinds

    Ariana Hinds3 일 전

    By the basket ball court, your building a fireplace or a small trampoline

  52. SMILEY 35z

    SMILEY 35z일 전

    Ariana Hinds watch their house tour. It’s a trampoline

  53. Lina’s Life

    Lina’s Life3 일 전

    The place for the girl is a trampoline.

  54. Gracella Natacia

    Gracella Natacia3 일 전

    Iam so happy fore them😥

  55. Zamera Collis

    Zamera Collis4 일 전


  56. Elephant 137

    Elephant 1374 일 전

    Omg is it a pool

  57. Antonia Poblete

    Antonia Poblete4 일 전

    I think the two things that there doing is a trampoline and a golf thing

  58. taytum gsgece

    taytum gsgece4 일 전

    I think it's a girl

  59. Rachel Love

    Rachel Love4 일 전

    I wonder what they would do if there KOreporter money dried up....

  60. Lindsey Bagby

    Lindsey Bagby4 일 전

    I Love your vids soooo much and I’m so glad I found you guys on KOreporter

  61. Itz Army

    Itz Army4 일 전

    Hot tub

  62. Kaybree Warrior

    Kaybree Warrior4 일 전

    It’s going to be an underground trampoline