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  2. Lil Darkshadow

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  3. Lil Darkshadow

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    Sand box

  4. Tyana Jett

    Tyana Jett2 일 전

    A trampoline

  5. Peyton Parkin

    Peyton Parkin2 일 전

    It's a pool

  6. Katherine Martinez

    Katherine Martinez3 일 전

    I love the ace family I wish I can see them but it’s in my dreams

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  9. Sophie Zanabria

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    It’s a girl 👧🏽😍

  10. Ana Baires

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    Landon I’m afraid your wrong buddy... THE ACE FAMILY ARE THE FIRST ONES TO HAVE A BABY BOY !

  11. Bex Davies

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    Tramp aline 🤣😍😘🥰😋😋😄😊

  12. Daniella Houareau

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    Yes he did knock it out

  13. Daniella Houareau

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    I love you guys so much your kids are so cute and adorable

  14. Maria Miranda

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    Currently binge watching your videos!! And still so surreal watching this intro and knowing I was there, like what! 🤯😭💗

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    I think is a girl

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    team Girl

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    The thing is a tranpolin

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    It’s for the trampoline that you guys are getting put in



    I LOVE ACE FAMLY SO MUCH💜💜💜💜💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤❤💙❤💙❤💙

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    I know what the small think beside the basket cort it is a hot tub

  25. Eva Thigpen

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    I think it is a boy.

  26. Eva Thigpen

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    I think it is a trampoline.

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    6:06 landon said he’ll be the first to have a boy he was wrong

  29. Kendy Jordan

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    For the girls maybe is a trampoline

  30. Sydney New

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    Yooo you should put ace family logo at the bottom of the pool tiles

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    A girl

  32. The Person Clan

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    You are in his intro

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    I'm a teen girl👨‍👩‍👧

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    I think it's a boy for l and s I swear to my family's death that I didn't see it first I guessed before seeing what it was

  40. Solylunamia

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    I think that the square in the dirt that they said to guess for the girls and I think it's a mini pool for them

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    And I think the baby is a girl

  44. Heidy Cruz

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    In the hall there is going to be a trampoline

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  46. mary dulanas

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    I think it is a girl 😍

  47. pLaY rObLoX

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    I think she is I think she’s thinking it’s gonna be a 🍌

  48. Maryam Ishaq

    Maryam Ishaq8 일 전

    L look so funny in the background

  49. Izabella Pizano

    Izabella Pizano8 일 전

    Is it a sandbox

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  52. rachel beatty

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  53. Ahmaud Muirhead

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    or a boy

  54. Ahmaud Muirhead

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    its going to be a girl

  55. Sweet Shae

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    nice new car

  56. Anupriya Medis

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    I feel like Catherine got to know that she's pregnant with the third in here. Because landon just reveal it in his video saying when they got to know that their baby is a girl and when they got to know there's no hope for macbroom name. And then he says that night ace family got pregnant. funny part is shyla coughed to stop landon just after.

  57. Jenny Martinez

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    ewwww I do not like the channel

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    whos here after watching the l and s gender reveal

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